Google地图的PHP封装包:PHP Google Maps API

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Php-google-map-api 是 Google 地图的 PHP 语言封装包。

New Features in 3.0

  • Updated to use Google Maps API v3
  • Removed references and everything dealing with Google Maps API key since API keys are no longer necessary in V3 of the API!
  • Updated geocaching to use new Google Maps V3 geocoder.
  • Updated marker/custom icon handling.
  • Added ability to create maps for mobile devices.(iPhone and Android devices are currently the only supported devices)
  • Added directions rendering
  • Added walking and biking directions support
  • Added JSMin minification support.
    • Note - this means that in order to leave $_minify_js set to true (default), you must include JSMin.php as well. I have included a copy of this library in the repository.
  • Added addPolylineByCoordsArray and addPolylineByAddressArray methods
  • Added Elevation Chart display support.
    • Display multiple elevation charts for a map (and even multiple maps/charts per page)
    • Choose whether or not to display a correspondingly located marker on the line (directions or polyline) when hovering over a location on the elevation chart. (see demos below)
  • Added Multiple Map Support
    • Now you can easily add more than one map to the same page.
    • See the example below for more details.
  • Added addMarkerOpener function to create custom marker openers
    • The function takes a marker id (returned from add marker) and dom object id and then attaches an onclick (or onmouseover if you've switched the default action) to the given object and opens the marker's info window.
  • Added Traffic Overlay and Bike Map Overlay support. See the examples below.
  • Added Custom Overlay support with opacity option
  • Added KML Overlay support - add KML/GeoRSS files utilizing the client side JS calls.
    • Simply pass in a filename to any KML or GeoRSS file and you are on your way!
  • Added MarkerClusterer support.
  • Added ability to choose between buttons or dropdown for map type navigation.
  • Added street view controls support! Check out the demo to see how easy it is!
  • NEW Added support for polygon drawing



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