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文档摘要:Active Server Pages(ASP)是服务器端脚本编写环境,使用它可以创建和运行动态、交互的 Web 服务器应用程序。使用 ASP 可以组合 HTML 页、脚本命令和 ActiveX 组件以创建交互的 Web 页和基于 Web 的功能强大的应用程序。ASP 应用程序很容易开发和修改。

 毕业设计(论文)外文资料翻译 系 : 管理系 专 业: 信息管理与信息系统 姓 名: 石 蕊 学 号: 0805170103 外文出处:Essentials of Management information Systems—Managing the digital firm附 件:1.外文原文;2.外文资料翻译译文。 指导教师评语: 签名: 年 月 日 附录1 英文原文 The Active Server Pages( ASP) is a server to carry the script plait writes the environment, using it can create to set up with circulate the development, alternant Web server application procedure. Using the ASP cans combine the page of HTML, script order to create to set up the alternant the page of Web with the module of ActiveX with the mighty and applied procedure in function that according to Web. The applied procedure in ASP develops very easily with modify. 1 The working principle of ASP When the Web site into the ASP feature, will take place the following things: (1)the user browser address bar to enter a URL, the default page of the expansion are. Asp. (2)the browser request to the server. (3)the server engine running ASP procedures. (4)ASP document in accordance with the order from top to bottom starting with the implementation of the script orders, the implementation of HTML page content. (5)pages of information sent to the browser. 2 ASP operating environment Asp need to run in under the PWS or IIS. PWS or IIS services in windows98 or windows2000 on the fringe of the CD-ROM, can use the "Add / Remove Programs" in the "Add / Remove windows components" to install. Asp and the general need to access databases or a combination of SQL Server database, made a powerful process. ASP can run the web server software Windows2000 default installation is IIS5.0 (internet information server), and the default installation of windows xp is IIS5.1, windows 2003 default installation of IIS6.0. PWS (personal web server) running windows98 environment in a simple personal Web server. 3 ASP and the meaning of ASP (Application Service Provider, application software rental service providers) refers "through the Internet to provide application software rental services industry", refers to the application software industry as the mainstay, and through one-to-many network Transmission services, such service-based business transactions to be leased by the way, in a more cost-effective manner has the right to use the software, and also because the industry centralized management and greatly reduce the cost of maintaining enterprises . Basically, ASP is a "software services, Internet services," and "outsourcing of information services and network integration" and "access of products, access products," such as the three major characteristics, can even be seen as ISP ( Internet Service Provider) and ITS (Information Technology Service) combination. ASP is the English Application Service Provider, the standard Chinese translation is "application service provider", is defined as commercial or individual customer management applications to provide solutions for companies or enterprises. ASP Chaozuo recently by the media is very fiery, the IT industry is not facing a pile of technical terms it is very difficult to clarify terminology ASP content, the paper tried to use simple language to the broad masses of readers opened the mysterious veil of ASP, IT Top of the ASP industry areas have some basic knowledge. 4 Origin of ASP The research to ASP mode and ASP enterprise's origin can proceed with two respects , one to in terms of business and technology , is it carry on research to come from ASP developing history that business commit; Another one is studies the origins of ASP enterprises and evolution course at present in terms of organization's development. Whether stand up synthetically above-mentioned developing stage, to put it briefly, present ASP history and development path of provider can simple to describe as: The first, developed from the past ISP, rounded the infrastructure and communication function, cooperate with software manufacturer, increase the business scope, develop into the present IDC (the data centre of Internet); The second,the past ISV (independent software provider ) and VAR (the trader that resells value-added service ), at Internet age , changed the marketing way in the past , would rely mainly on sale of the software product to change direction to rely mainly on the fact that right to use is leased in the past, bale from physics carrier encapsulation way change direction and long-range operation way main fact now, through the cooperation with network operator , realize the transition to ASP; The third ,IT service departments and traditional advisory companies of traditional large- scale organization, at the foundation known deeply in Internet , depend on long-term experience, is it carry on systematic design and implementation of scheme for other customer to begin, through establish in with trader who operates network and alliance relation between the application software manufacturer, realize the ASP provider that appears in the capacity of system integration trader. 5 The developing history and classification of ASP Seen from the present, ASP is as emerging and proposing formally it is only a thing from the end of 1998 to the beginning of 1999 of a kind of mode. And until from the end of 1999 to the beginning of 2000 to a great extent, ASP field relevant outstanding behaviours at the capital market of Company just cause people's extensive concern. In fact speaking from the intension and essence of ASP mode, it is not the brand-new things, but the mode that had once had, has been given the new vitality at Internet age. During this festival, we will review the course that ASP produce development and develop, in order to help the essence of better deep understanding ASP. At the end, we will concentrate on introducing the situation which enterprises divide from different standards in ASP field at present. The HTML plait writes the personnel if you are a simple method that a HTML plait writes the personnel, you will discover the script of ASP providing to create to have diplomatic relation with each other page. If you once want that collect the data from the form of HTML, or use the name personalization HTML document of the customer, or according to the different characteristic in different usage of the browser, you will discover ASP providing an outstanding solution. Before, to think that collect the data from the form of HTML, have to study a plait distance language to create to set up a CGI application procedure. Now, you only some simple instruction into arrive in your HTML document, can collect from the form the data combine proceeding analysis. You need not study the complete plait distance language again or edit and translate the procedure to create to have diplomatic relation alone with each other page. Along with control to use the ASP continuously with the phonetic technique in script, you can create to set up the more complicated script. For the ASP, you can then conveniently usage ActiveX module to carry out the complicated mission, link the database for example with saving with inspectional information. If you have controlled a script language, such as VBScript, JavaScript or PERL, and you have understood the method that use the ASP.As long as installed to match the standard cowgirl in the script of ActiveX script engine, can use in the page of ASP an any a script language. Does the ASP take the Microsoft? Visual Basic? Scripting Edition ( VBScript) with Microsoft? Script? Of script engine, like this you can start the editor script immediately. PERL, REXX with Python ActiveX script engine can from the third square develops the personnel acquires. The Web develops the personnel if you have controlled a plait distance language, such as Visual Basic, you will discover the ASP creates a very vivid method that set up the Web application procedure quickly. Pass to face to increase in the HTML the script order any, you can create the HTML that set up the applied procedure connects. Pass to create to set up own the module of ActiveX, can will apply the business in the procedure logic seal to pack and can adjust from the script, other module or from the other procedure the mold piece that use. The usage ASP proceeds the calculating Web can convert into the visible benefits, it can make the supplier of Web provide the alternant business application but not only is to announce the contents. For example, the travel agency can compare the announcement aviation schedule makes out more; Using the script of ASP can let the customer inspect the current service, comparison expenses and prepare to book seats. Include too can lower in the Windows NT Option Microsoft in the pack Transaction Server ( MTS) on the server complexity of constructing the procedure with expenses. The MTS can resolve to develop those confidentialities strong, can ratings of and the dependable Web applies the complexity problem of the procedure. 6 Active Server Pages model The browser requests from the server of Web. Hour of asp document, the script of ASP starts circulating. Then the server of Web adjusts to use the ASP, the ASP reads completely the document of the claim, carry out all scripts order any, combining to deliver the page of Web to browser. Because script is on the server but is not at the customer to carry the movement, deliver the page of Web on the browser is on the Web server born. Combining to deliver the standard HTML to browser. Because only the result that there is script returns the browser, so the server carries the not easy replication in script. The customer cans not see to create to set up them at script order that the page that view. We introduce the Basic form of the database language known as SQL, a language that allows us to query and manipulate data on computerized relational database systems. SQL has been the lingua franca for RDBMS since the early 1980s, and it is of fundamental importance for many of the concepts presented in this text. The SQL language is currently in transition from the relational form (the ANSI SQL – 92 standard) to a newer object-relational form (ANSI SQL -99, which was released in 1999). SQL-99 should be thought of as extending SQL-92, not changing any of the earlier valid language. Usually, the basic SQL we define matches most closely the ANSI SQL standards basic subsets, called Entry SQL -92 and core SQL-99 that are commonly implemented; our touchstone in defining basic SQL is to provide a syntax that is fully available on most of the major RDBMS products. We begin with an overview of SQL capabilities, and then we explain something about the multiple SQL standards and dialects and how we will deal with these in our presentation. We will learn how to pose comparable queries in SQL, using a form known as the Select statement. As we will see, the SQL select statement offers more flexibility in a number of ways than relational algebra for posing queries. However, there is no fundamental improvement in power, nothing that could not be achieved in relational algebra , given a few well-considered extensions. For this reason, experience with relational algebra gives us a good idea of what can be accomplished in SQL. At the same time, SQL and relational algebra have quite different conceptual models in a number of respects, and the insight drawn from familiarity with the relational algebra approach may enhance your understanding of SQL capabilities. The most important new feature you will encounter with SQL is the ability to pose queries interactively in a computerized environment. The SQL select statement is more complicated and difficult to master than the relatively simple relational algebra, but you should never feel list or uncertain as long as you have access to computer facilities where a few experiments can clear up uncertainties about SQL use. The interactive SQL environment discussed in the current chapter allows you to type a query on a monitor screen and get an immediate answer. Such interactive queries are sometimes called ad box queries. This term refers to the fact that an SQL select statement is meant to be composed all at once in a few type written lines and not be dependent on any prior interaction in a user session. The feature of not being dependent on prior interaction is also down as non-procedurality. SQL differs in this way even from relational algebra, where a prior alias statement might be needed in order to represent a product of a table with itself. The difference between SQL and procedural languages such as java or c is profound: you do not need to write a program to try out an SQL query, you just have to type the relatively short, self-contained text of the query and submit it . Of course, an SQL query can be rather complex . A limited part of this full form, know as a sub-query, is defined recursively, and the full select statement form has one added clause. You should not feel intimidated by the complexity of the select statement, however. The fact that a select statement is non-procedural means that it has a lot in common with a menu driven application, where a user is expected to fill in some set of choices from a menu and then press the enter key to execute the menu choices all at once. The various clauses of the select statement correspond to menu choices: you will occasionally need all these clauses, but on not expect to use all of them every time you pose a query. Observed reliability depends on the context in which the system s used. As discussed already, the system environment cannot be specified in advance nor can the system designers place restrictions on that environment for operational systems. Different systems in an environment may react to problems in unpredictable ways, thus affecting the reliability of all of these systems. There for, even when the system has been integrated, it may be difficult to make accurate measurements of its reliability. 7 Visual Basic Database Access prospects With the recent Web application software and the rapid development of the existing data stored in diverse forms, Visual Basic Database Access Solutions faces such as rapid extraction enterprises located in the internal and external business information with the multiple challenges. To this end Microsoft, a new database access strategy "unified data access" (UniversalDataAccess) strategy. "Unified data access" to provide high-performance access, including relational and non-relational data in a variety of sources, provide independent in the development of language development tools and the simple programming interface, these technologies makes enterprise integration of multiple data sources, better choice of development tools, application software, operating platforms, and will establish a maintenance easy solution possible. Form: Jilin normal university,07th issue in 2007 附录2 汉语翻译 Active Server Pages(ASP)是服务器端脚本编写环境,使用它可以创建和运行动态、交互的 Web 服务器应用程序。使用 ASP 可以组合 HTML 页、脚本命令和 ActiveX 组件以创建交互的 Web 页和基于 Web 的功能强大的应用程序。ASP 应用程序很容易开发和修改。 1 ASP的工作原理 当在Web站点中融入ASP功能后,将发生以下事情: (1)用户向浏览器地址栏输入网址,默认页面的扩展名是.asp; (2)浏览器向服务器发出请求; (3)服务器引擎开始运行ASP程序; (4)ASP文件按照从上到下的顺序开始处理,执行脚本命令,执行HTML页面内容; (5)页面信息发送到浏览器; 2 ASP的运行环境 ASP需要运行在PWS或IIS下。PWS或IIS服务在windows98或windows2000的光盘上附带着,可以通过“添加/删除程序”中的“添加/删除windows组件”来安装。 一般asp需与access数据库或SQL Server数据库结合使用,编出功能强大的程序。能够运行ASP的web服务器软件: Windows2000默认安装的是IIS5.0(internet information server),而windows XP默认安装的是IIS5.1,windows 2003默认安装的IIS6.0。 PWS(personal web server)运行在windows98环境下的简单个人网页服务器。 3 ASP的意义与特性 ASP( Application Service Provider,应用软体租赁服务提供者 )是指“透过网路以租赁方式提供应用软体服务的业者”,即业者以应用软体为主体,透过网路一对多地传递服务,这种以服务为主的交易模式促使企业可藉由租赁的方式,以更符合成本效益的方式拥有软体的使用权,并且亦能因为业者集中式的管理而大幅降低企业维护的成本 。 基本上,ASP即具有“软体服务化,服务网路化”,“资讯委外服务与网路结合”与“产品通路化,通路产品化”等三大特性,甚至可以被视为是ISP(Internet Service Provider)与ITS(Information Technology Service)的结合。 ASP的英文是Application Service Provider,中文的标准翻译就是“应用服务提供商”,是指为商业或者个人客户提供管理应用解决方案的公司或者企业。最近 ASP被媒体炒作的十分火热,不是IT行业的人面对一堆技术名词专业术语很难弄清楚ASP的内容,本文试图用浅显的语言来为广大的读者揭开ASP神秘的面纱,对于IT行业的大热门ASP领域有一些基本的认识。 4 ASP的起源 对于ASP模式和ASP企业起源的研究可以从两个方面入手,一个是从业务和技术的角度,从ASP业务构成的发展历史来进行研究;另一个是从组织机构发展的角度,来研究目前ASP企业的由来和演化过程。 将上述发展阶段综合起来,简单的说,目前的ASP提供商的历史和发展道路可以简单的描述为: 第一类,从过去的ISP发展起来,围绕基础设施和通讯功能,与软件厂商合作,增加业务范围,发展到现在的IDC(互联网数据中心); 第二类,过去的ISV(独立软件提供商)和VAR(增值服务转售商),在互联网时代,改变过去的营销方式,将过去以软件产品的出售为主转向以使用权租赁为主,从物理载体的打包封装方式转向现在在线和远程运行方式为主,通过与网络运营商的合作,实现向ASP的转型; 第三类,传统的大型组织的IT服务部门和传统的咨询公司,在对于互联网的深刻认识的基础上,依靠长期的经验,开始为其他客户进行系统方案的设计和实施,通过建立在与网络运行商和应用软件制造商之间的联盟关系,实现以系统集成商身份出现的ASP提供商。 5 ASP的发展历史与分类 从目前来看,ASP作为一种模式的正式诞生和提出只是在1998年底到1999年初之间的事情。而很大程度上直到1999年末到2000年初,ASP领域相关公司在资本市场上的突出表现才引起了人们的广泛关注。实际上从ASP模式的内涵和本质上讲,并不是全新的事物,而是曾经有过的模式,在互联网时代被赋予了新的生命力。在本节中,我们将回顾ASP产生发展演变的过程,以帮助更好的深入理解ASP的本质。在最后,我们将集中介绍目前ASP领域内企业从不同标准进行划分的情况。 HTML 编写人员 如果您是位 HTML 编写人员,您将发现 ASP 脚本提供了创建交互页的简便方法。如果您曾想从 HTML 表格中收集数据,或用顾客的姓名个人化 HTML 文件,或根据浏览器的不同使用不同的特性,您会发现 ASP 提供了一个出色的解决方案。以前,要想从 HTML 表格中收集数据,就不得不学习一门编程语言来创建一个 CGI 应用程序。现在,您只要将一些简单的指令嵌入到您的 HTML 文件中,就可以从表格中收集数据并进行分析。您再不必学习完整的编程语言或者单独编译程序来创建交互页。 随着不断掌握使用 ASP 和脚本语言的技巧,您可以创建更复杂的脚本。对于 ASP,您可以便捷地使用 ActiveX 组件来执行复杂的任务,比如连接数据库以存储和检索信息。 如果您已经掌握一门脚本语言,如 VBScript、JavaScript 或 PERL,而且您已经了解使用 ASP 的方法。只要安装了符合 ActiveX 脚本标准的相应脚本引擎,就可以在 ASP 页中使用任何一种脚本语言。ASP 带有 Microsoft? Visual Basic? Scripting Edition (VBScript)和 Microsoft? Script? 的脚本引擎,这样您可以立即开始编辑脚本。PERL、REXX 和 Python 的 ActiveX 脚本引擎可以从第三方开发人员处获得。 Web 开发人员 如果您已经掌握了一门编程语言,如 Visual Basic,您将发现 ASP 是快速创建 Web 应用程序的一个非常灵活的方法。通过向 HTML 中添加脚本命令,您能够创建应用程序的 HTML 接口。通过创建自己的 ActiveX 组件,可以将应用程序中的商业逻辑封装到能够从脚本、其他组件或从其他程序中调用的模块。 使用 ASP 进行计算的 Web 可转化为有形的利益,它使 Web 供应商能够提供交互的商业应用而不仅仅是发布内容。例如,旅行社能够比公布航空时刻表做得更多;用 ASP 脚本可以让客户察看现有的航班、比较费用并预定座位。 包含在 Windows NT Option pack 中的 Microsoft Transaction Server(MTS)可以降低在服务器上构造程序的复杂性和费用。TS 可以解决开发那些保密性强的、可分级的 以及可靠的 Web 应用程序的复杂性问题。 6 Active Server Pages模型 浏览器从 Web 服务器上请求 .asp 文件时,ASP 脚本开始运行。然后 Web 服务器调用 ASP,ASP 全面读取请求的文件,执行所有脚本命令,并将 Web 页传送给浏览器。 由于脚本在服务器上而不是在客户端运行,传送到浏览器上的 Web 页是在 Web 服务器上生成的。所以不必担心浏览器能否处理脚本:Web 服务器已经完成了所有脚本的处理,并将标准的 HTML 传输到浏览器。由于只有脚本的结果返回到浏览器,所以服务器端脚本不易复制。用户看不到创建他们正在浏览的页的脚本命令。 我们将介绍著名数据库语言的SQL的基本形式。SQL是允许我们查询和操作关于计算机化的关系数据库系统的语言。从80 年代初期,SQL就一直是关系数据库管理系统的语言,而且它是有着重要的意义的在对许多概念中,都在本文里提到。当前,SQL语言是从关系形式(ANSI SQL - 92 标准) 转向一个新的对象关系形式(ANSI SLQ -99,1999 被发布)。SQL-99 是SQL-92的延伸,它不改变所有早期版本的优秀的语言。通常,我们严格定义的基本SQL与ANSI SQL 标准和基础子集十分类似,分别被认为就是ENTRY SQL-92 和CORE SQL-99。我们也介绍了ENTRY SQL-92、CORE SQL-99之外一些广泛实现的特性。在定义基本的SQL中,我们的试金石是将提供一种支持大多RDBMS 接口的语法。 首先,我们总的研究SQL的特性,然后对SQL的多种形式标准和产品语言以及我们将如何具体地处理这些标准和产品语言进行分析解释。 我们知道了怎样完成关系代数来回应对查询的数据库信息。这将让我们看到,在编写查询语句时SQL中的SELECT在很多方面都比关系代数强大。但是,二者在性能上相比较,SQL在本质上并没有明显的改进。对那些周密的扩展语法来说,没有关系代数所不能实现的。所以,关系代数查询方面的经验就能成为SQL查询的很好的借鉴。同时在许多方面,SQL语句和关系代数概念模型又有着相当大的差异,而可以通过熟悉、理解关系代数增强对SQL的理解。 最重要的SQL特性是它拥有在计算机输出的条件下能够相互地构造查询的能力。SQL的SELECT语句比简单的关系代数更难,但只要能够上机实践,只需几个典型实验就收回你的怀疑。我们所谈论的交互式环境是你在电脑上一输入一个查询语句并且立即执行,就可以看到结果。此情况说明了这样一个事实,一个SQL 的SELECT语句是在打入一些输入行之后立即形成的,并且对一个用户来说该语句与前面的任何交互操作都没有关系。这种不依赖于用户会话互相通信操作的性质也被称作非过程性。在这方面SQL也与关系代数不同,因为在关系代数中为了表示一个表与自身的笛卡儿积,在表前面可能需要定义表别名。SQL与比如JAVA或C之类的语言之间的差别十分巨大的:你不需要为了实现一个SQL查询的功能而编写一个程序,你只需要量输入较短的、独立的查询语句,然后运行就可以了。 当然,SQL查询可能会复杂。为此,我们列出了SELECT语句的完整形式。取出这个形式的一个部分的查询被称为子查询,对它的定义是递归的,完整的SELECT语句形式只有一个子句。无论如何,你不应恐惧复杂的SQL语句。SELECT语句的非过程性说明了它与使用菜单的应用十分相似。在使用菜单的应用中,用户需要从菜单中填写一组数据,然后按下回车来对它们立即执行。SELECT语句的各种子句对于菜单选项有时也会需要所有的子句,但并不是所有的子句在每次查询的时候都用上。 观察可靠性应考虑系统使用环境。依照已经讨论的内容,系统环境无法预先被描述,系统设计者也不可能对系统工作环境做过多限制。不同的系统对相同环境中的同样问题还可能有无法预料的反应,所有这些都影响系统的可靠性。因此,即使在系统被集成之后,它的可靠性也是难以精确测量的。 7 Visual Basic访问数据库的前景: 近来随着Web应用软件的迅速发展和现有数据存储形式的多种多样,Visual Basic访问数据库的解决方案面临诸如快速提取分布于企业内部和外部有用商业信息等的多种挑战。为此Microsoft提出一种新的数据库访问策略,即“统一数据访问”(UniversalDataAccess)的策略。“统一数据访问”提供了高性能的存取包括关系型和非关系型在内的多种数据源,提供独立于开发工具和开发语言的简单的编程接口,这些技术使得企业集成多种数据源、选择更好的开发工具、应用软件、操作平台、建立容易维护的解决方案成为可能。



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