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语言 Star 名称 描述
Kotlin318 JakeWharton/wormhole A time-traveling bytecode rewriter which adds future APIs to android.jar
Python84 Ridter/cve-2020-0688 cve-2020-0688
C#48 blendogames/flotilla Source code of tactical space game Flotilla (2010)
C++33 panagioto/SyscallHide Create a Run registry key with direct system calls. Inspired by @Cneelis's Dumpert and SharpHide.
Rust29 discordapp/dynamic-pool a lock-free, thread-safe, dynamically-sized object pool.
Swift29 ericjjj/dailycode OpenSource LeetCode iOS Client, Swift
Shell24 adi1090x/rofi Rofi Based Custom Applets And Menus.
Python22 Yt1g3r/CVE-2020-0688_EXP CVE-2020-0688_EXP Auto trigger payload & encrypt method
TeX12 SWI-Prolog/tabled-prolog-book Programming in Tabled Prolog by David S Warren
CMake10 jeremyong/mc_ruler Seamless llvm-mca CMake integration
Dhall10 Gabriel439/graph Dhall support for directed graphs with labeled vertices
Rust10 mdx-js/rust mdx, in rust. maybe.
JavaScript10 b-mueller/solfuzz Check for assertion violations on Solidity smart contracts using grey-box fuzzing and symbolic analysis.
Python9 FlameOfIgnis/CtfCryptoTool A tool for automated analysis of ctf type crypto challenges
Python9 KiddoZhu/primer A lightweight toolbox for debugging and benchmarking Python code
TypeScript9 benawad/react-navigation-v5-tutorial Code for React Navigation v5 Tutorial
Rust8 BlueCocoa/webp_server_rs Generate WebP image on-the-fly with Rust!
C++7 Sarath18/ign-rviz RViz developed using Ignition Rendering
Go7 clevergo/log Universal leveled logger interface.
JavaScript6 adyoi/yii2-webapps Version 1.0
Python6 SciresM/nx_secmon_ida_loader IDA Pro loader for the Nintendo Switch secure monitor
PHP6 BaseMax/CoronaVirusDatabase A repository for analyzing references and database of "" website for Corona Virus.
Python6 LKKlein/AI-Insects-Challenge AI识虫练习赛第二名代码分享
C6 maiyao1988/elf-dump-fix Utils use to dump android ELF from memory and do some fix including the ELF section header rebuilding
Shell6 cemkeylan/sysmgr A simplistic system-supervisor
Python6 hackxc/Pyhacker 【Pyhacker】Python安全开发
OCaml6 CraigFe/brands Defunctionalised higher-kinded polymorphism in OCaml.
HTML5 BaseMax/api-webservice-COVID-19 API: Web Service Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), Access to live data of outbreak of novel coronavirus disease 2019 using PHP.
Ruby5 OpenGems/rails_scopy Generate automatically scopes in your model (PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL, etc...)
Swift5 JimLee1996/TrojanX Trojan Client for macOS, ported from ShadowsocksX-NG. Please use it in compliance with laws, regulations and rules.
Go5 clevergo/log-logrus Logger adapter for logrus.
CSS5 ISCNU/scnu-schedule-ical 课表转 ical 日历
Go5 clevergo/log-zap Logger adapter for zap.
Haskell5 Slava/typescript-types-script for the lolz compiler to perform arbitrary computation in TS type system
PHP5 geerlingguy/k8s-pod-rbac-breakout Kubernetes Pod RBAC Breakout
HTML5 faizann24/phishytics-machine-learning-for-phishing Machine Learning for Phishing Website Detection
Java5 DavCuesLop/Ejercicios-174-y-176-de-Aceptaelreto jaja
Jupyter Notebook5 Litaa/scraping_and_analyzing_femaledaily_website This repository contains about scraping code and result of analyzation Femaledaily website
Python4 pengbaolin/SC-GPT Few-shot Natural Language Generation for Task-Oriented Dialog
JavaScript4 WebReflection/udomdiff An essential version of domdiff for µhtml
Java4 kousen/java_latest Samples for Java features from Java 11, 12, 13, and 14
Emacs Lisp4 xuchunyang/el-doctest Run tests inside Emacs Lisp doc string
Kotlin4 jumaallan/SofiaBot A sexual reproductive health bot - open source for learning, and will be published on Google Play :rocket:
JavaScript4 EH1537/LinkedInEndorser "Auto endorse all skillz of your favorite linkedin people"
Python4 qlurkin/PI2C-Courses Codes used in PI2C classroom at ECAM Brussels
HTML4 1-TDSF/aula-links Aula destinada a explicação sobre links, Forks Free
Go4 hrharder/gas-token-exploration Investigations of the gas token ( minting and trading market, via Uniswap.
Shell4 torifat/npms npms is a utility tool powered by fzf for using npm scripts interactively.
CSS4 edwinb/ Idris web site
JavaScript4 trndd/react-element-flying Component that makes your element float on the screen
HTML4 cferdinandi/games Simple vanilla JS game demos.
JavaScript4 xlch88/FuckMCBBS 油猴脚本 | 去你妈的cmbbs | 取消右键屏蔽。| 删除闪图广告。
Ruby4 jusleg/gitgud When things go wrong, you need to gitgud
CSS4 YES-Lee/cov-comment 一个基于web components技术开发的评论插件
C#4 lexonegit/Unity-2D-Raycast-Hit-Detection Unity 2D Raycast Hit Detection
Python4 agentzex/chrome_v80_password_grabber Grab passwords from Chrome > v80 using their new AES encryption
Python4 Whu-wxy/Non-local-U-Nets-2D-block Inplement 2D global aggregation block of Non-local-U-Nets. Written in pytorch.
Go3 Unknow101/GoMap Small Golang port scanner
HTML3 soneway/gdui2 基于vue研发的UI组件库
Java3 SirLYC/AppInject A simple cross-module depences injection library
Python3 yangle15/RANet-pytorch Resolution adaptive network
Jupyter Notebook3 riorafe/Mini-ResNet-using-MNIST_dataset I am using15 layer neural network with ResNet method
Rust3 rochacbruno/rust-dynaconf Rust implementation of Python's dynaconf module - WIP
Rust3 myyrakle/rustywiki rust based wikiwiki engine
TypeScript3 onurkenis/ionic-hms An Ionic sample project with HMS integration
Java3 KamlaXPL/SpectrumPlugin Jeżeli masz propozycję co do zmiany kodu, pisz na discorda: KamlaX#0001
HTML3 oscardhc/Compiler-Spider
CSS3 samikeijonen/uuups-blocked Experimental block based WordPress Theme
Prolog3 nleite-isel/isel-leic-ia-1920verao-LI41D-LI61D Recursos das aulas de Inteligência Artificial - Semestre de Verão 2019/20 - Turma LI41D-LI61D
PHP3 vuthaihoc/smart-resource Resource with remote/local mode
C++3 moebiussurfing/ofxGpuLutCube openFrameworks addon to apply LUT filters from .cube files using a shader
Elixir3 kuon/ex-base24 An encoder/decoder for base24 binary-to-text encoding in Elixir
PHP3 inmemolab/lab-laravel-vue-cli Integracion de Vue Cli en Laravel 6
JavaScript3 ExcitedCodes/SmartChinaDNS Get true dns answer in a smarter way
MATLAB3 DavidLzr/Machine-Learning-Coursera My self-learning of ML course on coursera, taught by Prof Andrew Ng
JavaScript3 jdjnovak/SENG300-Project Group project for SENG300 at UCalgary
TypeScript3 trimblemaps/trimble-maps-js-sdk-angular-sample Trimble MAPS Javascript SDK using vector tiles and WebGL in an Angular app
D3 ilmanzo/gauthenticator a library to compute 2-factor authentication codes (HOTP and TOTP)
C3 StanHash/SkillsLite [WIP] Minimalistic alternative to the FEU Skill System
TypeScript3 lppedd/coronavirus-post-remover A Chrome plugin which removes Coronavirus-related posts from Facebook
Nim3 SeqOne/clinvcf Generate an enhanced VCF files from ClinVar XML Full releases
JavaScript3 manuelgeek/vue_travis_ci A simple CI CD implementation in Vue JS to Travis CI
Lua3 darklordabc/custom_hero_chaos_2 Custom Hero Chaos but better
Python2 GalMaker/PyNovelDoc GalNovel Doc DSL
JavaScript2 ZahraAsgharzadeh/nodejs-telegram-bot This is a telegram bot written in Node-js to handle a super group activity .
Python2 RaenonX/OBS-Streaming-Tool Personal OBS streaming tool. Enables marquee (with paused) effect in OBS.
Shell2 slackjockey/bash_examples A few tutorial Bash scripts.
Go2 inheaden/go-gateway WIP Simple gateway server and eureka client written in go.
C++2 Aethusx/prenis .obj viewer based on OpenGL
C++2 ReyDonovan/LegionLegacy based code Legion Uwow russian server 2017 of the year
Julia2 sandreza/Fruplets.jl Fun Reliable Universal Productive Language for Expression Tree Structure. Archnemesis: Vegetuples
Python2 Shivanshmundra/PDF_Title_Saver Save your pdf files with their corresponding title
JavaScript2 PLoraine/Roc_paper_scissors Exercice tuto FreeCodeCamp
CSS2 mrwweb/wordpress-block-editor-theme-support-starter Starter CSS for Themes Supporting the WordPress Block Editor
Haskell2 robrix/tilec Sometimes when I feel sad I implement a dependently typed lambda calculus.
Python2 battlelove/ScholarSystem Init
HTML2 zhangz5434/RVCore 山东大学计算机组成原理 课程设计实验四
Dart2 GedanMagal/aoc Alcool ou Gasolina!
Python2 zonasw/unet-nested-multiple-classification This repository contains code for a multiple classification image segmentation model based on UNet and UNet++
JavaScript2 Fodorlevente/virtualspice Virtual spice fullstack web application built in (React, Flask, MongoDB)
Shell2 CyberSecurityUP/backup-fu Automatic cloud backup of Kali Linux data
Jupyter Notebook2 cranmer/madminer-tutorial jupyter book for madminer tutorial
Go2 rrylee/go-graceful a golang package for restart your application graceful, support with supervisor, systemd
Python2 bomwo/corona19 서울시 코로나 현황판을 크롤링해 google spreadsheet에 데이터를 저장합니다.
PHP2 hachkingtohach1/GeneratorOreSign One plugin simple for PmmP
Python2 tteeoo/solitaire Solitaire in the terminal with python
TypeScript2 cesalberca/arquitectura-de-la-vue-na Arquitectura de la (Vue)na
Dart2 isso0424/gakkouike 欠課時数に気をつけましょう
TeX2 tudelft3d/geo1004_handouts Handouts for the course GEO1004: 3D modelling of the built environment
Shell2 fishioon/mypac Easy config my phone proxy to my computer
PHP2 move-elevator/requirements-checker This package can show an administrator, which configuration is missing to launch your application.
JavaScript2 nguyenquangv97/Burger-Builder-Project React application - Customize your favorite burger!
C++2 glm233/PAT_basic-level-open-source-code This repository provides all the solutions of code(including C++/Java version),from time to time I will upload onto it,so it is updating
JavaScript2 khalby786/khaleelgibran My officially official website about me!
Swift2 ETCLabs/c-swiftRDM A SwiftPM wrapper around ETC's RDM helper library
JavaScript2 sisense/graphql2rest GraphQL to REST converter: automatically generate a RESTful API from your existing GraphQL API
Python2 jingsongliujing/laoqiaobei 蓝桥杯省赛答案
Shell2 lyq1996/msm8998_offset_voltage test on oneplus 5T
Rust2 jamesbut/bloodhound A basic packet sniffer written in Rust
Swift2 alfianlosari/ImageFilterSwiftUIMac GPUImage2 based image filtering built with SwiftUI for macOS
HTML2 johto89/CORS-Xploit exploiting cors misconfigurations
Python2 naylinkoisgm/OCR this is OCR for PS
Python2 warp-plus/warpy A command-line program to get WARP+ as WireGuard written in python
Go2 unicod3/go-for-data-structures Go implementation of some data structures
Jupyter Notebook2 DavidLzr/Deep-Learning-Coursera My self-learning about Deep Learning on Coursera taught by Prof Andrew Ng
JavaScript2 MSP-Greg/setup-ruby-pkgs Cross platform action for Ruby CI
Python2 Rousan99/Fourier_Epycicle This uses matplotlib, svglib, reportlab, numpy, scipy, ffmpeg, pylab
JavaScript2 Dqhan/DesignPattern JavaScript设计模式
CSS2 mobiosolutions/smart-tool-bootstrap4-html-theme A general purpose landing page created with Bootstrap4 framework
Go2 vacp2p/go-multiprotocol Go implementation for self-describing protocol identifiers
Python2 t-lark/Falcon-Punch force reinstall and remediation of broken Crowdstrike Falcon agents on macOS
Java2 AnastasiaRokka/TicTacToe Sample Servlet tic tac toe
Makefile2 privacycg/js-membranes JS Isolation via Origin Labels and Membranes
Kotlin2 seratch/bolt-kotlin-on-aws-lambda Building Bolt Java (still in beta) apps on AWS Lambda
C2 TrAyZeN/console console is a little C library that allows you to control the console using ANSII escape sequences
Python2 AkDevilHunter/BruteConda A Directory Bruteforcing Tool That Makes Your Life Easier!
Java2 muhammedessa/Androidstudio Androidstudio tutorials
Go2 plexsystems/sandbox-operator A kubernetes operator for creating isolated environments
C#2 samhogan/Minecraft-Unity3D A basic minecraft clone made with unity in 24 hours
HTML2 kbc-web/kbc-web チェケラッチョ
Go2 ofonimefrancis/cachey Thread-safe in-memory cache for go
C++2 Concussion-Studios/tfcs-rebuild Rebuild of TFCS code
JavaScript2 huudangdev/ever-note-react-native react native from quotes app (README tut) & customize Redux.
R2 rsbivand/celebRation20_files Slides and script for celebRation20 keynote, Copenhagen 29/2-20
Kotlin2 ghost1372/Circulars-v9.0 نمایش بخشنامه مناطق مختلف سازمان آموزش و پرورش- نسخه 9
Python2 anycodes/GoServerless 一个部署在Serverless架构上的公众号,使用Python开发
Java2 Nitin1901/Gmail-GUI Send Gmail with subject and text, with GUI in Java.
Go2 tobyxdd/android-ota-payload-extractor A fast & natively cross-platform Android OTA payload extractor written in Go
JavaScript2 themustafaomar/jsvectormap A lightweight Javascript library for creating interactive maps
Kotlin2 guolindev/ScopedStorageDemo A demo to show how scoped storage worked on Android 10 and backward compatible with previous versions.
Python2 slydg/Stock-Quantamental-Investing-Analysis Using Python and Tushare financial database
Java2 AaronLazarusGomes/AaronGomes-Breadth-First-Search-Java This is the implementation of the Breadth First Search (BFS) algorithm. P.S: - this is my own implementation. If you find it confusing feel free to hit me up at
JavaScript2 MuhammadFariMadyan/unit-testing-express-postgres
HTML2 soneway/form-engine form-engine实现表单配置化, 配置可视化
TypeScript2 ws456999/performance-fmp get performance timing
JavaScript2 AIZOOTech/mask-detection-web-demo Face mask deteciton demo, by tensorflow.js
Python2 Si-Huan/XZZ 小智障,一个拓展 CoolQ HttpApi,快速构建命令式 QQ 机器人的框架.
JavaScript2 qcmiao1998/ECNU_Blackboard_helper 华东师范大学大夏学堂 Chrome 插件
Python2 xilidexiao/pornhub-downloader pornhub视频下载器,支持多线程断点续传
HTML2 IronmanJay/DailyFresh 整个项目基于django框架的website,是一个电商项目,功能齐全,用户注册登录缓存放在redis,用户信息商品信息等放于mysql, 使用搜索引擎框架实现搜索功能,增加其他功能,如分页,乐观锁,分布式存储等优化功能,实现接口对接付款评价等功能, 大家可以使用uwsgi作为web服务器使用nginx部署。 温馨提示,下载源码包大体代码不变,但是在settings里面需要修改为您的数据库地址。
Elm2 heig-PRO-b04/elm-frontend An Elm SPA for a live polling application.
JavaScript2 22mahmoud/parcel-transformer-svelte3 Svelte transformer plugin for parcel bundler v2
Python2 brndsk/w0rd-gen this a hacking tool I'ts a wordlist generator based in keywords, without values only numerics, with choice columns (character per keyword).
Dockerfile2 bgsilvait/k8s-fluentd-windows Stream Logs from K8s Windows Pods using Fluentd
Makefile2 ronellchakola/279Final ECET279 Final project
Python2 datapunkz/infrastructure-as-code101 Infrastructure as Code Workshop
Go2 J-guanghua/firm 一个集合实现 微信公众号,企业微信,自建客服系统 (接口整合)(J-guanghua)
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