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语言 Star 名称 描述
C++264 Tencent/UnLua A feature-rich, easy-learning and highly optimized Lua scripting plugin for UE4.
Vue165 mo-ocean/daios-front 连接vertica,oracle,mysql,redis,mongodb的数据访问平台
JavaScript128 firecomm/firecomm A complete framework for gRPC-node.
C#87 mvelazc0/defcon27_csharp_workshop Writing custom backdoor payloads with C# - Defcon 27
Python57 gh0stkey/RGPerson RGPerson - 随机身份生成脚本
Swift54 kakaopensource/KakaJSON Fast conversion between JSON and model in Swift.
HLSL35 bloc97/Anime4K A High-Quality Real Time Anime Upscaler
C32 garettbass/gpuc A header-only C-like shading language compiler that writes Metal, HLSL, GLSL
Assembly26 smealum/butthax lovense hush buttplug exploit chain
Python19 alexanderklarge/Reddit-GitHub-Team Repository for code from my r/learnpython thread! Thanks for joining in everyone! [EDIT] We're migrating to a Group instead to make teamwork easier!
Jupyter Notebook18 P01son6415/MatchModels 2019中国高校计算机大赛——大数据挑战赛 第15名 WriteUp
JavaScript17 bbbenji/synthwave-hass Synthwave inspired theme for Home Assistant
Python17 pushshift/telegram Pushshift Telegram Ingest
Emacs Lisp17 seagle0128/grip-mode Instant Github-flavored Markdown preview using grip
JavaScript16 mafintosh/http-file-response Send a file back as a HTTP response with support for range queries etc.
Java14 school-days/spring-social-qq Spring Social extension with connection support and an API binding for QQ
Rust14 PsichiX/amethyst-navigation Nav-mesh based 2D and 3D navigation toolset for Amethyst game engine
PHP12 HonestQiao/num137 A repo from the question: find the largest 1000 from the 13.7 billion out-of-order positive integers
JavaScript12 ruanyf/markdown-it-image-lazy-loading a markdown-it plugin supporting Chrome 75's native image lazy-loading
C#12 zerospace007/SpriteMVC Unity lua 热更新mvc框架
Python11 VincentGW/Momentum-Ranking Automatically ranks S&P500 by momentum a la Andres Clenow. See comments for details.
Rust10 SOF3/include-flate A variant of include_bytes!/include_str! with compile-time deflation and runtime lazy inflation
Python10 abbeyokgo/ABlog yet another blog system by flask
Java8 PicnicSupermarket/jolo jOOQ entity relationship loader.
Rust8 Robzz/cargo-docset Cargo subcommand to generate a Dash/Zeal docset for your Rust packages.
Python8 RimoChan/True-tool 【真正的CG包去重壓縮工具】
PHP7 hungthai1401/laravel-sql-logger Log SQL queries in Laravel/Lumen framework
Swift6 yonaskolb/NetworkRequest Swift networking library for easily defining, executing, and mocking network requests
C6 hecomi/uNvEncoder A simple wrapper of NVENC (NVIDIA's HW-accelerated encoder) for Unity.
Python6 ianatha/up Easily go up in deep folder structures in shell
Python6 rujun-feng/Flask-starter A project to quick-start flask~~~能让你快速上手flask的项目~~
C6 mujcompetitiveprogramming/Codephrenia Monthly Competitive Rounds
C++6 BatchDrake/SigDigger Qt-based digital signal analyzer, using Suscan core and Sigutils DSP library
Jupyter Notebook5 idamomen/MIND2019_IM_RL_SR Tutorials for MIND2019
C++5 eligt/meta_enumerator C++11 library to enhance enumerator capabilities and ease enum operations.
Python5 Azercoco/3D-Earth-Like-Planet-Procedural-Generator A python script for generating procedural planets looking like the Earth
JavaScript5 suchipi/eslint-plugin-esquery Simple, user-created ESLint rules, right in their eslint config
TypeScript5 nullpub/datum An ADT for the management of fetchable and refreshable data
Erlang5 atemerev/erlang_ngondro Erlang Preliminary Practices
JavaScript5 franciscop/use-spreadsheet A React Hook to use Google Drive spreadsheets as a database
Java5 zhbzhbzhbz/JSONCreator 不依赖任何第三方库与Org.json的Android Json生成类
Go5 zhuzhiqiang18/go_orm 自己封装的go orm框架
Python4 deepmind/spriteworld Spriteworld: a flexible, configurable python-based reinforcement learning environment
JavaScript4 GLlei/vuex-mini Vux principle resolution,Mini Vuex
Kotlin4 ogulcanucarsu/androidmodularapp Android Modular App
JavaScript4 jimpick/blockly-playground Trying out blockly for scripting IPFS / CRDTs
TypeScript4 Ljhhhhhh/antd-design-pro-learn umi+dva+antd-design-pro+typescript+uform开发后台管理系统,并利用nginx跨域
Rust4 plamo/libplamo Plamo is a web server interface for all the programming languages.
JavaScript4 hyperswarm/hypersign Utility methods related to public key cryptography to be used with distributed mutable storage
PHP4 thieveskiller/anti-qq-cheat 一个收集QQ盗号网站的Repository。
JavaScript4 Yukioru/react-queries React component for manipulate media queries
Lua4 MapleGecko/aseprite-scripts List of my scripts for Aseprite
Python4 kramse/frankenpacket What is the most encapsulated packet, with a somewhat believable story
Emacs Lisp4 sebasmonia/awscli-capf Completion at point function for AWS CLI commands and parameters
Emacs Lisp4 akirak/mozc-posframe Posframe frontend for mozc.el
JavaScript4 jaywcjlove/react-native-doc 这里是本地离线预览 React Native 文档的方法,解决因官网 CDN 资源导致无法打开官方文档网站。
Python4 Navidda/persian-palindrome-generator Fast algorithm for finding Farsi palindrome phrases
Java4 canaleija/PatternRecognition2020-1 PatternRecognition2020-1
TypeScript4 agiledigital/idm-seed ForgeRock IDM Seed Project
JavaScript4 zhangqxiaoqi/geo-json geo-json map echarts
TypeScript4 fireship-io/nest-cloud-functions NestJS + Firebase Cloud Functions Example
Go3 mattb2401/gcalendar Google calendar client for command line
Dart3 Meditator-K/WanAndroid-Flutter 根据鸿洋大神的WanAndroid开放api开发的一个简单的flutter版本的WanAndroid客户端
Dart3 xiaohuihuiold/flutter_design_tool 基于flutter的跨平台ui设计工具
HTML3 5201314999/flnet-icon flnet-icon icon
JavaScript3 casouri/quick-mathlive Quick mathlive from commandline
JavaScript3 philipwalton/rollup-built-in-modules A demo of using rollup with built-in modules
Python3 warriorBrian/auto-install Automatic installer script
Dart3 rubensdemelo/flutter_ifood Interface do aplicativo Ifood feita com Flutter
HTML3 app-generator/priv-jamstack-story JAMstack App - Story design by Pixelarity | AppSeed
JavaScript3 PinkyRabbit/osm-countries-polygons-and-slugs Polygons and slugs of countries based on Openstreet API
Vue3 SasanFarrokh/nuxt-vuetify2-admin Nuxt.js - Vuetify 2 project template
C3 quickjs-zh/quickjs-android build quickjs-2019-08-10 for android with NDK r10e
Vue3 fzxiao233/ a website could show Matsuri's videos
JavaScript3 founder1992/sftp-upload-plugin Upload code through SFTP when finish build
HTML3 ExinOne/exincloud Exin 旗下 OTC 开放平台
JavaScript3 chen-linfei/CLF.NetCore chenlinfei netcore
Java3 manuelr417/datafall2019 Repo for sample
CSS3 zainfathoni/workcation Designing with TailwindCSS
Kotlin3 fajaragungpramana/Register-Login-and-Email-Verification-use-Dagger2-MVVM-Retrofit2-Coroutine-and-DataBinding SimpleApp "INotes" for learn. Learning POST to API with Retrofit2, Androidx(Arch, DataBinding, Dependency Injection using Dagger2. Include API (PHP Mysql) Framework CI. if this repository helps you don't forget to give a star hehe
JavaScript3 AmoebeLabs/Home-Assistant-Config Partical Home Assistant configuration with themes, templates and views
C3 ElectricThanhTung/USB_STC8F USB low speed (USB mềm) cho STC8F
PHP3 davidjconnelly/trongate-framework The Trongate PHP framework
R3 dirkschumacher/armacmp-examples Examples of algorithms automatically compiled from R to C++
Java3 lyc88/autocode 代码自动生成
C3 plamo/plamo-ruby plamo-ruby is libplamo wrapper for Ruby.
JavaScript3 itsakanksha/wellnessBot Here to remind you to take care of your health throughout the workday!
TypeScript3 wx-chevalier/node-snippets Node Snippets(.ts/.tsx), about design patterns/techniques used while developing with Node and TypeScript.
JavaScript3 JosephDev/notion-linux-wrapper desktop application for Linux
Java3 guxiaonian/HttpInfo 【Android】网络诊断
HTML3 sumitprojects/sumit-bootstrap-boilerplate Bootstrap Boilerplate with lots of plugin integration
Python3 bardurc/isDomainSpoofable Checks the status of SPF and DMARC for a domain
Kotlin3 sidhuparas/SimpleDate Android/Kotlin Library To Format Date & Time Into Common Formats
CSS3 zhuzi002/vueNuxt 这是一个vue服务端渲染项目脚手架
Python3 beautifool/initPyenv Init python environment
Java3 feiyuluyan/springbootTemplate springboot简单应用
JavaScript3 auguwu/sysinfo Shows system information (based on os-utils)
Vim script3 tonijarjour/autorice AUTORICE 9001 ~ Easily rice your Arch Linux
JavaScript3 jobtalle/SketchFragmentation Fragmentation
JavaScript2 ahmed-musallam/AEM-SunEditor Enables using in AEM dialogs as an RTE replacement.
TypeScript2 reinismu/runescape-web-client-377 Runescape 377 client ported to browser. Written in Typescript and Rust
Julia2 erezsh/Lark_Julia LALR parser implementation for Julia, based on Python's Lark
Rust2 mre/svg-metadata Read metadata information of an SVG file (e.g. viewBox size)
Java2 CoderShang/KrBase 用于快速构建Android-App的基础库(包含简易MVP架构,网络,缓存等...)
Shell2 Dimerbone/dotfiles configs and dependences of i3wm,polybar,dunst,mpd,ncmpccp,vim,ranger,urxvt
Java2 Lee-just-do-it/desgin-patterns 设计模式 Desgin Patterns
PHP2 lamoda/gs1-barcode-validator-rules Rules for the library lamoda/gs1-barcode-parser
R2 uribo/urbanspacemap 46都道府県の県庁所在駅周辺の道路・鉄道網
Python2 w0rmh013/MachineLearningProject-BIU Machine Learning Project - BIU 2019
JavaScript2 MonashStudentInnovation/gcf-cloud-build-reporting Cloud Build Reporting into BitBucket
Python2 Monash-Human-Power/BOOST A new generation of Power Model
C++2 liubailin2017/SDLC 一个基于SDL简单的gui库(考虑到编码问题,我并没有在代码中加任何中文注释)
Zig2 Stenodyon/404as Assembler for my fictionnal CPU the 404
Java2 akshaysoni8707/TicTacToe TicTacToe game in Java
Python2 470390366/buy_12306 12306购票系统,成功之后发送成功邮件。
Vue2 tipeio/nuxt-starter Tipe starter scaffold for Nuxt and Vue CLI
Java2 zppvae/zpp-springcloud-parent springcloud微服务,集成gateway、oauth2.0、security、stream、分布式配置config、限流等
HTML2 IzaiahSun/CTFd_plugins_SingleRank CTFd scoreboard for a single category
Lua2 Apakovtac/orbita Lua 5.1 Compiler SDK - reusable compiler API, code analyzers, refactorers, and more.
Shell2 mikeal/publish-to-github-action A GitHub Action to push any new files back to master
JavaScript2 ivanwhaf/xxqg-helper Auto.js 学习强国APP助手,自动刷文章和视频分(25分),不支持自动答题,仅限android系统,需下载auto.js
Java2 Jack1477/GenticAlgorithm 遗传算法的简单应用
Dart2 heruijun/flutter_calendar_list Flutter实现的列表型选择日历组件
PHP2 nicksantamaria/drupal-path_prefix_rewriter Experimental module for running a Drupal 8 site under a subpath.
Python2 keith/bitcode-build-tool A dump of /Applications/ for easy diffing
JavaScript2 AndersDJohnson/babel-plugin-react-hooks-debug-value Babel plugin to give React Hooks a label via useDebugValue.
Jupyter Notebook2 Escanor1996/neural_network_implementation_python Neural network implementation using pure python. No framework has been used
Dart2 android-pf/flutter_futrue Flutter + MVC +Refresh 极简的开发体验 简书:
Dockerfile2 nauxliu/php-ci-image PHP Docker Images for CI
TypeScript2 JonathanMonga/Made-in-DRC Here is the selection of incredible projects designed by Congolese developers. Let's keep on working guys.
Rust2 newpavlov/tnef A basic TNEF parser written in pure Rust
C++2 whipppedcream/olympiad Stuff for OI Preparation
TypeScript2 jamesSena/AngularJSBasic Projeto para teste de Angular.
C#2 NYAN-x-CAT/DesktopGrabber Simple class to search and upload files
Dart2 Wizpna/flutter_and_cloudinary How to build Photo Diary App using Flutter and Cloudinary
Objective-C2 YalayGu/GYLogFormatter A library to deal with responses from server or other contain Chinese, console log unicode style that is hard to read.
JavaScript2 WUSD-Stablecoin/wusd-contracts Wrapped USD (Decentralized, trustless stablecoin basket consisting of 25% DAI, 25% USDC, 25% TUSD, 25% PAX)
Rust2 OpenSSE/evallocator Simulators of allocation algorithms for SSE
Objective-C2 whatsbug/IIGuideViewController iOS浏览器、功能介绍、功能引导、新手引导、新手教程
Java2 gitwk/hodgepodge 基于SpringBoot2.1.6整合dubbo(2.7.3)、nacos(1.1.3)、seata(0.7.1)、sentinel的大杂烩
C2 ayyucedemirbas/Shell_In_Turkish A Shell in Turkish - Turkce shell
TypeScript2 okumurakengo/console-tetoris JavaScriptコンソールで遊べるテトリス
Jupyter Notebook2 chiazor/Computer-Vision-Jupyter-Notebooks These Jupyter Notebooks cover topics and examples on Computer Vision
TypeScript2 tbshill/TypeScriptHL7 HL7 2.3 implementation in TypeScript. (Parsing, Encoding, MLLP)
Jupyter Notebook2 nebulaai/voice-recognition Deep Speech Voice Recognition on NBAI notebook
Java2 akshaysoni8707/PalindromeGenerator PalindromeGenerator in java
JavaScript2 XuedaoYuan/redux-demo 一个redux最基础的demo
C#2 anjoy8/Video2_Demo 视频讲解相关代码
JavaScript2 HEYAN123/frame-creator 一个自己搭的脚手架
TypeScript2 GeekEast/create-react-ts React Typescript Boilerplate to Boost your React Life
Java2 akshaysoni8707/Cricket a simple game of cricket.
Java2 akshaysoni8707/WordLinkGame wordlink game in java
C2 jwerle/libhypercore-crypto A C99 library for various cryptographic functions used in Hypercore.
Python2 Sr-Blue/UnEncrypt unencrypt é uma ferramenta de descriptrografia dos seguintes tipos: MD5, SHA1, SHA256 e BASE64. Ele faz bruteforce atravez de consulta de uma wordlist que a transforma em hash. TAGS IGNORE: BRUTEFORCE md5, BRUTEFORCE, HACK MD5, BYPASS md5, BRUTEFORCE SHA256 BRUTEFORCE, FORCE BRUTE, FORÇA BRUTA
Shell2 dustinhealy/Avahi-Daemon-Search Bash script using avahi-resolve to discover IP's of .local addresses via pipe of alphabetical hostnames from segmented generated textfiles to avoid memory allocation errors.
JavaScript2 xiaotangdou/safe-model 前端数据解析
JavaScript2 Grsmto/sanity-plugin-mapbox-input Sanity plugin providing input handlers for geo-related input types using Mapbox
PowerShell2 JaekelEDV/PowershellSharedScripts Some Powershell scripts and functions
Python2 Echocipher/Subdomain-Takeover 子域名接管检测工具
JavaScript2 fajarghani/graphql-mysql CRUD graphql mysql
Rust2 plamo/plamo-rust plamo-rust is libplamo wrapper for Rust.
C++2 collinxz-coder/xiaomi_mac_efi 小米游戏本(8代CPU)黑苹果EFI文件
Java2 JuanDGiraldoM/Dojo-Docker Docker's Dojo
JavaScript2 ipfinder-io/ip-finder-meteor Meteor Node IPFinder library
PHP2 christophlehmann/httpbasicauth TYPO3 Extension for HTTP Basic Authentication via Site Configuration
Shell2 bear-good/vimrc My vimrc
Vue2 supervergil/zblog blog system
C2 quickjs-zh/quickjs-windows build quickjs-2019-08-10 for windows
D2 rymrg/rocker Rocker: Robustness Checker
HTML2 fchicout/pw_class Snippets for Web Dev classes
Java2 raphaelschmitt/CurrencyConverter Aplicativo que ajuda na hora de comprar qualquer coisa nos EUA, fazendo o calculo da conversão junto com a TAX e IOF.
Swift2 roots-digital/thryll-sdk-ios SDK for Thryll ®
Python2 yijiangh/compas_fab_choreo_workshop Materials for the Sequence and Motion Planning for Robotic Spatial Assembly workshop using COMPAS framework and Choreo as the planning engine
Vue2 zhjing1019/blogVueAdmin 基于vue和element的后台管理系统,用于guoliao&zhangjing的个人博客管理系统
Java2 Heshuhao/FilterMenuView 筛选菜单控件
Nim2 yglukhov/wayland Nim bindings for wayland
Java2 akshaysoni8707/ArmstrongGenerator a simple armstrong number generator code
HTML2 ryanorsinger/what-is-programming "What is programming" slides, handout, and paper quiz on JS programming
CSS2 The-Garlic-Network/site
JavaScript2 readeral/sanity-plugin-dashboard-widget-feed A plugin for Sanity dashboard to render a feed of content.
C2 leahneukirchen/reap run process until all its spawned processes are dead
HTML2 Pakillo/tweets_ESA2019 Dashboard to explore tweets from Ecological Society of America 2019 Meeting (#ESA2019)
Python2 ZhaoLiang-GitHub/GraphEmbedding-Deeplearning 采用深度学习的图表征学习,包括Deepwalk\line\node2vec\sdne\struc2vec等—截止201908
C#2 emoose/XbRecUnpack Tool for unpacking Xbox/Xbox360 ISO-recovery recctrl.bin & recdata.bin files
Objective-C2 tomt000/FluidTabs iOS tweak built with Theos to switch tabs with a swipe
Python2 percent4/Chinese_Time_Recogniztion 利用深度学习模型,在小标注量数据上,进行文本中的时间识别。
C2 ouning007/wasapiRec an application for capturing voice by wasapi。 进行windows音频设备采集的程序
Python2 lanms/sina_us_quotation 新浪财经美股行情获取
HTML2 marsble/statically-web Repo for Statically website
Python2 sachaw/AniList.bundle AniList Metadata provider for Plex
Rust2 cuviper/alloc_geiger A Rust allocator which makes sound when active, like a Geiger counter.
Java2 Lee-just-do-it/data-structures 数据结构和算法分析
Swift2 SwiftUIX/GoshDarnBugs A collection of bugs present in the SwiftUI beta.
PHP2 markwalet/laravel-changelog A Laravel package that prevents merge conflicts on your changelog file.
JavaScript2 yeyuning1/iHome for group practice
JavaScript2 henriqueyun/DominoES6 Dominoes using some javascript practices that i learned
C2 alexloser/xsvt Small tools for csv file processing (onehot encoding, format checking and converting to libsvm).
Python2 Leen15/rancher-utilities Useful scripts to use with rancher 2
HTML2 stamat/jquery.modally Simple jQuery plugin for nested modals.
Python2 JettScythe/MemoBirb A --> post bridge
HTML2 PokeSer/pk_banking new_banking edited with transaction logs in the database for ESX Servers
Python2 benkrikler/breadknife-of-time Takes a video and converts it into a slit-scan style image
JavaScript2 diegoldn/arkhub-desktop-plugin Use the ARK Hub directly on the ARK wallet
Crystal2 z64/crystal-news Utility for posting Crystal Blog updates to Discord webhooks
C++2 la0s/JNI-Scripts 一些JNI相关的代码
Shell2 Ameykyl/luci-app-koolproxy luci-app-koolproxy
R2 news-r/textanalysis Text Analysis in R
HTML1 CalinaUK/EcommerceStore A movie store with a recommendation system, shopping basket, payment system, promo codes and movie information using OMDb API (movie data), Snipcart API (e-Commerce infrastructure) and PHP (movie recommender). The recommender provides the user with their 6 top picks (unseen movies). Movies are dynamically loaded usingDOMelements.
Jupyter Notebook1 buruzaemon/nextgen General machine learning, etc.
HTML1 guysolamour/laravel-administrable An administration package based on Laravel. This package was made according to my personal use to not repeat the same things for each project
C++1 lbernstone/ESP_AVRISP An avr programmer for ESP32
JavaScript1 madcodez/react_shoppingCart react-redux shopping cart
Java1 1062212300/Android_Cai_Client Android_Cai客户端代码
Python1 shidenggui/locator CSS Selector Generator For Python
Python1 kuffar35/blog-web-page blog web page
JavaScript1 nibblebot/webattack PhaserJS 3 based action puzzler like Tetris Attack
Java1 SchuetteS/RE2 Game mechanics for Resident Evil 2.
Python1 N0bodyparticular/LonleyHalo A bot that plays halo for/with you.
JavaScript1 thequeiroz/Balloons Smash Balloons Game
PHP1 thequeiroz/GenPass Password Generator
PowerShell1 jmb12686/windows-dotfiles My dotfiles for Windows.
Emacs Lisp1 cyberthal/treesort Treesort is an Emacs package that moves text and files through the directory tree.
Java1 rajakumarjha/Text-Based-Unigram-search-Engine This is a text search engine.
Java1 chenjunwei111/mavenDeploy maven 部署JAVAWEB 项目
CSS1 app-generator/priv-jamstack-drift JAMstack App - Drift design by Pixelarity | AppSeed
CSS1 app-generator/priv-jamstack-gravity JAMstack App - Gravity design by Pixelarity | AppSeed
CSS1 app-generator/priv-jamstack-optics JAMstack App - Optics design by Pixelarity | AppSeed
C++1 efecirali/Lightning-Up-For-A-Bookshelf Arduino Based Lightning Up
JavaScript1 chaixuhong/RedCrystalIceDragon A set of overall Internet application solutions covering the management, PC, mobile, and WeChat. The user identity between each end has been opened. The management has designed a rich permission system to meet the needs of most management systems. . Welcome everyone to use!
Vue1 chcyyuan/YukiMusic2 一款网页音乐播放器,具有大部分商业音乐播放器的基本功能。
CSS1 lanjingio/ 兰靖的个人博客
JavaScript1 Cloudmersive/Cloudmersive.APIClient.Javascript.Barcode Cloudmersive API client for the Barcode API, configured for Browser use
HTML1 joviniko/chrome-download-bug This is a demo minimal example to showcase a google chrome bug.
Go1 kmodules/resource-metadata API for defining metadata about Kubernetes resources
C#1 julielerman/Data-Points-August-2019-EF6-Core3 Code sample to accompany the August 2019 MSDN Magazine article
C1 TonyChenSmith/mirror-os Mirror OS.Base on UEDI Spec 2.0A and x86_64.
Jupyter Notebook1 GabrielSCabrera/CS-Intro Review of programming concepts for computational science
Dockerfile1 redhat-gpte-devopsautomation/rhte2019_multi_cloud Red Hat Tech Exchange 2019 - Multi-Cloud OpenShift Lab
JavaScript1 andrewghale/The-Count React Counter App
Ruby1 EgeBalci/AgentTesla_RCE AgentTesla botnet C&C RCE exploit.
HTML1 kfoxIsProgrammer/Resume HTML Resume site, running on Node.JS and running on AWS EC2
HTML1 yqxshiki/study 日常学习,练习的demo
PHP1 spryker/decimal Spryker Decimal handling - experimental
Python1 joshuacwnewton/swiftwatcher Python-based application which utilizes a computer vision-based approach to track the behavior of migratory chimney swifts.
Python1 LT21/xiaomi_airconditioning_c1 Xiaomi Mijia Air Conditioning C1 component for Home Assistant
Shell1 ClintonSoll/dotfiles Personal dotfiles
Python1 bramappelt/UrbanDict-bot Reply bot that provides information about urban dictionary definitions
CSS1 MartinHutyra/ServiceBook-LandingPage website
Java1 cxd9257/Yiman first
Objective-C1 heyman333/deprocheck-rn 디프만 출첵 앱 RN 버전
HTML1 jh3904/UCSDMEGCenter Website for UCSD MEG Center
Dart1 whitesnowfoo/circle_progress 一个进度条demo
TSQL1 472732787/mongodb mongodb学习资料
Python1 meetbill/butterfly_handlers 蝶舞
Shell1 indoxploit-coders/mass-deface-root Mass Deface setelah Rooting Server
Python1 lzyhha/unet-tf Unet model for image segmentation with tensorflow
Java1 MingtimeThis/DbOpenHelper 数据库操作
PHP1 juliet44/school A word press school website
Python1 ArielArT/Python-for-everyone Course Python for everyone
JavaScript1 MrChongdong/generate-quicklink-source-plugin a plugin to generate source list for quicklink
HTML1 harimahto/ GitHub Pages
C++1 kylevedder/BasicKalmanFilter Implementation of a Kalman Filter for a scalar value
HTML1 njokosi/real-estate Real Estate implementation with basic html, css and js
Java1 gunwoo0223/weedy Toy project with Spring Boot JPA REST Security Gradle Vue Vuetify
Python1 ineventhorizon/Discord-Bot A Music bot for Discord. Implemented by using API and deployed on Heroku.
C1 tomwei666/kenerl-2.6.11-ULK3 Test module for reading the book of understanding the linux kernel.
Go1 ligongzzz/Chatroom_Server A server for chatroom on Android and Windows.
C++1 connornishijima/Lixie_II Arduino library for controlling Lixie II displays!
C++1 Manish9823/Snake_Game To Extend the Snake game with adding some levels in c++ language
CSS1 tongbanjie/skydragon 基于vue的UI组件库
GDScript1 Malkverbena/Zipper A way to compress and decompress files using Godot
Java1 Eli-M28/xml-classloader-reflaction Learing dom4j to analysis XML and create a '.java' file and using classloader to load in my project
JavaScript1 shehzadbrohi/adminpanel admin panel in react with login functionality
PHP1 xiaohuilam/xorpay-sdk Xorpay SDK for laravel. 注册 xorpay:
Go1 twmb/go-sliceheap A Go package to provide heaps on arbitrary slices.
C1 hamax97/SCAR Examples of parallelizing code
JavaScript1 iancoleman/perpetual_auction_currency_game A game to simulate the Perpetual Auction Currency reward algorithm.
JavaScript1 longfei59418888/xl_pup 基于 puppeteer UI 自动化测试工具
Python1 cyfaaa/Security-Tool-in-Python Some basic security tools, such as scanners, encryption and decryption tools
HTML1 Brylimo/Front_end practice for the front end part
GLSL1 riccardoscalco/glsl-simple-alpha-compositing GLSL implementation of the simple alpha compositing function.
Shell1 smmoosavi/gerger modern git life for gerrit
JavaScript1 xuliangzhan/vxe-table-plugin-excel 用于在 vxe-table 表格中实现简单的 Excel 表格
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