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语言 Star 名称 描述
Ruby23 NAXG/cve_2019_0708_bluekeep_rce bluekeep exploit
Python23 sneddy/kaggle-pneumathorax SIIM-ACR Pneumothorax Segmentation
Python19 graykode/distribution-is-all-you-need The basic distribution probability Tutorial for Deep Learning Researchers
JavaScript17 reruin/workers Cloudflare Workers Scripts
Rust17 guitmz/Fe2O3 Simple prepender virus written in Rust
Python16 ZNLP/NCLS-Corpora Datasets for EMNLP-IJCNLP 2019 paper "NCLS:Neural Cross-Lingual Summarization"
Swift11 inamiy/SwiftAndLogic Sample code for iOSDC 2019
Clojure11 vlaaad/blanket Soft encapsulation for Clojure data structures
JavaScript8 humanwhocodes/eslint-simple-rule A utility for creating simple ESLint rules
C++6 SyGoing/LFFD-MNN MNN Implementation of the papaer of LFFD: A Light and Fast Face Detector for Edge Devices
JavaScript6 WebReflection/mice.trap A "mouse operator" <? implementation
Java6 ScottWei007/shuabaoServer dubbo,zookeeper,netty
JavaScript6 GeekyAnts/localization-json-translator A localisation language file generator using the Google translator
Ruby6 yuque/openapi-metadata Yuque OpenAPI
Go5 campoy/pokegraph Serving poke-api on Dgraph
JavaScript5 binitghetiya/youtube-analytics-api The following repo show basic integration and use of Youtube analytics APIs with OAuth.
Python5 shenweichen/DeepCTR-PyTorch 【In progress,call for contributers!!】Easy-to-use,Modular and Extendible package of deep-learning based CTR models with PyTorch.
Rust5 luojia65/gd32vf103-hal Hardware abstract layer (HAL) for RISC-V microcontroller GD32VF103 in Rust
JavaScript5 SimpleYong/maptalks-demo 基于maptalks的地图功能展示
Vue5 holt-soundboard/holt-soundboard-web Sounds of all the main characters from the show Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Jupyter Notebook5 AakashSudhakar/6nomads-interview-project Interview project repository for data analysis and prediction for 6Nomads data.
Kotlin5 waicool20/mr2tachiyomi Import your Mangarock favorites to Tachiyomi
PHP4 fattureincloud/fic-cs-standard Coding standard based on PSR2 with custom sniffs.
JavaScript4 CTFTraining/virink_2019_web_files_share CTF学习交流群(473831530) Q4 入群 Web 题
Dart4 kherel/review_slider animated review slider
TeX4 shd/tt2019 tt2019
Java4 ColdBlooded-Fan/FilePickerAndroid react-native组件,只支持android设备的文件选择器
Java4 CasterWx/open-gugu-memobird 咕咕鸡扩展大法! 快来给我写信吧!
Ruby4 TinToSer/bluekeep-exploit Bluekeep(CVE 2019-0708) exploit released
Java4 IdrizPelaj/MCM-Clone A minecraft mondays clone.
Go4 hellopython123456/blockchain just s simple example
C#4 Unity-Technologies/SmallOfficeRayTracing This repository contains a preview DXR project.
F#4 CompositionalIT/farmer An F# DSL to rapidly create non-complex Azure Resource Management (ARM) templates.
JavaScript4 evilfactorylabs/ayu In progress
R4 ColinFay/golemize Example of turning apps to golem
Python3 inwx/python-client INWX Domrobot Python Client
JavaScript3 Bluff-0/FIFA-18-API It's a API containing all details 17891 players listed in FIFA 18, accessible with their rank. Taken best rank as 0 [zero - as the array convention] ending at 17890.
C++3 kashwp7/elec5552 GPIB to Serial Project
JavaScript3 eduardoaraya/workshop-node-socket Servidor socket apresentado no workshop
Python3 kotori-y/DrawSth drawing some statistic graphs in GUI
Ruby3 RickGeex/msf-module-CVE-2019-0708 Metasploit module for CVE-2019-0708 (BlueKeep) -
Jupyter Notebook3 tr1pzz/StyleGAN-Resolution-Convertor A Google Colab notebook to convert your low-resolution StyleGAN models into higher-resolution checkpoints so you can continue training!
TypeScript3 azmenak/use-saga-reducer Use redux-saga with redux
Kotlin3 csicar/pskt Kotlin-backend for PureScript
Python3 m-labs/nmigen-soc System on Chip toolkit for nMigen
Java3 p4ntechnology/Tic_Tac_Toe Andorid Tic Tac Toe Game
JavaScript3 Ovilia/snake-it-back A recreation of the Snake game with js13kgames 2019 (under construction)
Python3 Fare9/RicardoNarvajaCppExercise2 Second exercise of Ricardo Narvaja C++ exploit exercise serie
Python3 rsasaki0109/PoseOptimizationSLAM3D 3D (x, y, z, qw, qx, qy, qz) pose optimization SLAM
Python3 Haider8/tmessage CLI based messaging tool
Swift3 ericlewis/TableView Highly customizable UITableView wrapper for SwiftUI
HTML3 shoppyy/website Project website for shoppy.
Shell3 harmony-one/pangaea-community The one-stop spot for Pangaea scripts! Open to contribution from all!
Python3 yousufinternet/podCatcher Cute little script to parse podcasts rss feeds and download them for offline use
Xojo3 ktekinay/Xojo-Looper Process stuff in the background will full UI access
JavaScript3 BaseMax/YoutubeDownloaderNodeJS Tiny NodeJS server-side script for download the youtube video based on expressJs.
Jupyter Notebook3 yukinaga/neural_network_on_torus A neural network on a torus which simulates a cerebral cortex with a cellular automaton.
Pascal3 pimmie78/Delphi-InfiniteListViewScroll Sample application demonstrating how to create a 2 way infinite scrolling TListView
Java3 tigerfintech/tiger_quant Java 实盘量化框架
Shell3 idevz/or4k how to learning or sources code
Python2 JackQian123/XXF x forward for
Python2 MrRace/TextClassification 整理文本分类的比赛和解决方案
CSS2 SeaDataCloud/vre-common-header Common header for VRE services
Java2 wangjunjie92/elasticsearch elasticsearch Java High Level REST Client api 相关
Kotlin2 btsdigital/bot-scenario-sdk-demo demo project for creating service using bot-scenario-sdk
Jupyter Notebook2 fsrt16/Introduction-to-Genomic-Data-Sciences---Breast-cancer-Detection # Breast-cancer-risk-prediction > Necessity, who is the mother of invention. – Plato* ## Welcome to my GitHub repository on Using Predictive Analytics model to diagnose breast cancer. --- ### Objective: The repository is a learning exercise to: * Apply the fundamental concepts of machine learning from an available dataset * Evaluate and interpret my results and justify my interpretation based on observed data set * Create notebooks that serve as computational records and document my thought process. The analysis is divided into four sections, saved in juypter notebooks in this repository 1. Identifying the problem and Data Sources 2. Exploratory Data Analysis 3. Pre-Processing the Data 4. Build model to predict whether breast cell tissue is malignant or Benign ### [Notebook 1]( Identifying the problem and Getting data. **Notebook goal:Identify the types of information contained in our data set** In this notebook I used Python modules to import external data sets for the purpose of getting to know/familiarize myself with the data to get a good grasp of the data and think about how to handle the data in different ways.  ### [Notebook 2]( Exploratory Data Analysis **Notebook goal:  Explore the variables to assess how they relate to the response variable** In this notebook, I am getting familiar with the data using data exploration and visualization techniques using python libraries (Pandas, matplotlib, seaborn. Familiarity with the data is important which will provide useful knowledge for data pre-processing) ### [Notebook 3]( Pre-Processing the data **Notebook goal:Find the most predictive features of the data and filter it so it will enhance the predictive power of the analytics model.** In this notebook I use feature selection to reduce high-dimension data, feature extraction and transformation for dimensionality reduction. This is essential in preparing the data before predictive models are developed. ### [Notebook 4]( Predictive model using Support Vector Machine (svm) **Notebook goal: Construct predictive models to predict the diagnosis of a breast tumor.** In this notebook, I construct a predictive model using SVM machine learning algorithm to predict the diagnosis of a breast tumor. The diagnosis of a breast tumor is a binary variable (benign or malignant). I also evaluate the model using confusion matrix the receiver operating curves (ROC), which are essential in assessing and interpreting the fitted model. ### [Notebook 5]( Optimizing the Support Vector Classifier **Notebook goal: Construct predictive models to predict the diagnosis of a breast tumor.** In this notebook, I aim to tune parameters of the SVM Classification model using scikit-learn.
JavaScript2 Code42Cate/electron-build-script Small script which helps building electron apps
PHP2 eduardoaraya/workshop-laravel-project Projeto laravel apresentado no workshop
HTML2 Artalia/queryToJson converts URL query strings to JSON objects
Python2 smlra-kjsce/BulkMailSender A simple Python script to automate sending bulk emails in personalized fashion.
Shell2 kabantsh/wol This script is written for etherwake tool to start many devices through the LAN cable taking the input from a text file that contain the mac addresses each MAC address is seperated by a new line
Java2 YangAidi/lintcode_spider LintCode高频题目筛选爬虫程序
Makefile2 GrapheneOS/platform_external_chromium-webview Temporary standalone WebView repository for Android 10 until Vanadium provide it again.
Java2 changjinglu1211/ProbieBlog 小菜鸡app
Kotlin2 btsdigital/bot-scenario-sdk Library for service development
Logos2 Nepeta/Docky Make your dock do things it never could. (Infinidock rewrite, double dock and more)
Java2 YoussefMohamedDiaa/Chatting-Simulator A chatting application simulated on Java using socket APIs to deliver and receive messages from different open sockets.
JavaScript2 finom/css-dot-js-loader A Webpack loader which allows to generate static CSS code via JavaScript
Perl2 liulab-dfci/TRUST4 TCR and BCR assembly from RNA-seq data
Python2 kadir014/heat2d 2D Game Engine powered by Pygame
JavaScript2 hiteyen/disintegration 利用html2canvas.js实现灭霸大佬的弹指间,灰飞烟灭
Zig2 GoNZooo/zig-win32 Bindings for win32, with and without WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN
TSQL2 AddedInnovation/netforum-troubleshooting Tools and information to help with NetForum troubleshooting.
CSS2 whitetigle/fableconf2019-spacestation2019 FableConf2019 material for workshop
Kotlin2 saeed-younus/finite-cover-flow Finite Cover Flow create awesome cover flow which is uses ViewPager2
Rust2 bodil/bitmaps Bitmap types for Rust
Python2 voometin/osd_job_analytics Parsing salary forks and vacancy names from jobs slack channel from ODS
HTML2 wangjieCode/Design-Patterns 原生js一些经典的设计模式
Python2 JackQian123/SinaBlogTop50 sina热搜爬虫
JavaScript2 Phil-Grace/react-project-team-lunch-frontend Team Lunch FrontEnd
CSS2 BrundinNet/EGR-Robotics beta egr robotics website
C++2 pilotnick3/Windmill-Visual An interactive visual program of the Windmill problem from the 2011 IMO (International Mathematical Olympiad).
JavaScript2 inudevs/inu-api-gateway API Gateway for INU Microservices
Java2 HOWISYUNI/SORRYSORI We are Android application team!
Python2 zsyOAOA/VDNet Variational Denoising Network: Toward Blind Noise Modeling and Removal (NeurIPS, 2019) (Pytorch)
Python2 see--/pneumothorax-segmentation
Jupyter Notebook2 tgteacher-fall-2019/numerical-methods Material for COMP 361
HTML2 sweves/collab-web-underground-fa19 course materials for Parsons MFADT Parsons web underground collab
Ruby2 Phil-Grace/react-project-team-lunch-backend Team lunch roulette backend
Jupyter Notebook2 tramontini/image_processing Repository for image processing study!
C++2 garethwang/LPM_OpenCV A simple c++ implementation of the LPM algorithm
HTML2 dilshan11/tattoo-with-angular angular and firebase based tattoo web site
Python2 healty-diet/nutrition Native application to build a menu from a given pool of recipes
Java2 adkatarine/BilheteCompartilhado Problema 3 da disciplina MI - Concorrência e Conectividade.
Clojure2 PawelStroinski/pabloware.diff Readable diff & patch lib. Best used with maps.
MATLAB2 alwaysuu/active-control-for-drill-string-systems MATLAB code for the simulation of using active controller to mitigate stick-slip vibrations
Shell2 abnerkaizer/leftwm My LeftWM configuration
JavaScript2 austintgriffith/parse-wallet-pdf-and-sweep Tool to parse a paper wallet PDF and sweep funds from all accounts.
JavaScript2 ethomson/mona-action A GitHub Action to brighten your mood
Python2 sharma-deepesh/hqbot A simple bot to automate answers in HQTrivia
JavaScript2 eduardo0099/boilerplate-nodejs un boilerplate de nodejs
Makefile2 Nepeta/Smoothie Smoothboard for iOS 11+
Python2 DineshTdd/Trading-System Basic trading console application developed with Python and Oracle APEX
Python2 ihaveamac/custom-install Experimental script to automate the process of a manual title install for Nintendo 3DS
PHP2 mohamadnorouzi20/fa-php Farsi PHP
Kotlin2 Kyoto36/android_study 封装一些工作中常用到的控件
TypeScript2 reactivemarkets/react-financial-charts Charts dedicated to finance.
Java2 Emberdot/blackdesert-calculator-for-mp-tax A java application that calculates the taxes from the Marketplace from the game Black Desert, with or without a Value Pack activated.
HTML2 infodsm/wargame Push the envelope!
Kotlin2 takahirom/kdiff Simple way to identify whats different between 2 instances in Kotlin . inspired by krzysztofzablocki/Difference
C++2 crisptothemax/csgo-external-base Cheat making base for csgo using hazedumper offsets + few examples
JavaScript2 KyleAMathews/index-gatsby-blog-demo Gatsby starter for a Contentful project.
Rust2 bastie/basssis Basties Server Side Includes Server
Ruby2 benridley/hiera_tss A Hiera backend for Thycotic Secret Server
Vue2 liuxingzhijian1320/vue-cli3-admin vue-cli3 的admin的模版(
TypeScript2 bahatron/mercurios event streaming made simple
Java1 EricLoveMia/mySpringCloud 自己的springcloud小项目
Objective-C1 yuansirios/RNInteractWithiOS 例子介绍了RN和iOS如何进行原生交互,需要注意的地方
Java1 janitham/rabbitmq-spring-boot-rpc-worker RabbitMq RPC Worker-Queue example with spring boot.
Jupyter Notebook1 ZC119/code 刷题
CSS1 davidmarknelson/share-family-recipes-api-docs Documention Build for Share Family Recipes
Python1 liangsssttt/yapi_php_py py写的按照一定的格式对php的接口生成yapi文档
TypeScript1 juanjogibra/Ahorcado_Angular_8 Juego del ahorcado desarrollado en fase alfa en Angular 8 y Bootstrap, haciendo uso de servicios GET para el consumo de palabras.
Python1 Rakshith-V/Navigation_app An app with basic login features implemented using Django rest framework that user Oauth to send activation links through emails. The application, on successful login lets you use the navigation features on a map and find efficient routes.
Haskell1 andrewthad/scientific-notation Numbers in Scientific Notation
Python1 jacob-brown/TCLChanger Script for changing TCL version when building tkinter apps with pyinstaller - MacOS
C1 eait-itig/dhcping DHCP ping tool
JavaScript1 sybarra2076/presentations JSON and JavaScript Table Examples
JavaScript1 bpx-energy/CBET Chrome Browser Extension Template
Go1 bencalnan/geo-fabric Ongoing project building common geo and location based tools
TypeScript1 jleider/ts-http-status-codes HTTP Status Codes for TypeScript
Kotlin1 exozet/Geolocator Location tracking & geofencing the easy way.
JavaScript1 docentedev/curso-react Material Curso de React
C#1 sincladk/SharedSource.RuleValidators Upgraded Sitecore RuleValidator for testing items with fields with standard values
C1 drom/duktape-v Duktape JavaScript Engine on RISC-V
Python1 sachin099/Defect-detection-of-concrete-structures-using-OpenCV- This is a dummy model of how I want to create this application using Deep learning algorithms. Ignore the stitching of images process of which the dummy model is being developed in case the images are taken through drones. Ignore the alignment of images and size in GUI template. Main application would contain real time acquisition of images
JavaScript1 TheMcKillaGorilla/todo_hw1 A raw (i.e. vanilla) JavaScript todo list management Web application. Front-end only.
Jupyter Notebook1 Crespo-dong/learnopencv
Clojure1 matrixjnr/sample-clojure-app Deploying a simple clojure http server on `piku`
Shell1 VulcanRidr/freebsd-upgrade A method to manage new boot environments in conjunction with freebsd-update
Go1 siddontang/promvis Show Prometheus Query Result in Term
Python1 1234560o/BiMPM Re-implementation of BIMPM(Bilateral Multi-Perspective Matching for Natural Language Sentences)
JavaScript1 srik1040/react_simple_spa Simple SPA (Single Page Application) with ReactJS
Go1 longzongqin/modeltools GO语言连接Mysql生成对应的model,包括对应字段类型、注释等。生成基础的结构体,不局限于某一个ORM。
HTML1 aravindvnair99/ECCIF-Amrita-Bengaluru Official source code of ECCIF Amrita Bangalore website
Jupyter Notebook1 laxmimerit/Malaria-Classification-Using-CNN Malaria Classification Using CNN
JavaScript1 gabrieldarezzo/node-mysql-sample Api with NodeJs
Shell1 alencc1986/2FA-Auth Generating 2FA codes in your terminal
TeX1 emapall/TESI my bachelor's degree thesis
Java1 KonstantinHudyakov/rbEventsBot Telegram bot for
HTML1 mk86/pingpong Hackathon project for ping pong booking / matching
Java1 ligongzzz/OJ-APP A special Android app for SJTU-OJ.
Go1 chinpo-dev/ayyhoo An early attempt at developing a server for Yahoo Messenger
TypeScript1 butachin/ProductList 商品を選んで購入するまでの流れを作ってみました
JavaScript1 FilipeCamera/recodejr site da RecodeJr ( Novo Estilo )
Python1 uberfastman/yffpy Python API wrapper for the Yahoo Fantasy Football public API.
JavaScript1 yaniky/apicloud-vue-ide apicloud+vue工程化框架
Go1 buqiuwenda/golang_web golang web develop
Python1 qiucheng025/zao- AI技术换脸源码
Vue1 J1ong/vuejs-mobile-datepicker 一个用Vue封装的移动端日期选择器
JavaScript1 phoenix-Force/Vue-Cli first Vue cli
Cuda1 bookug/gutil CUDA utilities of GPU functions
HTML1 Georgeevergreen0/ Portfolio Site
JavaScript1 nasbeer/calculator Creating a React Calculator App
Swift1 umobi/Reminder Beta Library
CSS1 JeremPFT/code_generator project code generator
JavaScript1 venits/react-native-surveys Build forms, surveys and polls for React Native apps.
Java1 Devendra34/Notification-search_feature This has the notification logs app with add on search feature.
Rust1 2015xli/KenKen-RS Fast KenKen (KenDoku) solver in Rust
HCL1 RowanStormbreaker/Ares Setup a CI server on Digital Ocean using Docker, Terraform, Ansible, Nginx, LetsEncrypt and Jenkins.
Python1 abhishekdbihani/deeplabV3_pores-grains DeeplabV3+ Model for semantic segmentation of pores and grains. Forked from
Python1 dwatherton/Capstone-Project A repository containing the UALR BSCS Final Project. Team members: Daniel Atherton, Griffin Kim, Jeremy Reynolds, Shane Champion.
Python1 mmusa90/TheBroom Automatic tool to remove terminated profile folders - Built on Python.
Makefile1 alexherbo2/chrome-ankama-direct-link Bypass the Ankama external link warning
Python1 YTLogos/seqtools Python scripts on genome sequences analysis
Java1 J-VdS/AntiNukePlugin This plugin that automatically destroys nuclear reactors build too close to the core.
JavaScript1 ecomorg/nstd Standard library for NodeJS
Python1 stagnet/python_3 From basic to real life programmes all cooked up using python ; )
TypeScript1 mysticatea-actions/gh-pages Publish GitHub Pages from a directory.
PHP1 DayNetCo/DocMan DocMan Is a fully integrated Doctors Information System (DIS) that provides a full suite of tools for doctors and clinics to help them manage their workflow.
Objective-C1 luoyanbei/iOSConfuseByChinese 使用中文混淆iOS的类名和方法名
Python1 buriy/dlbench Several DL benchmarks
JavaScript1 bssanchez/gulp-static-starter Starter configuration for static web pages with ecmascript, sass(scss) and pug
C#1 zakatura/chiasebaitapcsharp VerkDoesStuff - Knowledge Must Be Shared
C++1 stprvn/caesar-cipher Classic Caesar Chiper Algorithm C++
JavaScript1 simonayzman/blackjack Code submission for Kleiner Perkins Engineering Fellows Program 2020.
HTML1 VivekChandel8/Flask-Web-App-Bug-Tracker-manager Its a flask app for the bugs tracking management system
Java1 FDelporte/JavaFXLedNumberDisplay JavaFX library for a LED number display
Vue1 EvanYung/vue-ruler a ruler tool created by vue
JavaScript1 Maslow/less-api-client-js JS Client SDK of less-api
C++1 goblinhack/simple-c-plus-plus-serializer A minimal C++11 header only serializer. Can serialize basic types, strings, containers, maps and custom classes. No suppprt yet for pointer types.
C#1 kvdrrrrr/Playnite.StoreSpoofer Change library provider of your Playnite games.
Rich Text Format1 ernestbuffington/PHP-Nuke-Titanium-HOST-v3.0.0 PHP-Nuke Titanium HOST Files for The 86it Developers Network
JavaScript1 lrminer/Socket-Practice Practicing web sockets with
Python1 pengyang486868/trainutils trainutils pypi project
Java1 sarlmoclen/DCPushDemo 推送框架
Java1 wonder-code/design 设计模式
JavaScript1 ecstAsy/NoteBook 前端学习笔记
TypeScript1 louisgv/lra L's React App Template
JavaScript1 zongcong/vue-cli3-template 一个 vue-cli3 模板
HTML1 Trianglekayce/kuleral-mini-webHost-test # kuleral mini-web-hosting site this is an extension fie to update my last work done to show my gradual but consistentcy in my ( Html/css ) web development
Python1 sahiljaswall/Main_Project Flask Project for finding Capitals
Makefile1 Faraaz-Beyabani/SF-3D-Object-Tracking A project completed for the Udacity Sensor Fusion Nano-degree
PHP1 vahidizadyar/linkShorter laravel project for shorten links
HTML1 Vish1811/My-Resume The basic resume website made using Bootstrap
JavaScript1 underscopeio/eslint-config-underscope Underscope's ESLint config
HTML1 AlissonSantana01/front-end-index-nossas-lagoas Front-end da página inicial da aplicação Nossas Lagoas
JavaScript1 jacksonherron/StoreHouse Capstone project for General Assembly SEI. A cost-savings estimation tool for solar + storage systems. Created using Python, Flask, Postgres, React, Bootstrap, OSESMO, and Genability's Switch API.
JavaScript1 foxmanbrasil/backend-challenge backend-challenge test (ilhami)
PHP1 horacioroz/digitalClothes Proyecto e-commerce de ropa
JavaScript1 emanueljcc/react-redux-test-2 practica con react redux array de jugadores seleccion de protugal
Rust1 dropbox/dropbox-sdk-rust Dropbox SDK for Rust
JavaScript1 danigrant/buy-me-a-burretho Like Buy Me A Coffee, but with ETH
Kotlin1 aimsio/android-custom-permission sample project for creating and using custom permissions in Android
Go1 EbonJaeger/mcsmanager Minecraft server management tool written in Go
JavaScript1 roshub/http-to-https Upgrade HTTP to HTTPS
TypeScript1 manekinekko/serverless-september-ui ⚡️ Serverless September Twitter Feed ⚡️
Go1 cauefcr/datachain a simple blockchain that can hold arbitrary data, uses CryptoNight hash function
HTML1 arthurdual/Curso-Javascript Curso Javascript feito na Rocketseat
HTML1 puppetsheep/
Java1 mumuyuanbao/Live_Team 生活社商城开发小组
C#1 VanHakobyan/ISTC_Github_Analyzer ISTC coding school: 3rd stage OOP_Advance: Final project: Analyzing Armenian GitHub area:
TeX1 cristiancristea00/upb-title-page Unofficial script that generates a document title page for students at University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest
TypeScript1 babel-plugins/babel-plugin-umi-css-modules 处理样式文件引入路径,添加?cssModules
Python1 2565662210/wx_bot 微信斗图
Java1 mikkelgud/oblig-en obligatorisk oppgave 1 algdat
C#1 cotur/DataMining Some Data Mining Algorithms based on C#
Python1 yahshibu/nested-ner-2019-bert Implementation of Nested Named Entity Recognition using BERT
JavaScript1 ShownBreak/shuihuhu 睡呼呼,一款能让你快速睡眠的颅内减压神器
HTML1 azizarizaldi/ Web Aziz Arif Rizaldi
HTML1 ShibaInuOfMars/egithub 练习GitHub
HTML1 LinkedUp/Assignment-2 This is the Repository for Assignment 2
Go1 fhs/golinecov A program for analyzing the coverage profiles generated by 'go test'
C#1 leonardofr97/sistema-financeiro Mini sistema financeiro com C# 7 e Microsoft SQL Server
Shell1 WhatTheSemvak/Donlot-Lagu Apa lu liat" ajg
Shell1 WhatTheSemvak/SadapWhatsAppV1 Hai jones
CSS1 stavrou-1/ES5HashTable ES5 HashTable
CSS1 nujhatnower001/Layout02 It is a simple website layout
Java1 muhamedd22/Android-Tic-Tac-Toe Tic Tac Toe or ( XO game), An Android game plays with two players
Python1 Durgaprasadala/srunnel SRUNNEL: Securely Run command over stUNNEL
PHP1 localheinz/playground :basketball: A playground.
Objective-C1 klasower/CJWatchDemo Apple Watch 开发的学习之旅~~
PHP1 vrkansagara/ZendOutPress This is simply compress your final out of Zend Framework and serve to the browser.
PHP1 pupilcp/rabbitmq-warning rabbitmq-warning使用PHP实现,配合定时计划任务,对Rabbitmq服务监控预警
Java1 MehmetUzel/Card-Distributer---Kart-Dagitici 1 deste kartı 4 oyuncuya dağıtan ardından kartları sıralayan uygulama
C#1 BogdanPinchuk/Difdisofil The program «Difdisofil» use to calculation and analysis of diffraction distribution of illumination, that is analysis of the image obtained by a microscope or a thermal imager. The program «Difdisofil» measures the coordinates of the field in pixels, determines the amplitude of the signal, measures and builds a graph of signal amplitude on the number of pixels along the line, put markers and lines with the presents in the table coordinates of the points, signal amplitude, length and angle.
PHP1 izaganami/GraphicCharts If you're looking for a php project to draw graphical statistics then this is for you
JavaScript1 huajiayi/node-bittorrent :point_right:BitTorrent DHT implementation in node
C1 eduardoquerido/exercicios_linguagem_C Exercicios realizados em linguagem C como objeto de estudo
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