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语言 Star 名称 描述
TypeScript63 codejamninja/react-ast render abstract syntax trees with react
GDScript41 Grumoth/godot-character-creator Character creator for Godot Engine
C++34 leoloobeek/COMProxy PoC for proxying COM objects when hijacking
Go29 omerh/awsctl Control AWS infrastructure easily from a single command line written in Go
Swift19 windstormeye/SwiftGame 我的小专栏《Swift 游戏开发》代码集合,小专栏地址:
TypeScript12 justjavac/deno-is Detect the running environment and context of the current script
Dockerfile11 assoyuan/docker_example docker使用教程
Python10 MyanmarOnlineAdvertising/myanmar_language_tools A set of Myanmar language processing tools we use at
TeX9 hkzhang95/Awesome-CV-bibfiles A collection of bibfiles related to computer vision for efficiency
Python9 RameshAditya/scoper Fuzzy and semantic search for captioned YouTube videos.
C8 Freakler/vita-macspoofer A plugin to spoof your MAC address in the System Information
C++7 microsoft/AccessorFramework A C++ SDK for building cyber-physical applications using the Accessor Model
SQLPL7 xianyun666/phpEnv-software phpEnv的软件仓库,支持离线安装,解压安装完后,点击软件初始化
Assembly7 Qson8/Flutter-App-borrow_books 用Flutter搭建的一款上架应用,现开源给大家,仅供学习和交流使用。
C#7 damienbod/noser_edays noser_edays
Go6 homedepot/k8s-global-objects Make kubernetes objects for each namespace
Python6 ibrdrahim/telegram-auto-reply Python script using telethon for auto replying telegram message
Swift6 Odrakir/SystemColors Table with all iOS 13 system colors in both styles made in SwfitUI
JavaScript6 hundredrabbits/Moogle Small, Sharp Crop Tool
Jupyter Notebook6 yuyingfeng/MostHarmlessQuantitativeFinance Codes for Mostly Harmless Quantitative Finance
C#6 rasta-mouse/MiscTools Miscellaneous Tools
Pascal6 flrizzato/NewArchWebinar Converting 20 yr. old Legacy Delphi 6 App into a Modern Microservices App - Real World Case Study
C#6 michaelyes/LiteORM-For-DotNet 轻量级高性能的DotNet ORM框架,解决C#.Net开发过程中重复繁琐的数据库CURD操作
C#6 impworks/botrunner Tiny framework for programming Telegram Bots
TypeScript5 ponydevs/ #ponydev fork of Pony Town (Discord:
Emacs Lisp5 ragone/asx Ask StackExchange in Emacs
JavaScript5 coboxcoop/cobox-crypto crypto encoding library for cobox
Go5 sekky0905/random_lunch [Slack commands] Choose lunch shops randomly. API Gateway + Lambda(Go) + DynamoDB
Dart4 flutter-samples/flutter-design-pattern A shopper Flutter app that use BloC pattern and CRUD operations with different ways(memory/sqlite/http)
HTML4 svce-interrupt/Interrupt2k19-Website Official repository for the Interrupt 2k19 Website!
C4 royalPine/Gas-pipeline-safety-monitoring The code for monitoring the safety of gas pipeline.
CSS4 JoshK2/react-spinners-css Amazing collection of react spinners components of css spinners for ajax or loading animation
TypeScript4 BcRikko/xypadjs :control_knobs: XYPad controller component using Canvas API
Go4 5anthosh/oops Let's make errors in Go traceable
Shell4 bavdu/playbook ansible playbook of project
Ruby4 ruby-jp/today_anime これから放映されるアニメをポストするSlackボット
C#4 NYAN-x-CAT/CodeDomExample C# Codedom example / builder
R4 mkearney/googler googler: Google from the R Console
C#4 IKende/dotnet-rpc-benchmark rpc component benchmarks for dotnet
Kotlin3 bmp-git/PPS-18-scala-mqtt Yet another MQTT broker
JavaScript3 infaspublications/ S3バケットに配置された画像のwebp変換や指定サイズへの変換を行ってくれる配信用API
JavaScript3 scentbird/zina Image resizer
JavaScript3 lumigo-io/SAR-Propagate-CFN-Tags SAR app to propagate CloudFormation's stack tags to resources that are currently not propagated automatically - e.g. CloudWatch Logs.
JavaScript3 proIT324/react-ts-babel-webpack-starter A project starter with React, Typescript, Babel and Webpack
JavaScript3 kujian/wxapp2ali 微信小程序转为支付宝小程序
Python3 ryuichiueda/py awk or rb like Python wrapper
Python3 Academic-Hammer/PDFConverter Converting pdf to any format for easily analyzing
Dart3 IronLad85/flutter-fluid-slider A Flutter UI for Android inspired Fluid Slider Component
Python3 postech-db-lab-starlab/spider-heuristic try to solve spider using only heuristic
TypeScript3 christinawunderlich/nggirls nggirls todo list app
JavaScript3 ehmicky/big-cartesian Cartesian product for big inputs
Objective-C3 yusinan0119/SNJpushIM 极光IM的demo无法运行,自己整理了一份可以运行的,包含UI,分享给大家
Dart3 leer10/flutter-nearby-pubsub A simple flutter stub app that uses the Nearby Connections plugin together with the pub_sub plugin to create a simple hub-spoke network. Feel free to use as a reference
JavaScript3 TJLHQ/calendar 左右滑动无限加载周日历(基于Vue)
JavaScript3 deiu/web-crypto Webcrypto API wrapper for applications that store encrypted data
HTML3 gr2m/cloudflare-worker-github-oauth-login Use a Cloudflare worker for GitHub's OAuth login flow
JavaScript3 tomorrowstudio/generator-react-component Generate lightweight, modern React components
PHP3 sanganinamrata/remove-trailing-slash Magento 2: Remove trailing slashes from all the URLs in frontend for better SEO
PHP3 huoxingdawang/qdjyjfkcx 青岛市教育局饭卡查询
C#3 pedro15/UniToolKit Utility toolbox for unity game development.
C3 marcotrosi/C C snippets for the C Coding Telegram group
JavaScript3 hammerframework/create-hammer-app Setup a HammerFramework app with one command
R3 jbc50/article_audiobook R code to Scrape and Format Academic Articles into text files readable by audio apps
ColdFusion3 fyroc/lucee-electron An example of how to run Lucee (CFML) inside of Electron.
Go2 CUBRID/cubrid-go CUBRID Go Driver running on CCI
TypeScript2 worldsibu/convector-example-coffee-traceability Coffee traceability example made with convector with unit-tests and end-to-end tests
Rust2 michael-grunder/muslbuild-example Quick example building rdkafka-sys with the rust-musl-builder
Java2 JagathHaren/Micro-and-Array-Update Micro purchased an array A having N integer values. After playing it for a while, he got bored of it and decided to update value of its element. In one second he can increase value of each array element by 1. He wants each array element's value to become greater than or equal to K. Please help Micro to find out the minimum amount of time it will take, for him to do so.
Go2 skyf0cker/FishYourMother 用Gin和Gorm搭建的登录接口demo
C#2 vashishtmarhwal/AR-based-Android-app-for-Interior-Designing-using-Unity Developed an application which will help user to build a layout of the furniture in their own home
TeX2 marciomr/apostila-itc Apostila do curso de Introdução à Teoria da Computação
Python2 microsoft/multiview-human-pose-estimation-pytorch This is an official Pytorch implementation of "Cross View Fusion for 3D Human Pose Estimation, ICCV 2019". It establishes a new state-of-the-art in this field. The 3D error of our approach is about 26mm on the H36M dataset.
TypeScript2 xon-lang/xon XON is an open-source programming language
Python2 HTV04/MMLC-ROM-Extractor Extracts the Mega Man 1-6 ROMs from the Mega Man Legacy Collection.
Shell2 qbit/dcolor Dynamic colors for your terminal
JavaScript2 jhaastrup/running-man A simple react app that calculates total distance covered.
JavaScript2 identixone/ui-kit ✌️
Jupyter Notebook2 JadeBlue96/DCGAN-Dog-Generator DCGAN model for generating fake images of dogs based on the Generative Dog Images Kaggle Competition (2019).
Objective-C2 karosLi/KKJSBridge 一站式解决 WKWebView 支持离线包,Ajax 请求和 Cookie 同步的问题 (基于 Ajax Hook 和 Cookie Hook)
Java2 yousiyuan/ArtemisCloudSolution SpringCloud简单整合,SpringCloud微服务构建,包括Eureka服务注册与发现、Eureka集群配置、微服务集群配置、Ribbon负载均衡实现、FeignClient远程调用微服务以及服务降级、基于Hystrix的服务降级与服务熔断、Zuul网关以及基于Zuul的服务降级执行快速返回失败等、与WebHooks整合的CloudConfig统一配置中心实现通过bus消息总线实现所有微服务运行时动态刷新配置,最后是SpringBoot整合RabbitMQ,以及SpringCloud Stream消息驱动的封装等等等
JavaScript2 Harshmakadia/twitter-heart NPM Package to twitter heart (Like component)
JavaScript2 moonad/Provit Don't argue it. Prove it!
HTML2 keezel-co/cableguard_api Cableguard API - Wireguard provisioning tool
Python2 Gepetto/example-robot-data Set of robot URDFs for benchmarking and developed examples.
JavaScript2 kerim-tuncer/react-practice-todoapp react-practice-todoapp
Jupyter Notebook2 Weiming-Hu/PSU-2019FALL-GEOG365-GISIntroR This repository contains the materials for GEOG 365, Intruduction to GIS Programming with R, during the 2019 Fall semester at Penn State.
C++2 MagicCube/air-charger AirCharger is an ESP32 based QI wireless charger. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can always check the battery level and other useful information from the built-in OLED display.
C++2 lqt5/lqt Lua Binding for Qt5
PHP2 Netrvin/SimpleStatus A tool for checking if services running
Python2 AshutoshAgrawal2004/Google-Code-In A webscraper written in python which extracts all data about Google Code In and fills an excel spreadsheet.
Perl2 chrispy-snps/pdf-annotate-change-bars Analyzes a PDF for change bars, then adds navigation links to go to the next page
C2 kavya-shetty765/PinkFloydAndHappiness Pink is sad because of some reasons, he wants to cheer up by listening to some songs from his favorite band, Pink Floyd. There are N records and Pink will be happy if he listens to them in the ascending order, i.e., first the song No. 1, then No.2 and so on (He has to listen to all the N songs to become Happy). Pink is delivered his records in some given order, he can either add the record to the Playlist in the delivered order or put some on another table. After being put on the table only the topmost record can be added to the playlist at any time. Print whether Pink will be sad or happy after the delivery of the records. Input Format N - Number of records followed by N numbers- order of records. Output Format Print "Happy" if the playlist has songs from 1 to N in order else "Sad".
JavaScript2 stemmlerjs/simple-typescript-starter The most basic TypeScript starter I could think of
Ruby2 rokhimin/discordbot-ruby-postgresql discordrb + postgresql integration | +example CRUD
HTML2 codefortulsa/know-your-rights Info site for Civic Day of Hacking
HTML2 rfrank6023/unnamedgame A game made by people.
JavaScript2 ninggure/Sword 用于快速构建单页面应用
C++2 awemany/storm-sim Simulation of merged weak blocks (Storm)
Java2 Rita-Okonkwo/Go-Foodie An application that enables Go Foodie restaurant supply food to customers at ease
Java2 XDD288/easybuy 新人学习,易买网SSM框架实战。
JavaScript2 bobchao/Trello-Daily-Scrum-Tool
Java2 DarkEyeCircle/AskiaMVVM MVVM组件化快速开发框架、开发中
JavaScript2 Yvee1/canvas-sketch-shaders learning shaders
Haskell2 realyarilabs/openapi-schema Implementing open api schema 3.0 in Haskell
Python2 Azkun/Watch-out-for-the-heat-wave survive to the heatwave! These small programs in several languages remind you to drink water every 3 hours!
PHP2 newwaybrazil/password-hasher-php PHP library to hash and verify passwords
Python2 error404-notfound/GatheTool Information Gathering
JavaScript2 ivan-ionin/gen-person Генерация пользователей
Python2 diggerdu/VGGish_Genre_Classification Genre Classification Model Based on VGGish
Java2 PandaChanV587/aes-util AES工具库
TypeScript2 t-tiger/React-CleanArchitecture-Example Sample project of frontend Clean Architecture using React.js and jest.
JavaScript2 lancaluis/aboutme Meu portfólio
JavaScript2 jantimon/stylelint-safari-background-clip Try to detect possible safari background clip bugs -
HCL2 paulblankenship/stage1_terraform Stage one of initial implementation of Terraform (No modules yet)
JavaScript2 didinj/react-hooks-example React Hooks Tutorial: How to Use Hooks in React.js App
R2 behavioral-economics/be_bc_f19 Course materials for Behavioral Economics at Boston College, Fall 2019
Rust2 nomic-io/node-merk Node.js bindings for merk
Python2 zpisar/dragROI Function to crop single or multiple regions of interest from a source image.
C++2 vashishtmarhwal/Monitoring-for-Plant-Ecosystem Used sensors such as Temperature, Humidity, Soil Moisture, and Ambient Light sensor, to monitor the plant environment and upload data on Thingspeak.
JavaScript2 Dyrandy/TwoPark Board Project by Students of Catholic University of Korea
TSQL2 keyp-China/BigNews_project 大事件项目
PHP2 vasco-martins/Q-A-Code-Challenge Code Challenge for VeganHacktivists
TypeScript2 shirleyanjos/agrox_family agrox ionic 4
Python2 valeriopaolicelli/Perceptron-algorithm-from-scratch Classification task solved by means of the perceptron algorithm in python language, by using only the numpy library
TypeScript2 MultiSafepay/multisafepay-node-wrapper Node wrapper for the MultiSafepay API
C#2 nzthiago/ServiceBusBatchReceiveWithSessions Simple .NET Core Console app that sends messages to a Service Bus queue with sessions and reads with batches
Jupyter Notebook2 leonpalafox/Tutorial-RIIAA Tutorial sobre GAN para la RIIAA 2019
Jupyter Notebook2 ROC-HCI/UR-FUNNY This repository presents UR-FUNNY dataset: first dataset for multimodal humor detection
Python2 Taiiwo/cicada A python library for working with the Liber Primus
Logos2 Nepeta/2x2 2x2 folders
JavaScript2 bartol/ Serverless forms for my personal website.
Java2 Divyang067/Retrofit-And-Filter-Data this is example of android project include web api calling through retrofit, image load usign glide and filter data usign guava
TypeScript2 ngnam/ngn-filter-advanced Angular Filter Advanced Module
Shell2 jeremydgray/efi A mechanism for Jamf to set, clear, and manage EFI passwords for Mac
TypeScript2 e-solutions-GmbH/bitbucket-file-uploader Browser extension to add file upload functionality to bitbucket server web interface
C2 VladimirDuan/gd32vf103-template gd32vf103-template for START Board
Python2 CallmeNezha/xml-ormz xml-orm
Python2 LuffyLSX/auto-arknights 明日方舟自动刷图脚本
Python2 luchanglu/- 企查查对外投资包含全部
TypeScript2 fwh1990/mini-program-iconfont-cli 把iconfont图标批量转换成微信小程序的组件。不依赖字体,支持多色彩。
Java2 Mr-Jiang/G711A C++ for G711A coding and decoding(去“吱吱”电流声)
C2 barry-ran/pjsip-audio-stream 基于pjsip的简单音频通话
C++2 jumblies/ESP8266_HA_Audio_Node PUBLIC - ESP8266 I2S implementation of HA TTS node over HTTP and MQTT
JavaScript2 YemmyFolayan/CBT-project Computer Based Testing platform with (React JS) dark mode features
C++2 mgs/ofxMLTK Machine Listening Toolkit for OpenFrameworks
Max2 kanta/DMX_USB_Simple A simple solution for sending DMX signal via USB.
Go2 salitrapraveen/cx A Go CLI developed during the meetup
C2 markpeerdeman/mbemm Software for linear elastostatics analysis using the boundary elements method
Java2 notebook40/jasypt-encryption Example of asymmetric cryptography with Jasypt
Dart1 13486999786/tc 天成实KE
JavaScript1 nTpush/g_search 垃圾小判官
Python1 lrzve/downloads-video-from-bilibili As title
HTML1 drdelozier/web_programming_i Files for Kent State Web Programming I, Fall 2019
Java1 chensude/PlayWithLeetCode 用java记录leetcode解题
JavaScript1 jgroeneveld/now-next-go-template A template repo to use now with go functions and a nextjs frontend.
Java1 Fizhu/recyclerViewWithDetail Simple RecyclerVeiew with OnClickListerner to show detail each items
Python1 cloudlwg/Machine-learning Record the process of Machine learning
Rust1 reyk/retris reyk's Tetris clone written in Rust
C1 yashovardhan99/DAA-Lab DAA Lab codes for B.Tech 5th Semester students
HTML1 renanmav/mac-code-snippet Create snippets with the Look&Feel of MacOS
Java1 JuanCisilino/JUGANDO Diferentes formas de hacer lo mismo.
Java1 vmcodes/CodingChallenge React JS, Java Spring Boot, and PostgreSQL
JavaScript1 isat7/Inline_media isat very simple inline media library
CSS1 dan-3lliott/ProgrammingPortfolio Updated programming portfolio for 2019-2020 school year.
JavaScript1 LuoCrystal/eureka_koa2_microservice 用eureka做服务发现,koa2
Go1 markbest/leetcode LeetCode 刷题
PHP1 rexymay/MyPDO Simple MySQL PDO Wrapper Class
Shell1 ozkuran/dockerce-installation Installation script for Docker CE
HTML1 IT-Evan/JD.MovieRazor ASP.NET Core / Razor Pages / EF Core / SQLLocalDB
HTML1 IT-Evan/JD.BlogDBFirst ASP.NET Core / MVC / EF Core / SQLLocalDB
C#1 IT-Evan/JD.BooksAPI ASP.NET Core / Web API / MongoDB
HTML1 SHEFALI-CHHABRA/ A non goverment organization project
C#1 dmitrykolchev/NetDataContractSerializer NetDataContractSerializer for .Net Core
Clojure1 john-shaffer/manila-john Manila John is a Clojure library for Apache CouchDB. It is a fork of clutch.
Dart1 malongq/flutter_shop 使用flutter做一个商城app
Go1 zaker/go-channel-workshop Doing async stuff in go
Shell1 kmcm0/pms-tools Plex Media Server utility scripts for management, updates, etc
Dockerfile1 vpcarlos2897/odoo-docker-postgresql Deploy Odoo and postgresql with Docker
HTML1 mujeebshaikhcom/Invezta-pre-login Project
Python1 mokshsharma089/projectArnold game e-commerce made on django
C1 ajaykumarkt/C-pointers c questions
Java1 likuihaotime/DevModuleDemo 简单组件开发
Java1 favccxx/FavDubbo SpringBoot + Dubbo + Dubbo admin UI + Seata
Jupyter Notebook1 mahendrarathore1742/RandomForestRegressor-method-example RandomForestRegressor method example, We have to use the position and salary dataset for this example,
HTML1 abcnews/interactive-freezeframe Odyssey plugin for Freezeframe Scrollytellers
Pascal1 Alexey-T/EControl_stages Fork of EControl; testing 2 stages of lexer parsing, 2nd (find ranges) after 1st (find tokens/keywords)
Python1 chouxuanjiu/learn-python Record some code and experience in Python learning.
C++1 3dproger/TemplateQtQuick Шаблон проекта Qt для быстрого создания приложения на QtQuick2
C++1 BITfeiyu/Muddleheaded 即时通讯软件
Python1 toniferraprofe/Python Archivos de clase relacionados con Python3
Perl1 CC3301/csgo-strat-generator Improve(?) your csgo game
JavaScript1 jgchenu/react-and-redux-practice 深入浅出react 阅读笔记
JavaScript1 ntbol/SharingIsCaring A simple file sharing platform
Pascal1 Embarcadero-Webinars/Fast-Migration-to-Windows-10-HighDPI Den Zubov - Fast migration to Windows 10 HighDPI
Python1 iharshit009/codeforces-run1 by codefoster, codeforces list of questions for run-1 (10 days, 50 questions)
Go1 dbldqt/wechatServer 使用redis支持分布式部署
JavaScript1 uncle-marion/mkit-generate-vue-template quickly generate vue templates
Java1 1324835795/polycis_as_oss_server 运维平台
Python1 boland25/qpong-flask-service Created for toolchain:
Java1 jiyeon0327/gitgit kh_테스트용
Python1 kleeder/ZDDSBot Discord Bot which is doing stupid stuff.
Java1 dingkui/dlz 大懒猪工具框架
Shell1 20chan/dotfiles arch on surface book 2 dotfiles
Lua1 abnerzhao/upstream-header-api kong lua plugin for header api version control
JavaScript1 BigRoomStudios/strange-middle-end a middle-end composer using redux, normalizr, and immer
JavaScript1 nlemast/react-template-app I believe templates like create-react-app abstract away too much complexity and make configuration more difficult, so I made this template for prototyping React apps.
JavaScript1 too-hoo/myiHome 我的爱家租房项目
HTML1 bbtchain/ BBTCHAIN
C#1 KKopytko/net-design-patterns Implementation of several of the most commonly used design patterns in .NET
JavaScript1 able-leopard/a-day-in-the-life-on-mars Using the NASA api to display photos from Mars taken by rovers Curiosity, Opportunity, and Spirit. Able to filter by date.
JavaScript1 mapbiomas-brazil/user-toolkit A repository for MapBiomas data accessing in Google Earth Engine
C1 amazingluyk/Ball-Plate-Control-System Cascade PID control and Image Processing
PHP1 AvasKr/AdvanceTransferUI PocketMine-MP | 원하시는 서버를 UI로 이동합니다.
Java1 neko-arising/neko-console A console that can do lots of stuff.
GDScript1 t-karcher/Rolling-Cube Godot Demo
Java1 liwc0329/spring-boot-orm-integration 整合市面上常见orm框架
CSS1 Veasns/myblog 我的个人博客
C1 github-june/FamgyAndroidInject android native inject hook inlinehook
Go1 lmqytz/snowflake An distributed id generator developed by golang
Jupyter Notebook1 JEwuWenyu/Hello_world First Use , Happy
HTML1 bushuol/shopping 使用jquery 实现购物车
Go1 Zenithar/go-repo-template Go microservice template repository
JavaScript1 dantreck/TREX-GAME-1 its a game i created.
Vue1 yellowstar9610/jigsaw-puzzle 小程序拼图小游戏
TypeScript1 mintsweet/hawthorn :strawberry: a cute back-end management system
JavaScript1 riteshahlawat/TTCRoutePlanner TTC Route Planner (In Development)
Python1 AwesomeTang/Movie_Recommend 基于MovieLens数据集的协同过滤算法尝试。
HCL1 shubhdev79/terraform-test Building VPC peering network and accessing the web servers
Go1 fivestar/resozyme A resource-oriented framework for building the RESTful web application in Go.
Python1 Baris-Yildiz/Lig-Puan-Cetveli-Olusturucusu1 1.lig ve süperlig için puan cetveli oluşturur
Go1 akupila/ssm Go package for reading config values from AWS SSM Parameter store
C++1 avraamya/Keyboard Simulation for a keyboard
Java1 MikkSanborn/Minecraft_Lang_Randomizer A Java project for randomizing the language files of Minecraft™
Ruby1 hicknhack-software/meetalendar Meetalendar is a comfortable-mexican-sofa add-on that adds an admin interface to select meetup groups in. These groups events will automatically be updated into a google calendar when the respective rake task is executed.
TypeScript1 Ranotronarison/malagasy-users-generator Generate random malagasy users.
Python1 aprilspeight/movie-selector A simple Python movie selector app
HTML1 xinyashan/Internship-blog- There's so much stories to tell when you're a intern at i.c.stars! This work in progress blog features some great things that have happened when I was interning there.
Java1 wsjcode/FrameworkCode 手写框架
Go1 henrylee2cn/vscode_debug_go Configure my own local launch.json to improve ease of use
Java1 lucas-medeiros/PetButler Android App developed to help cute dogs!
Python1 bc201593895/filewrite 只是一个小白的脚本
Python1 Jarvis73/DeepCNN-TF2 Tensorflow 2.0 examples of baseline models and useful skills ......(updating)
JavaScript1 caohenghu/colorpicker Colorpicker with no dependency
Java1 founderdamour/GreatEnginner 自我积累,自我修练,不断提升
Shell1 magpie-linux/calamares-pkgbuild The universal installer framework
Python1 smbcmp/win-pkg windows packager for smbcmp
JavaScript1 ethanjurman/discorpg discord rpg!
C#1 emusmanno/Pruebas Pruebas de Xamarin
Elixir1 barboza/chatter A simple chat application using Phoenix Live View
CMake1 COVISART/opentrack_vs2019_x64 Opentrack build with Visual Studio 2019 - Target: x64
Coq1 daveshah1/icestorm-fpl Icestorm workshop at FPL 2019
JavaScript1 faithfollansbee/CollectionofMovies Frontend for my Movie Collection app, built with react, javascript, and bootstrap!
JavaScript1 milomacphail/10DaysofJavascript HackerRank's 10 Days of Javascript and other Javascript practice exercises.
C++1 iParkerSr/-Panda_Paradise 2019年四川省机器人大赛熊猫乐园代码
PHP1 pinekta/php-jp-customer-barcode-generator This library 'php-jp-customer-barcode-generator' is an easy to use, framework independent, Japan post's customer barcode generator in PHP
JavaScript1 jiasongs/react-native-refresh 原生集成的下拉刷新。
Objective-C1 QianLiZhaoZhao/WJFlowLayoutView 标签类流式布局,搜索历史、商品推荐等场合常用
JavaScript1 Mister-Zheng/ReactProject 知乎项目
Java1 wanglongsoft/jni_learn Android JNI NDK的简单用法
JavaScript1 nattavitk/ci-for-aws-device-farm CI for AWS Device Farm mobile test
Batchfile1 wd-wd/packerTool 安卓多渠道急速打包(packer-ng-plugin的java脚本打包实践)
Java1 LiShang007/ShapeCreator 动态设置shape
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