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语言 Star 名称 描述
PHP72 asantibanez/livewire-charts Neat Livewire Charts for your Laravel projects
Python62 lhwolff15/InsiderTrading Looks up insider trading transactions in a date range
Go47 qiualiang/gof 23 design patterns of GoF
C#27 febucci/unitypackage-custom-hierarchy Unity package to help having a clearer Hierarchy view, organizing everything in a “tree view” and including extra informations like Components Icons and groups/divisors.
Python22 KorigamiK/ultimate-batch-anime-downloader The new and improved version of batch anime downloader. Made a tleast 10x more efficient from the older version.
Shell19 qarmin/Rusty-Linux Simple script to install most basic Rust apps as alternative to default one
C++17 gdbinit/HexRaysDeob Hex-Rays OLLVM Deobfuscator and MicroCode Explorer
Jupyter Notebook14 jiequanz/Mobius_Demo Demonstration for Mobius transformations on images
TypeScript14 graphql-editor/transform-graphql ⚙️ Transformer function to transform GraphQL Directives. Create model CRUD directive for example
Solidity14 keep3r-network/ An incentivized keeper network for anonymous keeper and job registration
C14 lemire/fast_float Fast implementation of the C++ from_chars functions for float and double types
Python12 jayleicn/VideoLanguageFuturePred [EMNLP 2020] What is More Likely to Happen Next? Video-and-Language Future Event Prediction
CSS12 apachecn/quant-learning :books: Quant 教程整理
Java10 sunlong888/Android_QQ_Demo QQ原生登录和分享
Makefile10 nunomaduro/skeleton-c ⚡️ This package provides a wonderful C skeleton to start building your next package idea.
PHP9 asantibanez/livewire-charts-demo Livewire Charts demo app
JavaScript9 th3c0d3br34ker/javascript-notes ⚠ WORK IN PROGRESS ⚠
Lua9 romgrk/nvim-treesitter-context Show code context
JavaScript9 lixiaoming1980/node_pro 这个项目哼牛逼,不信你看看!
TSQL9 gleberof/SQL-telegram-bot MS SQL telegram bot
Python9 SubZer0811/whatsapp-spambot A python sccript to spam a chat on whatsapp!
Python9 ambionics/symfony-exploits Exploits targeting Symfony
Tcl8 AmongUsPlus/among-plus-installer The OFFICIAL installer for the among us plus installation
HTML8 luxiaolan6373/tft_zynp ydzy
Python8 matteyeux/seprom-loader Binary Ninja loader for 64 bits SEPROMs
TypeScript8 rainbow-me/rainbow-token-list it not ready yet
Nim7 Araq/nimrelease Small program for handling the Nim release process.
TypeScript7 EXON-Learn/Learn-TS 꼭꼭감아라
Clojure7 fluree/db Fluree database / query server source
Python7 A-lone-Contributer/Scraping-and-Automation-Projects Scraping and automation projects
JavaScript7 xcatliu/etype Extra types for TypeScript
TypeScript7 samhh/fp-ts-std The missing pseudo-standard library for fp-ts.
TypeScript7 borderless/defer Tiny, type-safe, JavaScript-native `defer` implementation
Swift6 sunshine-qq/moment 微信、朋友圈、九宫格、列表
TypeScript6 rn4n/IdosoHelperForPokemaobrBingo Script de usuário com objetivo de facilitar a vida dos idosos durante os bingos no canal do pokemaobr.
Python6 Media-Smart/vedadet A single stage object detector toolbox based on PyTorch
HTML5 oldgerman/Smoothieboard-10x10-5driver Modified according to Smoothieboard v1.1 5driver, more compact and cost-effective design.
Pascal5 gmurt/ksMailchimp MailChimp interface for Delphi
JavaScript5 AhmedRaja1/Hacktoberfest A Repository to celebrate the real essence of Hacktoberfest, empowering developers, designers & content writers.
JavaScript5 ZYF131/IIPHCI Spring+SpringMVC+MyBatis
Makefile5 strpc/dev_environment Makefile with docker-compose's for development.
C5 skeeto/british-square British Square Engine (Analysis and Perfect AI Player)
Clojure5 fluree/ledger Fluree ledger server source
TypeScript5 glamboyosa/mey A react package that exports hooks for handling the request lifecycle
JavaScript5 pachicodes/deninho-na-selva Super Jogo Radical do GOD Deninho perdido na selva.
PHP5 lamalamaNL/woocommerce-meilisearch MeiliSearch for WooCommerce
Python5 the-25th-Nova/Bili-Bangumi_Hoshino A plugin for Hoshinobot to seek bangumi on Bilibili
JavaScript5 larsroettig/create-pwa-studio-extension Code Generator for Magento PWA Studio extensions
Swift5 zhanggenlove/swiftUI-widget 练习iOS14小组件的一个示例项目
Go5 bbbearxyz/ustc_raft 中科大软院区块链课程(郭燕)的raft的相关信息
C5 KiRist-code/Packet_withC learning how to work Packet in C
Dart5 leoafarias/pub_api_client API Client for Dart Pub
JavaScript5 vu-luong/gatsby-starter-conference Gatsby starter for conference website
Pascal4 gmurt/ksSes Delphi interface for the AWS SES e-mail sending service
Python4 vlomme/OCR-transformer OCR seq2seq resnet+transformer
TypeScript4 lucacasonato/deno_local_file_fetch This polyfills file:// support for `fetch`
JavaScript4 WeirShi/blog-backend 博客后端
Python4 zeng-coder/-Python 我在校园签到Python版本 仅支持湖北理工学院 其他学校没测试
TypeScript4 wmattei/thoughts-infra AWS cdk infra with experimental features
PHP4 BaseMax/GooglePlayWebServiceAPI Tiny script to crawl information of a specific application in the Google play/store base on PHP.
Java4 ktgibson/HelloWorldDirectory A directory of Hello, World in your favorite programming language!
HTML4 nuket/TwitGrid Because TweetDeck is a mess at times.
Kotlin4 sungbin5304/KakaoTalkBotBaseModule 안드로이드 카카오톡 봇 개발 기초 라이브러리
Jupyter Notebook4 RodolfoFerro/python-innovaccion Curso de introducción a Python para el programa de Innovacción Virtual, por parte de Microsoft México.
TypeScript4 johnpapa/ato2020 ato2020
Jupyter Notebook4 tsuirak/skills 技能树
JavaScript4 fregante/setup-git-user GitHub Action that sets the git user and email to enable commiting
C4 pyrmont/persimmon Persistent immutable data structures for Janet
Handlebars4 stefani-scarpari/NLW-3 Projeto Happy
Python4 Treeki/iBlame figure out how much money your iCloud Family members owe you
Jupyter Notebook4 AccuInsight/skcc-accuinsight-examples skcc-accuinsight-examples
Java4 jenly1314/DragPolygonView :star: 一个支持可拖动多边形,可拖动多边形的角改变其形状的任意多边形控件
Go4 blizzy78/twodeeparticles 2D particle system simulator for Go
Java4 enchantedfirefly/Write-A-Program A Repo for collecting all your Write A Program Solutions.
Go3 dungtc/grpc-playground A simple grpc client/server communication example
Python3 thearrival/IsmailScript hello
Python3 ilyas409/deep_neural_net Multilayer neural network
Kotlin3 AmirRezaSobhdel/SimpleSearchEngine a simple search engine based on inverted index and posting lists , written in Kotlin
GDScript3 NeoSpark314/BeepSaber A basic implementation of the Beat Saber VR game mechanic in the Godot Game Engine for Oculus Quest (and other VR headsets)
C++3 vsergeenko777/samp-plugin-raktimefix Плагин для Linux сервера SA-MP 0.3.7-R2, исправляющий потокобезопасность функций RakNet для получения времени
JavaScript3 Ettokun/Dogge-source The official repository off dogge bot.
Go3 rca0/vault-sync CLI tool to synchronize data from vault
HTML3 Erokan/orgun 1129 Örgün İlk Github
C++3 ChristianHeinemann/alien ALiEn is a GPU-based open-source physics engine focused on demands for artificial life computations.
Python3 habilyadigar/speed.test test
JavaScript3 Sanket-Valani/bvm-minor-project-1 This app is a part of an academic project, Computerized system for farmers to increase profit and growth, which is currently under development
Java3 MusaBrt/KCommando Annotation based command handler wrapper for JDA.
CSS3 joaovictornsv/placeholder-animated Input com placeholder animado, cujo funcionamento é semelhante ao login do Google
CSS3 f4ll-py/pokedex A Pokedex in HTML, CSS and JS.
PHP3 Shadow-87/PubG-plugin A PubG plugin for pocketmine server
Dart3 JohannesMilke/bouncing_card_example Create crazy little bouncing cards with the Animator plugin in Flutter.
HTML3 flaviojoliveira/python_IA Inteligência Artificial com Python
C3 blackgeneration/Laravel-Electron-For-MAC-OS Making Laravel desktop application using Electron Js(For MAC OS)
Python3 carolinlawrence/gradient-rollback Code for gradient rollback, which explains predictions of neural matrix factorization models, as for example used for knowledge base completion.
PHP3 SKHPMMPPlugins/AttendanceCheck [Plugin] Player Attendance Reward.
JavaScript3 mateusfg7/nextjs-study my studies about Next.js
Python3 xzwthu/GASNet source code of GASNet.
CSS3 BatLibert/DBT_cyperpunk_theme Databricks dark theme / AKA / cypeRPunk
HTML3 imliubo/Tiny-Hi3861 Tiny-Hi3861是目前最小的一款支持鸿蒙OS的开发板(虽然目前芯片版本与主线支持的版本不一致)。
JavaScript3 sorulove/HerokuNodeJS 제발 되라
C++3 SchrodingerZhu/pika_cxx A WIP C++ Implementation of PIKA Parser (for study purpose)
Swift3 TarokhDev2020/Furniture-Template-for-SwiftUI Furniture Template written by SwiftUI
Go3 diamondburned/fmtchat A Discord chat log formatter
Jupyter Notebook3 MrBananaHuman/KorNlpTutorial 한국어 자연어처리 튜토리얼
Python3 MorouU/robin 一个简单的文件检查脚本
Dart3 narayanansampath/text_switch A Flutter package for awesome text switch.
Python3 gambort/psi4-EDFT EDFT libraries and code using psi4/numpy
Rust3 buzzert/natoalpha Small program to help learn the NATO Alphabet
Python3 gitzhou/threshold-signature-demo A Python Threshold Signature demo, refers to the TS whitepaper of nChain.
Python2 LeejwUniverse/Algorithm_For_RL studying algorithm for RL.
Python2 HUuxiaobin/Face-Super-Resolution-Guided-by-3D-Facial-Priors the basic implementation of repository Face Super-Resolution Guided by 3D Facial Priors
ShaderLab2 rtsonneveld/GoofMap Map Viewer for Disney's Extremely Goofy Skateboarding. Don't ask me why :D
HTML2 codepo8/dice-throw-simulator A quick way to get some dices to play with when you can't find any.
C#2 neuroscience-ru/encephalan-cs C# interface library for Encephalan EEG products (
TypeScript2 TradeDis/frontend frontend client
HTML2 cuteJoker66/node_bag .......
TypeScript2 andgate/solid-orbit Solid.js hooks for the Orbit.js datalayer
TypeScript2 JSPrismarine/BigBrother Allow Java Edition clients to connect to your Prismarine server.
OCaml2 CraigFe/metaocaml-plus-ecosystem MetaOCaml + modern ecosystem tooling.
TypeScript2 Darkisda/PotiRURAL-backend PotiRURAL backend
Python2 nanzhinanzhi/autoup 洛阳理工学院健康汇报
Dart2 LorenzooG/happy-nlw The project happy of next level week.
Faust2 trummerschlunk/master_me automatic mastering processor in faust
TypeScript2 eladb/cdk8s-image An Image construct which takes care of building & pushing docker images for cdk8s
CSS2 euwilliamgoncalves/goodbye.31 Repositório criado para o desafio 'Goodbye.31', no qual vou criar um web app por dia, durante 31 dias.
Rust2 buraksenyurt/Rustaceans-Galaxy-Guide Rust öğrenmeye çalışıyordum...
C++2 keshavbhatt/CurrencyConv Simple currency converter writtern in Qt
JavaScript2 FC5570/Lavalink-Music-Bot A small music bot using Lavalink (erela.js)
Shell2 diamondburned/goprofgen Shell script to generate Go's HTTP profiling boilerplate
JavaScript2 DaeHyun2121/Basic-structure Client Frame
Jupyter Notebook2 dpetrini/lectures Palestras
C++2 anhuntz/fileman A standard file manager plugin for UE4 Blueprints
JavaScript2 huumn/git-remote-gitern git-remote-gitern is a git remote helper that end to end encrypts git repos without a custom remote receiver and without additional user key management.
Elixir2 sanposhiho/nippol-server 日報を生成するアプリ「NIPPOL」サーバーサイド
Rust2 MinusKelvin/minusbot my discord bot
JavaScript2 amberbit/slack-workspace-switcher-for-all This is a Chrome extension, which enables workspace switcher for browser app (similar to Chrome OS / desktop apps)
Jupyter Notebook2 RockerTPL/Mnist_CNN Realization of CNN and application on Mnist
Python2 amrrs/pencilsketch-webapp This is a streamlit app that helps convert photos into realistic pencil sketches
TypeScript2 folke/splashcii Simple cli tool that shows a random ascii art from
C2 brianbatista93/tqueue Simple C++ single header queue implementation
Rust2 Limeth/dvsynth Digital Video Synthesizer
Go2 tkestack/kvass Kvass provides a method of Prometheus sharding, which uses config file injection to proxy Prometheus scraping to the shard sidecar, and the shard sidecar decides whether to scrape target。
JavaScript2 AmanWH/trex trex-runner Game
JavaScript2 sdfygamer/auto-responses Auto responsess
C2 ghost3343/teamlab Παράδειγμα
Jupyter Notebook2 programacaodinamica/python-do-jeito-certo Python do Jeito Certo
Vue2 mingyanisa/mob-soupify Daily soupify Thai protester location: to predict the geolocation of protesting event in thailand
JavaScript2 tiryakibeytullah/MVCFirstProject Asp.Net MVC ile oluşturduğum kişi bilgileri ve adreslerini tutan; Ekleme, silme, güncelleme işlemlerinin olduğu ilk örnek projem
JavaScript2 Tiger-0512/meeting-app-for-ogiri Web meeting app for Ogiri developed in KDDI DIGITAL GATE Hackathon 2020 Autumn
HTML2 yangqixin123/Web-Standards 使用html5+css3对贝壳找房、网易严选、QQ邮箱、新百伦的官网进行页面重构,具有良好的兼容性
Objective-C2 yangqixin123/Novel_iosUI 基于Xcode编写的一款ios端小说阅读器
Python2 pl-Steve28-lq/KakaoLink-For-Python KakaoLink Module implemented with Python!
Python2 sahajamit/minikube-github-action-example Example of a github action to deploy on minikube cluster
JavaScript2 webmakaka/MongoDB-for-Javascript-Developers [MongoDB University] MongoDB for Javascript Developers
JavaScript2 saravananceg/react-reusable Reusable customisable React components.
mcfunction2 PulseBeat02/Minecraft-Among-Us A recreate of Among Us but in Minecraft using the Spigot API.
Jupyter Notebook2 JonathanBechtel/DAT-10-19 GitHub Repo For DAT 10-19
PHP2 DavAlbert/notes-app-php I am learning PHP, this app is my first project in this programming language
Python2 f4ll-py/discord-bot A open-source bot for Discord using
SCSS2 OqilAhmad/MainShop internet magazin
Swift2 TarokhDev2020/Calculator-for-SwiftUI A simple and modern calculator app written by SwiftUI
Java2 yangqixin123/Novel Novel是基于AndroidStudio编写的一款安卓端小说阅读器
Vue2 yangqixin123/ej_sxau_app 影院售票系统云平台顾客端app
Rust2 OpenBangla/engreji engreji(ইংরেজি) is a Rust crate to generate Regex for searching pronounciation of an English word in Bengali.
JavaScript2 RangerMauve/p2p-fetch A fetch interface which supports multiple peer to peer protocols
C++2 aniket-patra/auto_aquarium Automatic control for light, filter and feeder using Arduino and DS3231
Shell2 szepeviktor/phive Install PHIVE in GitHub Actions
TypeScript2 gnosis/safe-test-app Safe app for testing purposes
Vim script2 heavenshell/vim-shutup Supress warnings
Rust2 braun-embedded/step-dir Driver library for the STSPIN220 stepper motor driver.
Python2 bitwyre/microwave_experiments Microwave Experiments
CSS2 j0lol/i-fixed-discord stylus/powercord theme for discord light mode :)
TypeScript2 francianepovoa/happy Happy is a complete application built on Node.js, ReactJs and React Native that helps orphans have a bright and happy day.
Python2 thanda43X/simple_progress_bar I made this cute little progress before I discovered tqdm. It's been a good friend.
TypeScript2 masterthepixel/react-next-boilerplate A NextJS boilerplate with RTL, Styled Components, Storybook, TypeScript, Husky, Babel, ESLint and Next PWA
Java2 PetePrattis/Recommendation-System-for-Android-Java-App-that-finds-an-ideal-destination-with-the-kNN-Algorithm This project is an Android mobile application, written in Java programming language and implements a Recommender System using the k-Nearest Neighbors Algorithm. In this way the algorithm predicts the possible ratings of the users according to scores that have already been submitted to the system.
Haskell2 grvela/codebook-haskell A codebook for exams in haskell
Python2 dk-master/pythonday 파이썬을 활용한 알고리즘 연습장
Dart2 viralvaghela/Youtube-clone-Flutter Trying to build a youtube clone [Learning]
HTML2 devopsschool-training-notes/Ansible-AZ-Oct-2020 Ansible-AZ-Oct-2020
PHP2 maxsite/albireo Albireo Framework / for Landing pages, Code examples, PHP Study, Static Site Generator
JavaScript2 elisherer/fscs File System CRUD Server
Ruby2 jurgen1c/CS-Media In this repo a rails app will be created for a crowd sourced media article page
Python2 lothar986/Petris Simple Tetris clone in Python Pygame
Rust2 jam1garner/img2bntx A command line tool for converting common image formats into Nintendo BNTX textures
Kotlin2 peihuanhuan/happy-alarm 报警框架
Swift2 TokoFree/UIWorkshop Workshop Code for Tokopedia Academy iOS Workshop: Past, Present, Future
Kotlin2 KyuubiRan/unsubscribeholo b站一键取关hololive脚本
JavaScript2 aliceKatkout/ExtensionToTheStars Une extension qui a pour but de relier ciel et terre
Handlebars2 emassaki/nlw-happy Project developed in the Next Level Week event at RocketSeat
JavaScript2 fxr520/MyBlog 个人博客项目,前后端未分离,前端采用HTML、Jquery、Ajax构建框架,使用Java作为后端语言开发,持久层采用JPA。
Python2 tmliang/SeG A pytorch implementation of the paper: Self-Attention Enhanced Selective Gate with Entity-Aware Embedding for Distantly Supervised Relation Extraction
HTML2 LikeToAccess/Azure-Client-Website Definitely nothing like glacier client site am I right?
Svelte2 kenotron/svelte-sp-scale-test a scale test of 1000 svelte components displayed in a single page
Swift2 khoitruongminh/RxPagination Handle paginated APIs easily, based on RxSwift Action
Java2 learnnshare28/Weather Weather App For Android
PHP2 Hyupai/Server-with-Basic-Protection Server for login screen with a basic protection.
Python2 Mark12Ding/GNN-Practical-Attack Code for Towards More Practical Adversarial Attacks on Graph Neural Networks (NeurIPS 2020)
C++2 HaBeBu/dark-podval-demo In one city, in an abandoned house that you wandered into by accident, there is a mysterious staircase leading down into the terrible darkness. In spite of your common sense and reason, You began to descend...
Jupyter Notebook2 A-lone-Contributer/AutoGrad Work in Progress
C++2 gxytcrc/Semantic-Graph-based--global-Localization Semantic graph based global localization for multi-robot map fusion.
Python2 MansiSMore/Automation-Scripts-using-Python This repository contains automation scripts using python language.
PHP2 ericzaev/bitrix-symfony boilerplate
Solidity2 artistic709/ImpermanentGain The antiparticle of impermanent loss
C#2 antokhio/StrideCollider1 Quick example raycast custom mesh in vvvv gamma
JavaScript2 ritikarc/sample_fullstack Sample fullstack app for ICSSC Webjam Fall 2020
Emacs Lisp2 junyu-wu/.emacs.d emacs config
Python2 kavinjindal/Equation-Writer This is an Equation Writer coded in Python. You can easily use mathematical symbols easily and also save your files in text files and also copy paste it to other places.
Vue2 super-LXR/Sharelibary 让用户堆积的书籍重新获得生命力
Jupyter Notebook2 code-wt/house_price_newyork 纽约市的房价预测和数据集
Jupyter Notebook2 RajputJay41/Keras-Tuner Using Keras Tuner for knowing Best Hyper Parameters
TypeScript2 vini121423/mapp7 Site do Mapp7App
Python2 adrijano/Gmail-Hack Gmail account using brute force attack
Python2 anthares101/kali_volatility_installer An easy to use volatility installer (Mainly for kali users)
Swift2 alfianlosari/ListInCollectionView List in Collection View with List Cell & Content Configuration
HTML2 stimulus-components/stimulus-popover A Stimulus controller to deal with HTML popover.
TypeScript2 authereum/starkware-monorepo StarkWare JavaScript libraries
C#1 dsuny/Atomus.Control.Menu.DevExpressMenu Atomus.Control.Menu.DevExpressMenu
Python1 standaloneSA/twit-loc Building a twitter map solution
CSS1 barawalojas/Aurora-Animation Aurora Animation Using HTML5, CSS3 only..,
C#1 dsuny/Atomus.Log.DatabaseLog Atomus.Log.DatabaseLog
Handlebars1 matheuslisbon/next-level-week-happy Projeto final da nlw
Python1 NorthChild/Skill-Master-Calculator first build of the "Skill Mastery Calculator"
CSS1 ekraminah/muraadso muraadso test
HCL1 daretodave/taff-service-echo echo api
C#1 Dmitry-Kozyrev1990/edutechplace EduTechPlace - VR/AR/MR platform with AI and ML features
Vue1 FFF-rank/supermall a vue.js supermall
JavaScript1 Shockbyte/multicraft-api-node A Node.js wrapper for the Multicraft API.
Python1 immmdreza/TsWwApi Task system api and docs
JavaScript1 syedrameezahmed18/FullStack-NoteTakingApp A self-made note-taking application made using React, Express and MySQL as a fullstack project
Python1 Harshey27AI/PyString Count the number of Duplicates Write a function that will return the count of distinct case-insensitive alphabetic characters and numeric digits that occur more than once in the input string. The input string can be assumed to contain only alphabets (both uppercase and lowercase) and numeric digits.
Python1 megz15/SCoUT Scout Code Using Tuples (SCoUT) - A school project
JavaScript1 Hadi-Firmansyah/Crud-NodeJS-Express-Redis Membuat Crud Sederhana Dengan Node JS Express dan Redis
Python1 MasonEgger/url-shortener-api An API for creating quick links
Python1 Nkit-333/Checkers_game-GUI-Aritificial-intelligence- Checkers_game (GUI) Aritificial intelligence
JavaScript1 HakaCode/nextjs-blog Next.js basics by creating a very simple blog app.
JavaScript1 jasonw930/DMOJLeaderboard Discord bot that grabs DMOJ leaderboards as well as builds own leaderboards from defined problems
Vue1 tianjingle/scaffold-front scaffold前端代码
Python1 HlebushekBrave/I_got_cyberbullied Our project for business
Shell1 NickSchimek/deploy_jamstack_action A GitHub Action for deploying static sites to GitHub pages. Works with any static site generator. Simple, fast, and easy.
C++1 knudsen97/RB-RCA5 Project
SCSS1 Noxde/frontendmentor-challenges-3 Single price grid component
JavaScript1 diogo-bruno/nodejs-wbot A simple Nodejs BOT for whatsapp web and API send message
Jupyter Notebook1 marcosdiazc/Proyecto-Properatti- Mi portafolio de todos los modelos trabajados de Machine Learning
PowerShell1 sxipper/BwR Using Robocopy to backup files and folders to external device.
PHP1 abdullahsajjadpro/php-mysql-tutorial In this Repo I will teach you PHP and MySQL from Beginners Level To Advance Level.
Go1 Percona-Lab/PLG Recording and replaying exporters
JavaScript1 rsjtdrjgfuzkfg/thunderbird-birthdaycalendar Thunderbird add-on to display birthdays from the address book in the calendar
JavaScript1 SouravCodery/mini-project A Simple React Clone of iPod Classic
JavaScript1 CharlieArray/api-github-app Simple API application to retrieve repositories based on Github Usernames
Python1 maaami98/RPI4-OLED-SHELL Simple Oled SSD1306 Command-Line Interface
HTML1 smudgedpasta/Learning_JavaScript Just another study, this time of JavaScript.
JavaScript1 JSPrismarine/create-prismarine-plugin JSPrismarine plugin generator.
Python1 Kelaric/NLMH-AI-PokerBot No Limit Hold'em ai poker bot
Ruby1 ahmedsalem83/github-slideshow A robot powered training repository :robot:
C++1 dvernon5/HackerRank-Arrays-DS Solution to the HackerRank problem Arrays-DS
Lua1 ptotczyk/FlappyBird Simple flappy bird game writed in Lua
Java1 The-Software-Guild/summative-2-dvd-library-btd716 summative-2-dvd-library-btd716 created by GitHub Classroom
HTML1 CurpraCode/sidehustle-linking-webpage This is a three webpage linking together
HTML1 as2million/git-test git測試
JavaScript1 andyngo/conversable-plus-for-scriptable Conversable+.
PHP1 sushang123/mcrypt php mcrypt对称加密,但mcrypt在php 7.0以后已废弃,后续更新openssl_mcrypt:
Kotlin1 MinHyukJi1226/Instagram_CloneCoding 안드로이드 인스타그램 클론코딩
Lua1 Nooo37/bling Utilities for the awesome window manager
Python1 MayfairDevelopments/Omniscience Weapon classification system used for illicit object detection
Java1 vanyouseea/QyWxAPI 使用企业微信API发送消息给关注公众号的用户
JavaScript1 emreyigitcbc/ShelteredSaveEditor Simple, web-based Sheltered (Game) save editor.
Jupyter Notebook1 mikapfl/read_di_unfccc Dataset containing all data available from the UNFCCC API available at, and scripts to generate it
Go1 neohugo/neohugo hugo-fork focused on multilingual and bug fixes/refactor/cleanup
Jupyter Notebook1 Ashishkapasiya/Decision-Tree-and-Random-Forest Decision tree is a supervised machine learning algorithm mainly used for the Regression and Classification. This graphical representation which classifies the data is called as the Decision Tree.
CSS1 pedrojscript/Proffy CRUD for NLW2 on Rocketseat
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