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语言 Star 名称 描述
Python96 mengskysama/BurstLink Fake multi connection proxy based on Twisted
JavaScript54 vvo/gifify Convert any video file to an optimized animated GIF.
JavaScript34 thoughtram/es6-6to5-browserify-boilerplate An opinionated boilerplate that uses 6to5 to allow for es6 features and uses browserify for file bundleing
Swift25 Carthage/Commandant Type-safe command line argument handling
Ruby20 rkh/hansi Your Hipster ANSI color library.
JavaScript17 janmonschke/Web-Audio-Editor A web-based audio editor which allows you to create songs from your browser in collaboration with your band members/friends.
Python10 stripe/topmodel Standard evaluations for binary classifiers so you don't have to
Objective-C8 BalestraPatrick/AppleWatchCalculator A calculator for your Apple Watch but only if you have fingers small enough to press the buttons.
JavaScript7 kevva/credit-card-regex Regular expression for matching credit card numbers
Objective-C7 jblocksom/WristComms WatchKit extension / host app communications example
VimL6 ryanoasis/vim-webdevicons vim web developer filetype font unicode icons for NERDTree and vim-airline
CSS5 jakecleary/elf-scss The official port of the Elf grid system to Scss.
JavaScript4 rlidwka/remarkable-regexp make simple remarkable plugins easier
Java4 PoplarTang/DragGooView A wonderful feature to clear the unread reminder
F#3 BSLang/BS Implementation of the BS language as created by Mark Rendle at 2014
Shell3 theMikeD/wp-base-tools My tools to create fresh git-ified WP installs
Haxe3 MSGhero/haxe-things Miscellaneous Haxe stuff I make that might be useful
CSS3 melnik909/Free-responsive-framework I developed most often meeting elements of design and I adapted them under mobile devices. All components of library conform to the W3C standard. Components don't depend from each other. All animations of components are made by means of CSS 3 that removes dependence on js-library. One of advantages of a framework is a minimalist in a code. The second advantage is a fast start and convenience of use.
C3 MiCode/mi1_kernel Kernel source code for MI 1/MI 1S series
Python3 khwilson/pydata2014 Materials for PyData2014
Java3 Frank-Zhu/AppCodeArchitecture 安卓APP代码架构,包含比较常用的开源库使用
JavaScript3 DanyHunter/progress-wizard-example This is an ember-cli app example that shows a progress bar which state is persisted between routes
JavaScript3 ericdouglas/angular-scope-inheritance Testing some concepts of AngularJS Scope Inheritance
Lua2 C1ffisme/minetest-chemistry_mod A chemistry mod for minetest.
2 Baidu-ecom/jprotobuf-rpc-common Common base library for RPC implementation usage.
Objective-C2 radioboo/ImageWatch WatchKit Sample
Python2 deavmi/libdogechain A's API wrapper.
PHP2 rubenm77/Proyectos SecurePay
Python2 deavmi/libblockchain A's API wrapper
2 bryangarza/sage share the best of the web, once a day.
JavaScript2 mesour/jQuery.niceCodeLines jQuery code lines. Plugin can generate the URL link with hash for sharing specific line / lines. JavaScript, JS, jQuery plugin.
PHP2 kuilcinta/api-key-themes Generate API Data for activite key
Go2 zemirco/follow Go client for CouchDB _changes API
C++2 pmedia/3ds-tetris 3DS Homebrew Tetris Game
CSS2 philwinkle/magename Magento-based business name generator
Java2 dipendrapkrl/smartStart This is an application that should be placed in the startup of the system. Configure this application by going to to suit your need. It will help you set up a list of programs that should be started depending on whether it is office time or home time (or neither [only applicable during holidays]).
Python2 sogeti-esec-lab/HomePlugPWN HomePlugAV tools to test PLC (in)security
JavaScript2 mikolalysenko/convex-hull Any dimensional convex hull
JavaScript2 webONES/barraladoscript Lenguaje script para BARRALADEAR
PHP2 QuadCMS/reAuthentication Authentication and password hashing made simple.
D2 Chapien/DiscordEngine An open source game engine written in the D Programming Language.
Objective-C2 jeremygrenier/JGLinkedStoryboard Makes transitioning between multiple storyboards easy.
Python2 Arti3DPlayer/django_project_template-1.7 To use run: startproject --template --extension py,md,gitignore yourprojectname
Python2 Mnw2212/VIT-rename A script that renames all the files downloaded from the VIT student course page
2 elenatorro/Introduccion-a-la-programacion Una introducción a la programación basada en ejemplos.
JavaScript2 sagiegurari/node-spider-script Run spider script files as javascript modules in NodeJS.
C#2 TheHowl/.qud Quad programming language, in c#. because php sucks.
PHP2 mongosoft/yii2-upload-behavior File/image upload behavior for Yii 2
2 youralien/do-rnn a repo to learn about recurrent neural nets
C#2 toeb/CTestTestAdapter A Test Adapter for VisualStudio to run CTest tests
CSS2 Wopaz/ Official GitHub
Objective-C2 trishume/ Mjolnir Module for Window Hints
JavaScript2 simonswain/jsconfasia2014 Deep Space talk from JSConfAsia2014
Python1 yhilpisch/dx DX Analytics
1 Apk-Developers/Welcome Welcome to Apk Developers Inc Website , we will help you as we can , thanks for chose us . Have nice time ...
PHP1 EmperorD6/OSPMS OSPMS Project
Python1 robchambers/nbserve Runs, exports, and then serves iPython notebooks as read-only web pages as a WSGI app or a standalone server.
JavaScript1 trillioneyes/serpent A Snake clone in Idris
R1 ropensci/rerdddap R client for working with ERDDAP servers
Ruby1 meta-ex/sonic-pi Live Coding with Sonic Pi
OCaml1 hammer/ogh Using GitHub from OCaml
Python1 jabbalaci/wpython With wpython you can launch scripts residing in virtual environments without the need of activating the venv.
Java1 Shevchik/AnimatedPing Animated ping
Shell1 Gizra/todo_restful Adaptation of TodoMVC Angular to work with Drupal RESTful backend
JavaScript1 jetpacktuxedo/SJWFixer My first chrome extension!
JavaScript1 Sammons/butterbot he's buttery, he's delish, and he's smarter than your average stick of lard.
Python1 oskar-j/kdn-pal Kdnuggets pure console reader
JavaScript1 lambtron/yofounders Get the founders information.
JavaScript1 isuttell/grunt-flow-type-check Grunt task to run Flow type checking
JavaScript1 Dervisevic/WatchTrafik A Pebble application for displaying real time Västtrafik stop information via GPS.
PHP1 8BytesTooShort/4chan-Tripcode-Tester A script that will display tripcodes
1 FinalLegends/EWA Electronic Weather Alerts
CSS1 evernote/jquery-form-validation A jQuery form validation plugin that makes it easy to add validation to existing forms. Error messages are fully customizable and translated in 22 languages.
Ruby1 dlai0001/techweekla-hackathon-prj Dog adoption app for LA TechWeek hackathon
JavaScript1 ALSephirot/MallTopicApp MallTopicServiceApp
C++1 ucfroboticsclub/ucf_robotics Robotics Club at UCF code repo
CSS1 kneekey23/Two-Birds Chores app
JavaScript1 anshaik/anonnyq Dallas Startup Weekend 2014
PHP1 zacwellmer/HereForFreeFood we came here for free food
Clojure1 rdsr/webhdfs-clj Clojure client for Hadoop WebHDFS Rest API. Extremely lightweight. No Hadoop deps. Works with a secure cluster too.
Haxe1 imsky/docker-haxe Haxe for Docker.
CSS1 YoHackathon/MarkoYolo Use Yonar™ to play Marco Polo with your friends!
JavaScript1 AdaptiveGroup/meteor-yandex-map (AngularJS directive to work with Yandex maps) re-packaged for meteorjs
Ruby1 katharinechen/sims Inventory System
1 svgame/parkour parkour game for cococ2d-x 3.x
1 brewsterl/RealOT-8.6-OTX Real Tibia Servidor version 8.6 a base de OTX Server
1 ymir-kr/dummy for test only
JavaScript1 felipenmoura/ES6xec Execute ES6 features and syntax to learn, test and practice them, and also compare them to ES5
JavaScript1 mikolalysenko/affine-hull Computes the affine hull of a point set
1 yshnav/VEDAMS Vedams Shopping cart
1 9860276352/minor-project my first github tutorial
JavaScript1 tw-preschool/letusgo-team-c Let us go application for team C
1 vzheng56/Assetbundle_Unity3D A Demo for Assetbundle in Unity3D for Dynamic load resources
Python1 bonhamcarter/python Codes for python
PHP1 Ozumas7/plataformaLoL Un proyecto que he hecho para hacer un sistema para la plataforma League of legends de Forocoches con todos los Usuarios accedinedo a la API de Riot y manteniendo actualizado datos ademas de unir cuentas de forocoches y maestria mediante comprobación.
1 aja54/CarBuddy Database Project
Python1 deavmi/lib-blockchain-btc-address-gen A library for generating Bitcoin Public and Private keys in unison using 's wallet generator.
Java1 nithril/rabbitmq-management-java-client A Java client for RabbitMQ Management API
1 aoshizhang/python-code pythoon code for python核心编程
Java1 zouhuibo/zf zouhuibo's framework
CSS1 gere0018/isha-kriya meditation tutorial jquery mobile
JavaScript1 i5ting/node-upload-practice node-upload-practice
JavaScript1 DeccanAjay/EmailAllOpenTabs Chrome Email all open tabs via Gmail, Single Click
1 tahtalikoy/tahtalikoy Tahtalı Köy | HTML5 Multiplayer Mafia Game
Pascal1 ymofen/delphi-framework-MyBean MyBean轻量级配置框架,插件交流群: 205486036
Shell1 jebwizoscar/flaperon-server flaperon-server
Java1 komiya-atsushi/dbflute-fes-2014-demo DBFlute フェス 2014 ( ) の発表で利用したデモプログラム
Dart1 karan/dart-hn A very basic HN client in Dart.
Processing1 DJtized/digimediacw2 GitHub Repo for Coursework 2: Platformer Game
JavaScript1 geojacobm6/angular-dropbox-box-picker A simple and cool angular directive which interacts with box and dropbox file pickers
JavaScript1 alexanderGugel/kiss-angular-seed promoting bad practices in software engineering
JavaScript1 Phisherman/numbertoword.js Converts numbers to words (german only)
JavaScript1 TARHiS/kilomitta Matkakululaskuri
Ruby1 Risoluto/Risoluto-DevelopmentSupport Risolutoの開発を行う人のための資材や情報をまとめています
Shell1 magnu5/el7 Packages that are not readily available in epel or elrepo for el7
CSS1 smileyninja/ My Github Website
C++1 lolxdfly/RTS The target is to create a new RTS, which should be something like Age of Empires 4 and Empire Earth.
JavaScript1 dominikmatt/trackingJS A simple google Analytics Tracking Plugin
Python1 ip4368/ XBMC/Kodi Addon for HKTV, just works in Hong Kong
PHP1 CoreProc/globelabs-api-php A PHP library for consuming Globe Labs API - brought to you by Coreproc
Crystal1 scidom/ Workspace for Saving Temporary Crystal Code During Development
Java1 yonkishum/Module_Pokedex Modulo, usado para el Pokebreeding de Dylan Trujillo
JavaScript1 CurtisSV/JS-Index Project for CS473
CSS1 gobitcoinio/ - Main Website
PHP1 scholtz/ratchet-frontend Frontend for ratchet socket
Shell1 sheepkiller/presto-marathon-docker On demand presto cluster with mesos, marathon and docker.
Objective-C1 OpenStreetMap-Monitoring/iOsMo Client for iOsMo
PHP1 nanproj/nanas nanas is a assembler with a clean syntax.
JavaScript1 Cellule/biciklo-db-migration Scripts to migrate biciklo database from mongodb to mysql in MyKoop
JavaScript1 ivanzhangsolutions/spookyfy Makes sound
OCaml1 batzilo/pazcalc Pazcal Compiler
JavaScript1 tunnckoCore/code-comments-regex WIP - Regex for BLOCK and LINE code comments
C#1 Kartoffelshake/TDGame Seminararbeit
Python1 RedRum69/Mini-Projects-Python Python Mini-projects
CSS1 YanshuoH/angular-metroUI Attemption of creating an AngularJs app with Metro UI CSS 2.0
1 BSLang/Foundation Governance, promotation and advancement of the use of BS in computer science
JavaScript1 Dakror/Screeps My Screeps scripts
Visual Basic1 HamzaElgarrab/NSA-1.1 Net Send Alternative (Windows) V1.1
1 maptastik/os-webmap-workshop Repo containing workshop materials for OHURISA Web Mapping Workshop
C#1 rainbee2214/TicTacToe A simple TicTacToe game made with Unity.
PHP1 lalato/derbylisting website
JavaScript1 ptz0n/tictail-themer Build & test your Tictail theme locally.
JavaScript1 peterkhayes/jsheckler Randomly changes your code to make sure your test coverage is good enough.
CSS1 OpenHamilton/CrazySexyCool A waterfall mapper for Hamilton, Ontario (inspired by the hit song by TLC)
Python1 jskDr/a2c_basic_python basic interpreter using python (cmd)
JavaScript1 naholyr/fun-helpers JavaScript library providing some functional helpers, all very Promise-friendly
C#1 nripendra/ is a xspec flavored BDD framework that tries to mimic Gherkin syntax as closely as possible.
JavaScript1 micahstubbs/tpp-map A map of the countries negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreemment
JavaScript1 luciopaiva/tats stat multiple files
CSS1 mrbarbasa/starfox-travel-agency An exercise using Sass
Python1 henchill/encrypted_file_system trusted encrypted file system for MIT 6.858 final project
C++1 woodgern/DCProject Dungeon Crawler Project
TypeScript1 Ravadre/Screeps.Typescript Screeps binding for Typescript
CSS1 das-labor/shop-theme Theme of our Magento instance
JavaScript1 luo4neck/ My Tech Blog
Java1 fkohantorabi/service an example of a REST service layer protected by spring security
CSS1 steve-king/front-end-boilerplate A quick start boilerplate for fully optimised, static front-end builds
Java1 Breakend/echo-laptop This is the laptop client to to connect to echo nodes
Java1 SoftDebugger/webutil It will provides some related tools while developing web project as soon as possible
C#1 ivanpointer/Scheduler Scheduler
Arduino1 Metalab/hackerstacker stacker. stacker. STACKER.
Java1 DragonetMC/Dragonet The universal Minecraft server, supports both MC PC and MC PE clients.
Python1 Tell1/dataset-utils Dataset utilities
JavaScript1 g0v/react-zh-stroker A stroke drawing React component for zh-stroke-data.
CSS1 dxwang/yo-umbrella Yo Bring An Umbrella
Ruby1 obfusk/open_uri_w_redirect_to_https open_uri_w_redirect_to_https - open-uri HTTP to HTTPS redirect support patch
Swift1 airspeedswift/ImmutableSwiftSnake A version of Snake in Swift that prints to the console and tries to avoid mutable variables
Ruby1 jandlint/gitgong_v2 cleaner, meaner, leaner
Objective-C1 gentingharry/MJ MJ
1 openbu/Real-World-Investigation Real-World-Investigation
1 openbu/Graphics-Development Graphics Development
JavaScript1 davidchiles/XEPper A simple node app that retrieves all the capabilities and features of an XMPP stream
1 dupre0891/rest eric dupre stein vice chairman secure bank " bank of america ".
Java1 LightningPig333/Christmas Hohoho...
C++1 Alir3z4/nevis Nevis is only a simple fast text editor, implemented in Qt/C++. -- Currently under development.
PHP1 smalleyes/my-opt one time password
C1 Schlenkerb/360-noscope-MLG-LCS Longest Common Subsequence implementation in C using O(M+N) space
C++1 HackLightly/WatIsCode Our own programming language, created by people that don't really know how to program.
1 finance-sh/taskFlow 任务流程管理工具。含pc,移动端
1 miguelabauhez/practicas practicas de JAVA
1 drewnoakes/metadata-extractor-images Database of images from various digital cameras
1 wongzigii/Effective-Objective-C-2.0-Note Effective-Objective-2.0笔记
C++1 bartromgens/clientserver Light c++ network connection library for json data transfer
JavaScript1 aih/uklegquery xQuery for UK legislation
PHP1 AnTAVR/yii2-app-template yii2-app-template
Shell1 sseefried/docker-build-ghc-android A Dockerfile to build a GHC 7.8.3 ARM cross compiler for Android development
JavaScript1 mikolalysenko/marching-simplex-table Constructs the table entries for the marching simplex method
Perl1 Hohohohoho/Electree Electree application
C#1 Tiago5/LDS_TP Trabalho Prático de LDS
Python1 wizarot/sublime_timestamp Sublime Text 2 plug-in for TimeStamps.
1 drinstech/Ttalk This is my first work in Github
JavaScript1 drewblaisdell/ add latency to's emit event
CoffeeScript1 dorajistyle/blogger-docpad Google blogger to Docpad static blog.
JavaScript1 iwatakeshi/mobile-redirect A simple Express middleware to redirect the mobile user.
Go1 rbrick/go-commons some utilities i tend to use often
PHP1 reyhoun/sass-watcher A PHP Sass compiler for WordPress. It's compatible with ACF 5 plugin and use SCSSPHP to compile Sass Codes
R1 chrisvoncsefalvay/monday-morning-dataviz No longer really a Monday Morning thing, but the name remains...
C++1 stnava/RHODLR Fast dense solver for hierarchically off-diagonal low-rank matrices: Port from C++ by amiraa127
Ruby1 RoxasShadow/Miyuki Miyuki allows you to not miss any episode of anime you're watching
Python1 deavmi/bitterm Bitcoin read-only wallet in the terminal.
Python1 deavmi/dogeterm Dogecoin read-only wallet in the terminal.
PHP1 PHPGames/HALHelper Symfony console componente HAL helper
JavaScript1 theyapps/Tron Javascript tron clone
1 waneck/hxcpp-x-ios iOs cross-compiler support for hxcpp
1 jalbertbowden/va-colleges-universities Colleges and Universities in Virginia; initial dataset for each constists of tuition data. Eventually getting to crime
CSS1 behroozam/ sbmu software user group website
D1 Raiderium/RaiderPhysics A small 3D physics engine in D.
Swift1 XBeg9/iBeaconDemo Demo Project for UA mobile conference
JavaScript1 jonschlinkert/parser-csv CSV parser, compatible with parser-cache.
JavaScript1 transduce/transduce-sequence Convert or combine transducers into ES6 iterables
Swift1 wddwycc/DDynamicButton a series of custom UIButton with dynamic interface
1 EdgarEscobar/MiSitioWeb Mi sitio web desarrollado en HTML5
Scala1 milczarekIT/nexbook Implementation of order book in scala
1 Sitiyok/TW5 template collection, packages, solutions
C1 dhohasaizo/acer_v370_kk source kernel kk 3.4.67 acer v370
C1 didier-barvaux/rohc A library for the RObust Header Compression (ROHC) protocol. It provides an easy and robust way for applications to reduce their bandwidth usage on network links with limited capacity or expensive costs. Headers of network packets are compressed with the ROHC protocol and algorithms.
R1 fabiantheblind/anscombe-quartet-in-cran Plotting Anscombe's quartet in R
JavaScript1 compute-io/dims Computes array dimensions.
JavaScript1 Benolds/processing-art-experiments A collection of experimental art pieces created in Processing.
1 sbrand83/nyple nu wildhacks
JavaScript1 atomic-app/react-svg A react.js svg component for loading svg files into the dom.
Rust1 ferreum/rust-i3ipc Library for i3 Window Manager IPC in rust.
1 StoneCypher/RemarkableGithubEmoji A github emoji plugin for the Remarkable markdown transformer
Go1 codahale/safecookie A Go library which provides simple, strong protection for cookies.
PHP1 mendoframework/logwriter-twitter Twitter Log Writer Component from Mendo Framework
PHP1 stephenwinsor/cultivate A WordPress Theme
PHP1 RaineForest/XMLDemo Demo showing xml result from a database and passing it to a (simple) web app.
CSS1 kixton/ personal Github page
JavaScript1 laomaiweng/screeps Scripts for the Screeps MMO JS game.
JavaScript1 thlorenz/resolve-jit-symbols Resolves symbols for dynamic code generated by a JIT via a map file.
JavaScript1 qixiaobo/sherry for job
C++1 Chuppmirolls/Calculo-triangulo-area Calcular a área do triângulo de forma simples, apenas com númeos inteiros
ASP1 Rushyendher/InteractiveES2 This basic project makes the interaction between the faculty and student is made possible by their college website
PHP1 bencarter78/UserManager A user management package for Laravel 4
Arduino1 hrl7/ArduinoProxy ArduinoとFirefox OSシミュレータをつなぎます
JavaScript1 Robtova/Asteroids_HTML An asteroids game made with HTML, JavaScript and CSS with JQuery
Java1 bmcustodio/javaee-websocket An experiment on Java API for WebSocket + WildFly + Docker
JavaScript1 tfuru/requestone-mobile requestone を スマートフォン向け に移植
JavaScript1 raix/Meteor-include Small prototype
1 jaankoppe/TankidePommitamine RIF14 ; Skriptikeeled veebis; Rühmatöö
CSS1 martinapetrova/MikeTour Tourist website
JavaScript1 abhiklodh/hardorange The simplest node chat now more TANGY!!
1 yplonggit/yplong My Project Code ManageMent.
Ruby1 warmfusion/jenny Supporting tool for generating new vagrant, package and other project types.
CSS1 ideaconsult/ IdeaConsult @ GitHub
JavaScript1 cloudcome/nodejs-community 前端开发者社区
Java1 jmatczak/RSPS Custom RSPS framework for Adrenaline.
CSS1 adrien-gueret/PokeQuizz A Pokemon quizz built with AngularJS using
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