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由于工程需要把用户上传的PDF转换为SWF,服务器要求也是linux,所以就想到 swftools,官方网站:可以把很多文件转换为swf,他默认只支持 英文,中文转换出来是乱码,所以我们要下载中文字库。中途遇到不少问题,都慢慢解决了,参数也明白了,大家看我的记载吧。 环境: Server : ubuntu-server 8.0.4 software: xpdf-chinese-simplified.tar.gz ##给操作系统安装中文字库 shell $> apt-get install language-support-fonts-zh ##安装软件 shell $> apt-get install swftools shell $> wget shell $> wget 解压 xpdf-chinese-simplified.tar.gz 修改配置文件 shell $> tar zxvf xpdf-chinese-simplified.tar.gz shell $> unzip shell $> mv Gbsn00lp.ttf gkai00mp.ttf xpdf-chinese-simplified/CMap/ ##把 xpdf-chinese-simplified 移动到 /usr/share/xpdf shell $> mkdir -p /usr/share/xpdf shell $> mv xpdf-chinese-simplified /usr/share/xpdf ##修改配置文件 shell $> cd /usr/share/xpdf/xpdf-chinese-simplified shell $> vim add-to-xpdfrc #—– begin Chinese Simplified support package (2004-jul-27) cidToUnicode    Adobe-GB1       /usr/share/xpdf/xpdf-chinese-simplified/Adobe-GB1.cidToUnicode unicodeMap      ISO-2022-CN     /usr/share/xpdf/xpdf-chinese-simplified/ISO-2022-CN.unicodeMap unicodeMap      EUC-CN          /usr/share/xpdf/xpdf-chinese-simplified/EUC-CN.unicodeMap unicodeMap      GBK             /usr/share/xpdf/xpdf-chinese-simplified/GBK.unicodeMap cMapDir         Adobe-GB1       /usr/share/xpdf/xpdf-chinese-simplified/CMap toUnicodeDir                    /usr/share/xpdf/xpdf-chinese-simplified/CMap displayCIDFontTT        Adobe-GB1       /usr/share/xpdf/xpdf-chinese-simplified/CMap/gkai00mp.ttf #—– end Chinese Simplified support package 用winscp上传上来一个 pdf 转换看看。 shell $> ls aa.pdf ##查看参数 shell $> pdf2swf –help Usage: pdf2swf [Options] input.pdf [-o output.swf] Basic options: -p  –pages=range          Convert only pages in range -P  –password=password    Use password for deciphering the pdf -v  –verbose              Be verbose. Use more than one -v for greater effect -q  –quiet                Suppress normal messages. Use -qq to suppress warnings, also. -F  –fontdir directory    Add directory to font search path -V  –version              Print program version Enhanced conversion options: -S  –shapes               Don’t use SWF Fonts, but store everything as shape -z  –zlib                 Use Flash 6 (MX) zlib compression (Needs at least Flash 6 Plugin to play) -w  –samewindow           Don’t open a new Browser Window for Links in the SWF -f  –fonts                Store full fonts in SWF. (Don’t reduce to used characters) -T  –flashversion=num     Set the flash version in the header to num (default: 4) -s insertstop              Insert a “Stop” Tag in every frame (don’t turn pages automatically) -s zoom=factor             Scale result, default: 72 -s jpegquality=quality     Set quality of embedded jpeg pictures (default:85) -s caplinewidth=value      Set the minimum line width to trigger cap style handling to value. (3) -s splinequality=value     Set the quality of spline convertion to value (0-100, default: 100). -s fontquality=value       Set the quality of font convertion to value (0-100, default: 100). -s ignoredraworder         Ignore draw order (makes the SWF file smaller and faster, but may produce                            graphic errors) -s filloverlap             Make intersecting shapes overlap, instead of canceling each                            other out. (Needed for some Powerpoint PDFs) Postprocessing options: -b  –defaultviewer        Link default viewer to the pdf (/usr/share/swftools/swfs/default_viewer.swf) -l  –defaultpreloader     Link default preloader the pdf (/usr/share/swftools/swfs/default_loader.swf) -B  –viewer=filename      Link viewer “name” to the pdf (“pdf2swf -B” for list) -L  –preloader=filename   Link preloader “name” to the pdf (“pdf2swf -L” for list) shell $> pdf2swf -o as.swf -T -z -t aa.pdf -s languagedir=/usr/share/xpdf/xpdf-chinese-simplified -s flashversion=9 NOTICE  Adding /usr/share/xpdf/xpdf-chinese-simplified to language pack directories NOTICE  Adding /usr/share/swftools/fonts to font directories Title:        Author:       DoDoLo Creator:      Acrobat PDFMaker 7.0 for Word Producer:     Acrobat Distiller 7.0 (Windows) CreationDate: 20070413230358-07′00′ ModDate:      20070413230457-07′00′ Pages:        177 Linearized:   yes Encrypted:    no NOTICE  processing PDF page 1 (595×842:0:0) (move:0:0) Warning: glyph 0/22141 (unicode 0) has return code 20 NOTICE  file contains pbm pictures NOTICE  processing PDF page 2 (595×842:0:0) (move:0:0) NOTICE  Some texts will be rendered as shape NOTICE  File contains links NOTICE  processing PDF page 3 (595×842:0:0) (move:0:0) Warning: glyph 0/22021 (unicode 0) has return code 20 NOTICE  processing PDF page 4 (595×842:0:0) (move:0:0) NOTICE  processing PDF page 5 (595×842:0:0) (move:0:0) NOTICE   processing PDF page 6 (595×842:0:0) (move:0:0) NOTICE  processing PDF page 7 (595×842:0:0) (move:0:0) NOTICE  processing PDF page 8 (595×842:0:0) (move:0:0) NOTICE  processing PDF page 9 (595×842:0:0) (move:0:0) NOTICE  processing PDF page 10 (595×842:0:0) (move:0:0) NOTICE  processing PDF page 11 (595×842:0:0) (move:0:0) NOTICE  processing PDF page 12 (595×842:0:0) (move:0:0) …… NOTICE  SWF written ###随后用 winscp 拷贝到 windows 上查看转换是否成功



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