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语言 Star 名称 描述
Swift186 krzysztofzablocki/Insanity A tool that brings meta-programming to Swift, allowing you to code generate Swift code.
Java37 githubwing/ExpandableViewpager A Cool Viewpager ~ 可以展开缩放的Viewpager
Ruby29 chendo/airchat Airchat is a p2p CLI chat app for OS X which uses the AirDrop interface to let people chat from different networks.
Go15 mhausenblas/dnpipes Distributed Named Pipes
PHP14 spatie/uptime-monitor-app A PHP application to monitor uptime and ssl certificates
CSS13 wojteklu/ Swift-based regular expression editor
Pascal13 WouterVanNifterick/C-To-Delphi C To Delphi converter
Go12 kelseyhightower/gke-service-accounts-tutorial A tutorial on using Google Cloud service account with Google Container Engine (GKE).
JavaScript11 shuxinqin/Ace AceFx
JavaScript9 getify/deePool highly-efficient pool for JavaScript objects
Go8 jakewins/4fq Low latency queues for Go
C++8 ho4040/pini-engine cross platform visual novel game engine
JavaScript7 jesseditson/fs-router Use the FS as your micro router
Go6 blainsmith/seahash SeaHash hashing algorithm
JavaScript6 tommoor/electron-lets-move Automatically move Electron apps to the Applications directory
JavaScript5 Johni0702/mumble-web An HTML5 Mumble client
JavaScript5 hemanth/fetch-task fetch API as a Task.
Go4 helinwang/tfsum Enable tensorboard for tensorflow golang api
Go4 gopheracademy/gcon GopherCon Website
Java4 RoRoche/AndroidModularSample A sample Android application to demonstrate how to build screens as fully independant modules.
Shell4 Ayushverma8/Ultimate-Guide-to-Cloud An Ultimate and Last stop guide for learning Cloud. From learning to deploying your own App.
JavaScript3 hemanth/promise-to-task Tiny module to convert a Promise into Task.
HTML3 GuoYongfeng/book 《现代化前端工程师权威指南》
Objective-C3 zekunyan/TTGPuzzleVerify By completing image puzzle game, TTGPuzzleVerify is a more user-friendly verification tool on iOS, which is highly customizable and easy to use. [Chinese]体验更友好的拼图验证控件
JavaScript3 TeamMoonlight/Moonlight Official TeamMoonlight bot.
Go3 whyrusleeping/elcid A cid encoder/decoder tool
HTML3 ergo/crossroadsjs-router Polymer element for crossroads.js router
JavaScript2 taqimustafa/react-starterKit Starter kit for React
HTML2 hossaindelowar/WD-Classes Web Development Class 2016
JavaScript2 linhaosheng/React_Parse 该App是解析服务器端的json数据然后进行封装,App的内容包括:图片,小说,视频,电影,服务器端只需要下载来了,然后点击运行就可以,使用的是Node.js,需要修改APP的DataResponsitor中的访问服务器端的IP地址即可运行了服务器端的的地址是:
JavaScript2 exponentjs/image-upload-example Demonstration of how to upload images from the ImagePicker, using a node backend to upload to S3
JavaScript2 rstacruz/tps-reporter.js [WIP] Estimate how far a project is done and help schedule the rest of the work
PHP2 deliciousbrains/wp-image-processing-queue Resize WordPress images in the background
Haskell2 benclifford/acme-smuggler Smuggle arbitrary values in ()
Java2 jibuji/android-async A simple library on android to simplify your async task's flow.
Elm2 sporto/elm-select A selection input with auto-complete
C++2 BenUnderscore/ec101-game EC101: The game
JavaScript2 TeamMoonlight/Hammer An extremely well made moderation bot for Discord.
Python2 icoxfog417/tensorflow_qrnn QRNN implementation for TensorFlow
JavaScript2 duanguang/react-node-cms 这是一个简单的CMS Demo,前后端分离,前端 技术栈react+redux+antd,服务端使用nodejs+Express,数据库mongodb,redux部分使用相当灵活,大多数痛点在此都有解决
Rust2 d-unseductable/trusted Application server for MRI
Ruby2 brasilsincero/brasilsincero-api REST API
Python2 plbrault/stranger-things-raspberry-pi This project allows to reproduce the Christmas Lights scene from Stranger Things using a Raspberry Pi 3.
Assembly2 vain/gorilla.asm [fun/learning] "Gorillas" throwing "bananas"
JavaScript2 j1ng3r/Programs A list of programs
Go2 farmerx/bstkbutler 二次封装了日常基本所需的bstk操作的方法。支持bstk任务轮
Python2 karlicoss/vkdump Script for backup
JavaScript2 gkaemmer/react-pdf-pages Simple, adaptable react component to render PDFs
Objective-C2 wangCanHui/MemorandumDemo 模仿苹果备忘录,基于UITextView富文本,实现在UITextView中插入录音和图片的功能,并实现无论编辑或者非编辑状态下都可以直接点击录音播放,或者点击图片给图片添加标签的功能。
Go2 MaximeHeckel/graphql-query-builder A simple graphQL query builder built in Golang
Java2 DMinerJackie/JewelCrawler a crawler which is able to crawl movie detail and short comments, save them to database mysql, also include Sentiment analysis based on comments
Go2 farmerx/gorsa 支持rsa公钥加密私钥解密;支持rsa公钥解密私钥加密。
PHP2 BrianHenryIE/iTunesConnect-App-Installs-Badge Creates a badge for GitHub that displays your app install count
Jupyter Notebook2 hargup/fatml_iiit_a Notes from Fairness, Accountability and Transparency in Machine Learning winter school at IIIT Allahabad
JavaScript2 cualbondi/mobile App mobile ionic oficial (android+iOS)
Java2 itwen/GetAndroidSrc 用于获取android源码
Java2 yangzaiCN/android-gallery2 这是基于android 4.0.4源码编译的,可以在AS上运行
CSS2 PikaDude/Discord-Fade-Anims Adds fading animations to almost everything in Discord.
PHP2 dj1020/private-property-assert 使用 PHPUnit 檢查 private property 原來內建就有了
Go2 farmerx/sshtunnel SSH的的Port Forward,中文可以称为端口转发,是SSH的一项非常重要的功能。它可以建立一条安全的SSH通道,并把任意的TCP连接放到这条通道中。
Go2 farmerx/tcppool TcpPool is a thread safe connection pool for net.Conn interface. It can be used to manage and reuse connections.
C#2 UblSharp/UblSharp C# / XML library for working with OASIS UBL 2.0/2.1 documents
PHP2 Marbles/statamic-sitemap Add-on to automatically add a sitemap to your Statamic website
JavaScript2 opsgenie/slack-to-opsgenie-alert-creator Create alerts from messages sent to a Slack channel
Python2 Sup3r-Us3r/PortScan aims to check open and closed ports quickly.
Java2 eralpyucel/CircleProgressView An Android component to show circle progress in percentage.
C++2 willenchou/xservers 分布式跨平台微内核插件化RPC服务框架
Java2 alidili/TempControlView 温度控制旋转按钮
JavaScript1 kapadiamush/guilty-spark Minimalist website monitoring
CSS1 EbongardeStudios/Solstice Project: Solstice is simply an HTML and CSS framework built responsive-first using the latest web standards, HTML5 & CSS3.
Java1 hrizi1991/ShakeDevice ShakeDevice
Lua1 epicdangerfish/dota-bots Custom DOTA 2 bot scripts
JavaScript1 MuYunyun/ZHITWeb 信息技术协会网站
Emacs Lisp1 SteveJobzniak/emacs-quicksetindent Quickly and easily sets your desired indentation level in Emacs.
Java1 cjhandroid/WaveProgressBar wave progress bar
Java1 drulabs/SyncroEdit Collaborative note editing app with firebase as BaaS
Java1 karahanio/Watchout Creepers are everywhere, fight for your life!
C++1 JamesXu20150314/Algorithm Just for practice
TypeScript1 j3ddesign/j3ng-components A collection of components for Angular (~2.3.0)
Python1 MCMiners9/WiiU-RegionHax-Installer [Wii U] Install RegionHax (Hack that edits your console's game region setting so you can play out of region games). Original RegionHax Installer script by @vickdu31 and RegionHax by New2buntu (I think that was his name?)
Java1 sufchicken/a-simple-chatroom a simple chatroom,used JSP,servlet.
Jupyter Notebook1 applenob/linux_basic notebooks for my linux learning blog.
JavaScript1 Jon-Millent/Watchdog 看门狗!一个犀利的表单验证插件(Watchdog! A sharp form validation plugin)
Objective-C1 haoburongyi/AreYouHungryDemo 仿饿了么选择商品交互,image 变详情页,在掘金上看到安卓的,自己写过类似的,就也写一个给大家参考一下
Swift1 hrsuri/4tapSwift3 Tap any of the 4 images that represents the word.
JavaScript1 controversial/website-boilerplate Basic code for a website using ES6 and SASS and compiled with Gulp
Pascal1 tonighty/Calculator тип инженерный калькулятор
PHP1 simonbreiter/wp-boilerplate boilerplate code for your wordpress project
JavaScript1 slateshq/layer A modern cms
Java1 multiformats/java-multibase A Java implementation of multibase
Java1 avasekova/buildergen Automatic generation of builders for Java classes.
Objective-C1 chenxuhunoc/IOS-Socket- IOS原生Socket实现通讯过程
Rust1 alexgibson/rust-parse-url A small rust library for quickly parsing a URL
Ruby1 p4sh4/snaky_camel Automatically convert request param keys to snake_case and response keys to camelCase for Rails
Objective-C1 ismilesky/MultistageVoice 多段音频合成
C++1 shenAlexy/C-Learning-code C++ test code
HTML1 mayining043/Yue_WebApp 约约约web软件demo
JavaScript1 sadi304/Anime-JS-Small-Personal-Site Small Single Site using Anime JS
JavaScript1 stranne/ Stockholms Lokaltrafik API Swagger Specs
JavaScript1 Dejavs/ember-cli-light-template-lint Light ember templates linter to test whole directory by standalone command.
Ruby1 jfryman/macme Who's at your office?
Go1 kurehajime/kuzusi breakout for terminal
C1 orangelion/GraceEffect 之前写的一个图像处理库,整理开源。
PHP1 kulokai/JiaweiPHP JiaweiPHP,基于ThinkPHP和Bootstrap开发出一个PHP后台管理框架,方便快速开发,管理后台
C1 nanomsg/nng nanomsg-NG work in progress (not ready for public use yet)
Go1 qichengzx/toutiaoSpider 根据指定标签爬取今日头条文章图片并存储。
JavaScript1 rhysd/heredocument Here document built on ES2015 template string literals like Ruby's <<~
CSS1 GOKUPANG/ my website
Java1 TakAjnin/The-Great-Maze-Game Best Maze Game
Python1 BWITS/ssm_parameter_store ansible module to manage key/value in aws parameter store
PHP1 wqrts/SMF-Subaccounts-2.1.2 Subaccounts mod by SlammedDime adopted for SMF 2.1 Beta 2
Java1 HackRoboy/TheGreatGuessingGame Impress visitors at fares and presentations by showing the wide range of Roboys strengths
HTML1 luftinur/EduFonts-Webfont-Icon Webfont Icon That Specialized For Education Industry
VimL1 misha-pelykh/vim_conf Settings for Vim
Python1 Thessia/Liara Liara, a fully modular Discord bot
JavaScript1 unicodeveloper/pwa-commits Progressive Web App for Commits on a Github Project
HTML1 Roberta76/LetsDoThis This will make you wanna code all the time!!!
PHP1 diversen/console-padding Very basic console padding
Python1 augustr/receiptify Yet another receipt analyzing app
Java1 rambabusaravanan/simplenotes Sample Backendless Application with Android Data Binding
Java1 kayhen/JavaGameDevelopment Utility library for future Java game development projects.
Java1 ahmadaghazadeh/GMailSignin Simple app for signin gmail for android
Visual Basic1 AlexandreRouma/DankBarcodeUtils A Free Open-Source Barcode Lirbrary for .NET
Go1 viru/grpczap Simple grpclog.Logger implementation for uber zap
JavaScript1 germtb/textract-atom This package provide some little functionalities for very common text manipulation patterns
JavaScript1 rishiraj824/React-Redux-Comment-System A React-Redux Based Comment System.
C1 diparthshah/OperatingSystem-Algorithm [WIP]Collection Of Different Operating System Algorithms in C
Java1 Jackoder/AptDemo Generate builder .class by APT.
Objective-C1 chenxuhunoc/TableViewCellExpand TableViewCellExpand 简单易理解展开TableViewCell
Java1 zjdyhant/DragView using in unread messages in ListView. you can drag the unread message like QQ.
Swift1 ANSCoder/Demo-FlickrApp Collection View with image loading.
PHP1 azeemhassni/timber A tool written in PHP based on symfony console to easily create a Timber project.
Go1 desertbit/timer Go Timer implementation with a fixed Reset behavior
Java1 haershily/MemorablePlaces This App saves the locations of marked places on Google Map and displays them
Visual Basic1 VBDev2Dev/Taxi-Driver-Tools Tools to help taxi drivers keep track of their statistics
JavaScript1 Comerist/JQ-MY-PLAYER 自制音乐播放器
JavaScript1 Suui/electron-course Followup from the course
Shell1 m927259903/bingWonderfulPaper automatically change background image
Python1 zurwolf/lifecalendar Little tool to create life calendars
Java1 TaitYoung/simple-mvp-android simple-mvp-android,simple意在所有类结构清晰、代码简洁。
Java1 OnelongX/GoApp2 dagger2 Demo
JavaScript1 Empty44/react-redux-express react-redux-express boilerplate
OCaml1 cedlemo/OCaml-libmpdclient mpd client library implementation in OCaml.
C1 HejsekVojtech/android_device_acer_Z500 Device tree for Acer Liquid Z500 (mt6582)
C++1 nimamox/TimC Layered Spiking Neural Network
PHP1 saifur-rahman-hasan/IQLab-simple-ajaxify A simple jquery ajax insert & retieve using php, mysql
Python1 45Tatami/MumMusic A small music bot for use on a Mumble server.
JavaScript1 BobHarper1/belfast-bikes-calculator a easy way to calculate and visualise your Belfast Bikes journeys data
HTML1 manuelsalomon/ToDoList Mi primer lista de tareas, repasando conceptos básicos y fundamentales.
C++1 Mehdion/Opencv-Video-Writer Video Capture (DVR) Smaple code by the opencv in Visual Studio.
QML1 eekkelund/harbour-tIDE transportable IDE for SailfishOS devices
Shell1 torokmark/shell_utils Useful functions for shell.
Java1 kamcio96/McPlayAutoGrass Plugin na generowanie trawy w x kratek zasięgu
Perl1 omdps/scripts tools used by us
JavaScript1 underscope/vuex-module Turn vuex modules into poetry.
CSS1 jquintozamora/react-webpack-postCSS Playing with React + Webpack + PostCSS
C++1 Sleeplessy/ScientificNotation Simplely translates the normal number string into scientific notation type.
Ruby1 auxesis/sa_health_food_prosecutions_register South Australian Department of Health's food prosecution register
JavaScript1 Johni0702/mumble-client-codecs-browser Node.js Mumble protocol client library - pure js codecs
Java1 r2dtu/AdventOfCode2016 Just some winter break fun
Java1 khawlasassi/AnimalsSounds android app for learning animal sounds for kids
JavaScript1 xiexihai/AUI one mobile ui project
Java1 AdrianBZG/IBM_ILOG_CPLEX_Examples IBM CPLEX and IBM Concert Technology Java examples, for the Logistics Engineering subject
Python1 jeziellago/GoogleFilesFinder A Google Files Finder in python
PHP1 dennielstephen/Sanguine-final1 STI College Fairview
Java1 xiaoyaoyou1212/ViseFramework 针对Android公共基础功能封装的系列基础框架,包含日志系统、工具库、BLE通信库、UDP通信库、TCP通信库等。
Go1 staaldraad/xxeserv A mini webserver with FTP support for XXE payloads
JavaScript1 csjiang/gracehopper-fullstack-notes Obsessively detailed notes from Grace Hopper Academy's full-stack immersive web development course.
Assembly1 AndressAndrade/Assembly Reporsitório para enaltecer o poder do Assembly e estudar engenharia reversa
Matlab1 pygaganthon/Recognize-hand-written-digits Logistic Regression, Regularization, Multi Class Classification, Feed forward propagation algorithms
Arduino1 Isaranu/Arduino-send-data-over-WiFi-to-Android Send data from Arduino UNO via ESP8266 over WiFi connection to Android application
Python1 nh2/diskorder read files in physical order to reduce hard drive seeks
JavaScript1 kirbyk/mailer Send emails with Mailgun via the command line or other js applications.
JavaScript1 philipwabc/weapp-demo 微信官方体验小程序的源码。
Scala1 arjpuriCMU/HNSearchEngine Search engine for Hacker News
JavaScript1 coreyleelarson/react-typekit React component that generates Typekit script
PHP1 Web-Wave/ww-migrate-drupal This custom Drupal 8 module provide a solution to import data from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8. When your import is completed, disable the WW Migrate Drupal module into the Drupal 8 Backend.
C#1 Luid101/Connect-4-with-AI This is a game of connect 4. You can play it with a friend or with an AI. If you beat the AI send me a screen shot! So I can fix it :)
Ruby1 moguno/mikutter-datasource-dash-button Amazon Dash Buttonが押されるたびにメッセージを発するmikutterデータソース
Python1 gonewind73/scrapy 爬虫
JavaScript1 naoxink/devlife Web browser game in JS
Objective-C1 chenxuhunoc/XHRefresh 简洁大方,逻辑易理解,可以学习KVO,Notificetion,Deleagete,Block知识
Visual Basic1 AlexandreRouma/DankZipUtils An Open-Source Zip Utility
C1 Ralex86/Goldigger A SDL student project
Swift1 timsearle/Euclid Great-circle mathematics helper library for platforms using Swift
CSS1 Jokeby/niubi a simple css framwork
JavaScript1 Chan-Chun/ATM A simple ATM program created by Node.js+Express and MongoDB+Mongoose
PHP1 yutokyokutyo/chikorita 植物とお話がしたいチコ
Objective-C1 LHShare/LHCamera 这是一个相机app,支持照相和录像功能,实现了对焦、曝光、开启闪光灯等功能。
Python1 codjango/djangonewbies For django newbies.
Java1 liangyuteng0927/CompatibleUp A xposed model to remove min sdk version check when parse packages. (forked from XInstaller)
Java1 Byron1c/unleashed-pixel-dungeon-xl Expansion on the Android game Unleashed Pixel Dungeon
PHP1 Ad5001/CustomLogger Your PocketMine logger seems too old? Not anymore with CustomLogger !
JavaScript1 G047/ yay free proxies, and awful code
HTML1 jczimm/radio
Python1 rledford/random_dungeon_generator Random dungeon generators implemented in various languages
C#1 LattVines/Not-Enough-Meatballs A small shooter game project made for Ludum Dare 37 using Unity 5
JavaScript1 meitar/data-structures-and-algorithms A compendium for self-education geared for "people who do not have computer science degrees."
JavaScript1 creativitRy/Skylands A WorldPainter Script that creates floating islands based on a heightmap.
Crystal1 bararchy/crystal_ssh libssh (server side) binding in Crystal
PHP1 avinashn/Laravel_Social_Login-Socialite A demo app for implementing login with different social networks like Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Github using laravel Socialite package.
PHP1 DamirLuketic/Laravel-REST_API-for-Angular2_Products Laravel REST_API for Angular2_Products
PHP1 LasseHaslev/laravel-modules Use Package Development in your local projects.
TypeScript1 DamirLuketic/Angular2_products App for managing products, with Laravel REST API
PHP1 menuka94/laravel-vue-invoice-app Laravel 5.3 + VueJS + Twitter Bootstrap
PHP1 seandowney/laravel-backpack-events-crud Events management interface for Laravel 5 using Backpack CRUD.
Shell1 ihebBenSalem/LampRapberryPI2-3 LAMP for Raspberry pi
Python1 similarweb/gru GRU is a host-centric inventory management system. It is used to visualize and provide context on individual servers and more importantly, on groups of servers.
PHP1 Rizarma/laravel-todolist A very basic CRUD operation with Laravel 5.3
Python1 EthanIsHere/UNIT-LIVE-Discord-Bot This is just a music bot for Discord py!
PHP1 vinayakkulkarni/crm Laravel 5.3 + Materialize CSS CRM Implementation. WIP.
JavaScript1 DarkN-exus/d.js-selfbot Discord.JS Selfbot
Python1 rustempasha/seccon2016-vigenere-writeup Seccon 2016 Vigenere Writeup
JavaScript1 iggyjoaquin/snapchat A web Snapchat clone
HTML1 mbejda/problem-solution-fit-canvas Problem Solution Fit Canvas
Shell1 amlamarra/timertab A bash script I created to easily manage Systemd Timers.
JavaScript1 remobile/react-native-marquee A react-native marquee list write in js
C1 vmednis/ddb_spacer A plugin for DeaDBeeF audio player that adds customizable size spacer widget.
Java1 houyanjun/rpctool a rpc tool,first step ,hession rpc
C++1 Mego/ExampleCPP An example C++ project
Swift1 na4lapy/na4lapy-ios Aplikacja iOS -
Python1 miniriley2012/python-turtle My first python program using turtle
JavaScript1 joe-re/spectron-fake-menu Provide manipulation of menus in your spectron's specs.
C#1 CountKira/TestSomeStuff Will get deleted soon
Java1 aistomin/tomcat-utils Some utilities that allow to manipulate Tomcat instance from your Java/Groovy scripts.
JavaScript1 MynockSpit/jsCarousel A very simple JavaScript Carousel module.
JavaScript1 cagataycali/alfred-ssh Use ssh like a pro!
Arduino1 mable-won/SeniorDesign Building robots to charge underwater sensors
CSS1 gemgr/manou_dimitra_website Manou Dimitra Website Source Code
Eagle1 ppet36/cheerlights Sources and models for Cheerlights coaster
Java1 meiyan-xie/cs631-project CS631 Project
C#1 bottleling/RawMouse Identifying mouse actions and the corresponding usb mouse device
Python1 kooksee/MyPyMicroservice python 微服务实践
HTML1 tertanda/ Situs pribadi El Nino H. Maulana.
C1 Zhouxing-Su/CUtilibs.List A macro based simulated list class template written in C.
Perl1 AK6DN/xxdpdir DEC PDP-11 XXDP (DOS-11) file system manipulation program
Java1 anshsvnit/android_volley Volley REST API android practice
Java1 KaitoHH/ECNULoginService an easy-access to ECNU login database [DO NOT NEED CAPTCHA]
Python1 WindMelon/12306_tickets 12306 train tickets queryer
JavaScript1 moznion/neologd-normalizer-js A normalizer of neologd for JavaScript
Python1 NathanW2/ogrcompare Compare ogr datasets on the command line
HTML1 slateshq/layer-site The layer website
Python1 helium96/NetworkPree Tool to Pree your network for MITM Attacks
C++1 victorlevasseur/unicpp A C++ library providing Unicode friendly classes. **(still in heavy development)**
Java1 roka88/MvpExample MVP Pattern Example
Go1 TamalSaha/client-ip Display Client IP
Objective-C1 chenxuhunoc/TableView_RightIndex 简单易理解TableView右侧滑动索引
JavaScript1 linhaosheng/NodeParse 解析 网站,目的是为会APP开发的程序员使用,请勿用于其他用途,谢谢
JavaScript1 tunnckoCore/resolve-package Resolves a given package if it is installed locally, then tries to resolve it from global. Better approach than require.resolve
Shell1 anarkia1976/AK-Oneplus3-AnyKernel2 Anykernel for Oneplus3
TypeScript1 dan-silver/typewriter-for-vscode Human like code typing for vscode
Objective-C1 cailingyun2010/CYBatchdownload 批量下载图片,音频等文件
C++1 metowolf/CTF CTF (Capture The Flag) writeups, code snippets, notes, scripts
Java1 ruzhan123/RandomGridAnimation this random gird animation demo, let recyclerview random add and remove item and show animation
JavaScript1 zhongxia245/gulp-webpack-scaffold gulp+ webpack 多页面脚手架
PHP1 Web-Wave/ww-migrate-wordpress A custom Drupal 8 module, who provide a solution to import data from Wordpress. When your import is completed, disable the WW Migrate Wordpress module into the Drupal 8 Backend.
HTML1 aic0o/test-page いろいろやってみる
TypeScript1 AshokRajaT/Angular2-SharePoint-SPA SharePoint Online Single Page App With Angular2 and Webpack
Jupyter Notebook1 rouseguy/appliedML Applied Machine Learning using Python
JavaScript1 toddbluhm/env-file-parser A custom env file recursive descent parser
Objective-C1 Sean-LWT/WTCarKeyboard 车牌号自定义键盘输入
JavaScript1 benrondeau/scuba-journal Full-stack app to showcase my development skills, using a hobby I love
JavaScript1 potato47/reversi-online Cocos Creator+Socket.io制作的联机对战黑白棋
Java1 Ligenmt/NettySpringmvc netty4 + springmvc
TypeScript1 mbue/ Small Tyepscript canvas-only iso-rendering engine
Java1 greenfootbr/greenlabs_aula17 Esta é a aula #17 da Série GreenLabs/Greenfoot BR/DFJUG.
C++1 HackRoboy/IK-Arm Working on controlling the arm with IntelRealSense
Java1 Jason-Whiting/VideoGameProject This repository will store all the changes that my friend, Joshua Allen, and I make to our project. This project is a simple Java-based video game we are using to improve our coding skills.
JavaScript1 drish/caesar-cipher A simple caesar cipher implementation (it's useless).
Python1 RussianOtter/Pythonista-Brute-Force Brute Force Script That Can Be Run on Pythonista 3
HTML1 kirinrastogi/WallOfSheep A Wall of Sheep for a WiFi Pineapple, a customized version of DWall
JavaScript1 scallaway/react-boilerplate A working setup including React, React Router and Redux to allow for quick and easy project starting.
JavaScript1 jknee/IXmaps IXmaps
C#1 Putyess/KolayStok V0.000.00001
Swift1 aidos9/my-notes An alternative to the default notes app
PHP1 nash-ye/wp-empty-alt-warning A simple plugin to warn authors when an image with empty alternative text inserted.
Java1 khaldi-yass/Station-de-pompage-Threads- Une simple application utilisant le multi-threading pour gérer une station de pompage (Java Swing)
PHP1 steffenbrem/chosseline Chosseline
PHP1 kamshory/Tag-and-Mention-Editor This editor is useful to create text containing hashtag and mention user.
Go1 rafaeljesus/trace-srv A distributed tracing service for microservices
C1 t4skforce/BSSP Betriebssysteme und Systemprogrammierung
Swift1 zgchurch/ProfileInspector Inspect provisioning profiles from
JavaScript1 HackingNovaYT/RadioActive-alpha This menu is made and designed by HackingNova-
JavaScript1 Bastl34/eBayChangeListener eBayChangeListener is a Node.js eBay "Buy It Now" search result watcher
JavaScript1 MichaelLampe/Prints Minimal tracking javascript library to fully track user sessions.
JavaScript1 Johni0702/mumble-client-websocket Node.js Mumble protocol client library - websocket transport protocol
JavaScript1 Johni0702/mumble-streams Mumble protocol as Node.js-style streams
TypeScript1 fmsouza/mangiare Tider for food match
Go1 verylucky/ccq_api_server ccq_api_server
PHP1 JeremyEnglert/WP-Responsive-Embeds Automatically wrap embedded content from YouTube, Vimeo, Google Maps and other iFrames in a flexible, responsive container to ensure embeds maintain the correct aspect ratio regardless of screen size.
Shell1 radare/radare2-release Releasing is hard
JavaScript1 scotchsoda/cron Meteor usage cron
Ruby1 marians/ Jekyll site for my personal blog
JavaScript1 pawsong/my-20s
Python1 mlghost/funny-repo implementation of some computer science algorithms
Python1 MakerBar/agtech-hackathon 12/11/2016
Python1 ArtOfCode-/quality-machine Bot for detecting low-quality content on using machine learning.
JavaScript1 BayoAdejare/recycleBot Recycling facts
JavaScript1 Kitty-Schultz/snake-game A pf5 js snake clon
Shell1 ConiKost/Prog-Express Batronix Prog-Express Software
Python1 Kraymer/keyriban Terminal dynamic real-time view of pressed keys
C++1 akarpz/Scrabble-bot scrabble player bot, greedy optimizization for high point moves
Go1 robustirc/captchasrv RobustIRC CAPTCHA server
Java1 wangyuan0217/TestGithub 测试项目Github的上传使用
Python1 luzuojin/rssh mac ssh scripts
TypeScript1 woaiso/wst woaiso system
CSS1 clarketm/SortAlgorithms Sorting algorithm visualization using D3
Python1 satishjasthi/Take_a_break A program to help you take short breaks in between work seeions
Python1 morko/haxrooms Room browser for haxball
Perl1 dpavlin/influxdb-pipes pipe command line output to influxdb from shell
JavaScript1 charlieduong94/marko-router Routing for Marko
Java1 greenfootbr/greenlabs_aula18 Esta é a aula #18 da Série GreenLabs/Greenfoot BR/DFJUG.
JavaScript1 LiHuiyuan/2013CUCCS a website for 2013 computer science students based on Laravel and bootstrap. an inner community interaction system on web for our classmates including modules of releasing information, sharing pictures and commenting and so on.
Swift1 dneprDroid/DouTrends-iOS developing in progress...
CSS1 FRC1458/TurtleDashboard SmartDashboard alternative, runs in-browser.
Python1 pyro2927/SouthwestCheckin Python script to checkin to a Southwest Flight
PHP1 nixers-projects/newsletter The source for the newsletter page
Objective-C1 zhonghphuan/ZHCornerRadius 一句话设置图片圆角,高性能,避免离屏渲染,畅享丝滑.imageView.cornerRadius = XXX;
JavaScript1 Johni0702/mumble-client Modular Node.js Mumble protocol client library
JavaScript1 gsantiago/express-rest-api Small example of a RESTful API written in NodeJS
C#1 adhaamehab/Image-Quantaization Algorithms Project
C#1 tatmos/ADX2Cursor ADX2のサウンドをUnityのコライダーで鳴らすサンプル
Haskell1 Kornel/ulam-hs Ulam spiral haskell implementation
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