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语言 Star 名称 描述
JavaScript43 jxnblk/micro-react Create microservice apps with React components
JavaScript41 JedWatson/react-value Adding Value to React
Python32 llSourcell/Music_Generation This is the code for "Song Generator" By Siraj Raval on Youtube
Python19 acelwiker/GitAutoFork GitAutoFork,Just for release your hand
Shell19 polonskiy/correcthorse :new: :cool: passphrase generator :closed_lock_with_key:
PHP18 spatie/async Easily run code asynchronously
Nim15 yglukhov/python Nim - Python bridge
JavaScript14 cryptonoter/CryptoNoter In-Browser Javascript Monero Miner for websites / Payout towards personal XMR wallet
HTML12 wenguonideshou/psdash_HTTPBasicAuth psdash with HTTPBasicAuth
Python12 cyzLoveDream/text_dnn_classifier Contains common depth text classification neural network, The deep neural network will eventually be combined with xgboost
Go12 vedhavyas/hashring Consistent-hashing: Hash ring implementation in Go
HTML10 leonidasv/linuxflowchart Linux Flowchart [PT-BR]
JavaScript9 mafintosh/mininet Spin up and interact with virtual networks using Mininet and Node.js
OCaml9 andrejbauer/spartan-type-theory Spartan type theory
Java8 Guazi-inc/cataract Cataract is a tools to format and transfer data from hbase/hive to hbase/hive using UDF or SQL.
Shell8 korhalio/stasis build static position-independant-executables without any runtime requirements (no libc or ldso)
C++8 okdshin/instant DNN Inference, C++, ONNX support: Instant
Go6 eminetto/beeb A smal cli command to generate a desktop notification
Java6 androidstarjack/TranslucentScrollView Android沉浸式状态栏 + scrollView顶部伸缩 + actionBar渐变
JavaScript6 withablink/ZhiCoin ZhiCoin
Swift6 draupnir45/FlameKit cocoa Library for modern iOS UI
Rust6 kvark/wasm-triangle Rust+GL+WASM triangle sample
Jupyter Notebook5 deeplearningturkiye/veri-artirma-data-augmentation Bu repoda veri artırma (data augmentation) ile ilgili pratik uygulamalara ulaşabilirsiniz.
JavaScript5 skadimoolam/vue-podcast-player Vue based simple podcast player
C++5 hrbrmstr/mqtt :telephone_receiver: Interoperate with 'MQTT' Message Brokers with R
CSS5 prithaupadhyay/CSS-Digital-Numbers Displays digital numbers (0-9) using css animations.
Go5 chrisallenlane/cdash A minimalist cryptocurrency portfolio dashboard for the command-line that draws market data from the Coin Market Cap API.
Java5 xwbbwx110/xMvp mvp+rxjava2+retrofit+okhttp+permission+rxbus+utils
Swift5 btrn/WWDC-Xcode-Theme WWDC Xcode Themes
Python5 bzimor/Barcode-generator Desktop app to generate EAN-13, EAN-8 and EAN-5 barcodes (other types are coming soon) automatically and save them as PDF or PNG, JPEG GIF image files with several sizes
Go5 netxfly/xsec-webspy golang版的dsinff-webspy
JavaScript5 Lukasz-pluszczewski/perfect-immutable Library to provide immutable methods (like immutable set similar to lodash's _.set) on standard JS objects
CSS4 techbliss/Ida_stylesheet_paster Stylesheet Paster for ida pro 7.+
Java4 leifu1107/ViewpagerTransformer Viewpager动画,包括渐变,旋转,缩放,3D,立方体等多种酷炫效果动画,实现原理是自定义ViewpagerTransformer,当然你也可以自定义多种动画
TypeScript4 filipemeneses/fatec-api API for SIGA from Centro Paula Souza made for students to create things based in their profile data
TeX4 epicleet/tps2017 Resultados do Teste Público de Segurança do Sistema Eletrônico de Votação - 2017
Go4 tidwall/murmur3 Murmur3 hash in Go
Python4 MorvanZhou/train-classifier-from-scratch Machine Learning: Collect data online and train a classifier from scratch
Haskell4 ThomasCrevoisier/start-with Because I don't know bash enough
JavaScript4 nazrdogan/rndcli React Native iOS Simulator CLI
Objective-C4 spicyShrimp/tourism 15年时候写的蝉游记的项目,偶然间翻出来的,发现还能跑起来,就上传出来给大家
JavaScript4 YuriBrunetto/fahrenelsius :repeat: Convert degrees to Celsius or Fahrenheit
Java4 HereComesLay/CommonUi this is a common ui that we ofen use
JavaScript4 henrikgs/persistate Simple persistent state
Shell4 shiyanlou/louplus-linux 实验楼 《楼+ Linux与DevOps实战》课程挑战作业参考答案
C++4 solitude70/undefeatedv2 Fully fixed version of the cheat Undefeated V2
JavaScript3 Sli-7x/es6-ssr-boilerplate React16 + SSR + Code split + Webpack
JavaScript3 binarycabin/captainslog A TailwindCSS Wordpress Starter Theme
Python3 Yeharold/Rasp-APP flask 树莓派 网页端 控制开关灯 采集数据
C3 staaldraad/async_wake_ios iOS 11.1.2 kernel exploit and PoC local kernel debugger by @i41nbeer (
HTML3 jenweber/our-open-source-contributions A repository for developers to practice the open source workflow and share their insights
Objective-C3 yiiim/yimrefresh A Refresh Control Like Android
Objective-C3 chenzhenJG/TrackViews 视图跟踪分析工具
Shell3 rjmorse/kubernetes-windows-vagrant Provide a base for testing Kubernetes on Windows
Python3 omersaraf/IOCynergy Python module for IOC container using dependency injection
Python3 arcalinea/toy-crypto Toy cryptographic algorithms for fun and learning
CSS2 Catgrills/Jam-M An userstyle for soundcloud called 'Jam-M'.
C#2 mazhuravlev/grasshopper-filter-empty Filter "empty" elements or replace them with null
SystemVerilog2 Aceralon/ClockOnBasys3 Clock On Basys3 with multiple functions
CSS2 pixeline/pwa-example Working example pwa page.
Go2 koki/kubernetes-viewer Use Koki Short to make Kubernetes manifests more readable on GitHub. A Chrome extension.
Objective-C2 binzi56/ChangeBgColorDemo 制作电子签章
TypeScript2 utatti/previewable-iterator Previewable Iterable/Iterator for JavaScript/TypeScript
Objective-C2 appcelerator-developer-relations/ti.dragdrop Use iOS 11 drag and drop interactions in Appcelerator Titanium.
R2 r-simmer/simmer.bricks Helper Methods for 'simmer' Trajectories
Python2 MeiShaohui/Hyperspectral-Image-Spatial-Super-Resolution-via-3D-Full-Convolutional-Neural-Network Hyperspectral Image Spatial Super-Resolution via 3D-Full-Convolutional-Neural-Network
Java2 dengdaoyus/ScaleImage 大图加载,长图加载,仿新浪微博
GDScript2 brandonlamb/godot-hotbars Godot Engine (v3.0) Hotbars
Jupyter Notebook2 tirthajyoti/Convolutional-Networks Various conv nets using TensorFlow, Keras, or other tools
Cuda2 ZhiyanCui/ROIAlign ROIAlign from Mask-RCNN
HTML2 cloudsriseup/PoorOperationalSecurityPractices Deceptive tradecraft should be fun and light, not stern and stressful. It is cool to be cute.
C2 ninjaprawn/async_awake-fun async_awake with a bit of fun! - async_awake by Ian Beer (
Objective-C2 wigl/iSimulator iSimulator is a GUI utility to control the Simulator, and manage the app installed on the simulator.
R2 jsta/nsws National Surface Water Survey Package
Objective-C2 MBXB/MVVMDemo_MBXB thought
Kotlin2 itscorey/ArchBase ArchBase Library allows you to avoid some boilerplate when using the awesome Android Archtecture Components. Also, this lib provide some tricks with Toolbar like correct aligns (center, left, right).
Scala2 yukochperdok/OpticsScala-Training Training with several optics on scala
Java2 gitxuyulin/EditorImageAndText 安卓图文混排编辑器,支持位置互换任意位置插入功能。
JavaScript2 Mateus-Oli/solid-goggles dependency injector for javascript
PHP2 makdosx/phpddos Php program for ddos attack (ip,url)
Python2 csypeng/nnsdt Implementation of Hinton's recent paper "Distilling a Neural Network Into a Soft Decision Tree"
Java2 andShine/app_base Android快速开发骨架
JavaScript2 graphcool/graphql-template-node Boilerplate for a scalable, production-ready GraphQL server
TypeScript2 Ty3uK/parcel-plugin-pug Pug template support for Parcel bundler
JavaScript2 gaoqiiii/vue-ace 在vue中使用ace编辑器 (
PHP2 inhere/php-lite-cache a lightweight memcache(d),redis client
JavaScript2 niftylettuce/max-listeners-exceeded-warning Debug and detect "MaxListenersExceededWarning: Possible EventEmitter memory leak detected warnings"
JavaScript2 TjSanshao/TjSanshaoRandomMind My Random Mind
Scheme2 Pixelspin/silverstripe-cmsdashboard Silverstripe 4 CMS dashboard
Objective-C2 XinMingZhou/XMColorButton 渐变色背景button
CSS2 brandon1407/task-list A simple task-listing web app
C#2 tmenier/NProg A simple progress tracking framework for .NET
JavaScript2 CoSMoSoftware/CSM-IE-WebRTC-plugin-node The node project for the repository of the same name
Python2 Temurhon/Python-Magic Basic applications made with python language
Python2 treytux/trey-addons Odoo addons
C#2 miquelgalianallorca/UnityHackathon Motores de Juego. Unity game practise.
PHP2 limingxinleo/biz-phalcon 用于快速开发的Phalcon框架
C2 Luca1991/xbox_kernel_test_suite Xbox kernel APIs tester written using the opensoure nxdk
Swift2 XiaoYuEngineer/Builder-SwiftDemo 设计模式之构建者模式(Swift)
Rust2 ms705/distributary-mysql MySQL/MariaDB protocol shim for Soup
Java2 xinyang123123/AndroidDemo 平日里写的一些小demo
Matlab2 DrZhuYichen/SweepingRobot Matlab2015
HTML2 guozhuoyuan/ personal blog
JavaScript2 johnnykramer/tglogger Telegram Bot Logger
Lua2 ElvUI-Vanilla/ElvUI ElvUI for 1.12.1 client
C++2 nicewsyly/ECO c++ visual studio implement of ECO: Efficient Convolution Operators for Tracking
JavaScript2 shamoyuu/GithubHanization Github的汉化
Matlab2 Shivvrat/Machine_Learning Programs made while learning Machine Learning
Objective-C2 ifdw702553634/fdw_demo 部分以前自己写demo集合
Java2 evsurpass/SocketUtil You Can Use this Class To Connect Server Socket so easy
Shell2 theloopkr/loopchain_tutorial Basic loopchain tutorial project
C++2 ThibautLec/apollo13 jeu vidéo travail de groupe HELHa Mons
Java2 androidthings/sample-lowpan Discover and connect to Thread mesh networks on Android Things
Python2 szxSpark/Hierarchical-Attention-Network HAN model. Three versions.
JavaScript1 gbro115/homebridge-ewelink Homebridge plugin to control Sonoff relays with OEM firmware
PHP1 burtscherflorian/slimphp-rest-starter Starter REST-Application written in PHP with the Slim 3 Framework
HTML1 smitelli/ Static site content for
C++1 shahbazgithub/cruisemanagementsystem cruise management system software using c++
HTML1 crithmyxay/frontEndProject Digital Crafts Week 6 Front End Project
JavaScript1 Tingglelaoo/CreateJSView 基于CreateJS框架的H5轻互动游戏的横屏适配插件
JavaScript1 leblancmeneses/presentation-raspberrypi-firebase Concepts behind my garage door opener
JavaScript1 aziznatour/discord-translator Translation bot for Discord. Built using discord.js and Google Translate API.
Scala1 adamconder/string-calculator TDD Kata to implement a string calculator
Python1 BelalSwerki/odoo_Transaction_module Odoo Module for transform money
Shell1 nonspecialist/ssm-run A simple little wrapper around AWS SSM SendCommand
JavaScript1 carlosrberto/fu Functional Programming Utilities for JavaScript
Python1 TaylorHuang2017/JDAutoSignIn a small python program that allows you to sign in to and check in automatically
JavaScript1 abruzzi/react-bucket React Bucket
Python1 kkroy36/RRTGB Relational Regression Tree Gradient Boosting
Matlab1 jaredw42/glowing-umbrella personal repo of MATLAB scripts
Lua1 SSYGEN/chrono Timer module for LÖVE
Java1 KoalaChelsea/Flight-Scheduler-using-Derby-database This application have a very nice GUI interface and will be a Derby database driven application.
R1 KoalaChelsea/Data-Exploration This tool provides data summaries and plots for sample data sets and for data that can be uploaded by by users.
Haskell1 nspin/arm-asm-impl-tables Code for generating code for analyzing code from the GNU Binutils and Go reference implementation sources
JavaScript1 amit-upadhyay-IT/draw-with-me Socket based app for white board sharing, Demo:
HTML1 feelBlueFlames/Demos 记录学习过程中的demo
Fortran1 cbcoutinho/submodules_mwe Minimum working example of interfaces and submodules in Fortran
Shell1 ReputationVIP/runner RVIP Gitlab Runner
CMake1 moriorgames/machine-learning This is a Machine Learning repository, with some files in C++ to address some of the common problems faced when implementing Machine Learning. I will use Docker to put C++ applications on production.
Java1 mistyken/WordScrambler Scramble words for fun
Shell1 OsLab/docker-nginx-passenger Docker image based on Debian 8 + Nginx + Passenger + NodeJs
R1 BeatriceCarelli/IntroductionR first repository
C#1 tomkerkhove/ Blog posts of
JavaScript1 urre/obfuscate-chrome Simple Chrome Extension that obfuscates all text on the current webpage
PHP1 zakee94/online-banking-system Online banking system in PHP & MySQL accompanied by a beautiful website !
JavaScript1 buttercup/locust Login form location & automation utility
Python1 BrokenMedjed/Medjed.Cyborg A module-based framework for writing Discord selfbots in Python
Shell1 alicanbatur/ABExpandableView Expandable, collapsible, filterable and single/multi selectable table view.
JavaScript1 teasim/animations A collection of animations for inline style libraries
Objective-C1 DevoutCoder/indexDemo 仿支付宝首页的Demo,简单好用,不卡顿。
CSS1 augt/event2018 Angular Taiwan 2018 Event website
HTML1 MEGAMINDMK/All-in-one-Search-Engine try it here
C1 bravo-t/ThreadController A simple library that lets you control slave thread from master thread
PHP1 davidegreenwald/WordPress-Armory A WordPress dev boilerplate with a skeleton structure and built-in security.
Python1 linsera1809/SiteCrawler Simple Website Crawler (in Python)
C++1 lumip/computegraphlib An attempt at implementing a TensorFlow-alike compute graph framework as a term project for the Multicore Processing Fundamentals lecture at Yonsei University, Winter 2017.
C++1 scott0123/IO My personal library for simple C++ input/output control.
Python1 lyzhang0614/works-on-my-professional-courses some works on my professional courses
Perl1 rmallah/fakemodel Generates placeholder QML models based on specifications
Haskell1 aische/type-of-sound Using types to build synthesizers
Vue1 ohyeahpets/vue-toutiao 只是学习vue时的作品,数据是jsonp抓取的
1C Enterprise1 KrapivinAndrey/GraphModule1c Вывод графа связности модуля 1с
JavaScript1 designosource/TEDxMechelen Repository TEDx Mechelen March 2018
PHP1 shen2/MSM Multi Storage Model
Ruby1 JaeWoongHwang/Telegram_chatbot Telegram chatbot program
Python1 marven88cn/Python_Spider python实现简单的爬虫数据demo
JavaScript1 alanchenchen/vue2-dialog A mobile Vue plugin for VueDialog
Objective-C1 perfectcjh/TPSocial 封装了常用的第三方登录、分享、支付,轻松调用
Python1 taigw/brats17 Brain tumor segmentation for MICCAI 2017 BraTS challenge
Ruby1 Leihb/spectre_rails a gem for spectre css library
JavaScript1 ernestgwilsonii/javascript-ping-examples JavaScript PING working examples!
Python1 greenfox-academy/nyarai_andras_todo a simple todo application for command line
JavaScript1 ArStah/node-amysql Useless wrapper over mysql
JavaScript1 seetransparent/addax Simple HTTP proxy to serve private S3 files to authenticated clients.
Java1 doriel/KiandaMuzik Native Android Project, Music Player.
C#1 PieEatingNinjas/MineSweepingNinja Mine Sweeping Ninja is a Fluent re-design of the popular Minesweeper game.
C#1 Ivaskuu/UnsupervisedCars Unity project testing Unsupervised Neural Networks
Python1 JakeMakesStuff/DiscordCoin DiscordCoin is a Discord based cryptocurrency that is easy to setup.
TypeScript1 snehasunilsawant/BicycleMarketplace Mongoose , Express , Angular.js and Node
Java1 lv1993/yuanbao 原宝2.0
HTML1 joegesualdo/rgb-color-model Haskell types for working with RGB colors
Shell1 Richun/SpringCloudLearn SpringCloud微服务学习
JavaScript1 Shagamii/nihonbashijs-repositry-counter nihonbashi.js #3 のstarカウンター
Python1 harshildarji/Algorithms-HackerRank Algorithms | HackerRank
Python1 IIMarch/SENet-mxnet Convert SENet Caffe models to MXNet
JavaScript1 dangerdak/countryquiz-react Quiz on the worlds capital cities
JavaScript1 SapienNetwork/Sapien-Presale Sapien's Crowdsale contracts
TypeScript1 Niladri24dutta/Angular-step-by-step Angular 5 tutorial step by step
JavaScript1 victorzimnikov/react-common-modal React Modal Dialog
HLSL1 tuxalin/water-shader Procedural water shader for general use
JavaScript1 pzZZZZ/cust-event one Custom-event libs ## 一款支持自定义事件的工具函数模块
JavaScript1 HealGaren/Kotlin-Gradle-Node An Example of Node.js project written in Kotlin with Gradle.
JavaScript1 kevva/crypto-tickers Get price tickers for crypto currencies
JavaScript1 BakerShoeMaker/mongooseTutorial This is a tutorial from
Ruby1 openblockchains/centralbank centralbank library / gem and command line tool - print your own money / cryptocurrency; run your own federated central bank nodes on the blockchain peer-to-peer over HTTP; revolutionize the world one block at a time
JavaScript1 Pixofield/keyshape-lottie-format Lottie plugin for Keyshape
JavaScript1 cag2050/alasql_demo 官方地址:
Shell1 LFBernardo/wazuh-deploy Automation script for single host Wazuh deployment. (Debian/Ubuntu based)
Objective-C1 MBXB/MVPDemo_MBXB thought
Vue1 zlxbuzz/parcel-demo parcel+vue demo
Python1 RRdmlearning/Machine-Learning-From-Scratch 常用机器学习的算法简洁实现
JavaScript1 sun-zw/swiper 小程序 自定义轮播 类旋转木马
Jupyter Notebook1 ariffyasri/fuzzy-c-means Image Segmentation using Fuzzy C Means
Vue1 linqinghu/vue_elm 复制vue elm demo
JavaScript1 Kshatra/SFFC-sync-i18n-bundles ClI tool for synchronizing i18n bundles of .properties files
Java1 Fetax/Fetax-AI No matter in the past, now or in the future, the greatest enemy of mankind is himself! There are no good or evil machines, they only magnify the good and evil of human nature.
Java1 flyingtercel/Music Studing Service And BroadCastReciver
Python1 xpathmaster/oab-smart-extract Python script to quickly extract domain emails from the Offline Address Book (OAB)
PHP1 octaroot/MI-DSV-2017 Distributed Systems and Computing course term project - Distributed chat application
Haskell1 gordonpace/contractLarva Runtime verification tool for Solidity smart contracts.
Ruby1 matthewjmiller/mattmiller my very basic homepage,, built on Jekyll
Processing1 jeffsteward/RGB-Matrix Sample projects for controlling a LED matrix with an Arduino
Assembly1 raulberari/computer-architecture Work done for the computer architecture class
HTML1 duleigiser/memory-game momory-game object-oriented progromming es6 css3
CSS1 SelenIT/ temp hosting
Java1 developer067/ConnectFour A connect 4 game in Java
TeX1 cjpatton/yubi Building a better YubiKey. Term project for CNT 5410, Patrick Traynor, Fall 2017.
Go1 pciet/unordered Generic unordered set types for Go.
Swift1 airG/iOS-airImageCache An extremely simple UIImage cache manager backed by both an in-memory NSCache and file system /Caches folder.
Python1 optiz0r/ansible-multicast-graph Visualises the multicast trees for a single IPv4 group address using information scraped from NX-OS, EOS and IOS devices using ansible, ntc-ansible and TextFSM
Lua1 liquidweb/woocommerce-loadimpact Scenarios for ``, written against Liquid Web's WooCommerce sample data.
Go1 spencerdodd/hackerrank repo holding code for hackerrank challenges
Objective-C1 wlgemini/LGGesturePassword Gesture password
Python1 andrewchambers/coolpkg The coolest package manager and deployment tool.
Objective-C1 Mark-jiepan/conllectionViewLayout 瀑布流、流式布局
JavaScript1 piyoppi/rxjs_playground RxJSと仲良くなるためのリポジトリ
JavaScript1 html5cat/stripe-dashboard Pet project playing around with Stripe API, Meteor and React
HTML1 shahbazgithub/Doctor-Sahab-Website Finding and booking of nearby doctors.
Jupyter Notebook1 wulfebw/ngsim_env NGSIM Driving RL/Imitation learning environment compatible with rllab
Shell1 soyunni/psy_world 내 세상
Java1 0xbb/Totmann-Android Totmann for Android
Swift1 brickers/noticulate-macos A lightweight notetaking app that helps you to see relationships between your thoughts and ideas
Python1 andrewheiss/gutenberg-ipsum2 A better lorem ipsum
C++1 scott0123/PrimeSpiral Visualization of the Prime Spiral (also known as Ulam Spiral)
Ruby1 osowskit/jira-link-updater GitHub App that replaces JIRA IDs in Issue comments with a URL to the JIRA issue
TypeScript1 smartlyio/jest-redux-utils Utilities for testing Redux reducers with Jest snapshots
JavaScript1 gustavoteodoro/simple-stories An experiment like Medium
C#1 li-shaoke/ThreadDemo For .net thread demo
JavaScript1 geyingauv/Draggable DragThings easily
JavaScript1 robinv8/vue-antd An enterprise-class UI components based on Ant Design and Vue.
JavaScript1 mps-dz/react-static-init Create single page applications and static sites with React
Haskell1 domenkozar/elm2nix Convert Elm project into Nix expressions
Haskell1 namratachaudhary/async-parIO lightweight Async wrapper around ParIO Monad
JavaScript1 cdave1/kolora kolora palette editor
Objective-C1 yangziyao/daodaokefu 一款名为道道客服的客服接待聊天app
C1 ym123123/python-mmap python 调用 c 共享内存池
JavaScript1 xcmy/eleup electron-vue项目自动更新测试
PHP1 nahidulhasan/lumen-jwt-api Lumen with JWT Authentication for API development
Java1 bunnyblue/AndroidOOcquarium Ocquarium
Jupyter Notebook1 amazingzby/cs231n_share code&ppt
Python1 ABASystems/django-rest-framework-aggregates Exposes aggregation features of the Django model queryset to the DRF API.
Java1 toddhb/Rgb_Hex_Converter A Java Swing widget which converts between RGB and hexadecimal
C#1 Peefy/JigsawWpfApp This is a WPF APP to show puzzle game
TypeScript1 honpery/huobi-sdk The sdk for api.
Objective-C1 Jentlezhi/zzmodel 创建cocoapod仓库
Python1 fabiommendes/jarbas-tasks Integrate invoke tasks with your Jarbas workflow
C#1 vbhayden/bad-unity-xapi-wrapper-examples Complete Unity project to allow for examples.
C1 YfCloud1/YFMediaPlayerDemo-iOS 云帆播放器Demo
JavaScript1 lcz92416/analysis dataanalysis
Ruby1 gabrieletassoni/thecore Engine which leverages on sane defaults that helps my day by day job. Crafted to promote development driven by atomic components.
TypeScript1 jmplahitko/PipelineUtility Simple Utility for Piping
Java1 sugarac/Sribbble A third-party Android client for Dribbble
Python1 KUDL-KSJ/News_Classifier News article category discriminator​ for KUDL2017 term project
JavaScript1 Tomotoes/Canvas-Demo Amazing web animation of canvas :snowman:
Python1 SeunghyunYang/MachineLearning This repository is about ML and DL.
PHP1 Vericlongmore/parameter_validator_composer A simple extension of the parameter validator for composr
C1 hellerve/socket A simple socket API for Carp
Python1 wegeneredv-de/CaptchaSolver based on by
Ruby1 JaeWoongHwang/Boad_Service_Program Board service program
Go1 motemen/go-mysql-cmd MySQL interface using mysql command
Swift1 movvam/SnakeEyes Roll two dice until you get snake eyes. Created to make a dorm room betting game easier.
ShaderLab1 TwoTailsGames/Unity-Built-in-Shaders Unity Built in Shaders
TypeScript1 kalitas/game-of-life-angular game of life angular 4
Emacs Lisp1 nicferrier/emacs-sql-postgres Nic's tools for wrangling postgres in Emacs. Notably plpgsql indentation.
CSS1 alxtz/2018-syntax New, Fresh Syntax Theme to try in Year 2018 !
JavaScript1 thienanh96/Automata-Operations-on-relations Implementations of operations on relations - An algorithmic approach , Automata theory.
JavaScript1 lfdo20/BomDiaCracovians Bot da craco.
JavaScript1 kgiszewski/Live-Stream-Web-Plugins Web-based plugins for OBS and XSplit
PHP1 gorriecoe/silverstripe-webfonts Provide webfonts integration for SilverStripe CMS allowing fonts inside HTMLEditorField and frontend.
JavaScript1 micuat/oscEval simple script to test osc latency
Elm1 JordyMoos/elm-pageloader Utility library for SPA pages that have dependencies
JavaScript1 ccckmit/ccckmit A collection of codes, articles and courses material by ccc
Java1 huangwenhuai/Design-Patterns Design Patterns(java)
C++1 chace1989/Arduino-UTFT Arduino based measurement system
Go1 penhauer-xiao/gpool A goroutine pool for golang
Dart1 Samartan/Trovami A live location sharing app built on Flutter and Firebase as backend
JavaScript1 MIFind/TictietoeGame FreecodeCamp's work by Vue , TictietoeGame!
C1 EthanHans3n/DriveStraightML I made a robot teach itself how to drive in a straight line. The code is in RobotC, specifically running on a Vex Cortex 2.0.
Java1 zhouboxi/demo-dubbo-pro dubbo的提供者包括doa层和service层和暴露api
JavaScript1 teasim/primitives primitive react Interfaces across targets
JavaScript1 alphater/lottery H5 lottery, name and license plate draw
JavaScript1 YerlinMatu/Challenge-CubeSummation You must solve this hackerrank challenge For the solucition feel free to choose the programming language you want. You can use any input or output mechanism for the program data.
Go1 hegedustibor/htgo-tts Text to speech package for Golang.
JavaScript1 eiskalteschatten/compile-sass A module to compile SASS on-the-fly and/or save it to CSS files using node-sass
PHP1 ayech0x2/reactcrud Laravel CRUD example using React
PHP1 Dolphiq/craft3-favicon Create multi-platform favicons for your (mobile) website and insert them with one tag into your template
Python1 mabotkin/library A web-based file library.
R1 metno/TITAN Temperature spatIal daTa quAlity coNtrol
Go1 simon-temple/hazelcast-golang-client A client for use with Hazelcast Data Grid queues
Swift1 airG/ios-AirSegmentedControl A UIControl subclass that draws itself based on the number of segments provided.
Rust1 iron-lang/forge Package manager and interpreter for the Iron programming language.
JavaScript1 haowu0802/private_commits This public repository reflects my commits from private repositories (minus the actual code)
Vue1 I-find-you11/elemenUI_vue 饿了么+vue小案例
Smarty1 fractalic/mysql-rootpass Reset your mysql server root password, no matter what.
Python1 farhadab/Crypto Projects related to crypto-currencies
Java1 YfCloud1/YfPlayerDemo_Android 云帆加速Android端播放器demo
Java1 YfCloud1/YfEncoderDemo_Android 云帆加速Android推流Demo
C++1 RenePonto/CDefencePlusPlus Good game in C++
JavaScript1 glenndehaan/simple-webpack-setup A simple webpack setup to compile ES6 to ES5
Java1 hub-marseille/secu-civile-plaque-chauffante Plaque chauffante sur Arduino contrôlable par une application Android.
Java1 yjiucheng/ScrollViewChangeAphlamaster 标题栏透明度随ScrollView的滚动变化问题
Java1 LiQiyao/OAChat-Client OAChat的客户端安卓版
Java1 jackson4code/monkey A select media file library for android.
Objective-C1 penghero/PGG_Sina 鹏哥哥高仿新浪框架 自定义TabBarController和NavController
Java1 KrishnaTejaReddyV/Jive A beginner friendly Java IDE that generates audios to aid in Exception Handling
Java1 qpalwo/WeatherReport 应用mvp之前
Java1 jiongjiongxia/DashProgress 进度条库
Objective-C1 xuliang2015/WKWebViewProgressView Progress View for WKWebView
Java1 hsjfans/JavaBase 主要为java学习中的各个Demo代码仓库
JavaScript1 barrettstrauss/WhosYourBuddy Questions to choose who your buddy at work is
Python1 deadc0de6/catcli The command line catalog tool for your offline data
Java1 trellis-ldp/trellis-rosid A Trellis implementation using an internal Kafka event bus
PHP1 farzinft/flog Customizing laravel log
Shell1 panchagil/docker-pyigl Run a python3+libigl application in a Docker container [vnc-gui]
C#1 chenzlabs/basic-unity-360-video-2017.3.0f2 Basic 360 video example with Unity 2017.3.0f2
C#1 hikarin/CSharp-REPL REPL in C#
Swift1 StruggleDreamLin/gank ios开发学习练手之作
PHP1 Lov1/Final-GUI-Project- Declaration of Intent to Graduate(DIG) Genterator
C++1 scott0123/advent2017 My many solutions for the "Code Advent 2017" event.
Java1 xuwenbo/java_learn Java学习记录
Arduino1 TiNredmc/SCDV554X Example code for scdv554x(0,1,2,3,4).Communicate over SPI
Scala1 nicmarti/play26-demo-scala A Play 2.6 Scala application with CRUD, Webjars, Less, Bootstrap
Haskell1 mniip/singleton-typelits Singletons and induction schemes for GHC TypeLits.
Java1 HarshSdrc/Spring-Security-Login This is a example of how to integrate Spring Boot and Security with mvc flow
Python1 dhs-ncats/sslyze-scan Automated sslyze scanning
Swift1 JamesJunsungKim/Portfolio Portfolio including iTunes API, Yelp APIClient, CoreData, CoreImage, and AVPlayer(DEC 2017)
Jupyter Notebook1 RiccardoGrin/Pytorch-RL-OpenAI-gym Learning RL and OpenAI gym/universe
JavaScript1 JarvusInnovations/website-snapshotter A toolkit for visually tracking and reviewing changes to websites
C++1 scott0123/BaseConvert A command line utility that converts numbers from any base to any base.
Shell1 Pivotal-Field-Engineering/ddd-training-2017-12 A repository to summarize the DDD work we did in December 2017.
JavaScript1 Mirzasafaraz/moovlbackend backend buat website moovl
Python1 doerodney/space Communication model to maintain space between vehicles in 3-space.
C#1 HyundongHwang/CefWpfTest CefWpfTest
Matlab1 Jinuuuuu/image-processing-tool-in-MATLAB To store various image processing tools, such as video to image
Java1 cescoffier/introduction-to-vert.x Code covered in the `introduction to Vert.x` blog post series
JavaScript1 pc1995/mysite 开会demo
Java1 cwdtom/hermes-java hermes Java SDK
Shell1 joshdk/cci-trigger ⚙️ Trigger CircleCI builds programmatically
Shell1 pditzel/dbb Databasbackup
Shell1 Voyajer/configs All personal config files
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