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语言 Star 名称 描述
Python78 mattdesl/dictionary-of-colour-combinations palettes from A Dictionary of Colour Combinations
GDScript49 GDQuest/godot-shaders Open-source shaders from our Godot shader secrets series
Go38 80at8/gopherdance some dancing gophers in your terminal
Python31 renatoviolin/Semantic-Search Semantic search using Transformers and others
JavaScript28 dashersw/biri A unique, static client ID generator for browser applications
Jupyter Notebook27 rosasalberto/StyleGAN2-TensorFlow-2.x Unofficial implementation of StyleGAN2 using TensorFlow 2.x.
C#24 leechristensen/DotNetDeserializationScanner Scans for .NET Deserialization Bugs in .NET Assemblies
Shell19 ahmetb/serverless-url-redirect Simple click-to-deploy serverless URL redirect service
Go15 erybz/go-grab-xkcd xkcd CLI
TypeScript14 bhouston/three.ts Prototype of a Typescript-based Three.js
Go12 db47h/decimal An arbitrary-precision decimal floating-point arithmetic package for Go
Pascal12 DelphiWorlds/Kastri Cross-platform library for Delphi
Java10 a364176773/easy-tx 一款简单易用的无侵入,无需依赖数据库和服务协调者的分布式事务中间件(大量借鉴Seata以及LCN,在此特别感谢)
Java10 wclausen/work-cli Repo for CLI to streamline workflows with jira + git by combining related actions into a single tool
Rust10 stjepang/fastrand A simple random number generator
Python9 fullonic/brotli_middleware A brotli middleware built using Starlette.
Nim9 zevv/nimcoro Nim coroutine based async "from scratch"
C9 raysan5/rpng A simple and easy-to-use library to manage png chunks
HTML9 shermainelim/Sweets_ShoppingCart_HTML_CSS_JS Created a Shopping Cart HTML Page with HTML, CSS and Javascript.
Python9 HKBU-HPML/ddl-benchmarks ddl-benchmarks: Benchmarks for Distributed Deep Learning
TypeScript8 joe-bell/next-google-fonts A tiny Next.js helper for loading Google Fonts fast and asynchronously ⏩
Python8 elpy1/swurl Tool to provide basic curl-like functionality with IAM authentication and SOCKS support
Python8 Kit4y/Awesome_shiro CVE-2016-4437-Shiro反序列化爆破模块和key,命令执行,反弹shell的脚本
TypeScript8 richg0ld/richg0ld-deno-boilerplate deno 공식 릴리즈 1버전 기준 보일러 플레이트 입니다.
C++8 Phyronnaz/HashDAG Interactively Modifying Compressed Sparse Voxel Representations
Python7 seabasssec/del_my_message Deletes your messages from telegram.
Java7 wangbei98/NJU_SE NJU-SE 考研资料和笔记
Scala7 jdegoes/fp-to-the-min Code for FP to the Min talk at Scala in the City Conference.
Java7 capacitor-community/http Http Plugin for Capacitor (pre-release)
C#7 Helpsypoo/PrimerUnity Tool use for producing Primer YouTube videos
Python7 LeiShi1313/scf-headless-chrome Headless chrome running on tencent serverless cloud function.
JavaScript7 Rocketseat/youtube-masterclass-drag-and-drop-raiz
Python6 wenhuchen/Template-GPT2-Logic2Text The code for Template-GPT-2 Generation Model for Logic2Text Dataset
Rust6 stjepang/concurrent-queue Concurrent multi-producer multi-consumer queue
C6 CCob/SylantStrike Simple EDR implementation to demonstrate bypass
TypeScript6 Matechs-Garage/sic-talk Repository for the Scala in the City talk "Functional Effect Systems to the Rescue"
Python6 SimonShi1994/Princess-connection-farm 国服PCR公主连结 自动农场脚本 基于opencv+UIAutomator
JavaScript6 hackclub/summer-site Website for
CSS6 PaulPCIO/antd-themed-cssvars Replace antd theme colors with css vars
GDScript6 rosspetukhov/12345-number-game 12345 Number Puzzle game using Godot
Vue6 CodingGarden/sproutkit Apps and Components for Twitch Overlays
C++6 akudrinsky/cpp_exam_notes Notes for c++ exam
Python6 shobhit99/probethis find active domains from list of subdomains
Rust6 meme/frida-rust Rust bindings for Frida
Rust6 oxidecomputer/lpc-link2-re Reverse engineering the LPC-Link2 USB interface
Go5 crabkun/crab 一个内网穿透工具,仅需要公网服务器开放一个端口就可以支撑多个用户同时穿透多个端口
TypeScript5 nuxt-contrib/rc9 Read/Write config couldn't be easier!
Python5 abhishekkrthakur/autonlp AutoNLP: AutoML for NLP (WIP)
Shell5 salehmuhaysin/TorDetector This script accept a text file and collect any IP address (based on its format x.x.x.x) and check if it is one of Tor exit nodes
AutoHotkey5 mgzme/desktop-manager-ahk An AutoHotKey script to emulate Linux's hot corners and virtual desktop management bind keys on Windows
JavaScript5 alvarowolfx/twitch-bot-home-assistant My personal Twitch channel bot to interact with my Home Assistant instance
Python5 gamozolabs/aflbench An AFL scaling benchmarking tool
CSS5 Alan-Joker/manger ssm+pagehelper的小demo
HTML5 Cung806/KG_Edit_System 知识图谱编辑系统,可以实现对知识图谱的增删改查,另外构建了专业领域(计算机)领域的知识图谱
C++5 AdfPizarro/ITCC-Sensors Steering weel sensors esp8266
TypeScript5 adamjgrant/permutations A highly configurable complex permutation generator in JavaScript
Python5 pikpikcu/nuubi Nuubi Tools (Scanner, Recon.)
JavaScript5 versatica/mediasoup-sdp-bridge Node.js library to allow integration of SDP based clients with mediasoup
JavaScript5 tomato-cc/wxmap ☀️ 撸一个天气应用+信息查询的 微信小程序
C#5 Roy0309/Img2ColorfulChars Load image and print colorful chars in C# console.
JavaScript4 misenhower/homebridge-unifi-led-control Adds UniFi device LED control to HomeKit via Homebridge
Python4 GDColon/VVVVVV-Pygame A recreation of VVVVVV, made from scratch in Pygame!
Vim script4 ihsanturk/neuron.vim Manage your Zettelkasten notes in {N}Vim.
C4 Flyingmn/f_redis_get_connected Redis长连接
JavaScript4 FaztWeb/javascript-spa-simple A simple SPA web application using Javascript, Webpack and Sass
HTML4 Mirage-AV/CH5-DPad Crestron CH5 Neo style DPad
Shell4 kubernetes-sl/webinar-may-2020 CICD Strategies with Kubernetes (online webinar)
Dockerfile4 sac6120/Docker-kafka Setup of kafka Cluster via Docker and importing of metrics on Grafana by the use of Prometheus and JMX-Exporter
CSS4 jenkinsci/dark-theme Jenkins Dark Theme (Incubated project)
Vue4 aws-samples/fresh-tracks A custom-built serverless application built in Vue.js to demonstrate multiple SaaS integrations into AWS with EventBridge.
Go4 theMagicalKarp/agronomist Agronomist is a Kuberntes pod autoscaler which uses OPA to determine deployment scale.
JavaScript4 phaserjs/phaser-rollup-typescript-template Bare-bones example of how to create a Phaser 4 game using Rollup and TypeScript
JavaScript4 earowang/unlayout Unlayout the layout of HTML widgets
Python4 rafael-rfzorzi/OpenGlacX_Oficinas Open Source Version of GlacX
Swift4 robo-chat/robo-chat Robot Chatting
Dockerfile4 patrick--/ROS-YDLidar-x4-docker Containerized ROS node that communicates with x4 lidar via USB pass though from the docker host
JavaScript4 CarePLUS-ai/CarePLUS Care-plus website:
JavaScript4 easy-progress/easy-progress You can get different progress bars thro to the simple and useful easy-progress module.
Go4 hazcod/intigriti-slack-announce Go bot that publishes new intigriti findings to Slack.
Ruby4 theindianappguy/FlutterRazorpay Integrate Razorpay payment gateway flutter in just 15 minutes
Python4 DiptoChakrabarty/Docker-CheatSheet A CheatSheet for Docker to get you started
Python4 geospatial-jeff/stac-proxy [WIP] v2 of
Dart3 clean-code-dev/animated_splash_screen The easiest way to create your animated splash screen in a fully customizable way.
JavaScript3 near-examples/staking-pool-factory Frontend for the Staking Pool Factory on betanet
Lua3 devSera/lutils A GMod development utility
JavaScript3 repo-phuocdt/eslint-config-phuocdt ESLint shareable config based on JavaScript convention at phuocdt
Python3 microsoft/TrashClassifier A repo for the Lobe ML Trash Classifier project
JavaScript3 tbnritzdoge/memebot a bot to show examples for all endpoints of the dank memer imgen
JavaScript3 thegostep/reflex-bonds One common control system that most people are familiar with is the shower.
JavaScript3 jaromaidukaitis/exercicios_js Exercícios de Javascript realizados durante o Resilia
TypeScript3 the-road-to-deno/deno-example Deno Example
Vue3 AspenLuoQiang/speedy-im 基于uni-app与uni-socket.io的即时通讯项目。
Shell3 adfinis-sygroup/back8sup A simple way to backup your kubernetes resources
CMake3 stilgarpl/idontwanttolearncmake CMake configuration that "just works" for simple projects.
HTML3 Mirage-AV/CH5-Keypad Crestron Neo style keypad in CH5
Jupyter Notebook3 CongZhengithub/Variance-component-analysis Provide some methods(EM, PXEM, MoM) to estimate variance components of the linear model. Explore the correlation between different phenotypes.
Kotlin3 Shourya-singh/Sketch-it A Creative Native-Android-App for Drawing and Sketching on a Canvas.
Java3 a364176773/spring-cloud-demo-easy-tx easy-tx 的演示项目
JavaScript3 UnlimitedBytes/nuxt-auth-example A project to showcase a session authentication flow in nuxt with nuxt-auth
Python3 yzhangcs/crfpar Source code for ACL'20 paper "Efficient Second-Order TreeCRF for Neural Dependency Parsing" and IJCAI'20 paper "Fast and Accurate Neural CRF Constituency Parsing".
HTML3 CrashKoeck/Obnoxious-Twitch-Prime-Reminder Seriously, this is a super obnoxious browser source to use with your streaming software. Use it sparingly.
Vue3 SXX19950910/manifest-design 商品标签设计系统
Lua3 TheBritishBrotherhood/TPRP-BASE-PUBLIC The files for TPRP
HTML3 paula-gomes/exercicios_js Exercicios de javascript realizados no curso de WebDev da RESILIA
Ruby3 gardener/homebrew-tap Provides Gardener tools via Homebrew package
Java3 oleone/ddd-sample-trade 领域建模样例:交易下单
Kotlin3 CammyKamal/Android-Kotlin-Fundamentals This repository contains Android Studio project with Sample Codes integrated from Android Kotlin Fundamentals CodeLabs. This Repo contains all the examples from Android Kotlin Fundamentals CodeLabs. Everyone can fork and use this repo to see outputs of the basic fundamentals defined in the Android Kotlin Fundamentals For Programmers in CodeLabs.
Python3 songxuedd/pocsuite 根据pocsuite框架编写的部分漏洞poc
Go3 googege/collie Batch compress photos, written in GO.
Python3 chandrikadeb7/Girlscript-Twitter-Bot Twitter bot in Python for Girlscript Foundation
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