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语言 Star 名称 描述
Go43 tj/news-api Go newsletter API backed by DynamoDB
PHP35 fungjcode/phpzhibo php直播汇聚
Python34 bojone/bert4keras Our light reimplement of bert for keras
Python24 PaddlePaddle/PaddleSeg PaddleSeg is a high performance semantic segmentation toolkit based on PaddlePaddle.
Java24 revolver-ocelot-saa/GhidraX64Dbg Extract annoations from Ghidra into an X32/X64 dbg database
Jupyter Notebook18 luoda888/HUAWEI-DIGIX-AgeGroup 2019 HUAWEI DIGIX Nurbs Solutions
Python16 vladimir-tutin/Plex-Auto-Collections Python 3 script to automatically update Plex collections based off a configuration file
JavaScript16 qutran/svelte-inspector Development helper for inspecting and opening svelte components in your editor
JavaScript16 mkg20001/npm-adblock The time has come! Banish the ads and declutter the build logs!
JavaScript15 Tomotoes/scrcpy-gui ✨ A simple & beautiful GUI application for scrcpy
C#14 dilmerv/UnityRestClient A Restful Client For Unity3d Developers
C#12 Cysharp/ValueTaskSupplement Append supplemental methods(WhenAny, WhenAll, Lazy) to ValueTask.
PHP11 botble/git-commit-checker Check coding standard & code syntax with Git pre-commit hook
Dart11 ketanchoyal/mapbox_search A Flutter package for place search using MapBox Api and for Static map image
Java9 natario1/GIFCompressor Compresses your GIFs into lightweight MP4 video using fast, hardware accelerated encoders. Supports cropping, rotation, GIF concatenation and much more.
Shell8 luckman666/k8s1.15.2 k8s1.15.2一键部署脚本
JavaScript8 fhugoduarte/RNGithubAuth Projeto de estudo sobre OAuth e Deep Linking usando React Native
C8 SZURoshan/Infantry_X Sanger for Robomaster_2019 in SZU
R8 yonicd/shinyselect Observe Multiple Reactive Elements using tidyselect-like verbs
Swift8 jinShine/FlowInject A library of Coordinator Patterns that are easy to use for dependency injections in applications written on pure Swift for iOS.
Verilog7 lulinchen/FPGA_CryptoNight_V7 FPGA CryptoNight V7 Minner
TypeScript7 poppinss/prompts Module on top of enquirer with the API to fake prompts during testing. Used by AdonisJs
JavaScript6 leishihong/react-router-config react路由鉴权
Python6 Acceis/BurpScripterPlus This extension provide a Python panel for writing custom proxy script.
C#6 daixinkai/ spring cloud feign for .net
JavaScript6 zsoltime/react-human-bear-gun An accessible and responsive Human-Bear-Gun game built with React.js and vanilla CSS
Python5 AdrMXR/GEN-SSH Generador de servidores ssh locales y públicos.
PLpgSQL5 geocompass/pg-tyshxydm 统一社会信用代码相关的PostgreSQL函数,包括验证、随机生成等
Java5 pigxcloud/pig 全网最新.基于Spring Boot 2.1.7、 Spring Cloud Greenwich.SR2、 OAuth2 的RBAC 权限管理系统。 记得右上角点个star 关注更新
Rust5 elichai/random-rs A trait for random number generation
JavaScript5 jridgewell/jsx2 Reimagining JSX, faster performance with less memory
Crystal5 naqvis/cr-xmpp XMPP/Jabber Library for Crystal
Go5 ensody/ssh-agent-inject Forwards the host's ssh-agent into a Docker container
JavaScript5 paulmillr/micro-check-dependencies Instantly check if node_modules match package.json versions. Returns list of pkgs that don't.
PHP5 Fabianoshz/kafka_lab A Kafka lab to test out communication between different applications in different languages.
Dart5 BaderEddineOuaich/codelib Programming books app using Flutter & ITBOOK API
Go5 networkteam/go-sqllogger Go SQL driver adapter for extended logging
Python5 eBay/AutoOpt Automatic and Simultaneous Adjustment of Learning Rate and Momentum for Stochastic Gradient Descent
Kotlin5 mitchtabian/Kotlin-RecyclerView-Example Simple example with a RecyclerView that displays images and text with Kotlin, Glide and CardViews
Java5 malkfilipp/maze-runner Maze generation and solving using the randomized Kruskal's algorithm and the A* algorithm
TypeScript5 joway/node-routine A library to implement Goroutine-Like API with worker_threads.
Java4 lijufeng2016/bigdata-tools 大数据各类工具
HTML4 ScratchVerifier/ScratchVerifier Verify Scratch accounts as genuine, for use in authorization or identification.
PHP4 localheinz/faker-rector :construction: Provides rectors for working on fzaninotto/faker.
Python4 jeacom25b/Softwrap Dynamics for retopology.
PHP4 virink/superfish9_2019_web_xss_pow superfish_2019_web_xss_pow
JavaScript4 rvagg/js-ipld-hashmap An associative array Map-type data structure for very large, distributed data sets built on IPLD
C++4 xiaoxiaoazhang/SeetaFace2AndroidDemo SeetaFace2 的android示例
TypeScript4 syumai/dem A module manager for Deno.
C++4 Ardakaniz/BFComputer Everything about my Brainf*ck Computer, including Hardware Architecture, Virtual Machine, the Microcode Generator and the ROM Programmer
C++4 GilbertRC/modified-baseline-for-light-field-stitching Code accompanying the VCIP 2019 paper "Modified Baseline for Light Field Stitching"
Go4 aus/proxyplease Cross-platform proxy selection with optional native authentication negotiation
JavaScript4 ictslgti/mis Management information system of Sri Lanka-German Trining Institute
CSS4 fhelwanger/conta-secullum-dark Tema escuro para a Conta Secullum
C++3 witnessmenow/Falling-Sand-Matrix A falling sand simulation using an ESP32, RGB Led Matrix and an accelerometer
C++3 briandowns/libweyl Middle Random Weyl Sequence
JavaScript3 steffest/Amiga-Icon-converter Display, convert and generate Amiga Icons in plain JavaScript
JavaScript3 corvid-by-wix/job-scheduler-data-cleanup Automate your workflow with Corvid
Jupyter Notebook3 AntoinePassemiers/Please-Ignore-This-Repository-----Im-having-fun-with-a-big-data-project----------not If you are not a big data teacher nor teaching assistant, this remote repository may not be interesting for you.
HCL3 aleks-fofanov/terraform-aws-ecs-traefik-service Terraform module to provision Traefik service in ECS
CSS3 kuncevic/webpack-landing-generator Easy way to create landing page that converts #paindreamfix
Python3 BlackWalnutLabs/BWTricar A Python library that can easily controls the Navigator / 一个简单控制领航者的 Python 库
TypeScript3 fireship-io/203-algolia-firestore-mvp Episode 203 - Full-text Search with Algolia
Python3 lessw2020/mish Mish Deep Learning Activation Function for PyTorch / FastAI
Objective-C++3 codebytere/electron-font-manager Create native cross-platform font dialogs!
JavaScript3 username-xu/full-stack-node node + vue 全栈(node代码)
Ruby3 ankane/onnxruntime ONNX Runtime - the high performance scoring engine for ML models - for Ruby
C++3 MoeMod/cqmiao Thanatos Zone CS1.6社区服务器专用QQ机器人后端C++重构版(酷Q插件)
Kotlin3 zjw-swun/ExactCalculator Android AOSP 带历史记录的计算器
Go3 kemalcanbora/derdo In fact, derdo, which is a word used in a very old folk song, is used in the meaning of grief, sorrow, sadness.
TypeScript3 menduz/tiny-clojure Tiny clojure interpreter
Python3 rennerocha/scrapy-spider-scheduler Schedule the execution of your Scrapy spiders using an YAML file.
C#3 eyazici90/OrderContext-EventSourcing Practical EventSourcing on Azure around Order Bounded Context
Ruby3 joelibaceta/top-coders-peru A simple Peruvian developers ranking
C++3 blackhole89/notekit A GTK3 hierarchical markdown notetaking application with tablet support.
Python3 JaniceLC/PyTorch-VisNet Unofficial Implementation of VisNet: Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Forecasting Atmospheric Visibility
Python3 IE-482-582/fall2019 Course materials for the Fall 2019 semester of IE 482/582
Python3 GregDMeyer/IT8951 Driver for the IT8951 e-paper controller on Raspberry Pi
Lua3 CppCXY/luaModule lua module development syntax
Python3 joeyzhouty/DATnet The implementation of Dual Adversarial Neural Transfer (DATNets) for Sequence Labeling, which is able to tackle sequence labeling tasks such as POS Tagging, NER, Chunking,etc..
HTML3 gadenbuie/xaringan2powerpoint a snarky powerpoint from xaringan demo
Ruby3 jing-jenny-shih/wings a rack-based Ruby web framework inspired by Rails, with abridged functionality and a better name
Rust3 luojia65/learn-inline-asm Learn to code in inline assembly!
Python3 eeshashetty/InvisibilityCloak An OpenCV project for creating an Invisibility Cloak
C++3 lamazedev/configuration Simple configuration class
JavaScript3 rodkeys/openbazaar-import Scripts to import your products to OpenBazaar
Python3 asadlive84/schoolManagement School Management application using python, django
Python3 GrahlmanMatthew/Colour-SOFM A self-organizing feature map which is trained on a random three-dimensional (RGB) input space and displays the process of the SOFM in real-time.
Scheme3 evilbinary/duck-typescript A library for building cross-platform native desktop applications with TypeScript.
Python3 instagrambot/instabot-travis-ci Automate your Instabot with Travis-CI daily builds! For free
HTML3 asif2369/Bootstrap-4-Boilerplate This is a boilerplate that can be used to start the HTML project quickly.
Meson3 elementary/flatpak-platform Flatpak platform for elementary OS
Ruby3 polakowski/rspec_deep_eq RSpec `deep_eq` matcher
Python2 Maestro-Alvardo/TnHURT TolKIT untuk meretas FB dan lain nya
C++2 a13134455667/EFI_Msi_z97_gtx960 黑苹果台式机EFI
Java2 Next2u/TST-Api Api training using Springboot
Python2 xiaogangLi/tensorflow-MobilenetV2-YOLOv1 An implementation of YOLOv1 for object detection in TensorFlow.
Java2 ATryder/jME-TTF A true type font rendering subsystem for jMonkeyEngine.
Assembly2 sehugg/spacegame SHMUP written in NES assembly (6502)
PHP2 MaxXSoft/300words 300words is an open source story solitaire website framework.
Java2 MorningSongTeacher/Third-party-login-and-payment 第三方登录与支付(QQ, 微信, 支付)登录, (微信, 支付宝)支付
Java2 Nagisazz/distributed-lock 分布式锁实现
JavaScript2 JanePB/imageboard imageboard where users can upload pictures
C++2 CoRE-RG/SDN4CoRE SDN4CoRE (Software-Defined Networking for Communication over Realtime Ethernet) is an open-source extension for the event-based simulation of programmable (software-defined) real-time Ethernet networks in the OMNeT++ simulation system.
Python2 murdockz/base64decode This is a quick and easy python script that decodes any base64 string back to it's original format.
PHP2 floweringmind/productjump Magento 2 module to quickly jump between products.
Shell2 byunjuneseok/django-docker-nginx-gunicorn-certbot-boilerplate A boilerplate app with nginx, gunicorn and certbot(Let's encrypt).
Java2 OkelyKodely/brickaroo Brick game inspired by FlappyBird in Java.
Common Lisp2 stylewarning/hypergeometrica Livin' like it's 1813 (or 1988).
JavaScript2 beakerbrowser/library-tools Module for managing the library.json file (spec:
JavaScript2 manchumahara/cf7htmltemplate Html template(s) for contact form 7
JavaScript2 stakit/stakit-choo Stakit utilities for Choo
Python2 newchaos94/ptrss N1 pt rss
Go2 jussi-kalliokoski/gostringenum Generate efficient string encodings and decodings for go enums.
Python2 dmentipl/phantom-build phantom-build is designed to make building Phantom easier
Kotlin2 rsbox/rsbox Open-Source Runescape Private Server Framework
Java2 zrbcool/pepper-metrics-demo 该demo主要用于展示pepper-metrics-x的各项监控能力,意在通过docker-compose的快速部署能力,让使用者能够在10分钟内快速的启动一套完整的demo,并能够直观的看到效果。
Shell2 developerinsider/XcodeTheme DeveloperInsider Xcode Theme
Python2 evjeny/planet_chomli Website for homework
Swift2 hrbrmstr/rin-test Test of RInside with R 3.6, Xcode 11 & Swift 5 on macOS Catalina
Python2 Burakcoli/Hangman-Pygame A hangman game made in PyGame, with 2 language options with over 250 words combined.
Dart2 ifredom/flutter-app-learn flutter-app-learn
Python2 vplayv/RPM RPM
Java2 CaijiOrz/fastjson-1.2.47-RCE Fastjson <= 1.2.47 远程命令执行漏洞利用工具及方法
R2 rstudio/tfds R Interface to the TensorFlow collection of Datasets
Java2 zj1014/SuperCalendar 自定义的日历时间选择器,支持天、周、月、时间区间选择
TypeScript2 kamataryo/qrfi qrfi is a CLI Wi-Fi QR Code Generator.
JavaScript2 emvi/api-js-demo Emvi API JavaScript client library demo.
JavaScript2 Laboratoria/SCL011-data-lovers Proyecto 2 generación 11 de Laboratoria SCL
HTML2 viannaandreBR/JavaScriptLabs Java Script Laboratory with NodeJS
Swift2 tichise/PopOverDatePicker PopOverDatePicker is a PopOver style DatePicker view.
Jupyter Notebook2 ankitgokhroo68368/TCS-HumAIn-2019 Forecasting the energy consumption of various household.(Time Series Analysis)
Haxe2 haxeui/haxelib-helper Graphical tool for managing and submitting haxelibs
Python2 MuellerSeb/mhmpy A Python-API for the mesoscale Hydrological Model.
Vue2 dameizi123/hd-tab tab的npm插件
Python2 joshinryz/ansible_ldap_inventory Active Directory (LDAP) Inventory Plugin for Ansible
Python2 IdetectTeam/IDetect Fill in personal information fields automatically with the help of photo ID
Python2 Ren-yibo/EasyDaiMaiPy 基于python简单的大麦抢票脚本
Rust2 equinor/gordo-controller Gordo controller
Python2 PythonBian/DjangoFrameWork 0701Django协作项目
Java2 945188363/RpcFramework2.0 It's a big step for my RPC framework. Last time , i pushed a RPC framework that used socket to Listen query and JDK Proxy to proxy class. But this time, i bring a brand new RPC framework here!
Shell2 singe/kak-containers Using PID, mount & network namespaces with chroot to learn about containers.
Python2 darkestentropy/bombcrack A TheSpeedX/TBomb bomber script decoder, oh yeah.
Python2 blogSoul/Masterpiece_boramboramram 2019년 1학기 여름방학에 있었던 해커톤이 끝난 이후, 조금 더 발전시켜서 만들기 위해 다른 repository를 만들었습니다.
JavaScript2 czqSoul/ 个人网站
Makefile2 nymarya/corvus Predicting victims on brazilian national roads
Objective-C2 jianqiu-z/OpenGLES learn OpenGLES
JavaScript2 carlos-levir/Electron-Todo-App :page_facing_up: Aplicação construída no artigo "Como criar uma aplicação desktop, com React Js & Electron".
C++2 TDhewl/MFCC mfcc特征提取
Dart2 krista-koivisto/isolate_handler Effortless isolates abstraction layer with support for MethodChannel calls.
Objective-C2 FlyingBigBird/RealmDataBaseDemo 高效数据存取,本地数据读取速度约为coreData的三倍
Go2 josedh/kafkatomongostreamsample Sample architecture for data parsing and streaming using go, kafka and mongo using docker
Go2 dragonchain/dragonchain-sdk-go Dragonchain SDK for Golang
JavaScript2 Dries1234/powercord-uwu UwU-ify your text
HTML2 Ca73Tech/housingApp_411 SELU housing app for the 411 project
JavaScript2 socialbiao/Bookdinner NJUST CSE GRADE 3 杨坤&&党岩松
Java2 volk1674/paperio Strategy for
JavaScript2 SDLYYZ/fa.js Backend of LYOI Public API "say fa" on macOS.
Python2 deven96/wordcli Command line dictionary using nltk
Vue2 pigxcloud/pig-ui 基于Spring Boot 2.1.7、 Spring Cloud Greenwich.SR2、 OAuth2 的RBAC 权限管理系统。 记得右上角点个star 关注更新
Rust2 00benallen/rust-deploy Simple FTP application for uploading folders to servers
HTML2 Jake25k/CSC439 This is a repo for class CSC 439
Jupyter Notebook2 MALLI7622/Federated-Blockchain-Anamoly-Detection Supervised Learning approach to Detect Anomalies in Blockchain using Federated Learning
C#2 schoinh/circles-api non-azure build
C#2 rochellev/Pollinator.Solution Polling App
Lua2 ps-wow/mobinfo_classic A fork of MobInfo2 attempting to work with classic wow.
TeX2 liweitianux/phd-thesis [WIP] Ph.D. Thesis @ SJTU (will update after defense)
JavaScript2 m-sureshraj/pretty-env-path Show $PATH environment variable in a human-readable way
JavaScript2 OneGraph/onegraph-apollo-server-auth-example An example repository showing how to implement both authentication and permissions quickly in your Apollo server APIs with OneGraph's AuthGuardian.
R2 eddelbuettel/ttdo Extend tinytest with diffobj
JavaScript2 emvi/api-js Emvi API JavaScript client library.
JavaScript2 rzqiang/electron-desktop-app 使用electron将web站点打包为桌面版App
JavaScript2 jacwright/svelte-navaid A Svelte router powered by
JavaScript2 fahadhaidari/learn-directions A simple game prototype that teaches kids how to follow road directions.
Python2 xYantix/snowdump Attempt to connect to and dump all tables within a ServiceNow instance.
JavaScript1 BestLorder/image_drag 图片拖动排序demo
Java1 1041357974/Book_Manger 使用XMl实现的图书管理系统
Python1 GeetaJakkamsetti/license_plate_recog its a simple algorithm to detect license plates and perform character recognition
C#1 Alex00pirotsky/Strange_Tetris MVC_Build_Tetris
JavaScript1 magarustamov/logolar Xalido
Go1 x-mod/tlsconfig more convenient package to create tls.Config
HTML1 KivutiBrian/Employee_Management An employee management system created at Tech camp Kenya boot camp using Flask
JavaScript1 deaconTown/ChatKit-Pratice react.js practice
Python1 JLittman22/regression Experimenting with regression techniques
Swift1 Algy-Jr12/Conversor Conversor de número binário para decimal e vice-versa
C++1 ToadHanks/dotMate Overall purpose of this program is to inform individuals with the Menstruation related topic. These individuals could be either a male or female, who is looking to gain more insight into this topic. Currently, the program is reading from a pre-made text file with Top 50 most searched question, however, an efficient method will soon be implemented. Please check "README" & "ProjectDescription" for more info.
Java1 ProcessRed/TeamSpeak-Bot TeamSpeak Query Bot
Objective-C1 GustavoDamasceno/Chatbot-mobile Aplicativo mobile desenvolvido em React Native utilizando a biblioteca React Native Chatbot
HTML1 bpx-energy/Flask_app_template Flask application template.
Jupyter Notebook1 RoyMachineLearning/Predicting-Molecular-Properties Kaggle Competition : Predicting Molecular Properties
Logos1 ryannair05/Customized-LittleXS A version of LittleXS customized.
Java1 GeofEmersonAlves/hashgame Hash game made in Java SE
HTML1 Great-Emeka/MyCv This Is a single Page CV made with HTML ONLY
Python1 danielkuzmin/HashBot Python bot to return the hash of a given file via Discord.
JavaScript1 mryangsen/bfadmin-learn 基于element-ui框架的一个简洁后台
Python1 tkrk1209/api_and_ws_sample api server and websocket server sample code
Go1 chrisaandes/Go-AWS-Lambdas Running Go AWS Lambdas locally with SLS framework and SAM
Swift1 dalianmengzi/YYRichtext A fusion rich text base library
JavaScript1 APixelVisuals/my-shit Some files/configs that I use. Not all of this stuff is made/owned by me.
C++1 TDhewl/Wordseg 最大前向分词最大后向分词
Jupyter Notebook1 reganzm/Learn-Pytorch-And-Become-A-Data-Scientist 《学好Pytorch成为数据科学家》书籍随书代码
Java1 cije/TomcatTest (first git)
Jupyter Notebook1 aliebi/ELMO make classification test by ELMO
Python1 stkuzmin/selected-files selected files from project Mathworks
TypeScript1 inurst/dnet-web-app for d-net coding
Lua1 ps-wow/OPie_Classic OPie forked for classic wow.
Objective-C1 goodbruce/LGHomeDemo 类似拉勾网app首页效果
C1 julien-piet/cachelab cachelab submission
JavaScript1 swiftyapp/cryptor Basic encrypt and decrypt node module
Swift1 guidomb/Tenderswift A Tendermint ABCI SDK implementation in Swift
JavaScript1 isaltino/Desafio-1-Bootcamp-Gostack-8 Nesse código eu implemento minha leitura do desafio 1 do primeiro módulo do Bootcamp Gostack 8 - Rocketseat 2019
mcfunction1 CaeruCat/treeless-world A Minecraft survival challenge data pack for creating a world with no naturally spawning trees.
C#1 shohan4556/unity-vfx VFX made with unity3D
JavaScript1 gaozm0509/ar-weapp 小程序AR demo
Go1 KingWQ/goStudy golang学习记录
HTML1 arindam-bose/ Personal Website
PHP1 sourcebroker/upgrade-typo3 A helper to make TYPO3 upgrade repeatable
Java1 adargut/GoCarting A RESTful API design for an online shopping cart, using Maven and Spring.
C#1 erik-t-irgens/CIRCLES_MVC MVC application for clientside of CIRCLES
JavaScript1 Build-Week-Silent-Auction/Frontend Frontend chapter of the build - React
JavaScript1 xGabe973/mangoose mongoose scraper
JavaScript1 rphsoftware/DotLoading Fancy looking loading animation for webpages, made in javascript
Python1 TwentyFirstCenturyBean/Catstonaut-Shooter-Game This is a simple space invaders style game made in python using pygame
JavaScript1 makkelijker/de-makkelijker-app Rekent aanslagnummers om naar kenmerk en visa versa.
CSS1 Creator11/MercoryTestMission login menu
HTML1 ScienceXChina/science-md-wiki Science- Knowledge base management system
PHP1 OmarMakled/pet-store An implementation of pet store example with ddd
HTML1 BrianMJWood/Government-Statistics-Website My first project written with JavaScript. It fetches live data from an API and dynamically builds filterable tables and statistics from JSON data using Vanilla JavaScript functions.
Java1 rstyro/JFinal-learning jfinal 学习demo
PHP1 SayidMabrur/tugasakhir-api2019 Bee API is a RESTful API for Bee Website, Access Repository Bee Website on :
Java1 AntonYudin/wspf WebSocket Port Forwarding
C++1 elC0mpa/EnergyMeter Arduino library to get data from energy meters in order to monitor them
JavaScript1 chrisbrinkmann/smart-brain Smart Brain Face Detection App
PHP1 magadan/wordpress-5.2.2-sqlite3 Wordpres 5.2.2 running with SQLITE3 flat database (without mysql)
JavaScript1 zxdong262/gist-client-js Github gist api wrapper
HTML1 yujischuster/ Elegant search engine to find doctors in Japan
Python1 Umanggupta137731/Deep-Neural-Network-from-scratch Binary cat image/series classifier based on a deep neural network implemented from scratch using He Random initialization, Adam optimization, RELU and sigmoid activation with regularization
JavaScript1 tsc-space/salons TSC线下沙龙
JavaScript1 Emmre/ToDo React-Native Todo
JavaScript1 khichK/guestlogix guestlogix api
C++1 TSubasi/cpp-udacity udacity cpp course dump
Go1 NikolaySav/http-relay HTTP Relay microservice
C#1 diogosequeira94/SniperElite SniperEliteGame C#
C++1 itdev126/dell3568_hackintosh Dell Vostro 3568 for macOS Mojave & High Sierra & Sierra(EFI/ HIDPI)
Shell1 jeonghanlee/weathers Weather Forecast in Cities
C#1 curiousPeng/Redis.Tool 封装Stack.Exchange.Redis的一点儿帮助类
Java1 Transporterr/Incredile-India---Tour-Guide-App Udacity Nano Degree Project - Tour Guide App
mcfunction1 iterami/MC-iterami-DataPacks :black_square_button: CC0 unofficial Minecraft data packs.
Java1 LPB-Devin/ChatRoom-Springboot-WebSocket- Springboot+WebSocket实现一个Web聊天室功能
C#1 Sniperkillerut/DArT Artists companion program
C++1 Washburn421/HSL 图像处理
C#1 AntonioDeJesusHernandezLiborio/Pilas Este es el proyecto desarrollado en el video Pilas C#
Python1 Freeze/gitlab_wordcloud small repository to generate a word cloud png from users first 1000 commit messages
HTML1 Chadkaplan/Bootstrap-Portfolio The portfolio styled with bootstrap
CSS1 HaoQChen/ 最终效果:
Python1 vlomme/Multi-Tacotron-Voice-Cloning Phoneme multilingual(Russian-English) voice cloning based on
C#1 DaviJ9-JLS/Comandos_ONU_Nokia_g-140w-c Obter comando para ONU nokia g-140w-c
JavaScript1 makerdao/dai-plugin-walletlink A Dai.js plugin for using Coinbase WalletLink in a browser environment.
TypeScript1 Tania-Santome/off_madrid_angular Proyecto de fin de Bootcamp
TypeScript1 aracran/basic-to-do-list-angular Lista de tareas simple usando angular
HTML1 shahajahancse/LoopLap This is simple landing page in 2018. technology used html-5, bootstrap 4 and jQuery
Lua1 fcr--/lua-pgdriver Native async PostgreSQL written in lua.
Python1 fx-kirin/mt4_hst Python mt4 hst reader
Python1 ZhuYanzhen1/Acme-Pico Acme-Pico是一款基于STM32F411CEU6的开发板,它使用MicroPython语言开发,编程便捷
JavaScript1 novenzhen/spring-activiti spring boot2.x+activiti6.0+mysql+mybatis+activiti5.22流程设计器
Python1 Mohsen-RSGIS/Hyperspectral Hyperspectral Imagery Processing
JavaScript1 outstanding1301/node-vhost-example node.js vhost example
TypeScript1 kiledonley/FullStackproject Full stack project
OCaml1 owlbarn/owl_opt Owl's Gradient-based Optimisation Library
Java1 FloatingDR/micro-server supconit-micro-server
TypeScript1 deyg/angular-serie-loiane Curso Angular serie loiane
Vue1 mercucy/test_threeJS test the function of three.js
Python1 andyj1/ssim_index structural similarity index (SSIM index) between two images, using pytorch and opencv
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