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语言 Star 名称 描述
Swift155 ole/whats-new-in-swift-4 An Xcode playground showing off the new features in Swift 4.0.
Java72 weiboad/fiery APM for PHP
Kotlin41 dlew/android-architecture-counter-sample Sample app using Android architecture components
C29 bloomberg/comdb2 Bloomberg's distributed RDBMS
HTML24 codrops/FolderPreviewIdeas Some ideas for interacting, previewing or just playing with folders on hover
Python24 hardmaru/sketch-rnn-datasets optional extra vector image datasets for sketch-rnn
JavaScript17 sindresorhus/dofle :cat: CLI that opens a random photo of my cat Dofle
JavaScript16 skinnygeekguy/reactjs-tictactoe Simple Tic Tac Toe game using React JS
Go12 4paradigm/cfg-center 高性能配置读取服务器,为Yaml配置文件提供JSON RESTful读取接口
JavaScript11 thejameskyle/babel-errors Nicer error messages for Babel
JavaScript9 kuantal/Multiple-circular-player Multiple circular player jquery plugin
Objective-C9 shihu132/Calen 用 MVC 的思想架构 实现日历功能,很多分类和第三方框架供 iOS 开发人员使用
C8 xerub/extra_recipe Exception-oriented exploitation by Ian Beer
Java8 vacxe/PhoneMask Android library for EditText. Easy way for add phone readability in your project.
Java8 q805699513/PagerSlidingTabStrip 一款android指示器TabLayout、PagerSlidingTabStrip,带有红点未读提示
JavaScript8 thejameskyle/babel-file Easily create a Babel File object
TypeScript7 ktsn/vuex-strong-cache Allow stronger cache for Vuex getters
JavaScript7 ream/create-ream-app Create server-rendered Vue.js app with no build configurations.
C#6 madskristensen/SpaTemplatePack A Visual Studio extension
JavaScript6 rmlewisuk/micro-dashboard A dashboard for micro-analytics
JavaScript6 thejameskyle/babylon-options Simplified options for Babylon
Scala5 DanyMariaLee/scale Another example of a REST API with Akka HTTP
Python5 philipperemy/keras-visualize-activations MNIST example to show how to get the activations for each layer in Keras.
Objective-C5 yhangeline/PlaceHolderView 一句代码给你的TableView,CollectionView添加占位图,支持自定义样式
R5 EmilHvitfeldt/tilemapr R functions for square and hextile maps
KiCad5 esp32vn/esp32-iot-uno ESP32 iot uno board
CSS5 dpc761218914/Device_Management 基于Node.js和高德地图的设备管理系统
JavaScript4 kiok46/Track-Stargazers Have fun tracking your project's stargazers
Objective-C4 Acuta/ControlsKit A collection of battle-tested UI components
Python4 davidgasquez/sqline :wrench: Simple command line tool to query databases
Ruby4 M4sc3r4n0/avoidz Avoidz tool to bypass most A.V softwares
Java3 intermine/neo4j Project to develop Neo4j as the backing store for InterMine
Vue3 zhql8654/Vue-Music 用vue写的一个移动端播放器,运用了Mint-ui搭建页面;运用axios请求的网易云音乐接口;运用了vuex、vue-router、本地存储localStorage/sessionStorage等技术完成功能;
CSS3 govau/uikit-starter The GOV.AU UI-Kit Starter Pack
JavaScript3 actions-on-google/actionssdk-smart-home-nodejs A sample of the Smart Home device control APIs in Actions on Google
Clojure3 SocialSuperstore/arrows Extensions to the Clojure threading macros to help with manipulating nested data structures
Cap'n Proto3 mirage/capnp-rpc Cap'n'Proto RPC implementation
Ruby3 wisq/lgtv-sdp Fake server for LG TV
C#3 coderbusy/dotnet-google-play Get details and download apps from by emulating an Android (Nexus 5X) device by default.
HTML3 leafyongzhong/proimp A python import dependencies graph tool
Java3 BaloghTamas/Composition Example of using Composition over Inheritance on Android
Visual Basic3 Cn33liz/VBSMeter VBS Reversed TCP Meterpreter Stager
Java3 joshua-meng/DinningShare Share my dinner table
PHP3 winerQin/phpthread PHP 以 pcntl 与 posix 两个扩展实现的 PHP 多进程工具。简单实用,方便一些轻量级的后台任务实现并发处理。
Go3 docker-saigon/dockercon-2017 Recap of DockerCon 2017
JavaScript3 acoshift/vue-rxjs-example Vue.js + RxJS + VueRx example
Clojure3 rads/rsdp [Work in Progress] Implementations of algorithms from Introduction to Reliable and Secure Distributed Programming.
Elixir3 uesteibar/veritaserum Sentiment analysis based on afinn-165, emojis and some enhancements.
Objective-C3 cAibDe/ZPSlider 一个双向滑块的Slider
Kotlin3 brunogabriel/SampleAppKotlin This is a sample using Kotlin and unit tests
Java3 xianchuangwu/VUEDemo 仿VUE滤镜切换效果,ImageView替换成TextureView,播放视频就OK(看Main2Activity代码)
PHP3 xmhafiz/laravel-fcm-realtime "Near Realtime Webapp" using Laravel + Firebase cloud messaging js
C#3 Egodystonic/EscapeLizards Source Code for Escape Lizards ( )
Java2 sasou/syncClient syncClient,数据实时同步中间件(阿里canal到kafka)!
PHP2 hectorqin/MongoDB-Driver-For-ThinkPHP3.2 MongoDB-Driver-For-ThinkPHP3.2
PHP2 realo-com/api-client The official PHP library for using the Realo REST API
C#2 AyrA/CryptoTestTool Explains how ransomware works with a practical example
JavaScript2 kiddyuchina/koa-lara node 练习项目,基于 koa 的 web 框架,结构参照 laravel
Java2 Muddz/Viewshot Viewshot is a library that saves any View, ViewGroup or SurfaceView as an image in either JPG/PNG/.nomedia. Suitable for photofilter and drawing apps.
PHP2 xmhafiz/laravel-pusher-example Example project for "Near Realtime Webapp" using Laravel +
TypeScript2 atishay/vscode-allautocomplete Autocomplete from open files for VSCode
Jupyter Notebook2 michhar/python4ds-notebooks A course on Python for data science
Swift2 iAronTalk/30ProjectsOfSwift This repository is created for practicing swift.
Java2 SibreiaDante/ToastUtils Android Toast 工具类
Java2 hb1984/kafka kafka producer and cosumer, easy to integrate with spring
JavaScript2 KdanMobile/react-koa-isomorphic A starter isomorphic boilerplate (React, Redux, Koa 2, Webpack 2, Babel, PostCSS, yarn)
Python2 benheart/aliexpress-spider A simple AliExpress spider to crawl all products in single store with Scrapy.
Lua2 kanonlee/luatest some test code of lua
Java2 yuantiku/ytk-mp4j Ytk-mp4j is a fast, user-friendly, cross-platform, multi-process, multi-thread collective message passing java library which includes gather, scatter, allgather, reduce-scatter, broadcast, reduce, allreduce communications.
Python2 iFedix/FirewallController Ryu controller application that blocks traffic in real time and wait for user's decisions
C2 devinsmith/w32x A Win32 API wrapper for Xlib/X11
JavaScript2 happydenn/mixerbox-plus Custom controls for MixerBox Web.
HTML2 mikolalysenko/mesh-fixer Fixes holes in 3D meshes
Objective-C2 coderwhy/OpenGL OpenGL渐进学习
Java2 jianfeng318/BreatheView 呼吸灯闪烁效果的自定义View
Java2 liyinqing/My_Git 搞定
JavaScript2 mglagola/ngrok-serve-dir Easily serve a directory's contents over the internet using ngrok
HTML2 qjnnwazlz/ The page of qjnnwazlz
C#2 rapidcore/rapidcore contains the central pieces of the library
C#2 xleon/MiniCache Minimal cache utility using Json and Sqlite
JavaScript2 Mitranim/posterus Composable async primitives (futures) with true cancelation
CSS2 discordconsole-team/Wiki The DiscordConsole wiki, created and maintained by Mnpn.
Makefile2 DCOD-OpenSource/bootstrap-notify-simple-wrapper Simple wrapper around bootstrap-notify ( to make your life easier.
JavaScript2 twilson63/blocpkg blocpkg is a module for creating bloc packages
TypeScript2 GeoCastello/MuLTWA Multi Locational / Temporal Weather App
JavaScript2 kenny-hibino/redux-camel Redux middleware to transform action object to use camelCase before dispatch
Python2 voqz/Rero Multi-purpose Bot
Objective-C2 ZLFighting/-ZLDemo 整理 动画特效demo 使用
Python2 OFRBG/TsukiBot Discord Bot for Crypto Fans
JavaScript2 indatawetrust/mongo-to-elastic Elasticsearch transfer tool for MongoDB database
JavaScript2 qurihara/srt.js JavaScript framework for YouTube contents augmentation as a standard subtitle format ".srt"
JavaScript2 jlopezxs/keystone-boilerplate :pill: Keystone Boilerplate with ES7, Rollup, Swig and Dependency injection container
JavaScript2 liupeijun/react-router-v4-maizuo react+react-router-4.0版本 单页面应用实战
JavaScript2 SeregPie/almete.KMeans Implementation of the basic k-means algorithm to partition vectors into clusters.
Go2 orus-io/nats-websocket-gw A websocket to NATS gateway
Python2 farhadhp/l1nk A link shorter to terminal
PLSQL2 utPLSQL/utPLSQL-sql-cli A bash/windows command-line client for utPLSQL v3
TypeScript2 mohuk/koa2-ts-init NodeJS starter with Koa2 on Typescript
HTML2 nlscott/ARD-Commands Scripts and app to help create and organize commands in Apple Remote Desktop
HTML2 mis3690-2017summer/MIS3690 slides and class templates
Objective-C2 baiyiqingxiang/HGMenu 模仿今日头条APP 的首页菜单
Java2 Culinarist/KinesioApp Metropolia innovation project 2017
JavaScript2 actions-on-google/apiai-transactions-nodejs A sample of the Transactions APIs in Actions on Google
JavaScript2 DataHiveDJW/nodexchange A Node.js scaling & load-balancing library
Java2 kaxi4it/MultiModuleDemo 组件化架构DEMO
Java2 yuantiku/ytk-learn Ytk-learn is a distributed machine learning library which implements most of popular machine learning algorithms(GBDT, GBRT, SoftGBDT, FM, FFM, LR, Softmax, SVM).
PHP2 TransendStudios/TrinketPM Trinket Extension for PocketMine-MP
HTML2 camposdev/angularjs-to-react Integrating React in AngularJS
PHP2 osyoyu/table_edit2 Pukiwiki用 表組み編集支援プラグイン (PHP >=5.4, 7.0 対応)
PHP1 hcomg/laravel-easy-generator php artisan command to generate fully working crud with api resource by having database tables
Python1 MadMerlyn/retirepy 401k/IRA Growth Calculator
Java1 Shivam2k16/OS_Codes Codes of Operating System lab
Java1 zskadazhang/Java-in-university my java code in university
HTML1 tuzhu008/HelpMe A website to find installer.一个用于练习的项目
C1 jaidTw/qemu-0.13-shack-ibtc Implement instruction branch target cache and shadow stack for qemu-0.13.0, assignment for NTU Virtual Machine.
TypeScript1 madslundt/React-Mobx-with-Webpack-2-and-Typescript React+Mobx with Webpack 2 and Typescript
Shell1 ornicar/lila-maven No need to clone this; it's used as an sbt resolver
Objective-C1 zhangmufeng/ZFIOSPlatform learn
Java1 guozhengXia/QuickIndex 仿微信通讯录的实现,联系人按字母分组显示,右侧添加快速索引条,方便快速找到联系人。
JavaScript1 audiojs/pull-audio-gain Transform volume of audio in a pull-stream
HTML1 MaximumEndurance/Focused-Crawler My contibutions towards the Focused Crawling project
CSS1 iFelix18/Darkerr A darker theme for Sonarr & Radarr
Shell1 mcgillij/docker_quake2_server Debian Docker Quake 2 server build instructions
Jupyter Notebook1 arnaldog12/Machine_Learning Estudo e implementação dos principais algoritmos de Machine Learning em Jupyter Notebooks.
Java1 googlesamples/android-instant-apps Samples for Android Instant Apps
Shell1 YerkoPalma/bash-crawler :computer: Get a site links with bash
JavaScript1 shaunreeves/rocketblaster Rocket Blaster is a Phaser game engine step-by-step development.
PowerShell1 liprec/vsts-publish-adf This extension adds Azure Data Factory release tasks to VSTS.
C1 Borrachondo/JDLV El juego de la vida en C - John Horton Conway
Java1 andres-vasquez/AndroidArchTodo Android Architecture Example: TODO
C#1 WreckedMessiah/guc_scripts Server scripts for multiplayer modification Untold Chapters of roleplaying game Gothic 2.
HTML1 Gatoreno/AriTest_CDEC Sistema De Citas En Desarrollo
Java1 OUYANGSIHAI/e-mall 通过电子商城项目实现了网上终端服务,网上在线营销案及相关的辅助功能,包括商品模块、订单模块,客户模块等
CSS1 JeydinNewWon/PokemonWebsite A website built for a school project.
Python1 mapoc/falcon-alpha First attempts at setting up a Falcon REST framework for Project MUGA
C1 VermillionAzure/shock A flexible, embeddable programming language.
Ruby1 kiskolabs/virtuaaliviivakoodi Library for generating virtuaaliviivakoodi's
Java1 EmbyrrCodes/vanishpro Vanish plugin Craftbukkit usage
Makefile1 zeroc0d3/centos-base Docker CentOS for multi purpose application
JavaScript1 vadimdemedes/mongorito-timestamps Plugin to add "created" and "updated" timestamps to Mongorito models
C#1 UoA-eResearch/hololens_babelfish Performs translation on the fly, showing any spoken english as text and translated into the chosen language
Python1 sgp715/slackmojify Takes a JPG, GIF, or PNG. And makes it uploadable as a custom slackmoji.
Rust1 mclosson/slug-rs Issue slugger in Rust
Objective-C1 hsjcom/VideoHandleUtils 视频处理工具-相册导出MP4视频,*视频角度校正,AVMutableComposition处理 等
Shell1 dongxiaobai/shelldemo SHELL DEMO
Swift1 appcoda/RotateDice A sample Dice app that demonstrates the usage of CATransform3D
JavaScript1 FrancisVega/sketch-copy-paste-layout-settings Copy layout settings from one artboard and paste into multiples artboards.
Vue1 Woshiajuana/BlogBackStage 搭建博客后台管理系统
HTML1 sconglee/ my blog website
HTML1 aemoe/ own blog(私的文库)
CSS1 toyako/yanglao yanglao
JavaScript1 mikolalysenko/leftovers-bot Stupid hackathon project
Groovy1 aalmiray/jdeps-gradle-plugin Run JDeps on a Gradle build
Shell1 erikerlandson/openshift-jupyter-scala A Dockerfile to build a jupyter-scala image runnable on OpenShift
JavaScript1 brantni/BabyDairy 类似微博的平台
Java1 atguiguafu/AndroidStudio0224 第一提交Android studio代码
JavaScript1 lifebeatiful/one-week-one-project 一周一个项目,实现自我能力的提升
Java1 lvbaby/PayUtils 这是一个支付工具类包含了,支付宝支付和微信支付
R1 XenonDerMico/CSdL non
JavaScript1 TriPSs/react-ga-decorator Decorator for React-GA
Java1 kind0147/JavaTiku A simple system to manage your Java exercises
Java1 lizhifeng-sky/ARounterDemo retrofit
Go1 pieterlouw/caddy-grpcwebproxy grpcweb proxy server type for Caddy Server
HTML1 nerdlet/frontendworkflow Grunt,Gulp and Bower
JavaScript1 littleredhat1997/CrowdFunding 基于以太坊的简单众筹系统,包含前端网页显示
JavaScript1 ShanaMaid/terminal-translate 命令行翻译工具,翻译引擎支持: 百度-有道,陆续添加中~~~一直用网页版翻译真的很烦躁
Python1 coldshell/LJ-extractor LP-extrator extracts links embedded in Locky and Jaff PDFs
Python1 wangg12/group_cnn_tf Group Convolutional Networks implementation using Tensorflow
JavaScript1 karosLi/offlineH5 Build full and update zip by git diff
C++1 yanssy/HandWritten-Analisys 手写体笔迹鉴别程序,用于考试
Java1 vy/log4j2-logstash-layout Log4j 2.x plugin for Logstash-friendly JSON layout.
Java1 guptasaloni/splitting splitter-merger application
Python1 debops/ansible-kibana Install and manage Kibana dashboard
Java1 monkeyLittleMonkey/SharedPreferencesDemo SharedPreferences删除操作注意的问题
PHP1 mikck/thinkadmmin tp5.0+layui后台框架
JavaScript1 wenshunxin/wsx vue+Element管理权限单页面模板
JavaScript1 chenzejiang/ele-scroll jquery元素滚动插件
Java1 Kitero6/GladiotorA22 ntm
C#1 DominikStiller/Vertretungsplan Webapp and API for teacher substitution schedules created with Time Substitute 2007
CMake1 krlmlr/dplyr-build Build environment for dplyr for CLion
PHP1 dreamfly2012/tangpoetry a reader for tangpoetry
C1 aunali1/kernel_msm_bullhead Linux kernel for MSM8992 bullhead (Nexus 5X) with custom improvements.
HTML1 Juan-David-Rincon/Pagina-Web Práctica de una Página Web, utilizando Git y GitHub.
Python1 LucasMcQ/terminal-email Send an email with a UNIX command and get the output sent back to you.
Python1 sourleangchhean168/PythonOnXcode Example Project that set up for python Programming
JavaScript1 caelum/caelumpic-server API Rest do Caelumpic
C1 wgwahaha/kehuisannong 科惠三农项目
TypeScript1 vutran/omnibar-www Repository for the omnibar web site.
Python1 PushkarJambhlekar/AutoStatus Sends status mail by parsing TODO list from outlook
JavaScript1 EnriqueGlez/-Pharmacy_System_PHP_Sistema_de_Farmacia PHP Login Username Yessenia Password Yessenia_123
Java1 EVelez79/CodeU-ProjectGroup6 CodeU Summer 2017
Python1 wentaozhu/rna_protein_binding deep multi-instance learning for rna protein binding prediction
C1 Gauffret/TrajectorySet Trajectory-Set feature for action recognition
Python1 Thorvv/e-shop Based on the flask framework of the online store,Implementation WeChat landing
Python1 mugwort-rc/pypp Boost.Python generator.
Go1 troian/surgemq High-Performance MQTT Server and Client Libraries
C1 desion/terminal terminal is a kv database compatible with memcached, It can load batch data online. very useful for recommend service to store the data generate offline
Swift1 GreatAndPowerfulKing/Swift-Extensions Common and useful pack of extensions for Swift
JavaScript1 karosLi/qtool One tool to upload images to qinniu
JavaScript1 luyuqi/auto-create-h5 自动生成html,js,css文件
JavaScript1 jlopezxs/easy-login :unlock: Social Login for you expressjs apps in the easiest way
TeX1 diogo-fernan/academicons LaTeX academicons package for high qual­ity icons of on­line aca­demic pro­files.
C++1 e-fever/qdispatcher An Universal Dispatcher for Qt/C++
Java1 f4ww4z/todolist-app A basic todo list app for android devices
Jupyter Notebook1 AlanMars/hot-topic-analysis Hot topic analysis on Slack channel history, basing on natural language annotation for machine learning
C#1 shaart/TwoDimDFT Two-dimensional Discrete Fourier Transform of Image (WinForms)
JavaScript1 nirdizati/nirdizati-base A Dashboard-based Predictive Process Monitoring Engine
Shell1 kevinlebrun/structurer Project structure generator
Shell1 photosojourn/puptest Docker based Puppet 5 testing/play environment
CSS1 MathewSachin/docfx-tmpl A DocFX template patching the Default template
Makefile1 PetrusEnus/AB4 Hör auf rum zu Kasparn
Shell1 lordjabez/kube-tools Utility scripts for Kubernetes
C++1 king1600/discord.cpp C++ Discord API
C++1 Chen-Dixi/DXLexicalAnalyzer 编译原理作业
Java1 Shivam2k16/Algo-codes Codes of Design and analysis algorithm lab
C++1 OFarukCaki/Projectile-Motion Projectile Motion in Physics with graphics. Written in both C and Python separataly.
Java1 SergeyMihailov/CantStop CantStop aka Pac-Snake, le fameux jeu aka Projet de 1A2S en informatique, EURINSA. (c) Lucas Michalet, Serghei Mihailov 2017
CoffeeScript1 gkrizek/execute Run commands without leaving Atom
PLSQL1 gt-health/omop_etl_public Generic OMOP ETL system used for raw datafile and FHIR ingestion
Java1 QOEV/metoothanks An Android app for creating and manipulation pictures
Java1 rehne/M41_Wasserzeichen Mathe 2 Praktikum - Sommersemester 2017
Elixir1 gatherdigital/plug_rails_csrf_protection Plug.CSRFProtection tweaked to work with Rails
Python1 patelrajnath/scripts4nlp This contains random pre-processing scripts developed during various projects
JavaScript1 Vavaballz/Cobblestone.js A Minecraft Server in development with NodeJS
JavaScript1 zalando-incubator/zally-web-ui Zalando's API Linter Web UI
Modelica1 CATIA-Systems/Modelica-Arduino Simulate circuits and sketches on a virtual Arduino Uno in Modelica
Java1 Kea-gile/DataSortAndSearch Data Sorting and Searching
JavaScript1 tivac/mk8d-builder Simple Mario Kart 8 Deluxe build calculator
CSS1 sstone72389/SHS-portfolio Web Development Portfolio
CSS1 mehulajith/token encrypted and self-destructive text
Java1 alexmeji/ATFirebase Android Things + Firebase
C#1 stanneman99/Pegasus Pegasus Project
Go1 micnncim/aa Display ASCII arts. Don't expect more.
Python1 liu-nlper/DocumentClassification This code implements a sample CNN model for document classification with tensorflow.
Jupyter Notebook1 yeseullee/Data-science-manual-notebooks Figure notebooks for "The Data Science Manual"
Python1 jabbalaci/JSON-path Find the path of a key / value in a JSON hierarchy easily.
C1 zaksabeast/wc7Pirate Smuggling wc7full files from the 3ds ram using NTR
JavaScript1 chilliness/linkage 基于vue 2.0和mint-ui 2.0仿iOS省市区三级联动
Python1 ljm625/unblock-netease unblock netease music location limits.
C#1 ByteTerrace/ByteTerrace.CSharp.AsciiString A library for efficiently handling ASCII string data.
R1 meganstiles/Seating_Chart Optimizing a Wedding Reception Seating Chart Using a Genetic Algorithm
JavaScript1 tomthe/gadgetStats Companion Android app for Gadgetbridge to visualize stepcounter and heart rate data
JavaScript1 seacamjen/games-compilation multiple games using createjs
JavaScript1 Orkiv/react-commerce ReactJS ecommerce components
PHP1 doctub/platform Source Code of DocTub Platform
Go1 mmoya/faircoin2_exporter Prometheus exporter for FairCoin2 operational metrics
HTML1 patrickbucher/projektmanagement Zusammenfassung des Buches "Projektmanagement"
Python1 jbalm/ActuarialCashFlowModel Actuarial cash flow model
Jupyter Notebook1 LqNoob/tensorflow_cookbook Code for Tensorflow Machine Learning Cookbook
Ruby1 zhiguangqiao/Reversepoddependency cocoapods 辅助工具,用来分析 podspec 之间的依赖关系 ,目前只支持反向依赖的分析 默认会 update repo 库,如果在官方的 master repo 中分析 可能会耗时比较长
Python1 uncleduo/experiment-of-UESTC-s-Complier 电子科技大学编译原理的实验,Python实现
Java1 Mr-Holmes/Jogo-da-Memoria Novo jogo da Memoria
Python1 eborboihuc/rotate_3d Rotation image along specific axes
TypeScript1 nzick/ng2-simple-dropdown Angular4 Simple Dropdown Component without any dependency
Java1 leonidaxx90/FacebookLive4j A simple and customizable java wrapper for facebook live video web api
C#1 ElevenFiftyApprentices/Team_NET_DLD Daniel, L, Devan
PHP1 Sergii-Kirichok/LCCDashboard Lan Customers Counters Dashboard
C++1 thanhlong1996/intel-galileo Web server project
PHP1 TheKeymaster/phpdokuwiki2findologic This repository crates an XML export for FINDOLOGIC with the dokuwiki data.
HTML1 changjiuHuang/CSSDesign002 CSS设计的美丽:box居中、:before()、:after()的使用
C#1 U3DC/Unity-CSharp-Code-Template Unity CSharp Code Template
Matlab1 yanssy/RecPlate-lib 基于BP神经网络的车牌识别系统
Java1 Christian77777/VideoUpscaler Frontend GUI Program to Upscale Videos using Waifu2x
Swift1 BhavinGupta/ModernSearchBar Modern search bar implementation in unique way to choose the search content with smooth table animation.
HTML1 DISIC/guide-impacts_utilisateurs Défauts d’accessibilité : Impacts sur les utilisateurs
Ruby1 bricolages/activerecord-redshift Rails (ActiveRecord) Redshift Meta Adapter
C#1 USRDiscordBots/Ice-Cream-Truck-Bot Upcoming bot that allows you to invite delivery folk to your server and have them """sell""" icecream. Perfect for summer!
JavaScript1 wbigger/domato-timer A pxt-microbit timer for the Pomodoro Techinque®
CSS1 brianhprince/StoryInACan There was a business need to reduce the cost of collecting stories in the business. Up until now, each story had to have the full treatment (write whitepaper, case study, etc.) before marketing knew if they could use it or not. This is wasteful, and not very agile. SiaC allows the evangelist to record a quick five-minute summary of their story, and tag it. Marketing can then review the stories, and when they find one that matches their marketing strategy, can then reach out to the evangelist to further develop the story.
JavaScript1 iterami/RomanNumerals.htm :european_post_office: CC0 integer to Roman numeral converting web tool.
Vue1 manojkumar3692/ Simple Vue js application
JavaScript1 eugene815/textGeneticAlg Simple genetic algorithm
Objective-C1 mengqingxiang/QXDownLoader 简单易用的下载器
HTML1 jes/hardbin Encrypted pastebin using IPFS
C++1 ExcitedNectarine/Entity-Component-System C++ ECS
JavaScript1 matt-walsh/pnm-image small program to load pnm (pbm, pgm,ppm) image files and view them in the browser
HTML1 GiuliaPadovani/tadspeaking Sistema de criação e compartilhamento de exercícios criado para professores. Feito para disciplina de Aplicações Web 1 e Implementação de Aplicação de Computadores do curso Análise e Desenvolvimento de Sistemas da UFPR.
Python1 EveryoneHappyAI/Neural-Network-Design-Python 《神经网络设计》一书中介绍的典型网络,用Python实现以学习、和研究,作为Deep Learning的部分基础理论。
JavaScript1 CyrisXD/Twitter-Tools Work in progress - Tools to automate Twitter functionality
PHP1 kelvinlt/PracticaTransversal2016 Practica Transversal del 2016 del curso de Daw1.
Python1 jpastva/galter-WOS-citation-analysis Galter Library citation analysis scripts
HTML1 TeamMagikarp/qt-tmpasses Buildin' T.M Passes to join Team Magikarp
HTML1 BBx-Kitchen/bbx-linear-gauge Simple Polymer element to create linear gauge
Jupyter Notebook1 Naereen/Lempel-Ziv_Complexity Lempel-Ziv Complexity, implemented with Python and Cython, Open-Source (MIT)
Elm1 edallen/charsheet Learning elm by making a D&D character sheet - my first Elm app, expect beginner code
Go1 agorman/go-timecode go package for manipulating SMPTE timecode
C1 Tanner1638/ESP8266 My development projects using the ESP8266 Development board
PHP1 waynechuck/MetSoft Projekt
JavaScript1 enetproduction/nohoi Jira no hoi
Python1 kmizu/pycombinator A parser combinator library written in Python to learn Python myself
JavaScript1 rrn/keyboard Javascript First Nations Language Keyboard
JavaScript1 twilson63/bloc-promise A Bloc is a singe encapsulated executable code bloc that sits on an event bus. bloc-promise enables you to invoke this bloc as you would call a promise
Python1 jehailey/IR_Final IR Final Project: election prediction model using Twitter data from Nov, Oct data in Swing States
Python1 squatmasters/jojnet a rad social network for a new era
Go1 gleicon/golang_http_api_skel skeleton for a golang api template
Vue1 Walker-Leee/xgmanager 移动设备办公。学生工作管理系统,主要功能包括学工记事、学生学分查询、学分录入与学生信息查询
JavaScript1 14780062668/blog my blog,vue
C++1 bnoordhuis/libv8 Mirror of
JavaScript1 mikeconley/multi-select-tabs A WebExtension that adds a sidebar to perform selections on multiple tabs in a window
Java1 soomong/something-new something new project
C++1 xjtucoder/Coding-for-job practice coding for finding job OrZ
Java1 eXist-db/expath-bin-module EXPath Bin Module for eXist-db XQuery
Java1 DumpCong/StatusViewDemo 订单状态节点自定义view
Kotlin1 trajano/vgg16kotlin vgg16 deeplearning in kotlin
Java1 cag2050/spring_boot_demo java spring boot 例子,maven构建
Java1 LineChen/InfiniteViewPager 无限循环ViewPager
TypeScript1 sergey-shandar/dagver Versioning for Git Commit DAG (Directed acyclic graph)
JavaScript1 Woshiajuana/BlogBackendServer node搭建博客后台提供接口
JavaScript1 sydinh/react-overview Get started with React.
Lua1 soapdog/cleo A tiny command line tool to help me setup my windows 10 machines
JavaScript1 PoisonalLong/vue-eshop 使用vue-cli构建整个项目
HTML1 russellwcarey/html-and-css-for-beginners PacktPub Related Studies
HTML1 Hasan-Tata/LGPL-FFmpeg-Win-x86-x64-OSX-10.7-Dynamic-Library LGPL FFmpeg Dynamic Libraries
Shell1 rainleon/docker-proxy for home1-oss docker-XXXX infra
PHP1 Voyager-One/noteApp a simple note app demo using php
Java1 guptasaloni/desktopapp here is a desktop application made in java
TypeScript1 ejalee/Mobile-Directory An MVP implemented at PageCarton's MY-07 Bootcamp Using Ionic2
HTML1 BloodV/ Blog
HTML1 orubenmartinezs/somoscomotu Desarrollo para Alazraki
HTML1 rojoso/Mytest This is a test project
C++1 tengge1/BadApple bad apple控制台程序
JavaScript1 whirldata/alexa-magento-integration Get orders details from magento
Swift1 ZNBmm/webPDemo 播放webP Demo
Python1 lwcook/horsetail-matching Horsetail matching is an method for optimization under uncertainty. This is a python package that implements the method.
Java1 turnerhusa/MonsterPocktes Pokemon clone
Python1 NoMod-Programming/QSIL-Language Quick, Self-Interpreting Language
JavaScript1 MartinLind/KMS Uni-Projekt
Python1 VerosK/mqtt-robot-nodemcu Software for NodeMCU board to run mqtt robot
CSS1 SimiCode/ My personal website
JavaScript1 14Plumes/ricochet ~ ricoshay
Java1 Roboticsdreams/GeeksforGeeks Interview Preparation materials
JavaScript1 sKiLdUsT/awoolife Site source behind
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