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语言 Star 名称 描述
C#89 Fewes/BNAO A tiny, GPU-based Bent Normal and Ambient Occlusion baker for Unity.
Python49 rtqichen/residual-flows Code for "Residual Flows for Invertible Generative Modeling"
JavaScript43 maierfelix/tiny-rtx A Vulkan based Real-Time Ray Tracer
C++32 redtips/wechathook 借助微信hook,拦截修改某些call,填充进我们的Python代码,进行微信公众号文章的爬取
JavaScript26 feross/funding Let's get open source maintainers paid ✨
Python23 WenlongZhang0724/RankSRGAN ICCV 2019 (oral) RankSRGAN: Generative Adversarial Networks with Ranker for Image Super-Resolution. PyTorch implementation
Java23 assionyang/mokn-istio Kubernetes&Istio运维平台(Java+Vue+ElementUI)
Swift20 mattgallagher/CombineExploration Some tests and sample code that explore a few behaviors of Apple's Combine framework.
JavaScript19 GoogleChromeLabs/dynamic-import-polyfill A fast, tiny polyfill for dynamic import() that works in all module-supporting browsers
Go17 trivago/scalad Horizontal Job Autoscaler for Nomad
C++17 feixh/xivo X Inertial-aided Visual Odometry
Cuda14 hjwdzh/pyRender Lightweight Cuda Renderer with Python Wrapper.
Go13 peterbourgon/ctxdata A helper for collecting and emitting metadata throughout a request lifecycle.
Python13 jas502n/CVE-2019-15107 CVE-2019-15107 Webmin RCE
PHP11 KingWQ/apiEasyswoole 基于easyswoole框架对api接口开发中造的一些常用的轮子,记录一下,不断完善中!
JavaScript11 lucianopereira86/Quasar-PWA-Bluetooth-Printer Example of a Quasar PWA connecting with a Bluetooth thermal printer
Roff10 BartmanAbyss/vscode-amiga-debug One-stop Visual Code Extension to compile and debug Amiga C programs compiled by included gcc 8.3.0 in WinUAE.
JavaScript10 dandelion1000/mention-editor mention @somebody or #somelabel 访问地址:
JavaScript7 IgorHalfeld/vue-architecture-boilerplate ⚡️ Vue.js architecture for front-end projects
HTML7 SGNovice/Disease-detection-using-chest-xrays For the demo. Click on the link.
Elixir7 marcelotto/panpipe An Elixir wrapper around Pandoc
Python7 VisionLearningGroup/SSDA_MME Semi-supervised Domain Adaptation via Minimax Entropy
PHP6 aliyun/rpc-client-php Alibaba Cloud RPC Client for PHP
JavaScript6 mikeal/bundle-size-action Calculate the bundle size of your module. Useful for GitHub Actions.
C++6 Joonitoi/CPPCord C++ library for interaction with the Discord API
Python6 J-zin/VBOT deecamp2019 51组 虚拟形象机器人
Kotlin6 manosbatsis/vaultaire Query DSL and data access utilities for Corda developers.
TypeScript6 devVinit/testdrive-app-api A simple slot-booking system for test-drives.
Java6 hujianhong/kvstore_java_race_se 华为云TaurusDB性能挑战赛复赛
JavaScript6 malwarialabs/FirstBite Sample Lab - Introduction to some of our tests
Shell6 ilkilab/agorakube Kubernetes Ansible Based Distribution
C++6 a3794110/ns-3-NB-IoT NB-IoT network simulator: This project allow user to explore the performance of NB-IoT random access and NB-IoT scheduler with ns-3. (developed by Wireless and Mobile Networking Laboratory in National Tsing Hua University)
JavaScript6 devVinit/testdrive-app-ui Front-end for testdrive-app-api.
PHP5 sinkaroid/Smhdk samehadaku scraper
JavaScript5 imagemlt/iCloudMusic SUCTF iCloudMusic 源码及writeup
C#5 praeclarum/EasyLayout EasyLayout makes writing auto layout code in Xamarin.iOS easier.
Python5 rmb122/suctf2019_guess_game Dockerfile & writeup
JavaScript5 zcmk123/ Windows APP -- 基于Electron的 PC客户端
Java5 jvalue/open-data-service-ms Open Data Service based on Microservices
C#5 codewitch-honey-crisis/AutoUpdate AutoUpdate sample
JavaScript5 hobofan/yew-react-example This project shows how to create a web app using a React component inside a Yew component.
C#5 m2wasabi/VRMQuickMetaLoader load quick VRM.Meta information
Java5 lishiyu1810/BaseLib 工具类库
C++5 volca02/spoof_vendorid No Man's Sky Linux/NVidia VRAM usage/low fps workaround.
PowerShell5 lkys37en/Start-ADEnum Tool that automates Active Directory enumeration
Python4 xcmyz/LightSpeech A Light, Fast and Robust Speech Synthesis.
TypeScript4 livoras/amini Amini 是一个 Angular 风格的微信小程序开发库
CSS4 ufan0/Spring-boot-blog-demo [ semi finished ] 基于Spring Boot构建的一个简单的前后分离的博客系统
Jupyter Notebook4 tahtaciburak/siberkume-kamp-dokumanlari Siber Kume Yaz Kampinda Makine Ogrenmesi Sinifinda Anlatilan Dokumanlari ve Kodlari Icermektedir.
Python4 Kevin0z0/yyeTs-resource-crawler 爬取人人影视资源信息
C#4 KevinJump/UmbSense Intellisense / Completion for Umbraco Backoffice UI Elements
Verilog4 Obijuan/Z80-FPGA Z80 CPU for OpenFPGAs, with Icestudio
Java4 rdsubhas/java-istio This project demonstrates that Istio is broken on all Java 11+ and most Java 9+ applications.
PHP4 jxy918/swoft-smarty smarty vie base on sowft
Scala4 chjlzh1314/GP_22_DMP 1group
C#4 DaniilSokolyuk/graphql-dotnet-afisharu graphql-dotnet cookbook by team
Python3 simoncos/thebrain2dot thebrain10 .json to .dot visualization (Graphviz)
Dart3 fluttercandies/ff_annotation_route Provide route generator to create route map quickly by annotations.
JavaScript3 bios2/biodiversity_modelling_2019 5 day intensive course in biodiversity modelling, held at Orford Musique in August 2019
JavaScript3 Ice-Hazymoon/c2c 一键转换(简体|繁体)项目到(繁体|简体)项目
CSS3 YeTingEcjtu/JobHelper Design and implementation of job recruitment information website-job Gang network based on SSM-基于ssm的招聘信息网站-职帮网的设计与实现
Java3 AijiangyoubuAicu/JavaInterview Java知识汇总及面试
Python3 gicheonkang/DAN-VisDial PyTorch Implementation for EMNLP'19 "Dual Attention Networks for Visual Reference Resolution in Visual Dialog"
Objective-C3 llqqww123/MenuScrollView 类似新闻顶部菜单的控件。依赖有YYKit,Masonry库。
Dart3 malongq/flutter_keeppage 保持页面状态
JavaScript3 hhxiaohei/web-uploader-mike laravel-admin 多图片上传组件 暂未封装
JavaScript3 LekoArts/gatsby-starter-specimens Leverage the wide variety of powerful React components to build your design system. Display colors, typography or any other design tokens with ease. Works seamlessly with MDX.
JavaScript3 zxuqian/react-request-hook-client A fetch based, declarative and hook powered to make HTTP request in React.
Java3 hujianhong/kvstore_java_race 华为云TaurusDB性能挑战赛初赛
JavaScript3 nieyangyang712/WeChat-APP-Demos 微信小程序案例库,目前有120多个涵盖各个应用场景的微信小程序源码。
Scala3 neeeekoooo/HdfsSmallFileMerge use MapReduce to Merge Hdfs Small Files , simple Cluster Utils
TypeScript3 hipstersmoothie/create-check Create a GitHub check + annotation
Scala3 ph2paul/GP_2205_DMP 2205
Java3 marretti/stock-market-b3 Aplicação java para realização de sincronização de dados intraday e diário de ações e derivativos da B3 para base de dados TimescaleDB
JavaScript3 lingxiaoyi/miniprograms-navigation-bar miniprogram custom component 可自定义返回事件 返回home 搜索框 自定义左中右
Python3 fossology/FOSSologyML Machine learning for a FOSSology server: rigel is for mining of data from conclusions, clearing expert corrections and bulk scans, create a model, use this model for providing a new classifier for licenses.
JavaScript3 lilyshibe/mew :sparkles: :cat: no-bullshit url shortening with node.js
JavaScript3 benob/pyROT Inbrowser python roguelikes with brython and rot.js
TypeScript3 uiwjs/react-md-editor A markdown editor with preview, implemented with React.js and TypeScript.
JavaScript3 Bluekezhou/AIExercise 飞扬训练营 第三小组 AI健身房项目代码
C#3 zlzforever/EasyMQ A abstract client to use message queue easy
Python2 NebutechOpenSource/MLGen MlGen is a tool which helps you to generate machine learning code with ease.
Java2 AndreaRiboni/DatabaseJSONifier Create a relational-database-like structure and JSONify it in Java.
PHP2 airranged/laravel-ping A Laravel Package to ping a URL.
HTML2 bravolabs/bravo-fe Bravo React Frontend App - Help employees reach their full potential.
Python2 Theohhhu/label4mrg 打标工具
Jupyter Notebook2 Justin1904/Bayesian-Multimodal Bayesian Neural Networks evaluated on multimodal datasets
CSS2 bolala522/hsing 兴城家私官网
CSS2 Nditah/school-admin School Api Admin
JavaScript2 CustomScripts/FnbUnblock Google Chrome extension to unblock FNB's login process and allow the usage of password managers and saved passwords
C#2 sumeyyeturkmen/CarCoinGame C# Form Game
JavaScript2 sjx233/let-the-whole-world-know-noip About NOIp: It's dead.
TypeScript2 qest-cz/form-generator Util that creates formik form from basic object definition.
C2 saniv/gauge Measure performance of any C/C++ code.
Java2 meta-attack-language/malcompiler A compiler for the Meta Attack Language
C++2 tpofd/Codeforces_tasks Solutions to some problems from Codeforces
Go2 pzhen/gotcp golang tcp server
JavaScript2 pkellz/node-ransomware-code Code from the ransomware tutorial
CSS2 superbrave/frontend-utility-framework Extensible scss framework to be used as quick start for new projects.
Java2 andrealvesdc/spring-boot-ionic-backend Projeto market com Spring Boot, Hibernate, REST, Ionic, JWT, S3, MySQL, MongoDB.
PHP2 huangdijia/laravel-redis-ide-helper redis-ide-helper for laravel
JavaScript2 kamo2020/firstTest This Is My Exam Project
TypeScript2 home-assistant/ Home Assistant Alerts - WORK IN PROGRESS
JavaScript2 obiwankenoobi/popupio.js Popups, Banners and cards for your website!
PureScript2 robertdp/purescript-crapi A simple API library, using FindMyWay and heavily inspired by QuickServe
Go2 makeomatic/kube-linker Dashboard to display all cluster external endpoints in one place
C#2 lincolen/Alife-game-jam-2019 Ever Changing Garden Unity App
JavaScript2 aternosorg/curseforge-api Simple CurseForge API
Python2 sublime-security/ Python3 interface for the EmailRep API
Dockerfile2 vpcarlos2897/docker-odoo-postgres-nginx-letsencrypt Deploy Odoo with Docker
HTML2 hopjb/website The website
C#2 cloudhu/HexMapMadeInUnity2019ECS NeedSomeHelp
Java2 xjjdog/example-pass-through 3个例子说明threadlocal的透传问题
Python2 HarshitRuwali/HackerRank-Python Solutions to Python practice problems.
Jupyter Notebook2 vinayprabhu/BurningMan2019 My code for chip and terra for burning-man 2019
Shell2 AlynxZhou/alynx-zsh-config Alynx's zsh configuration files.
C#2 haozekang/RemoteSensingTool Remote Sensing Tool,遥感应用专业常用工具集合。包含了Excel转CSV,Txt转Excel,SPEI计算,NDVI3g转TIF文件。
Go2 andreaborio/Stellar_VanityAddressGenerator A simple vanity address generator in GO
JavaScript2 wechat-miniprogram/lottie-miniprogram lottie for miniprogram
C2 MZSHproject/Himawari_Aqua_After_CN_Patch 【浦岛水坝汉化组】向日葵Aqua After 简体中文化补丁V1.0
Vue2 shuiruohanyu/81heimatoutiao this is 81th heima-team project
Python2 ONLYstcm/DASH-Unload-Component DASH component which listens to unload event
PHP2 KejawenLab/Domain Kumpulan Domain Object untuk DDD atau CQRS (Ref:
JavaScript2 nextgab/weather-app Weather App with Vanilla Javascript and weather API
CSS2 wattledcord/otcss Opentext Common CSS
Jupyter Notebook2 boyander/datamad-0819 Mi primer repo
Shell2 Gabri3lZ/SwitchrootAndroidUtils Utils for Switchroots LineageOS Android ROM for Nintendo Switch
Jupyter Notebook2 ArmandDS/toxic_detection Detecting toxic comments with Keras and interpreting the model with ELI5
C++2 rkbroach/Algorithms-and-Competitive-Programming-Solutions-By-rkbroach A repository of all the questions I have solved on platforms like Hacker Rank, Code Chef, Hacker Earth, Code Forces, Geek for Geeks, etc.
Java2 ACACharles/ClassProjects ACA Class Project
Python2 DanielAugusto191/Conway-Jogo-da-Vida Jogo da Vida, simula "celulas" autonomas, seguindo regras simples.
TypeScript2 eBay/visual-html Visual regression testing without the flakiness.
Dart2 thaihoa-fe/lzd_cart_flutter A case-study of Lazada Cart Page which run cross-platform
Kotlin2 hasankucuk/DarkThemeSample A simple example of Dark Theme.
Swift2 loutskiy/VK-Audio-Token-Swift Get vkontakte token for audio access (Swift)
JavaScript2 Holonium01/QuizApp General knowledge quiz app
Python2 MrPotatoLord/LMAO-OS This is the classic "bad program that newbie created to test stuff"
Python2 mdda/worldtree_corpus Worldtree Corpus helper files, and sample solutions
JavaScript2 n-flint/quantified-self Kyle's Calorie Counter
JavaScript2 webzhangle/vue- vue多页面 vant组件,weixin-js-sdk
Makefile2 mauronofrio/android_device_realme_RMX1901 TWRP Source for Realme X (RMX1901)
Java2 wangyeming/EasyRecordScreen Easy to customize your record screen in your Android project.
C2 HarshitRuwali/HackerRank-C C problems solutions
Python2 TheNewon/Neural-Network-Camera-base-on-DeepDoodle-master Edited and improved version of DeepDoodle-master but for camera usage (make someone look like u)
Go2 sampingantech/kokatto Kokatto Client
Python2 teammatmul/project-purifier Toxic word masking service
TypeScript2 thedatabasejs/thedatabasejs A simple to use SQLite3 wrapper for Node.js
JavaScript2 sehugg/bitmapfontgenerator Bitmap Font Generator for 8bitworkshop
Java2 2531251963/Spring-Cloud SpringCloud
JavaScript2 HarshitRuwali/HackerRank-10-Days-of-JavaScript Solutions to problems of 10 Days of JavaScript
JavaScript2 aidy-automan/wechat-calendar 微信小程序日历组件 - wechat mini program calendar
Python2 gjy3035/WSAL_released The code for "Weakly Supervised Adversarial Domain Adaptation for Semantic Segmentation in Urban Scenes (TIP2019)"
JavaScript2 mrsep18th/nonogram_go_app a nonogram game programmed with golang, powered by ebiten
HTML2 pengloo53/demo-node-fullstack Node Web 开发全栈,后台管理系统入门。
Python2 vishnudxb/k8s-rabbitmq-clusters RabbitMQ cluster running in Kubernetes with high availability
Swift2 saminos/JapiFlat JapiFlat Converter from JSON-API format to common JSON.
Go2 liyue201/goqr A QR Code recognition and decoding library in pure go
Java2 venciallee/leetcode-in-Java leetcode
C#2 pumachen/EditorCoroutine Coroutine for unity editor
Rust2 daogangtang/event_listener listen event from substrate
Julia2 m-wells/InterpolatedPDFs.jl Simple extension to Distributions.jl to incorporate interpolated PDFs
Python2 mcauser/micropython-hx1230 MicroPython library for HX1230 96x68 LCD modules
Jupyter Notebook2 sdyinzhen/DGSA_Light This is a light version of DGSA, written in Python
C2 OhGodAPet/OhGodATool The original OhGodATool with Vega support and some miscellaneous fixes.
Python2 mekkablue/ShowAnchorsWithDuplicateCoordinates Highlights ‘overlapping’ anchors (2+ anchors with the same coordinates)
Shell2 shintech/jlo jlo
TypeScript2 phodal/react-boilerplate A React Boilerplate of Phodal's Project
Ruby2 BjMrq/Ruby-Rent-a-thing-App A web app to rent anything around you
Python2 MrRumIsGodLike/AutoDataAnalyst This repository created for my first research in Hyperparameter Optimization problem.
CSS2 bashtage/sphinx-material A material-based, responsive theme inspired by mkdocs-material
JavaScript2 Speckoz/BukkitDev-API Api do BukkitDevSystem
R2 TrentConway/MAC-Building-in-R Learn to program R
JavaScript2 te-emprego/valor-docs Documentação do Valor
C++2 yingyulou/PDBToolsCpp Collection of modules for PDB file parsing, linear algebra calculations and structure modify.
Go2 garavan/types-go Go custom data types
JavaScript2 JohnKeng/node-cli light weight api、static shttp erver
C2 Dennis-Chizhov/Krei-Rus-CTRPG Student project.
JavaScript2 Tanqurey/RYFES6Note ES6标准入门 (第3版)个人学习笔记
Vue2 rafaelfgx/Vue Vue example.
C++2 MrLeii/-mfc- visual studio2010
C1 wederfabricio/EstruturaDadosUnivesp Material da disciplina de estrutura de dados da Univesp
C++1 Universal-Team/Project-Athena 3DS Application Launcher
C#1 pink-ducks/PLAYLISTENING (Romcio napisz opis)
Java1 DKodak/springboot_vue 实现前后端分离 并整合spirngboot+vue
Visual Basic1 RizkyKhapidsyah/RerataSkorUJian__VBNet Aplikasi Sederhana Menghitung Rata-Rata Dari Skor Nilai Ujian. Menggunakan Pemrograman VB.Net. IDE: VS2019
Java1 parangattech/KeySignaturesAndroid KeySignaturesAndroid for getting SHA1 and MD5
JavaScript1 chamsou123/ipensa A Simple Way To Manage Expenses Built With React Native
Shell1 digiampietro/hacking-gemtek hacking-gemtek is a reverse engineering project for a Gemtek home router (WVRTM-127ACN), distributed in Italy by Linkem, with the purpose to modify the firmware, gain root access, recover default WiFi password. It includes an emulation environment based on Qemu and Docker, a firmware modification kit and a default WiFi password generator. The project follows the reverse engineering process described by the author in a talk at Hack In Paris 2019.
HTML1 brunotot/knight_website A simple college website project
JavaScript1 Jalalhejazi/nodejs-express-azure-deploy Demo sample using nodejs with express to build and deploy to Azure public cloud
Python1 ljh1064126026/git_test For practicing Git operations
JavaScript1 lystun/nbaHighlights A NBA highlights website built using react
Makefile1 sh-cell/dsp it's about mcu's program
JavaScript1 gjun-neusoft/LineComponent 一个可以拖拽的直线组件
Java1 Wudelin/Permission 利用Fragment封装权限请求
PHP1 jerexbambex/nccfyearbook Nigeria Christian Corpers' Fellowship yearbook design
Java1 banquerif/Curso-AprendeProgramarI Curso Aprende a Programar (Lenguaje de Programación + Java)
Python1 blazers08/Google_News A simple google news crawler
C++1 cpgmoore/emods A series of electronic modules loosely compatible with the Digilent PMOD specification
PHP1 humphreyspinto/Internship-Managment-System A system to manage attachements in Egerton University as a an attachment assignment
HTML1 agnescameron/foreignobjects a website
HTML1 TERASAKIKOKI/js-today-s-date 今日の日付を取得する
PHP1 FireUnicornser/BaseHD 使用Bootstrap 2 仿官主题,甚至可以兼容IE6的Typecho主题
Java1 sergiobsilva2505/CursoMc Estudo de caso JAVA para Modelagem Conceitual
JavaScript1 BnMouad/reactjs-messaging-app-clean-ui A messaging app using ReactJs, Redux, Axios. Creat , Fetch messages, Show message detail
Dart1 mm44m6/cozinhando-em-casa-flutter Projeto final Alura Flutter.
Shell1 udiboy1209/scripts Collection of scripts for various purposes
Jupyter Notebook1 nicoisaverage/sci-fi-poem-generator Paying homage to my undergrad major
JavaScript1 FinerGaby/E-Commerce-ReactJs dev
C#1 fatihboy/AnyStatusKubernetes AnyStatus plugin for Kubernetes
Python1 asd0755/Responsive_Web 반응형 웹 연습 - 교재 : Do it! 프런트엔드 웹디자인 입문
HTML1 jhonwick007/testing this is a sweat simple minimilistic website based on DOGS !!
PHP1 errox404/MatriXGameZ-Essential A Essential Plugin (Pocketmine) codet by myself with many functions (unfinished)
Python1 pappasam/jedi-language-server A language server exclusively for Jedi. If Jedi supports it well, this language server should too.
Ruby1 cjl248/mod2-final-project-3D-Printing A post-apocalyptic simulation
TeX1 Template-Latex/Template-Reporte Template para crear reportes rápidos en LaTeX
C++1 Alivebyte/SWAT-Source-Code Feel free to use for whatever!
Rust1 rojo-rbx/edit-roblox-place Edit an uploaded Roblox place in Roblox Studio from the command line
Swift1 kaushal9678/GoogleApiDemo This app shows how to use Google API with MVVM Architecture.
Kotlin1 parangattech/Android-Navigation Android Navigation Demo
Python1 makutamoto/image_scaler Scales a bunch of images at once.
Swift1 FMMI/ReactiveCocoaLocal 用于ReactiveCocoa的本机扩展
HTML1 insistentSnail/JianShe 家居项目
Java1 atadn/GPX-Exporter-For-Mi-Fit Mi Fit transfers activities as gpx. Uses Android Root permissions.
Python1 boulund/adapter_benchmark Benchmarking adapter and quality trimming tools
JavaScript1 jrusev/coins-game Minimalistic Game in Javascript
Java1 athrva12/QueenApp An android Application for connectivity of saloon and user
JavaScript1 codenamerockey/Avengegers-React-Project A react project with avengers characters
JavaScript1 qqqqq1y/anxinkou-small-program 安心扣小程序
C1 Palo23/InstructoriaLunes Grupo de instructoría de estructuras de datos 2019 UESFMOcc día lunes
Jupyter Notebook1 weitonggg/sales-prediction Predict item sales using multiple regression algorithms
JavaScript1 jiajianrong/csrf-demo 服务器端和浏览器端防御CSRF
Java1 wave-chtj/BaseIotUtils 串口工具辅助类,shell,后台保活等,后台保活请参考:,串口工具:
JavaScript1 ruderngespra/connectfour-js Simple connect four game for the command line.
Python1 MelqonHovhannisyan/django-article-app An application made with django and rest-framework.
JavaScript1 2Re-play/practice-react 리액트 연습
OCaml1 mab0te/Puissance4 Implémentation du Puissance4 en OCaml
Julia1 bcbi/ExtensibleUnions.jl Prototype of multiple inheritance via extensible type unions
CSS1 PatriciYumi/portfolio Portfolio profissional (Desenvolvedora Front End - React JS)
HTML1 joshjurado5/Web-Developer-Knowledge-Quiz Quiz app made with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
Python1 PreferredAI/beacon The implementation of "Correlation-Sensitive Next-Basket Recommendation"", published in IJCAI'19
CSS1 idhairya/myGeekFolio My Portfolio
Jupyter Notebook1 max-miller/big_deal Is Climate Change a Big Deal? Climate data gathering, analysis and visualization
Shell1 Harmon758/postgresql-action GitHub action to setup a PostgreSQL database
C++1 RileyBurg/CPP13-Code-Class-Files This is a repo of all the code ive written, followed along with and translated into my IDE from my online course. The course is on udemy for C++ beginner to advanced.
Java1 wesamkiwan/multi_array_game the basics to build battleship game
JavaScript1 Adalab/m2-evaluacion-final-bis-patriciaSR m2-evaluacion-final-bis-patriciaSR created by GitHub Classroom
Dockerfile1 robcowart/logstash_plus A Logstash container with additional and updated plugins.
Vim script1 ozank/dotfiles Configuration Files for My PCs
C1 OverlookSky/test_libevent 这是一个用来测试github的项目
Go1 alekssaul/go-vault-cf Sample Golang App for CF & Vault Integration
Vue1 honsaar/Citemate Academic reference generator; CiteThisForMe but less awful
Shell1 sup1core/praxis-academy praxis-academy
Python1 kotaro912214/himekatsu himekatsu
Dart1 pablomlago/flutter_quiz Simple quiz app made in Flutter with authentication and leaderboard functionality, using Firebase as backend
Python1 alephzerofoundation/Proof-of-Concept Aleph Zero is a new distributed ledger ecosystem that doesn't choke.
JavaScript1 glaucia86/senacpoa-serverless Repositório das demos realizadas no evento MS Tech on the Road - SENAC POA
Vue1 gjun-neusoft/VueBuy Vue做的一个购物车
Kotlin1 qingyunchinese/whalerouter Android(Kotlin,Androidx) 支持动态Route的路由库
Rust1 karthik137/exonum-cryptocurrency Simple crypto currency application on exonum blockchain
Vue1 yangyi000/vue-ssr SSR app init
JavaScript1 magsouza/Weltfy Most played local music playlist generator based on Spotify Charts
Python1 hl0rey/evilchar 同形异义字欺骗辅助工具
Java1 ArthurJian/JavaEightInAction To record what the source code I have studied in the book named Java8InAction
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