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语言 Star 名称 描述
JavaScript57 stormtea123/panda 一个字体处理客户端
C48 uptimejp/sql_firewall SQL Firewall Extension for PostgreSQL
Python47 liuxu0315/download_nvshen_so Download images from
Swift42 callmewhy/Uther Chat with the cute alien, help you make a memorandum!
CoffeeScript35 k0kubun/Nocturn YoruFukurou-like Twitter Client built on Electron
Java16 chiuki/friendspell Party icebreaker game based on the Google Nearby API
JavaScript15 johnpapa/angular2quickstart based on
JavaScript14 react-china/forum-frontend React implemented frontend for
CSS14 jackyliang/Material-Design-For-Full-Calendar Material Design CSS theme for FullCalendar Weekly Agenda
R12 hrbrmstr/docxtractr :scissors: Extract Tables from Microsoft Word Documents with R
Java10 spullara/interviewcode At Twitter I often asked a simple question, render a tweet given the text and an unordered list of its entities
Objective-C9 luodezhao/Autolayout_Demo just a test
Objective-C9 antiguab/BALoadingView A UIView that offers several loading animations
Swift8 nsdictionary/TextField-PickerView UITextField+PickerView模式:终结注册类、信息采集类
JavaScript8 sindresorhus/is-port-reachable Check if a local or remote port is reachable
Rust7 alexcrichton/cargo-vendor Cargo subcommand to vendor dependencies
C++7 marbl/Mash Fast genome distance estimation using the MinHash algorithm.
HTML6 PolymerLabs/adaptive-ui-patterns Adaptive UI patterns with Polymer (WIP)
JavaScript6 ihanyang/Absolute-Grid vue.js 版 Absolute Grid
JavaScript6 sindresorhus/is-public-domain Check if a domain is public
Go5 dhamidi/ess Library for building event sourced systems in Go
Swift5 yoavlt/LiquidLoader Loader UI components with liquid animation
Java5 asantibanez/Quota Quota widget for Android
HTML4 ronnywang/301-service 讀取 DNS 的 TXT 設定,直接將網址 301 轉址的服務
PHP4 tkaratug/Codeigniter-GoogleAnalytics-API Google Analytics API with Codeigniter
JavaScript4 substack/ed25519-supercop ed25519 curve operations using a supercop/ref10 implementation
Python4 DeepSpace2/StyleFrame A library that wraps pandas and openpyxl and allows easy styling of dataframes in excel
C++4 tplgy/bonefish C++ WAMP application router that enables building applications from loosely-coupled components.
JavaScript4 mateogianolio/node-pip Import and use python packages in node.
Go4 seiflotfy/litefile A wrapper around os.File to allow partial caching and liter impact on disk
CSS3 linuxchixar/web LinuxChix Argentina Website - Mezzanine!
Java3 android-cjj/NarutoPringting 火影印花
Go3 nathanleclaire/moby Create and modify Docker Machines with YAML
JavaScript3 rwu823/riot-hi-text The highlight text compontent for Riot.js
Java3 lrsousa/leitordepastas Lê estrutura de pastas e monta arquivo html
Objective-C3 shaojiankui/ListSelect-Demo tableview 关联滚动,左侧列表跟随右侧列表滚动
JavaScript3 coleww/tweet-key-formatter :key: web app for formatting yo tweeter keys
ApacheConf3 mlimasolucoes/angulargit Simple web app playing with Git API based on Angular, Grunt and RequireJS
JavaScript3 gyaresu/hackrf-node-stuff Painting radio waves with Node.js & HackRF
Python3 dvdeveloper/Extraer-productos-PCFactory Script para extraer productos por categoría de PCFactory
Go3 moul/ssh2docker :wrench: SSH server that creates a Docker container per connection (chroot++)
C3 EssGeeEich/LuaEditor LUA Integration in QT Creator
Java3 sarapal/HaveUSeenTheLastEpisode HUSTLE
Java3 emikra/vertx-arango-client ArangoDB client library built with vert.x
JavaScript3 DispatchMe/meteor-beanstalk-worker Package for easily running Meteor in AWS Elastic Beanstalk's worker tier
PHP3 mpyw/comphar Pack all composer dependencies into a single phar file.
JavaScript3 hemanth/react-mui-base BaseComponent for react-material-ui
JavaScript2 yourlin/CoderCalendar 码农日历
Java2 southworkscom/azure-sdk-for-media-services-java-samples This repository contains different samples showing how to use the Microsoft Azure Java SDK for Media Services
Go2 shiwano/musta A command-line tool for Mustache template, written in Go.
Objective-C2 shinvou/Dissident True background management and much more.
HTML2 zswang/snake 简易贪吃蛇
Lua2 darkgoldblade01/BeamPro-ComputerCraft-Stats Gives you the ability using computer craft to get your current viewers, followers, and more, all with LUA.
JavaScript2 uiureo/playing Send what you're playing on iTunes to Hipchat
HTML2 masted/miml Минималистичный Мобильный Лейаут
Ruby2 netdistrict/payname-ruby-sdk Ruby SDK for the Payname API
OCaml2 fxfactorial/ocaml-maxminddb OCaml Bindings to libMaxminddb, think Geoip2
PHP2 kartik-v/yii2-ipinfo An IP address information display widget for Yii 2 with country flag and geo position info
Java2 erencelik/adapter-synchronizer This library provides synchronization between adapters.
JavaScript2 efounders/meteor-logentries Override console.log (and others) to send logs to Logentries
Ruby2 hsheth2/opinionate Opinionate - people's opinions on everything
JavaScript2 flow-io/split Transform stream which splits streamed data.
Python2 ladrift/what_pic a web app for telling what a image is
JavaScript2 joshmtucker/SpeechSynth Framer module for Web SpeechSynthesis
Python2 shinespb/vscale api wrapper(python)
CSS2 JRNYZ/Alfa Bikes Vs. Cars
JavaScript2 r1cebank/aas Awesome asset server built in NodeJs
JavaScript2 MaxArt2501/array-observe Array.observe polyfill
C2 mafintosh/rfuse Mount a fuse drive remotely over a network or stdio
Java2 Jasonchenlijian/VolleyAir 对Volley框架的一些接口进行封装,使其更易使用在MVC模式,在大型项目中不同功能的代码能分离、简洁。
Python2 El3ct71k/XSSPosed-releases XSSPosed-releases is tool that extracts latest XSS vulnerabilities published
JavaScript2 victormiguez/podcastr Podcastr is an open source podcast player built with Meteor and Materialize
JavaScript2 Jayin/demo-wx-shake 微信摇一摇功能demo
Java2 kingmacrobo/hihoCoder hihoCoder Soluitons
C2 leiradel/love-libretro A port of the LÖVE game framework to libretro
JavaScript2 khalily/flask-angular-http-auth 用flask 和 angular 实现HTTP Basic Auth
Java2 huyongli/TigerDB 基于Android中原生SDK操作SQLite的封装,大大简化了实体对象与本地数据库间的交互操作,提升App的开发效率
CSS2 ritterw/ web site.
Rust2 drbassett/caveman A Vector Graphics Editor
JavaScript2 developit/decko A collection of the most useful ES7 decorators.
Python2 JudeLee19/Soma06-Search_Mining Webpage
Lua2 ZhaoTianze/A-Star-PathFinder A星寻路算法 for cocos2dx-lua
PureScript2 puffnfresh/purescript-webrtc PureScript WebRTC bindings
Shell2 rfeiner/go-uptime-httpd Uptime httpd service written in Golang
Java2 cubebbox/ViewSpecialEffects 界面特效描述
Java2 quizenglish/quizenglish quizenglish app
C#2 skiddychang/miner Filesize recursive data miner
Java2 cookerwang/MaterialUI MaterialUI动画学习
CSS2 haosourd/haosourd haosourd blog
JavaScript2 juliangamble/simplifying-flux-using-csp-frp Bringing the ideas of core.async in ClojureScript to the JavaScript world
Java2 joshhting/CrowdSim A simulator game in which you must find your way through a crowd.
PHP2 justintadlock/comments-user-column Adds a column to the edit comments screen that displays a comment author's site display name if they were logged in while commenting.
PHP2 Surzhikov/Telegram-Webcam-Home-Guard Telegram Bot for home monitoring (via web-camera)
HTML2 tpoisot/juliaforecologists Introduction to Julia with examples from ecology
Objective-C2 mstg/Mezode cool messages tweak
Python2 JustinMyers/atitd Software to help play A Tale in the Desert.
C++2 CPFL/Autoware Open-source software for urban autonomous driving
JavaScript1 YOwatari/picnic image gathering tool
JavaScript1 Kyoloro/HIM 一个自己设计的app项目
Python1 yoongkang/pip-view Open up Python libraries with your editor!
Go1 sudix/logrus-ltsv-formatter LTSV formatter for logrus.
Go1 tinowell/mix Generic Min & Max functions for Go that accept most number types.
JavaScript1 nourdine/base JavaScript stuff I use all the time
PHP1 josuegrullon/phalcon-eloquent Integration of eloquent in phalcon
Swift1 Sweefties/WatchOS2-NewUI-PickerSequence-Example WatchOS 2 Experiments - New UI Components - Picker Sequence
C#1 maciejbukowski/BankMVC MVC Bank
Shell1 dongjiaqiang/learning_linux_shell_scripts_notes some notes about learning Linux shell scripts
Swift1 Sweefties/WatchOS2-NewUI-PickerList-Example WatchOS 2 Experiments - New UI Components - Picker List
PHP1 wrseward/pikl
Java1 andropenguin/SladMobileRssReader A sample Rss Reader application using Rx Android, Esprsso and RxPresso
Java1 superproxy/sample-test 单元测试和集成测试示例
C#1 superlogical/AssemblyHelper.cs Read an embedded file from an assembly easily
PHP1 SafeCaches/Walkscore-Transit-Score Add WalkScores Transit score to your WordPress site with a simple shortcode. Requires a WalkScore api key
Java1 zaihuishou/Utils Android Common Tools
JavaScript1 carlosascari/BitArray A seamless implementation of a BitArray for Javascript
Ruby1 Moseschan/UITextView-Placeholder
PHP1 jojoe77777/Development This is where I upload code under development!
Objective-C1 hydyy/DDCalendar CustomCalendar
C++1 google/googlemock Automatically exported from
Java1 yezhidong/SimplifyReader SkillCollege开源项目,基本遵守MVP设计模式
JavaScript1 stephenmcd/lime JavaScript framework, predates jQuery
JavaScript1 zimv/zmCanvasCrop canvas实现前端完全剪裁图片并上传base64码
Objective-C1 departed-trailblazer/MCAnimations AnimationTest
JavaScript1 Sonoport/oscillator-envelope Sample code for creating oscillator envelopes
JavaScript1 jumacro/Analytica This is an experiment to use WebRTC to record real time screen actions
Python1 yjwudi/No-More-Queue No-More-Queue is a data processing software. It's used for process the data from the canteen, using regress forecasting and cluster algorithm. In regression forecasting, the software will forecast the income in the next week for every window. In cluster, the software will get the connections between windows.
Java1 unionx/JavaOneZeroOne Java 101
C1 pstenger/Asteroids Recreation of the game asteroids using C
C++1 Eli-Woods/misc Miscellaneous Tools
Go1 subgraph/procsnitch procsnitch is a library of utility functions for performing higher-level operations on data in the Linux /proc filesystem.
Go1 ecto/facelock :lock: lock your mac when you walk away
Python1 stephenmcd/gedit-ftp-browser FTP plugin for Gedit
Python1 stephenmcd/cmdsvr Toy web application server
Python1 KDella/Progetto-Briscola Simulazione del gioco della briscola scritta nel linguaggio di programmazione Python utilizzando il modulo WxPython
Java1 bismoy2013/PlayCreateFind Play Framework Mongodb Morphia Datastore
CSS1 tkvern/autostrap 基于原生JS移动端响应式解决方案
JavaScript1 hannsjohn2007/alphaHackaton optional
Objective-C1 TiYcc/ImageBrower 此demo是一个图片浏览集成模块,支持横竖屏,放大缩小,内存已优化,同时可添加上百上千张图片进行查看。代码简单易懂,封装层次分明。
Objective-C1 moltin/ios-objc-example An Objective-C demo app using the Moltin iOS SDK.
HTML1 youhostindia/CSI hi
Ruby1 pupupopo88/engawa よちよち.rbではじめてgemつくったよ
PHP1 wp-papi/papi-digster-extensions Digster extensions for Papi
Java1 huyongli/TigerFrame Android开发中的常用模块、工具、UI封装,以提高App的开发效率。
CSS1 beatpeep/Frontend-StarterKit Frontend StarterKit
ASP1 stephenmcd/aspchat Classic ASP chat application
Python1 smerkousdavid/Udoo-Library The ultimate Udoo library that allows you to use the linux side as a library, just like a shield for the Sam3x!
Python1 hdnivara/csc705-rop-obfuscator Impact of software obfuscation on ROP exploits
C#1 Catacombs/HelloWorld This is a sample of a repository. You can edit and push if you want.
Java1 cmihran/CivTapper Civilization simulation game for android
Java1 GojaFramework/goja Goja Framework Core
Haskell1 jwvg0425/HaskellStudy HaskellStudy
Java1 divyaupadhyay/guyana-glassware Glassware for uploading videos to Ushahidi and Youtube.
Objective-C1 zhmch0329/MCChartView MCChartView is some different charts used in my project!
Java1 cosmicy/AndroidProgramming AndroidProgramming
Python1 stoneworksolutions/django-redongo Django commands for redongo
Objective-C1 PatrickChow/TouchID TouchID
Java1 xzzpig/MoreRPG 一个minecraft服务器插件
JavaScript1 chozabu/WebViewRS Porting web part of WebScriptRS to RS.6 and QT5
PHP1 edwinbjorlin/gymnasiearbete Gymnasiearbete
C++1 mhmuftee/My_UVA_Solutions The source code of the problems I solved in UVA Online Judge.
Java1 willchyis/FastMosaic fast mosaic
Ruby1 18F/peek-delayed_job take a peek into your Delayed::Job queue
PHP1 sixbyter/perchecker laravel5.1 routes & role & permission
HTML1 terzeron/FeedMakerApplications Applications using FeedMaker
Shell1 igungor/schellar.terminal schellar colorscheme for terminals
JavaScript1 sonatra/sonatra-jquery-ripple A material design ripple effect for jquery
JavaScript1 bogenpirat/remote-torrent-adder A handy Chrome extension to add torrent files to torrent clients
JavaScript1 markgreenall/GTIN-Check-Digit Checks the validity of the check digit in 8, 12, 13, and 14 GTINs
JavaScript1 brunoscopelliti/marvin-demo A simple marvin-js test suite
JavaScript1 raynor85/postcss-media-legacy Simple plugin for PostCSS to copy media queries for browsers which cannot support them, ideal for Mobile First development
JavaScript1 vorpaljs/vorpal-use Establishes live importing of vorpal extensions
Go1 jmervine/readable readable is a simple logger based loosely on the 12 Factor Logs (
Java1 flipper83/calendar-date-picker WIP project
JavaScript1 luglio7/mthemes-layout-elements Wp Plugin - Use Advanced Custom Fields with Site Origin Page Builder
NetLogo1 pratim/Floodpartsim This is a partsim for modeling urban flood and flood water management through flood wall construction. This simulation uses the NetLogo-HubNet platform.
Go1 pavel-v-chernykh/atog A Tour of Go walk-through
JavaScript1 XXIIVV/Paradise-Beholder Paradise Client
PHP1 hijiriworld/intuitive-custom-post-order WordPress Plugin: Intuitive Custom Post Order
Shell1 flusher/videobooth Scripts used to create a videobooth (mirroring effect + audio/video recording) for my wedding. Use Gstreamer and bash. For Logitech C920 (MP4 stream).
Shell1 Datamart/tscp Secure copy files using 'scp' through 'ssh' tunnel.
Java1 fg607/Monkey-MusicPlayer a simple full function music player
JavaScript1 dburles/flow-router-blaze-example Flow Router and Blaze example
C#1 WiredUK/csharp6demo Tiny demo for playing around with C#6. This project is of no use to anyone but me!
Java1 tmdau/DesignPatterns-Java designPatterns-Java
Java1 WZQ1993/wzq_sun My first repositories!
Python1 springzero/Reptile-of-slackers This is a preject though that we study python
Objective-C1 AmberWhiteSky/Quartz-2D Quartz-2D Priastise
Go1 databasex/sql Golang database/sql API with multiResultSet support.
JavaScript1 chinakids/JSDOF 一个 js 实现的多层景深效果
Ruby1 mnussbaumer/ecommerce Internship website
JavaScript1 justmoon/constitute Minimalistic Dependency Injection (DI) for ES6
Shell1 bryantrobbins/docker-jenkins-swarm A Dockerfile for Jenkins Swarm slaves, and supporting scripts; Scripts for Jenkins + Nexus + MongoDB "master" store
Java1 timvisee/BlackBox-Backup BlackBox Backup, the right way. Backing up data as easy as loosing it.
Java1 emikra/vertx-json-http-request Simplifies making client libraries for JSON based REST APIs for vert.x
Lua1 sskoog/NodeMCU-examples Some simple experiments with ESP8266 running NodeMCU and lua, interfacing with sensors and
Java1 pjbrett/amproject Ashley Mansion Email Search Project
JavaScript1 mxstbr/eternalpad One-off, device specific notes —
Objective-C1 derekblair/ILSpringAccordionView An iOS container view for displaying sections in a spring accordion frame based on UIKit dynamics.
C#1 hirokgreen/store-procedure-to-dynamic-C-sharp-Form store procedure to dynamic C# Form programmatically
Python1 packetsled/bro_intel_linter Bro Intel Feed Linter
Go1 moul/test-streams :wrench: CLI utility for testing stdin/stdout/stderr
TeX1 renatovargas/to-die-for Extended Input-Output model to track Human Health Impacts embodied in trade.
Clojure1 kp2222/clj-dashboard project dashboard
C#1 SubtitleEdit/XmlContentTranslator Translate contents of xml tags
JavaScript1 rattrayalex/patient-health-questionnaire Small project for a job interview at a healthcare startup.
HTML1 NSNO-BR/site Site principal
C++1 pacas00/exilemod-Server-mpmissions Mission Files
Shell1 irazasyed/zray-installer Zend Z-Ray Easy Installer for Laravel Homestead
JavaScript1 ojdon/html5-game-development-gulp-workflow A gulp workflow that is optimised for HTML5 Game Developement.
Haskell1 myfreeweb/hs-duktape Haskell bindings for a very compact embedded JavaScript engine
Ruby1 dantemarchi/sorata Treinamento Ruby Rails
Go1 NeowayLabs/logger Go logger
Python1 itdxer/neuralpy NeuralPy is a Python library for Artificial Neural Networks.
JavaScript1 christian-schulze/SquirrelNotes Where squirrels store their nuts...ah...notes.
R1 renatovargas/energy-demographics Environmentally extended Input-Output model for energy demand and demographic change
JavaScript1 Thog/Tenshi Tenshi is a simple, lightweight, open source, easy-to-use IRC Utility bot. written in Node.js
Ruby1 cberesford/wodtracker A simple application to help track workout performance
JavaScript1 taohonggou/MyPhotos a photos website
SQF1 pacas00/exilemod-Server-ExileServer @ExileServer folder
JavaScript1 AugurProject/ethrpc JSON RPC methods for Ethereum
JavaScript1 abhinavrastogi/fluxocket-chat Chat app built using fluxocket
CSS1 ajperalt/ Personal web site
CSS1 recuperarxml/ Site oficial do software RecuperarXML
C#1 Maximus5/gif-animate .Net utility to create animated GIF files
Ruby1 fktan5/Misokaze misosoup
Makefile1 FragmentsOS/fragments :computer: The Fragments OS
Python1 mattdavie/pyREDUCE Python implementation of Piskunov and Valenti's REDUCE (2002) method for spectral reduction.
Shell1 wilsonid/backlightScript bash script to change brightness with i3 and without xbacklight
Java1 ruchirkute/Android-Vehicle-Tracking-and-Safety-Services-Application Vehicle Tracking & Safety Services (VTSS) application is designed to Track Vehicles and provide Safety Services in case of an emergency with single button click. To provide services to locate Hospitals & Garages near your current location. To provide services for sending SMS & Current Location to registered SOS numbers. To provide services for calling Police, Ambulance & Fire Department.
Swift1 xxxAIRINxxx/GooglePlayTransition Custom transition like Google Play Store Android App. written in Swift.
Go1 caneroj1/hush go pkg for reading in config values
Java1 kxingking/box2d-editor Automatically exported from
PHP1 mothepro/MoRouter Generate slim routes through a configuration file
Python1 kaptainkommie/willie-4chan-scraper 4Chan scraper plugin for Willie IRC bot
Arduino1 aramperez/Halloween_Scene_Controller This is the code for my Instructable at
HTML1 callmenick/CSS-Presentation My CSS presentation (demos included), that I gave at Hack Reactor
HTML1 JSdayBR/ O JSday é um evento imersivo focado em Javascript e tudo o que essa linguagem tem a oferecer
Python1 Cheng-H-Y/novel_to_kindle 爬虫抓取小说并推送至kindle
JavaScript1 rodrigopivi/angularComponentStarter Starter project for doing component based development using AngularJS, Gulp Automated Builds, Karma, Jasmine and Protractor.
Java1 ShinigamiJE/katarti Compilador ITCG
JavaScript1 MarlonFan/image-robot 我的一个学习爬虫
Go1 spenczar/tdigest A go implementation of the t-digest for streaming quantiles
JavaScript1 ljlon/lbs-sign 基于lbs的签到工具,包括Server服务和Android客户端
HTML1 yydxlv/Machine-Learning-Algorithm Machine learning in action
Objective-C1 nobre84/UIImage-OverrideableXCAssets UIImage category to allow loading different assets from multiple targets by adding a prefix.
JavaScript1 PaicHyperionDev/hexo-generator-search the plugin to generate the site's search data
JavaScript1 AndrewHuffman/Hue Philips Hue Light Controller written in NodeJS
CSS1 alddelete/tsder welcome to TangShan Der floor
JavaScript1 rtroncoso/sails-admin-boilerplate A Sails.js boilerplate for angular admin panels with token based auth out of the box
Python1 ludia/awstools Manage infrastructures on AWS
JavaScript1 vivaxy/usage-tracker node usage tracker
Shell1 vicklin/shell-stock 在Linux shell 终端下看股票。
Shell1 fmoliveira/lsb-release-upstream Manually detecting upstream Linux distros for shell scripting.
JavaScript1 stylemistake/warsow-dumb-timer An item timer for Warsow
HTML1 yefengs/code-library some collect code..
C++1 JinweiClarkChao/DCP Dark Channel Prior
Java1 Halo-CHN/HelloGradle HelloWorld For AndroidStudio
Objective-C1 tl1990ah/AnBao 关于安防系统的手机App
Shell1 dokku/dokku-mongo-plugin BETA: a mongo plugin for dokku
Shell1 dokku/dokku-rethinkdb-plugin BETA: a rethinkdb plugin for dokku
Java1 KuenzWin/EfficientAdapter 高效适配器
JavaScript1 kriskowal/gol Game of Life Demo
JavaScript1 omphalos/minilint a fast and small linter
JavaScript1 Qix-/node-emplace Emplace objects and arrays - pointer to pointer style!
JavaScript1 mindlesscrowdstudio/andamios_asetec Andamios
Go1 gayanhewa/Go-Docker-Container Go RESTful API with Dockerfile for deployments
Java1 wangyao5/android-application-plug-ins-frame-work Automatically exported from
JavaScript1 qiu8310/style-manager Manage style, add/replace/delete rules, support media.
Java1 sad-tekina/Selfie-Charades Selfie Charades app
Python1 stephenmcd/readertray Cross platform desktop notifications for RSS
Python1 stephenmcd/slbuddy Tool for tracking sales data in
Python1 stephenmcd/devobot Bot framework for
JavaScript1 jstransformers/jstransformer-engine Engine support for JSTransformers.
Forth1 BlameTroi/ForthBookBurnap Working through a book on Forth by Steve Burnap, getting used to using git at the same time
Shell1 htfy96/cppreference-devhelp the source of cppreference for devhelp on Arch Linux
Dart1 mbullington/node_preamble.dart Better node.js preamble for dart2js, use it in your build system.
JavaScript1 pallyoung/http a
Shell1 heavenlyhash/repeat-ipfs Formula for repeatable ipfs builds.
R1 mfoll/NGS_data_test Sample Next Generation Sequencing data to test bioinformatics pipeline
Scala1 BaiduBMR/baidu-bmr-samples-scala baidu-bmr-samples-scala
JavaScript1 AugurProject/augur-contracts Augur contract addresses
PHP1 damonjones/hangman An API-driven Hangman game
JavaScript1 tomorinao/ 友利奈緒スロット
JavaScript1 juliangamble/rethinking-flux Bringing the ideas from ClojureScript and Om to the JavaScript world.
JavaScript1 nonumber1989/gryphoncrawler This is a little crawler written by node
JavaScript1 co3moz/experimental.js Yet another experimental work for javascript.
Ruby1 chrisjh/heroku-shields SVG Heroku status badges
Java1 eroispaziali/ForceFlow A simple library to automate build and deployment-related tasks on the platform.
C++1 Linzecong/Hexagon-Data-structure Simple weighted Hexagon (Cellular topology) Data structure base on double dimensional array. 一个基于二维数组的六边形(蜂窝拓扑)数据结构。
Python1 tomascarvalho/pgtune-script-windows Pgtune Script for Windows
Go1 aphistic/golf Client library for Graylog Extended Log Format (GELF) servers written in Go
Java1 jawensi/DEMto3D Extensión SIG para impresión 3D de MDE
JavaScript1 ryanve/skate JavaScript app state manager
Java1 ryellbarsky/PopularMovies Udacity Android Nanodegree Project 1 - Popular Movies
C++1 pokelege/AniCardLib_Source AniCardLib C++ and GLSL source code only.
C++1 pokelege/PokEngine_Source Source code of my game engine developed at Neumont University
C++1 pokelege/DogeBall_Source C++ and GLSL Source Code for DogeBall
JavaScript1 Lapple/qozon Universal web application framework based on React and descript
JavaScript1 DDDominik/nodejs-firsttry 用node创建一个http服务器
CSS1 amirci/SuaveDotNet User group website implemented using
Common Lisp1 robert-dodier/maxima-jupyter A Maxima kernel for Jupyter, based on CL-Jupyter (Common Lisp kernel)
CSS1 HGMFrance/ Website repo
Python1 hughsie/python-cabarchive A pure-python library for creating and extracting cab files
Python1 kaptainkommie/willie-xdcc-indexer XDCC indexing plugin for Willie IRC bot
Swift1 Sweefties/WatchOS2-NewUI-PickerStack-Example WatchOS 2 Experiments - New UI Components - Picker Stack
Go1 moul/gotty-client :wrench: GoTTY client for your terminal
HTML1 ilovecode1/Cosmic_Email_Server A simple script to login to your Cpanel email account easily
Shell1 koron/guilt clone of
PHP1 igogo5yo/yii2-seo-link-pager Yii2 link pager with SEO optimization
C++1 Linzecong/2048 A very simple game with simple functions ------- 2048 ( Qt version )
Java1 MOCraftStudio/MOCraftLauncher Custom MOCraft Launcher which support vanilla MojangAB account.
JavaScript1 AngelicaAlessandra/projeto_web Desenvolvimento do projeto 2 ufsm
Shell1 mrtazz/leoric Project initialization from skeleton files
Python1 mgoettsche/QuandlSync Keep up-to-date copies of Quandl collections
PHP1 Dev2Choiz/soustitre Site Symfony pour traduire des sous-titres srt d'une langue à une autre
C#1 jpcsupplies/Economy_mod Basic Economy System for Space Engineers
Slash1 glambeth/Ether-Vault Keep your ether safe for n blocks
JavaScript1 arisAlexis/node-es6-promises-neo4j Sample project using Neo4j and latest es6 features
Objective-C1 relatedcode/SMSLoginChat SMSLoginChat
Java1 escalanteaj/TemperatureConversion My second JAVA project. Here I created a Temperature Conversion application. It works from C to F, and vice versa.
PHP1 duckmin/blogcms-FAST The fastest version of blogcms designed for speed
C++1 Natshah/Natshah-Crawler Natshah Crawler
CSS1 hugotorres/phonegap-diana phonegap test for diana´s app
JavaScript1 theilgaard/SirRaspy NodeJS IRC Bot
Swift1 Lorenzo45/Occupato-OSX Status bar icon for Occupato with opt-in notifications for when a room becomes available.
Python1 galinngeorgiev/ACE code referenced in "Towards universal neural nets: Gibbs machines and ACE", Galin Georgiev, GammaDynamics, LLC, 2015.
C1 madig/freetype2 Copy of the official freetype2.git for personal development
CSS1 moltin/field-guide Moltin company field guide
Java1 Hartrik/Sand-Game-2 Falling-sand game written in JavaFX
C#1 Penguiinn/Invoice-Maker-Alpha-0.01 Program with which will be making invoices fun!
Python1 mollstam/UnrealPy Messing around with Unreal Engine <--> Python integration
Python1 CallejonDelCuatro/PyFutsalSim Simulador de partidos de Futbol Sala para creación de ligas virtuales
JavaScript1 michael-martin/react-gulp-boilerplate Boilerplate to develop React apps with hot reloads, ES6, PostCSS, ESLint and Browsersync.
C#1 ivanebel/ClienteCorreo A C#-based Email client
Erlang1 wooga/wes_lock_locker Locker Registry Module for Wooga Event System
JavaScript1 nicholaspsmith/Workout-Reminder A mobile app built with Meteor who's function is to remind me to eat and workout.
JavaScript1 threepointone/react-timing timing as a component
Haskell1 rhwlo/haskell-scripts Various Haskell scripts that I’ve worked on in my free time.
Java1 rsleonardo/leitordepastas ler estrutura de pastas e montar estrutura html
JavaScript1 patrickds/chat chat application in node.js
Python1 phoemur/apache_calculator (Portuguese) Este pequeno programa escrito em python3 serve para calcular o score APACHE II ("Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation II") que utilizado para estratificar o prognóstico de pacientes admitidos em UTI. Possui GUI em Tkinter, banco de dados sqlite3 e importa e exporta formato XML para compatibilidade.,
JavaScript1 guigeekz/youtubeMe YoutubeMe is an integrated YouTube player for search and listen music on a popup or any tab on google chrome
Rust1 droundy/arrayref Two macros for taking array references in rust.
JavaScript1 quocnguyen/covannan covannan is dead simple constructor injection that know how to load dependencies for you.
Rust1 rustyrazorblade/cql_parser CQL Parser written in Rust.
Ruby1 Movarrin/MarvelBios Final Project App using RVM, RAILS as an API and the Marvel API.
Python1 internaphosting/fake-switches A pluggable switch/router command-line simulator
Java1 owenmike/dp-px-converter dp convert to px, px convert dp
Java1 Andrew-Quebe/Linode-Concept [NOT COMPLETE] A materialized, updated demo version of the Linode Manager Android App.
Crystal1 lucastorri/view-logs a silly webserver to return log files in crystal
PowerShell1 lurock/git-powershell-prompt Provides add/edit/delete count and current branch via your Powershell command prompt.
HTML1 pconrad/flask-practice-web-app Practice Web App using Flask, simple three pages structure (main page, two sub pages)
CoffeeScript1 princejwesley/atom-ng-attr-hint Atom package for ng-attr-hint (A static lint tool for angular ng directives).
C1 FragmentsOS/effel :minidisc: The effel microkernel
JavaScript1 GYF1/coin A game which falling coins
Shell1 yuvraj6/Wordpress-Plugins-Updater You can update your wordpress website in just one click
Ruby1 testdouble/forewarn Configure method invocation warnings for deprecated or dangerous methods (e.g. mutable methods in default-frozen String literals in Ruby 3)
Python1 wklken/py-patterns 设计模式的python实现
Go1 naoty/git-contrib Show contributors for speficied files
Matlab1 josephgreer/ultrasteer Needle Steering Software from Stanford University CHARM Lab
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