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语言 Star 名称 描述
C#134 alexismorin/floorplan A Sims-Like Unity Level Design Plugin
C71 chrismaltby/gb-studio Visual retro game maker
TeX62 vinjn/ray-tracing-gems-cn 光线跟踪精粹(暂定名)
Python42 jas502n/cve-2019-2618 Weblogic Upload Vuln(Need username password)-CVE-2019-2618
Shell37 vcheckzen/FamilyCloudSpeederInShell [ 天翼家庭云提速 Shell 版 ] A Shell Implementation of FamilyCloudSpeeder, ESurfing.
C35 adrianyy/EACReversing Reversing EasyAntiCheat.
Dart31 vishaldas22/whatsapp_clone screenshots
JavaScript26 justinfagnani/html-include-element Easily include external HTML into your pages.
ASP22 misterch0c/APT34 APT34/OILRIG leak
JavaScript22 TheCoder5550/3dshooter A multiplayer shooter in your browser! It uses node.js as backend and css 3d transformations
JavaScript21 meain/vim-package-info Vim plugin to quickly view info about the packages you use
Python20 HYPJUDY/Decouple-SSAD Decoupling Localization and Classification in Single Shot Temporal Action Detection
Shell20 Pr0meth3us/hms-docker Home Media Server orchestration running on Docker containers with an automated setup script for Ubuntu 18.
Go18 hashicorp/raft-fuzzy Fuzz Testing for the library
HTML18 laminas/ source code
TypeScript15 m3dev/typesafe-di A simple DI library for TypeScript
TypeScript15 backmeupplz/telegraf-template Telegram bot template based on
Python14 rek7/fireELF Fileless Linux Malware Framework
C++13 naj59/ModernFramelessWindow Modern (MS Office, Visual Studio like) frameless window in Qt5
PHP12 kasuganosoras/cxk 让蔡徐坤在你的命令行里打篮球,使用 PHP 编写。
Shell10 trawor/zerotier Join zerotier network auto
PHP9 rodrigocontrerasb/WebpayPlus_TestWeb WebpayPlus_TestWeb
Jupyter Notebook9 harttraveller/nlp_stocks A notebook to predict the stock market using reddit data, and to look at the most important words/phrases for stock action.
PHP9 Icinga/icingaweb2-module-reporting Icinga Reporting is the central component for reporting related functionality in the monitoring web frontend and framework Icinga Web 2.
JavaScript8 qualitybath/parcel-plugin-run-server A Parcel plugin to start (and restart) a server while running parcel in watch mode
Go8 yuanrenguang715/socks5-proxy tls鏈接socks5代理的實用客戶端和服務端
JavaScript8 tonytonyjan/i_want_to_read_appledaily 不用註冊蘋果新聞,也能閱讀蘋果新聞。
C++7 hekesai/openpose-plus Pose Estimation using OpenPose and TensorRT (only c++)
Go7 bet365/jingo This package provides the ability to encode golang structs to a buffer as JSON very quickly.
Objective-C7 XiaoyuZheng666/CustomWeakTimer 通过分类的方式自定义Timer,再也不用怕由于target强引用controller后,导致循环引用,导致controller不能释放了!
Dart7 dvmjoshi/stuff Crud operation with Firebase
Java6 NorthPL/NativeScreen Spigot plugin which displays content of specified window using Minecraft's maps.
C6 GorgonMeducer/PLOOC Protected Low-overhead Object Oriented Programming with ANSI-C
CSS6 amfoss/Hack4Amrita Solving Problems of Amritians
JavaScript6 jhuckaby/performa A multi-server monitoring system with a web based UI.
Ruby6 yegor256/iri Simple Immutable Ruby URI builder
C#6 dj-nitehawk/MongoDAL A generic data access layer for ASPNetCore applications to use LINQ with MongoDB
PHP5 LaravelDaily/Laravel-CoreUI-AdminPanel Boilerplate adminpanel: Laravel 5.8 + CoreUI Theme (Bootstrap 4) and simple CRUD examples. Based on new QuickAdminPanel 2019.
Python5 p4lang/p4runtime-shell An interactive Python shell for P4Runtime
Python5 HLIG/HUAWEIOCR-2019 DataFountain HUAWEI OCR 2019 rank Top1% ,Text Localization using pixellink,Word Recognition using densenet
Python5 dosherow/Spotify-Scraper Scraping Spotify Top 200 Daily Charts
Java5 zhangbaodan/2019HUAWEI 2019华为软件精英挑战赛,西北复赛第6
Objective-C5 shenLaiMango/SYShare 第三方 微信,新浪,QQ分享,和微信小程序调起(Third party WeChat, sina, QQ share, and WeChat small program tune up)
HTML5 rdpeng/reportwriting Report Writing for Data Science in R
Shell5 sjentzsch/thanos-k3s-setup Deploy a full-fledged Thanos-based setup build on top of Prometheus-Operator locally on k3s and Minio.
Python5 NWMonster/ApplySig Apply IDA FLIRT signatures for Ghidra
TypeScript4 AyumiKai/react-fiou react form validate library
PHP4 billerickson/Disable-Genesis-Schema If you're using Yoast SEO or another plugin to output schema, use this to disable duplicate schema from Genesis
PHP4 lurongtao/gp9-minipet minipet
C#4 mixandjam/FFXV-WarpStrike Recreating the Warp Strike mechanic from Final Fantasy XV
Go4 RasmusLindroth/i3keys Lists available bindings for i3 with a graphical keyboard
Python4 anhvvcs/corana A Dynamic Symbolic Execution Engine for ARM Cortex-M
C++4 VladyslavUsenko/basalt-mirror Mirror of the Basalt repository. All pull requests and issues should be sent to
JavaScript4 ohlookitsderpy/lyrics Lyrics plugin for Powercord, supports the pc-spotify plugin!
JavaScript4 diracdeltas/festival generate festival lineups based on your SoundCloud likes
Java4 ahxiangkui/SNTCalendar 多功能日历选择控件,单日选择日历,单月选择日历,单周选择日历,日范围选择日历,月范围选择日历
Python4 lixingjian/DELTA DELTA: DEep Learning Transfer using Feature Map with Attention for Convolutional Networks
Cuda4 changhongjian/SimRender A framework to run python quickly by C/CUDA and the example about 3D mesh rendering.
JavaScript4 qq240814476/ml-vue-drag-tree A vue tree component which support drag & drop and nested
Python4 thollang/PCC_Solutions Python Crash Course solutions
Haskell4 ndmitchell/rattle Forward build system with speculation and caching
PHP4 CanerErgez/stickware Laravel User Point and Badge System
Java4 micronaut-projects/micronaut-security The official Micronaut security solution
SourcePawn3 tf2-sandbox-studio/Module-ToolGun Allows players to manipulate a variety of functions to create different things.
JavaScript3 kyriakos96/aws-cognito-service-to-service-authentication Setting up a Service to service authentication using AWS cognito
Java3 Lvluffy/Poller 轮询器
Java3 Yelp/bento A delicious framework for building modularized Android user interfaces, by Yelp.
CSS3 saruru1/bestTeamEver Less Work, Good Pay
C#3 jeffvella/NativeFasterDictionary An experiment to write a faster/native version of SveltoECS's FasterDictionary
C++3 veg-chick/Cpp-project This is a C++ team project ,creating a moba game
HTML3 CodeRecipe-dev/LambdaToAuroraNoVPC More info here:
C#3 MNTMDEV/VultrMgr VultrMgr是一个C#语言编写的UWP程序,使用该程序可以实现Vultr的管理功能
TypeScript3 a1p4ca/semicolon-villain Why don't we use a Greek question mark instead of a semicolon?
Java3 Guilai1990/RocketMQ-source-code-analysis 本项目是关于RocketMQ源码阅读,已标记的部分有RocketMQ路由中心NameServer,RocketMQ消息发送,RocketMQ消息存储,待完成的部分有RocketMQ消息消费,消息过滤FilterServer,RocketMQ主从同步机制,RocketMQ事务消息
Vue3 Echi1993/echi-modal 开发Vue组件系列之模态框,主要有标题、内容、按钮个数、按钮颜色、按钮文案、按钮事件回调、遮罩层这些可配置项
C3 vsfteam/vsf Versaloon Software Framework -- a tiny preemptive-capable event-driven incremental software framework for embedded systems
TypeScript3 kyuuseiryuu/utools-plugin-gitmoji Demo 向:基于 umijs + TypeScript + antd 构建的 uTools 插件
Ruby3 napipatrik/ Napipatrik website
Jupyter Notebook3 HSE-LAMBDA/NNOptimisation Neural Nets optimisation tutorial on PyTorch for IML workshop
C++3 kougaku/RealSenseOSC OSC sender for RealSense T265
Objective-C3 dequan1331/geektime-ios-course 极客时间 ——《从0开发一款iOS应用》
C++3 KrishnanSG/Cloud A Desktop Application similar to Instagram
C3 diodep/ch55x_dualserial CH552 Dual USB to Serial Bridge for Sipeed K210 & ESP32
Python3 Ithyx/Morgana A simple discord bot
Python3 skalavala/mysmarthome :star: ALIVE Again! :star: SmartHome - Nothing but smarthome stuff here! Have fun browsing through my home automation setup... ping me on Discord with any questions! :thumbsup:
Java3 abhijitramesh/ToDoApp This repository will hold the ToDoApp I made while learning how to use the Room Persistent Library
R3 maheshKulkarniX/corrlY Data Visualization Package For All Types of Correlation Charts using Plotly Package.
C#3 simformsolutions/IoTAR This repository contains demos built on Augmented reality using OpenCV, Unity3d with Vuforia with deep learning.
HTML3 agnjkafgh/cln-pay A simple web application that connects to C-lightning over rpc and allows us to pay and request invoices, see our balance and list transactions
Python3 JiDong-CS/icme2019-bytedance-grand-challenge 字节跳动短视频内容理解和推荐 Track2 Top8
C3 ti-dh/ti-dh-php-c-extension C语言扩展版本的PHP DH库,用于服务端
Python3 cvxgrp/diffcp Differentiation of cone programs.
XQuery3 vincentml/basex-winscp BaseX XQuery module for interacting with SFTP sites
HTML3 skeeto/markov-chain-name-generator Generates realistic names using a Markov chain
JavaScript3 IsO-NaN/upload-image-ajax Upload d'image avec ajax et php
TypeScript3 breadhead/denormalize Utility to save and restore your complex data structures during normalization
JavaScript3 ziroc/xpz-wiki Wiki type of front-end for the X-Piratez Bootypedia.
Shell3 isystem-io/wireguard-aws Scripts automate the installation and use of Wireguard on AWS with Ubuntu Server 18.04
PHP3 Icinga/icingaweb2-module-idoreports Icinga IDO Reports provides host and service availability reports for Icinga 1.x and Icinga 2.x based on the monitoring database (IDO).
JavaScript3 janaka531/tuition-class-management-system real client - ICT Institute ,Polonnaurwa
HTML3 agenic/Website The website of Agenic
JavaScript3 fahadhaidari/pixels-swap A JavaScript app that allows swapping target pixel colors of an image with colors extracted from a color-picker
Python2 AsteriskAmpersand/QuestDataDump MHW Quest Data Parser
C#2 L1xiaolong/FatigueDetectionSystem This project is a fatigue detection system using C#
PHP2 razaqofficial/laravel-react-redux 100% SPA using Laravel and React(with Redux)
Python2 allenfrostline/Poker Poker: A Simple Poker GUI in Python
Java2 tgosem2s/ParkhausSE1 TBD
Python2 adapt-to/search-home 爬取贝壳品牌公寓馆的信息
Python2 broadspider/Project 爬虫数据展示
Java2 zyplnu/crawler 爬取京东商品评论及回复信息
Go2 Yamashou/proto-to-dart-http proto-to-dart-http is a command line tool to generate http api client from protofile.
C++2 2014CAIS01/pl0_compiler 编译原理实验——PL0编译器
Python2 william-xue/Cj_BBS django不断迭代 顺带学习
Java2 HebYan/DesignPatterns 四人帮 23种设计模式
TypeScript2 NullVoxPopuli/static-route-paths Depedency-free static route builder that can be used alongside any dynamic routing library to bring sanity to intellisense
PHP2 Kit4y/Sql-Injection Some Tools ,Writeup or Labs About Sql-Injection
Shell2 MFDGaming/fedora-in-termux This is a script by which you can install Fedora in your termux application without rooted device
JavaScript2 vanillawc/wc-include A vanilla web component for including external media
PHP2 medienreaktor/Medienreaktor.Import CSV Importer for Neos CMS with dynamic field to property mapping
JavaScript2 openmindlab/tesserak Visual Studio Code extension which copy a file to a specified output location related to the project
Python2 rajansh87/School-Management-System My Python 2.7 GUI based Project
C++2 SachieKang/CPlusPlus_SmartPointer These are C++ smart pointers template class which store the C++ object pointer, and a count references to that object. When the reference count drops to zero, the object will be deallocated automatically.
C2 aish-where-ya/SPOS All SPOS Lab Assignments for TE COMP Sem 2.. Any file name with "_v2" is an advanced version of the code given to me by a teacher.
PHP2 Zedstar16/OnlineTime OnlineTime
Vue2 amishiro/AmiTemplate-NUXT 普段使っている中規模サイト制作用のNuxt雛形。ベストとは言えないけどベターなプラクティスをもとめて育て中。
JavaScript2 aimi-component/aimi-banner-drawer A Easy React Banner Component
R2 jienagu/Shiny_Template This is a question-output workflow template for shiny app!
Python2 nsg-ethz/net2text Net2Text (NSDI'18)
TypeScript2 JeremyLikness/VanillaJs An example of using modern JavaScript for framework-free development.
Vue2 gagayang/plat-manager-pc 元数据驱动、前端无代码化、管理平台。
C2 SanderMertens/flecs-systems-rti-connext Implementation of flecs-components-dds
C#2 L1xiaolong/LaneDtection This project is a computer vision based lane recognition program.
Java2 xGRKE/Hangman A Java implementation of the hangman game
JavaScript2 Eaglestrike/Eaglescout-release-2019 A web-based scouting system made by FRC Team 114 (Eaglestrike)
HTML2 Phantom-DSM/editor 문서 편집을 웹에서???
Java2 HebYan/ArithmeticInJava 常用的数据结构与算法
Java2 claw-project/brt-kit Bit Reproducibility Transformation Kit
Swift2 IsaacXen/IXSearchController A custom search controller that allow adding additional buttons to search bar, just like App Store on iPad.
Java2 Syun0929/StatusAnimationView 成功和失败的动画特效
JavaScript2 finscn/max-rects-packing A js implementation of MaxRects algorithms for packing rectangles. Maybe the best one
Java2 sr-henry/java_J.Money G_SI700A : Programação para Dispositivos Móveis
JavaScript2 PS3Xploit/xmb-user-icons-installer PS3Xploit v3 XMB User Icons Installer [Supports OFW/HFW/CFW]
Java2 2019ly/TSP-WRIP IJCAI-4539
JavaScript2 secure-local-node/secure-websocket-rpc Secure RPC over web sockets
C++2 KiKoS0/Face-Detection-Web-App Simple face detection web app using a C++ face detection as a microservice with RabbitMQ as a Message Broker
JavaScript2 kvsur/audioSurfer Progressive audio play and render in canvas
C++2 Joshalosh/DLAIQSM Deep-Learning Artificial-Intelligent Quantum Statistics Modulator
JavaScript2 43/symfony-bot [js] Community Management bot for Discord
C#2 jackmott/dotnet-perf-tips .NET Performance Tips
Python2 dvhb/licenses-verification Licenses verification bot
Python2 TiroTypeworks/Volto MS VOLT .vtp to AFDKO .fea OpenType Layout converter
Python2 timesler/framework-agnostic-deep-learning Common code for building neural networks with a hybrid of Pytorch and Tensorflow eager execution
C#2 DraxCodes/StreamMusicBot Random C# Music Bot
C++2 SadAngelF/Distributed-Dueling-DQN Here is our algorithm for Pursuit Problem based on the Distributed Reinforcement Learning for Cooperative Multi-robot Pursuit
Python2 bartjakobs/GBA-Multiboot-Python A Gameboy Advance multiboot rom sender in Python
JavaScript2 kalabali/api-pemilu2019 indonesia election API
TypeScript2 icepy/wow-ui 谨纪念我逝去的青春岁月,我的《魔兽世界》ID 是 青春独醉 联盟侏儒术士,第一次上线于 2007 年。
Makefile2 shinchoku-tairiku/shinchoku-tairiku.satyh 進捗大陸05で使用されたsatysfiファイル
TypeScript2 therealemjy/noop-ts Dead simple noop function compatible with TypeScript
TypeScript2 backmeupplz/tlgcoin Clicker coin for Telegram
TypeScript2 Msalah11/kuf-skeleton-loader Simple component for rendering placeholder content.
Java2 mimilewis/MapleStory143 Chinese MapleStory Server Ver.143
PHP2 nikitakotov/VK-API Example VKAPI library for PHP
Python2 a524919247/Python-Django-Blog 个人博客网站
JavaScript2 kkangil/react-lifecycle 16.3 이후 새로 추가된 라이프사이클 정리 & Error Boundary 컨셉 사용
Makefile2 puripuri2100/SATySFi-siunitx A comprehensive (SI) units package
OCaml2 djs55/ocaml-dyndns OCaml client/server implementation of a common Dynamic DNS update protocol
Python2 LOoLzeC/kontol Facebook Hacking Tools
Python2 sergey-jr/math_modeling regression analysis
Python2 madars/ssss-sage An auditable implementation of Shamir's secret sharing scheme in Sage
Python2 aylabs/mydogbreed Use AI tech to detect the dog breed. A pet project.
Shell2 userlandkernel/ios-unstripped-kexts Unstripped iOS kernel extensions. More coming soon.
C#2 convey-stack/Convey.Persistence.MongoDB MongoDB package fo Convey.
Python2 sensepost/understanding-eap A repository with toy implementations of MSCHAPv2, MPEE and WPA/2 to understand EAP better
JavaScript2 fxss5201/vue-cli-element-starter vue-cli 和 element 结合的项目开发模板,主要是对请求 service 方面的配置,如 axios / 代理
JavaScript2 utkarsh17ife/automation code generation tools
Java2 HebYan/CoreJsp Jsp的Demo全搁这儿了呀
Java2 HebYan/DuoEr 朵儿 微信机器人
CSS2 Hristar/ This is a test website named CodeTuts. I made this to practice my WebDev skills.
Python2 jdhughes-usgs/usgs_figure_specifications Simple class that defines USGS figure specifications for matplotlib
Python2 brokencodebank/Berkeley-CS188-UofSC-CSCE580 Reverse engineered version of the encryption mechanism within the in CS188 or CSCE580
Go2 JeffreyBool/goInterview 最进面试golang一些面试题整理
CSS2 bertvandepoel/tabby A friendly tool to manage debt
TypeScript2 getlonlat/angular Utility to get Longitude (X-axis) and Latitude (Y-axis) from a place in the map
PHP2 dillingham/nova-detail-link makes text field a link to detail view
JavaScript2 qq240814476/ml-vue-drag-tree-demo demo of
Go2 PengShaw/simple-jwt a simple jwt lib implemented in golang
C++2 L1xiaolong/FatigueDetection This is the fatigue driving test test code.
Python2 L1xiaolong/Fatigue_Detection_using_CNN This project is a framework for driver fatigue detection using deep learning techniques
Python2 zeyuanwang/Huawei_CodeCraft_2019 2019年华为软件精英挑战赛
TeX2 oracleyue/latex-templates LaTeX templates, useful shell scripts for productivity and other logos etc.
JavaScript2 emwp/password-component React component with client side validation
JavaScript2 zoelner/graphqldocs Graphql Automatic Documentation - Demo -
C#2 convey-stack/Convey.Types Typec package for Convey.
Java2 xiongzhe/xz-core android快速开发
TypeScript2 Schniz/infer-types Returns the exported inferred types from TypeScript.
Crystal2 anamba/ Generates SRI hash or complete script tag for a resource
PLSQL2 akrck02/SQL_ejercicios Ejercicios de SQL de Desarrollo de aplicaciones. Ejercicios y tablas creadas para la asignatura de Bases de Datos, se utiliza el lenguaje SQL y la herramienta SQLPLUS.
PHP2 deponeWD/ WordPress Theme meiner Webseite
Objective-C2 dndo/Bezier 使用贝赛尔曲线画折线图、曲线图、柱状图、饼图
Python2 marteinn/wagtail-text-analysis Detect key phrases and sentiment from your Wagtail content using powerful ML's Apis.
JavaScript1 MinyeGit/BasketballRosterManager built with node.js, bootstrap, react, webpack, jquery and more.
HTML1 lizenghua/screen-direction HTML5实现游戏强制竖屏、游戏强制竖屏/横屏
JavaScript1 Spavlides84/heterophily-data-viz Graphika, where I work, maps social networks to produce contextual insights into online behavior. Data visualization plays a huge role in this process, and here I use a js library to create accurate bar-graph visualizations
JavaScript1 PragneshNonghanvadra/human-speed-detection Integration of Python Script of detecting human and calculating human speed and ReactJS frontend using Node.js
JavaScript1 reverseAndroid/H5Game H5小游戏,可以在移动端上运行
Vue1 canbektas/Nimbus-XML-Editor Simple XML Viewer and Editor
Python1 chaozhangpower/SpiderDemo Spider Baidu新闻爬虫Demo
Verilog1 JinwooWang/Inverse-Discrete-Cosine-Transform Implementation of Inverse Discrete cos Transform with verilog.
JavaScript1 NicholasZhmakin/backpacks-shop-app React-Redux app (Bootstrap + styled-components)
PHP1 sudhanshu-bajaj/StorePickup Magento 2 Store Pickup Shipping Method module
Kotlin1 BruceAnda/LearnKotlinDevAndroid 使用Kotlin开发Android知识点整理
PHP1 A354-PH/AFK /afk plugin for PocketMine-MP!
Python1 Byronnar/image_classfication 基于无监督学习,使用SIFT算法提取图像特征,再使用KMeans聚类算法进行图像分类。
Julia1 SimonDanisch/JSCall.jl Call Javascript libraries with ease
Ruby1 cyclone-scheme/homebrew-cyclone homebrew formulas for cyclone scheme
PowerShell1 PacktPublishing/Powershell-Core-6.2-Cookbook Powershell Core 6.2 Cookbook, published by Packt
Python1 Prajesh-Srivastava/Text-to-Speech TEXT to Speech
Java1 yuxiwang66/ActiveMQ ActiveMQ基本使用
C1 1410898565/httpServer-and-httpClient http server http client demo with c language.
Python1 RoyKiran/Audio-Text-Conversion This repository illustrates on text to audio conversion and vice versa. So use it where you need it.
Shell1 PizzaCatKing/docker-presentation Presentation on docker
C++1 goiabada/firmware Firmware for Goiaba
Java1 elmarkos23/XF.ListViewDetalle Xamarin.Forms Listar un listview con una lista desplegable con detalles
Jupyter Notebook1 nair-jishnu/Final-Datalit A basic assignment project of credit card fraud detection system
Java1 GorgeousOne/Responsive-GUI a rookie attempt to create some more minmalistic and functional swing gui elements
TypeScript1 tomasz-zablocki/redux-orm-typescript-playground Playground project for redux-orm typescript customizations
HTML1 asdf-anuo/ open
C#1 Midoliy/ArrowDI Simple DI Container Library
TypeScript1 tuanfriend/RestfulAPIwithCRUD Using Restful API with Angular, this project include CRUD
C#1 ClandestineBoy/LichLagoon It The Lich Game
Shell1 garyhuang123/kubernetes-centos-kernel Kubernetes-CentOS-Kernel aims to build an enhanced CentOS kernel to run Kubernetes safely
Java1 Lvluffy/BusinessStrategy 业务策略
Python1 rrwt/daily-coding-challenge Solutions for daily coding challenge in python
Python1 caetanonetosegundo/tbot Database Soccer Trader system
HTML1 gozdeaydinn/BlogProject MVC
Vue1 KingTeal/vue-music This is a project about vue-cli3.x
Java1 Nepxion/Banner Nepxion Banner is a colorful banner display component 标旗生成器
MATLAB1 wargod797/Fault_diagnosis_ballbearing_wavelet Bearing fault diagnosis is important in condition monitoring of any rotating machine. Early fault detection in machinery can save millions of dollars in emergency maintenance cost. Different techniques are used for fault analysis such as short time Fourier transforms (STFT), Wavelet analysis (WA), cepstrum analysis, Model based analysis, etc. we have doing detecting bearing faults using FFT and by using Wavelet analysis more specifically wavelet Analysis up to two levels of approximations and detail components. The analysis is carried out offline in MATLAB. Diagnosing the faults before in hand can save the millions of dollars of industry and can save the time as well. It has been found that Condition monitoring of rolling element bearings has enabled cost saving of over 50% as compared with the old traditional methods. The most common method of monitoring the condition of rolling element bearing is by using vibration signal analysis. Measure the vibrations of machine recorded by velocity
Shell1 jaackkpott/toolsKL A tool that will download all the tools included in the playlist of my channel.
JavaScript1 patricknieh/seneca-init Seneca.js project(Nodejs微服务架构)
JavaScript1 vanness30214/vue-mall vue mall
ABAP1 Sdfraga/ABAPplantUML plantUML tools for ABAP Dev
Java1 Nikozxh/CalendarLayout 轻量级日历控件
Java1 l-qiang/spring-security-oauth2-demo spring-security-oauth2搭建Demo工程,包括企业微信登陆
Python1 Harry-R/skylines-telegram-bot Telegram bot for - WIP
Assembly1 alexperrakis/linked-list Simple assembly linked-list implementation program with functions on RARS
Swift1 Coder-ACJHP/UICMessenger Custom chat app like whatsapp with new look for swift
TeX1 experimentalpolitics/bibliography Annotated bibliography for lab readings
Dockerfile1 freemanix/torchbuilder Docker to build libtorch C++ libraries with modern ABI
Perl1 danteinforno/cachedl download from youtube with a vps with little amount of disk(download one file each time, then delete to reuse disk space))
Swift1 MrAntu/Navigator URL Routing for Swift
TypeScript1 varmamkm/angular7-route-resolver-example Created with StackBlitz ⚡️
PHP1 kidelag/SalesHistory A website in PHP with MySQL to fill a table with a form
CSS1 Joepena/landing Some rando landing
PHP1 zenbustudio/EECMS-Zenbu-Addon-Total-Revisions Displays a column in Zenbu with the total revisions for each entry. An example addon for Zenbu to showcase how to add custom columns.
Jupyter Notebook1 IamSidharth/ChicagoCrimeAnaysisAndPrediction Analysing and Predicting whether an arrest would be made or not for the given parameters of crime type Homicide
HTML1 mir-one/tn_map TurtleNetwork nodes on map
C1 iomonad/malloc Home-cooked implementation of a dynamic memory allocation mechanism.
C1 mattn/mruby-tflite MRuby binding for TensorFlow Lite
Python1 BernardNotarianni/kube-python Super simple kubernetes cluster using python
CSS1 inrumi/html-basic-boilerplate yet another boilerplate to build static websites
C1 dilaygulbagce/c-examples C ile yapılmış örnek projeler
PHP1 thedevdojo/laravel-reactions A Laravel Reactions Package
Ruby1 OneBitCodeBlog/crud-react-rails-todo-list To-do List criada com Rails Api + React como um exemplo para o blog
Java1 alikhaledd/Shell-Simulator A shell simulator that accepts DOS commands and displays the output after executing the equivalent Linux command.
Shell1 NoriAlafa/50tools gunakan dengan bijak
Java1 Organela/POOSemana5 Polimorfismo
Java1 rabbycse/SpringFramework This repository contains all of my works of Java-SpringFramework course.
JavaScript1 I3iGM0/Weather-Web-App A project for GUI Module using React.js
JavaScript1 schrockwell/nuxt-template Nuxt project template with goodies
HTML1 yuanyuanshen/orange-ui-publish orange-ui dist文件
Python1 CSLabsNamur/qr-code_local Affichage des disponibilités d'un local lors du scan QR Code se trouvant sur la porte
JavaScript1 katienza/PracticeProblems Practicing Leetcode, Interview Questions, HackerRank Questions
CSS1 blizzardsolution/live-crypto-change-vue2 Simple application for getting live cryptocurrency changes. Built with Vue2, js es5.
Java1 luxiaowan/chunk-file-upload 大文件分片上传
Objective-C1 001DDY/ddyApp 毕业设计
Python1 sabia-group/lattice_expansion Python code to calculate the lattice expansion of any (noncubic) crystal, based on phonon calculations.
C++1 utec-ads-2019-1/typetraits-juliobonifaz typetraits-juliobonifaz created by GitHub Classroom
HTML1 veloren/site [Mirror] The official website for Veloren.
Python1 eadair/cloudboxer Speed bag hit counter written in Python with logging to AWS
Shell1 vishwesh5/opencv-docker-images OpenCV Docker Images
Python1 PedroTheAxe/Connect-Four-Python-Game Learning through tutorials on how to create a Connect Four game using pygame
JavaScript1 Fernandak/ Página pessoal que simula um console
Python1 mental689/connectomics Semantic segmentation architectures for connectomics.
C1 alexperrakis/sleeping_barber The popular sleeping barber problem, implemented with pthreads, semaphores and mutexes in C.
JavaScript1 enreeco/salesforce-lwc-autocomplete-datalist Salesforce LWC component for autocomplete with DataList
GLSL1 MassiminoilTrace/olivevideoeditor-VR-360-rotation A GLSL effect to pan the default viewing angle in a VR equirectangular video
Java1 lucascoelhosi/balancing_on_servers_rest Projeto proposto na disciplina de Sistemas Distribuídos do Curso GB em Sistemas de Informação da Universidade Federal do Piauí - Campus Senador Helvídeo Nunes de Barros.
Rust1 ichyo/aoj-icpc-v2 AOJ ICPC v2
PHP1 zhouyajun/alipay 基于官方sdk修改的composer版本
Lua1 mrharmonies/lua_module-gmic Lua module written in C for interfacing with libgmic, an open-source framework for image processing
Python1 lessw2020/LightRelu Customized PyTorch implementation of LiSHT (linear scaled hyperbolic tangent) activation function for deep learning
Python1 tchoedak/exa Capture Currency Exchange Rates and Send Alerts
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