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语言 Star 名称 描述
HTML88 ErickWendel/semana-javascript-expert02 Exemplos de código da segunda semana Javascript Expert - Zoom Clone
Python23 tssandor/gasbar Ethereum Gas Fee for the MacBook Pro touchbar (using BetterTouchTool)
Lua19 tjdevries/astronauta.nvim You now feel at home traveling to the moon
Jupyter Notebook17 fcarazo/introduccion-a-python Curso de Introducción a la Programación en Python - Impartido en TECNUN Universidad de Navarra
JavaScript16 adamzapasnik/prettier-plugin-eex Prettier EEX plugin
JavaScript16 bullhe4d/bigwaterlemon 合成大西瓜源码,破解版
TypeScript15 jonatassales/memed-react Biblioteca React para integração com prescrições médicas da Memed.
Kotlin14 theapache64/gilfoyle A CLI to interactively remove useless apps from your Android device.
Python14 sdushantha/wifi-password Quickly fetch your WiFi password and if needed, generate a QR code of your WiFi to allow phones to easily connect
Rust9 TheBinitGhimire/NtHiM Now, the Host is Mine! - Super Fast Sub-domain Takeover Detection!
Rust9 raftario/wae An async executor based on the Win32 thread pool API
Handlebars9 jonroig/ Finger.Farm Advanced Finger Hosting
Crystal9 HertzDevil/ Crystal compile-time (un)pack macros from Perl / Ruby
JavaScript8 Maksims/mr-Observer An observer is a wrapper over JSON data, that provides an interface to know when data is changed, with a focus on performance and memory efficiency.
JavaScript8 PicchiKevin/wiimote-webhid A Wiimote implementation using WebHID - AKA: Wiimote for the Web
C#8 gulceselim/ReCapDemo Yazılım Geliştirici Kampı 5.Gün 5.Ödevi
C#8 emirozturk1/GameSimulationProject Simülasyon Projesi
JavaScript7 yashinu/discord-register-bot Yashinu Discord Register Bot
JavaScript7 TheeDouglasAM3/pato-quiz-nextjs PatoQuiz é um projeto criado em NextJS que lhe permite desafiar os seus amigos em um quiz para saber quem sabe mais sobre patos. Projeto criado durante a imersão React 2 da Alura.
JavaScript7 aranavtiwari/WA News
JavaScript7 aranavtiwari/aranav portfolio
Swift7 yllan/TaigiHokbu 台語服務
C#6 battlenations336/Battle-Nations This is the GitHub repo for Battle Nations.
JavaScript6 cedowens/JXA-RemoveQuarantine JXA script based on research by Jeff Johnson on leveraging TextEdit to remove quarantine attributes on files. Jeff's original research is here:
TypeScript6 voldikss/coc-just-complete One kind of buffer words completion for (neo)vim
Swift6 drewcrawford/simpreboot accelerate iOS simulator testing
Rust6 devsnek/pio-rs Support crate for Raspberry Pi's PIO architecture.
Python6 maidaly/Arabic_OCR This repo contains Arabic OCR App
Rust6 curlpipe/psi Ψ A minimal, sensible, scripting language for configuring, extending and controlling your application
JavaScript6 mazecodes/damnerror Express your feelings while throwing damn errors!
Shell6 Doomsdayrs/minecraft-launcher-updater A simple script that installs / updates the minecraft launcher
C++6 CacahueteSansSel/leterminal A little UNIX-inspired terminal application for the Numworks Calculator (not using escher).
TypeScript6 pie6k/motionblur Experiment with motion blur website scrolling
Rust5 d3npa/hacking-trix-rust A small collection of programs to do basic things in Rust that may be useful for on-the-fly exploit development
JavaScript5 elwin013/parcel-reporter-static-files-copy ParcelJS v2 plugin to copy static files
Shell5 BlueSkyXN/Cloudflare-Auto-Wall 收集了三种自动化CF开盾脚本
Lua5 Th3Whit3Wolf/one-nvim Atom one theme
Lua5 edubart/nelua-benchmarks Benchmarks for comparing efficiency of Nelua with Lua, LuaJIT and C
R5 toebR/joincheckr R package with functions to get information on left join between 2 data frames
C#5 kun775/iFoundYou 获取弹窗信息,并可以进行结束进程等操作
C5 jacobsebek/jittey A public domain text editor written in C and Win32
PHP5 studiomitte/sendinblue TYPO3 Extension for sendinblue
JavaScript5 RangerMauve/networked-hyperbeedown LevelDB-compatible module for loading p2p databases using hyperbee and hyperswarm
JavaScript5 zeokku/vue-cli-plugin-pug-with-css-modules Vue CLI plugin to add support for pug templates in addition with CSS modules, so you won't have to use $style object, just write the code as usual
PHP5 celaraze/dcat-extension-plus 为 DcatAdmin 提供后台在线修改站点配置的能力。
GLSL5 m4saka/OpenSiv3D-CMake-Template CMakeを使用したOpenSiv3Dのプロジェクトテンプレート(Windows用)
C++5 KeganHollern/Infinity A plugin and extension framework for the Enfusion engine
TypeScript5 SLOE-debug/Rander-Dom-Model 这是一个类似 Vue 类库的项目,使用 TypeScript 开发
C#4 furkanpasaoglu/MyGameProject MyGameProject
Jupyter Notebook4 JamesRandall/Pholly A F# friendly wrapper for Polly providing expressive functional resiience patterns.
Python4 magnon000/project-winter-snowball-fight-afk python script for project winter, afk for in-game currency
Go4 AIOZNetwork/aioz-explorer AIOZ Explorer project contains a web application for the AIOZ explorer
C4 Nicholas1126/frida-fuzzer-aio The Frida based fuzzer all in one
C4 madskjeldgaard/tree-sitter-supercollider SuperCollider grammar for the tree-sitter code parser
JavaScript4 Seia-Soto/medium-limit-bypass A simple chrome extension to bypass medium free reading limit.
Shell4 GMMan/dengo-plug-and-play-chimes-patch Adds the station jingles, musical horns, and limited express passenger announcement jingles back into Densha de Go! Plug & Play
JavaScript4 meokisama/topbarname A small extension to add your Linux username to top right GNOME Shell top panel.
AppleScript4 quackduck/emailspammer Send as many spam emails as you want as fast as you want super easily.
Vue4 mgbq/uni-template 基于uni-app编写的登录模板,request请求封装,全局路由拦截,也可作为项目基础模板使用
TypeScript4 azu/express-lazy-router Lazy loading for express router
XS4 hilmicanguven/eem449FinalProject Rain Detector based on Rain Sensor & Weatherbit API
Go3 yomorun/yomo-flow-ssvm-example Writing a YoMo-flow by SSVM
JavaScript3 coproduto/vachina-do-doria A melhor extensão do Chrome de acordo com um painel de especialistas confiáveis formado apenas por mim
TypeScript3 loadingGabriel/react-quiz Projeto realizado durante a Imersão React, Next.js do Alura
Python3 Spagetik/SPapi API for
JavaScript3 sw-yx/demo-dynamic-svelte-loading dynamic svelte loading demo
C++3 soracom-labs/soracom-mkr-iot-starter-kit Arduino sample code to help you get started using the Soracom IoT Starter Kit!
JavaScript3 Daler99/first-project Responsive Website
JavaScript3 LeonardoT07/aluraquiz-coffee Quiz sobre café para a Imersão Alura Next.js
HTML3 akashyap2013/Complete_HTML_CSS_Blog_Website In this tutorial We are going to learn how to create a complete HTML and CSS Blog and make it responsive.
C#3 kulasumeyye/YazilimKampi Yazılım Kampı Projeleri
C3 keijiro/AprilTagTest An experimental implementation of AprilTag tracker for Unity
JavaScript3 jeffrey-hui/LinkedInfluence-Be-Gone The Double-Spaced Thought-Leader Eradicator
Python3 zekeriyyaa/MaskRCNN-Modanet-Fashion-Segmentation-and-Classification Using modanet fashion dataset, the clothes images were classified under 5 season (summer,winter,spring,autumn,all).
JavaScript3 MonkeDev/API
Dockerfile3 ecJon/M1-MacOS-RVIZ This project can run ROS and RVIZ on MacOS with M1 chip.
MATLAB3 ToKiNoBug/MandelbortSetCalculate-Render 计算和渲染曼德勃罗集的两套程序。
Java3 emoestudio/EmoePower A DIY Buck-Boost Power Supply for Laboratory works and personal use, based on LM5175 and ESP32.
Python3 fan1029/CVE-2020-14883EXP 用于对WebLogic( ; ;; ;进行验证及利用
Python3 dhruv-1108/A-Helpful-Discord-Bot This is a functional discord bot, made with the help of Python.
Python3 Polidea/dag-checks The dag-checks consist of checks that can help you in maintaining your Apache Airflow instance.
Go3 dabuge/gflib goframe 框架第三方常用组件库
C++3 psc-g/musicode A musical ode to musical code
Shell3 alisezisli/ShellScripting101 "Shell Script" kategorisi altında yayınladığım yazılarımdan Bash script örnekleri.
Lua3 robvandenbrink/dns-doh.nse NMAP Scripts for DNS over HTTPS
Python3 wlhbdp/bdp-base 大数据生态解决方案基础平台: 搜索系统、公共系统、任务管理系统、数据binlog采集、基础爬虫系统、数据传输系统、运维告警系统、APM、报表系统
PHP3 devdreamsolution/laravel-donate-system Donate system using Laravel
Rust3 jhgg/smartthings-api-rs it turns the lights on and off. rust api client wrapper for your smart things hub.
TypeScript3 VINTO1819/Busrode 대한민국 버스도착정보 라이브러리
JavaScript3 NikaShamiladze/random-quotes Random quotes with react javascript.
JavaScript3 zduvall/Toilet-Surfing Toilet Surfing, full-stack solo project, react, redux, express
JavaScript3 NikaShamiladze/learn-react-hooks react hooks.
Java3 albae69/learn-animated-react-native learn how to use Animated Api from react-native.
JavaScript3 NikaShamiladze/twitter-login Twitter login clone with reactjs
Jupyter Notebook3 ashishpatel26/Pytorch-Learning This Pytorch Learning Series Contains Basic to Advance tutorials with Simple Explaination
JavaScript3 GuckTubeYT/GTPSControllerWA This app can Control your GTPS Using WhatsApp
Swift3 dai-jing/KDFlexboxKit FlexboxKit is a Swift declarative UI framework supported by CSS flexbox
JavaScript3 saturdayclass/todolist-backend These are the repositories for backend api of todolist app
JavaScript3 jeanrauwers/react-native-bootcamp React Native Bootcamp 2021 (completely free)
HTML2 lxhom/NoRestrictions Avoid YT's new Age Restriction
R2 samuelgallegos/Forecasting-Methods-COVID-19-ARIMA-LSTM Forecasting Methods / COVID-19 / ARIMA / LSTM in R
JavaScript2 jennifertakagi/portfolio-jennifer-takagi Welcome, take a look at my tech journey and some projects that I've done ;)
JavaScript2 zuramai/learn-gsap nothing. solely wanna document my learning result of GSAP
JavaScript2 Force1ess/Chat_System_Front used vue and electron
Jupyter Notebook2 nickdcox/learn-airline-delays Learn Python Data Analytics By Example: Airline Arrival Delays
Java2 AMEKENN/ysbbssign 基于SpringBoot 和 OneBot Mirai(CQHTTP Mirai) 的 原神自动签到机器人,支持用qq发信息登录米游社
Python2 buidl-labs/FA2_with_metadata_template Tezos FA2 token standard template
Jupyter Notebook2 sudharsan13296/Getting-Started-with-Google-BERT Build and train state-of-the-art natural language processing models using BERT
Jupyter Notebook2 jkbren/covid-19-visualizations repository to collect various visualizations I've done during the pandemic
HTML2 reativa/nodejs-plataforma NodeJS para iniciantes
Go2 jonnylangefeld/kubectl-mc Run kubectl commands against multiple clusters at once
Swift2 tienit150198/CustomCollectionviewLayout Example custom CollectionView Layout with alignment left, center, right
Go2 iot-for-all/iotc-go IoT Central CLI built in GO lang using public API
C2 romainlavaldev/VroomVroomRacing Un jeu INCROYABLE par Nathan, Louis et Romain. En partenariat avec Utema
Pascal2 FlierMate/FPLite A light-weight text editor for Free Pascal
HLSL2 JoshuaManton/sif-flappy-bird A Flappy Bird prototype written in my programming language Sif.
Python2 carpentries-incubator/statistics-r-public-health Statistical analysis in R for public health.
Dart2 leech001/SimpleKalman A project to implement a one-dimensional Kalman filter in Dart language
Common Lisp2 death/formgrep Try to find top-level Lisp forms matching an operator regex
HTML2 AmiQuitO/ Personal webpage
JavaScript2 binkovskyi94/Start-webdev-startpack Сборка Gulp4 + webpack с плагинами для разработки Frontend
TypeScript2 vidstack/player Customizable, extensible, accessible and universal media player. Supports HTML5, HLS, Dash, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion...
JavaScript2 mwo/hooklib a wip hooking library for javascript.
HTML2 wadhah101/JEE-demo A demo for JEE project
Shell2 ge0rg/certwatch Cronjob script to check all your services for TLS validation errors and certificate expiration
PHP2 omerfarukbicer0446/database Basit veritabanı işlemleri yapan ve yedekleme alan ufak bir kütüphane
Python2 ShantanuRauthan/Scrapious A Normal Python Links Scraper which scans a website provided and get you a list of all the links found on that page.
Python2 KrisKennaway/ii-pix Convert images to Apple II Double Hi-Res format
JavaScript2 JunaidShamnad/Spotify-Clone Spotify Clone with REACT JS
C2 Oleg-N-Cher/K580Dev XDev subsystem targeted at Soviet computers based on KP580BM80: Apogee BK-01, Vector-06c, Korvet, Microsha, Orion, RK-86, Specialist, etc
Python2 giovanniryanm/war-card-game War (a card game)
JavaScript2 TommyRoy776/Fake-Wechat-message-generator Something for interview
Java2 Nikhilsingh9211/Porject-on-Shopping-Item this project is done by me and me alone
Haxe2 baioc/hxdsp Cross-platform FFT in Haxe - Mirror from
Go2 diamondburned/screenmap Fullscreen borderless image viewer
Java2 AnharBawajiyyah/sending-encryption-message Sending encryption message between alice and bob using AES and RSA
Python2 tinyms-ai/tinyms Easy-to-Use deep learning development toolkit.
HTML2 Shaharafat/stacklearner-homepage Homepage of designed with SCSS.
JavaScript2 ian13456/wfr2021 Walk For Refugees 2021
CSS2 luyuliang1234/NetEase-music 仿造的网易云音乐web版本 计算机专业 实训作业
Python2 wjune211/jd maotai脚本
PHP2 zChrix/ping This plugin allows you to see your ping, via the / ping command
JavaScript2 JavaScript-Universe/Server-Rich_Presence Rich presence for promoting JavaScript Universe.
Dart2 GizmosDev/gizmos_settings_screen A Flutter package for displaying settings screens (or similar screens).
TypeScript2 scoopr/naga-lsp experiment
JavaScript2 ilvarol/DotnetCoreWebAPI .Net Core 3.1 Rest API With Views Example Application
Java2 MrSpy42/SpyPlugin A Simple Minecraft performance server plugin that checks system resources to check if the server can continue running.
Shell2 Muqtxdir/pop-themes snap packaging for pop-gtk-theme and pop-icon-theme
Python2 ZypherIsNotZephyr/xxqg auto
JavaScript2 vitor-kb/narutoquiz-base Um projeto criado com amor durante a Imersão React v2
Python2 BettingIsCool/woc-streamlit Streamlit web app illustrating the performance of the #WisdomOfTheCrowd betting strategy.
Assembly2 moxniso/tmss Full cleaned-up disassembly of Sega Genesis TMSS bootrom
Python2 serycjon/otterplotter-scripts A collection of messy scripts for generating plotter art
Shell2 yezz123/WPA2 penetration testing utilities
TypeScript2 talentlessguy/react-multi-level-nav Multi-level navigation bar component for React
JavaScript2 morevo/javascript-isPrime Several different solves to check for a prime.
Python2 Gaoyongxian666/baidu_submit 百度主动提交小工具exe,普通收录和快速收录,需网站有Sitemap文件,多线程提交,站长可以每天运行一下。
C#2 grokys/FileDialogMvvm Example of showing a file dialog using ReactiveUI interactions
Python2 liuchen18/cubic_spline_python this is a python lib to use cubic spline to fit the given points
C#2 centauruszzz/ComposeWatermelon unity 复刻合成大西瓜
C2 realme-G35/android_kernel_realme_mt6765 Kernel Source for realme C11/C12/C15 | Status : Booting - BETA | Current Version: 4.9.190 | Defconfig : RMX2185_defconfig | Tested Booting on RMX2185_11_A.67 , RMX2185_11_A.75 & RMX2185_11_A.79 too
JavaScript2 TheArmagan/osukeyboardsounds Osu keyboard sounds on your desktop!
Jupyter Notebook2 jph00/jhoward-fm Personal fastpages site
Swift2 ClaesClaes/Arduino-ESP32-BLE-OTA-iOS-SwiftUI Arduino example for iOS, swiftUI BLE OTA on a ESP32
Jsonnet2 wooosh/maid config manager using jsonnet
HTML2 vLX42/fps-react FPS React Detect low framerate and FPSStats
Python2 Ristovski/motosh-fw Reverse engineering the Motorola sensorhub firmware
JavaScript2 ngoue/animeXYZ An animation library that makes a tiny Naruto run across the bottom of your screen every time a new page loads
PHP2 co-cart/cocart-carts-in-session Allows you to view all the carts in session via the WordPress admin.
HTML2 Prathamesh-Thorat/Bootstrap-Club This is a simple format of Bootstrap framework created by Twitter , Bootstrap have many files by using this we can use all at one place and use them offline as much as online.
JavaScript2 bhsd-harry/LLWiki Front End Source Code for LLWiki (
C#2 tuncaygockon/GameDemoHW Homework
C#2 afetaghayeva/Game_Project Game project
HTML2 markmckenna/gl-tutorial A built-up tree of GL code.
Python2 hanjiung/AlgorithmCode 알고리즘 스터디 공간
Rust2 BZFlagCommunity/ Rust version of bzfquery with no external dependencies. It can be used as a library or form the command line.
HCL2 josh9398/local-dev Local kubernetes cluster
JavaScript2 Sangamg145/amazon-clone react web application
JavaScript2 Daler99/Simple-Game This is a simple game made using JS
JavaScript2 saturdayclass/simple-todolist-frontend These are the repositories for the simple todolist app frontend. Create with React
JavaScript2 harsh9935/crispy-invention This is the sample repo for the Automation of the world!
PHP2 cosmicnebula200/HideNameTag A PocketMine-MP plugin to hide your/others nametag
Python2 S-tuberosum/Lorenz-System Using Euler's method to solve and visualize the Lorenz system.
PHP2 zgabievi/laravel-bog-console Bank of Georgia Merchant Console OpenAPI Helper
Vue2 eslachance/vuetestify Just a vue todo list because it's a common hello world!
Java2 MattisKarlsson/Massvaccination Med anledning av Coronavirus pandemi i Sverige, försöker vi skapa ett program som kommer att hjälpa myndigheterna och Sveriges befolkning att se hur lång tid tar för alla personer i landet att vaccineras mot Covid 19. Vi utgår från Sveriges befolkning som kan vaccineras, hur många doser vaccin kommer in i Sverige varje månad och hur många personer per månad kan vårdcentralerna vaccinera. Då kommer vi att ta reda på hur lång tid det tar innan alla i Sverige har vaccinerats.
Python2 ravi4ram/Payload-Fairing This script creates GSLV Mk-III payload fairing contour in 2D with dimensions and a 3D view
Python2 ArtiFeZ/Robo-ArtiFeZ A bot to help with the activities of ArtiFeZ discord server.
PHP2 Mutale85/url-link-extractor-core-php The function in php when implemented, it will extract all links of any given url.
Objective-C2 thucnt93/DragDopHandler DragDopHandler framework
Jupyter Notebook2 rezadilla/DQLab DQLab Projects (academy data science)
Makefile2 AndroidBlobs/device_xiaomi_cattail Dummy device tree for M2006C3MII
JavaScript2 mattheussAL/quiz-star-wars Feito com muito :heart: na Imersão ReactJS v2 da Alura
Elm2 asharman/elm-tailwind-starter Elm + Tailwind Starter project
JavaScript2 Yeasin01/gulpWebP Convert all jpg & png images to WebP format
Python2 lonkey/simple-cryptographic-algorithms Python library for demonstrating the functionality of common cryptographic algorithms.
TypeScript2 hiwynn/wynn-select-receiver Web Elements wynn-select-receiver Source Code.
CSS2 abdulkadirpolat/BMI-Calculator Vücut kitle endeksi hesaplama
JavaScript2 umbrella34/daka ⏰基于node-fetch提交表单,Action定时打卡(微哨)
JavaScript2 SupperSource/crud-db This is an open-source database management system made and managed by members of SupperSource and contributors.
Shell2 surajp/fzf-sfdx Bash script for fuzzy finding Salesforce CLI commands and flags with fzf
C#2 ChoiSG/UuidShellcodeExec PoC for UUID shellcode execution using DInvoke
JavaScript2 darkforest-eth/contracts-starter Starter repo for developing contracts that interact with Dark Forest core contracts.
JavaScript2 matteocao/django-project A Webapp for ML computations
Python2 Nyveon/MCStructureCleaner Modded structure cleaner for minecraft. Removes all references to non-existent structures to allow for clean error logs and chunk saving.
CSS2 matheuspython/new-dragon-ball-quiz creating a dragon ball quiz with javascript
Dart2 rakshitkamboj/bmi-calculator-flutter This is a flutter application which allow users to calculate their Body Mass Index.
Batchfile2 NGLEmp/ps-dxgi-wrapper DXGI wrapper for Photoshop
JavaScript2 YGL1024/persimmonUI_network_music_player 基于RT-thread 柿饼派实现的音乐播放器
HTML1 AjinathGhodake/stomp WebSocket Broadcast - with STOMP
JavaScript1 boy-yan/minVue 这是一个学习Vue响应式的库,纪录学习的过程
Python1 terlahirfakboyy/wpbf Wordpress adlog bruteforce
Java1 eclatfr/ValorantObserverHUD Valorant Observer HUD with Java
JavaScript1 Linker-123/extended-map More functions/methods for a normal map.
Python1 Pervinsr/Python-Uygulamalar Python Dersleri
PHP1 millertchris/cpt-portfolio A custom post type for WordPress to add portfolio pieces to your site!
Python1 TrevorSHurst/Hide-and-seek-game Work in progress Hide and seek game
Python1 yuvam2017/Analog_clock Its simple Analog Clock Use for Wallpaper
Python1 eazimmer/Async-Client-Server Implementation of asynchronous client and server code in Python for a chat program that will operate over TCP sockets. Final project for CSI-235 in April 2019.
Jupyter Notebook1 MaxGRudolph/KarstMod Combination of data-driven pre- and post-processing and physical modelling for karst hydrology
Go1 916542650/Gosword GO实现剑指offer算法
Python1 mxtadmin/xtdate-utils 一个迭代时间处理工具
Python1 yannbouteiller/vgamepad Virtual XBox360 and DualShock4 gamepads in python
JavaScript1 GlowstoneMC/ The Glowstone site
Python1 yair-grinb/OSMPaperReview A repository for analyzing OSM-related publications from the years 2016-2019.
Python1 natenka/tools-online-courses My tools for online courses
HCL1 Flamez97/Terraform-JenkinsApache Install Jenkins Automation Server with Apache for reverse proxy
Objective-C1 LiuYongCoder/GetAllLocalPhoto 获取本地所有图片,进行分类展示,自定义展示样式
JavaScript1 ORick10/Software-Developer-Page A clean, beautiful and responsive portfolio template for Developers!
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