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语言 Star 名称 描述
PowerShell58 SpacezCowboy/Scripts Scripts for IT Professionals
C#47 marijnz/unity-shell Write and execute code in an intuitive "shell" with autocompletion, for the Unity Editor.
Python35 manateelazycat/emacs-application-framework Emacs application framework
C#19 easy66/MonoHooker hook C# method at runtime without modify dll file
JavaScript16 watson/worker-threads-pool Easily manage a pool of Node.js Worker Threads
Rust14 TheUnitedStatesOfAmerica/ Natural language processing library for yes or no values written in Rust
C13 qwikrazor87/npdrm_free A PSP/ePSP plugin to run official NPDRM PS1/PSP content without need of a valid .rif license or act.dat.
Go9 wybiral/reverseproxy Encrypted reverse proxy in Go.
Objective-C8 LycaJB/LycaJB LycaJB is a project that aims to fill the gap in iOS 11.0 - 11.3.1 jailbreaks. While this jailbreak is specifically aimed at developers it could be turned into a public stable jailbreak which includes Cydia. Right now we had to make the hard decision to remove Cydia from LycaJB as it caused our test devices to bootloop. We are working hard to make this stable and ready for the public.
PHP7 gitfav/elasticsearch- es全文索引练习使用
Go7 gopherjs/gopherwasm A wrapper for GopherJS (`gopherjs/js`) and Wasm (`syscall/js`)
CSS7 activitypubguide/guide WIP - ActivityPub Guide
JavaScript6 mahdimotamedi/nodejs-mongodb-api-example MVC api project with NodeJS and Express and MongoDB
Java6 gaowenhui/spring-cloud-vcyber spring-cloud-vcyber
PHP6 zhangwei699/esDemo 新闻抓取系统简易版
JavaScript6 mikeal/libp2p-simple Pre-configured libp2p for browser and node.js.
Clojure6 bhauman/cljs-test-display Visual display for ClojureScript tests.
PHP5 phpstan/phpstan-deprecation-rules PHPStan rules for detecting usage of deprecated classes, methods, properties, constants and traits.
Jupyter Notebook5 tech-srl/lstar_extraction implementation of ICML 2018 paper, Extracting Automata from Recurrent Neural Networks Using Queries and Counterexamples
Scala4 scalaz/scalaz-plugin A compiler plugin that will improve on the scala compiler on the assumption that the user is using the Scalazzi-safe subset of Scala.
Java4 shokufeh/Image-Recognition-Using-Spark_and-DL4J Image recognition with Convolutional Neural Networks using Spark & Deeplearning4J
Java4 c0de8ug/javaee-tutorial Maven + Mysql + Shiro + SpringMVC + Spring
HTML4 ibnuh/regex-generator Simple web interface to generate regular expressions from a set of strings
Jupyter Notebook4 hmahajan1999/Text-Classification Text Classification Using Multinomial Naive Bayes (implemented from scratch in python3)
JavaScript4 leslieJt/douyin_bot A telegram bot for douyin[抖音]
C4 janusvr/janus JanusVR client for desktop and mobile
JavaScript4 hajimehoshi/wasm-bench Wasm Benchmark Experiment
JavaScript3 pfrazee/dat-source-explorer A helpful widget for viewing the source of a dat site.
Vue3 ChuckOu/vue-pictring A picture upload component about VUE
Rust3 Proximyst/beeOS an os for bees
C#3 jinnin0105/UnityComponentAutoInjector Unity GetComponent Auto Injector
JavaScript3 hardog/saylian a english learn program for iter
C#3 TaoSLe/FSM 有限状态机
Jupyter Notebook3 yuehhua/intro_to_deep_learning.jl Introduction to deep learning using Flux.jl
PHP3 justmd5/tencent-ai 腾讯AI开放平台 Tencent AI open platform
Python3 suminb/interview-questions Interview questions from multiple companies
JavaScript3 RosieCode95/YouTube-Music-Desktop unofficial YouTube Music desktop client
Python3 Changzhisong/CCF_BikeTrafficForecast_Top10 2017 CCF 城市自行车的出行行为分析及效率优化赛题----top10解题方案
JavaScript3 leoleoasd/electron-vue-ipc-settings 基于IPC的线程安全的electron主进程与渲染进程之间的数据同步框架
Python3 BasuCert/WinboxPoC Proof of Concept of Winbox Critical Vulnerability
TypeScript3 amcdnl/ngx-echarts Declarative ECharts bindings for Angular
Shell3 BelBES/thinkpad_x1_carbon_6th_linux Linux configuration guide for Thinkpad x1 Carbon 6th Gen (2018)
Kotlin3 riggaroo/android-demo-mlkit Examples of using MLkit on Android
Objective-C3 jxshunqiziran/XJNewPost 仿微博发布界面,包括表情显示YYText,图文混编,UICollectionView图片拖动,富文本,@选人,范围选人,图片压缩,缓存
C#2 sptBlack/osusentrycore osu! Sentry's Core
C2 appleguru/stm32f4-lin English Translated Comments of UB's STM32F4 LIN Demo
Java2 MinimineLP/mcscript-java mcscript, now available without nodejs
Java2 jaqobb/will-poland-win-with-japan Program that tries to predicate if Poland will win with Japan
Python2 caiolima/adaboost_tp simple implementation of adaboost
PHP2 muhsarip/cbuilder Rapid Codeigniter Starter Kit for building web application
Python2 0x7000/int2str girilen sayiyi metine çeviren class çalışması
TypeScript2 dattasid/ProcFlower Procedural Wildflowers
C++2 markisus/variant_ptr C++ template library implementing variant pointer types and visitation
JavaScript2 Isaranu/simple-iot-socket-online-control Use to control Internet of Things by real time.
JavaScript2 apex-discord/twitch-hooks Twitch Helix API helper.
Smalltalk2 awaregroup/AwareGroup.ProjectWorks Refit based API wrapper for ProjectWorks
Kotlin2 evant/fragstack A better android fragment backstack
Python2 AdityaPai2398/Colour-Segmentation-in-OpenCV Using HSV range to track a red object from a camera mounted on a quad rotor.
Shell2 SixArm/mac-defaults Mac defaults: macOS system setup configuration script via default write
JavaScript2 niftylettuce/parse-request Parse requests in the Browser and Node (with added support for Passport)
HTML2 hx-dl/baidu_demo jsonp实现百度跨域数据获取
PHP2 bluegeek/laravel-ali-mail 阿里邮件推送集成
PHP2 whalephp/PHPExcel-Helper PHPExcel辅助开发类,帮助开发者快速创建各类excel
JavaScript2 MichelleGuan/PersonalWebsiteProject_Teamwork React16/node.js/mongoDB
Vue2 YouMod/YouMod A website for YouTubers which allows to add Moderators to a channel and set specific Permissions
PHP2 consolidation/backend Remote command execution library using site aliases and ssh.
Java2 TFdream/coral 分布式ID生成器解决方案。
Rust2 rust-bitcoin/rust-wallet Library for a Bitcoin Wallet
Python2 stoic1979/PyLogger A singleton logger that will be used globally by the project
Java2 wildma/WildmaSelectPicture Android 图片选择
Haskell2 nomeata/ghcjs2gh-pages Example repository setup that deploys GHCJS programs to GitHub Pages
CMake2 myyerrol/learning_moveit This ros metapackage contains some packages that I wrote it myself according to the tutorials provided by the MoveIt! official website. The MoveIt! Tutorials website is:
C2 gingerBill/Omega Code Generator
Python2 janw/drmeter Analyze audio files for their Dynamic Range (DR) as proposed by the Pleasurize Music Foundation
Python2 HawkAaron/MiniDFS Python Implementation of Mini DFS
C2 Belgarion/cuballoon cuda miner for deft (balloon hash)
TypeScript2 gostgroup/redux-modus Well typed lightweight alternative to redux-act.
Objective-C2 jxshunqiziran/XJPlayer 基于AVPlayer封装的视频播放器,包括视频播放,暂停,全屏,快进,缓冲等功能
TypeScript2 rluiten/rajts Convert raj into typescript
Python2 Suor/parsechain Making parsing concise
C2 krepe-suZette/etcpy ETC decoder for python
JavaScript2 Snugglez/Secondary-Auth-Skip skips the secondary auth password on some versions of tera
PHP2 itjackhe/HttpCurl PHP语言,HttpCurl工具类,支持GET请求、POST请求、POST上传文件请求(兼容PHP5.5~7),支持链式操作。
Objective-C2 jxshunqiziran/XJNetWorkManager 基于AFNetworking封装,包括多图片同步、异步上传,下载,错误上报,输出请求log等功能
Python2 jay18898/aws_serverless serverless architecture using aws services like Lambda Function, S3, RDS and API Gateway
JavaScript1 remcohaszing/babel-plugin-transform-react-class-to-function A Babel 7 plugin which transforms React component classes into functions
JavaScript1 thomijasir/react-native-professional-webview Sample Application WebView using react native as Mobile Engine and Vue Js as Core System Of Application
JavaScript1 GregTechModPack/GregTechExpertMCEModPack GregTech Expert Magic Custom Edition for FruitLauncher
JavaScript1 furkleindustries/gulp-docker A set of gulp tasks for automating Docker tasks.
Python1 a3linux/pipenv-aws-lambda-template Start A Simple AWS Lambda Function Project Powered by Pipenv From Cookiecutter
Java1 ainilili/No-Framework A lightweight framework based on Java language development, personally realize JSON/XML parsing, service container, service framework, bytecode instrumentation, such as solution, study the cost is low, plug and play, high extensibility, the author is very active!
Python1 brennengreen/pybrarian This is a librarian like API mean't to give the ability to webscrape important information regarding any book. Soon to be implemented as a Discord bot! (Written in Python!)
JavaScript1 FatHouse/FXSS XSS平台
JavaScript1 zdddrszj/code 一些常用模块源码解析
Java1 iagoab73/KMeans Trabalho de IA
Java1 percyashu/JHTP_10E Some of CHAPTER 2 solutions
Python1 RensMD/2D-image-to-3D-print-Exo-glove Translate a flat picture of a hand to a 3D model of a fitting exo-glove
Haskell1 mpevnev/schemer A framework for easily implementing text file format parsing
Java1 harp077/hofat HOFAT - graphical Hash Of File And Text calculator utility
TypeScript1 thiswallz/uix-light-notifier A basic message service and component for Angular 6 apps.
Go1 gotask/logsql search any log by sql command
Objective-C1 wuyezhiguhun/YDKit 功能点集合
JavaScript1 BaseMax/ChangeNumbersJs Tiny Library for change number from a language in other language.
C++1 EdZM/Game-POO-C- Contem os códigos os jogo
Vue1 xlupc/Travel a web app about travel
Shell1 grational/big-data-scripts A gigawatt powered project.
Go1 farkow/lang-parser-english Language parser for English - Act, What, Where, Which, Amount, How, Why, When, Who
Python1 jakeoeding/synonym-lookup Quick script to grab synonyms of a given word
Java1 wzmyyj/ZYMK 仿知音漫客客户端。
Python1 lin14543/spider_flask_api 用Flask+Redis实现分布式任务分发
Java1 ValkyrienWarfare/Valkyrien-Warfare-API A simple API providing helper functions to allow other mods to easily interact with Valkyrien Warfare.
Java1 ealcober/kabbalah Useful for Guematria, Notarikon & Temurah Kabbalistic treatments. Cabala. Caballah. Kabballah. Kabala.
Crystal1 kostya/auto_initialize Generate initialize methods for classes and structs
PHP1 zhaoguibin/weather2email 获取天气信息发送邮件
JavaScript1 McZenith/Pixel-Art-Maker- Check the boxes you created, then I will give you a pixel design...
Python1 manikchaudhery/AngelHackCode Angel Hacks 2018 code submission
Java1 Sugar520/Q_test Q测试
JavaScript1 smiled0g/eos-local Node.js library with CLI tool for running local EOS docker container
Java1 lambo10/intel8080-simulator-in-java this is an intel 8080 simulator written in java. it takes assembly language code from a txt file and simulates the process of execution. displaying the data in the registers and in the memory during runtime.
Java1 JunFiroz/Scales-of-Eternity An indie role-playing game.
PHP1 kristyaa/phpbeginer workshop1
Python1 yiikai/CelebA_VOC Celeba VOC数据格式用于YOLO识别人脸
C++1 maxgerhardt/omega2-dht11-lora-demo A demo program which sends DHT11 humidity and temperature data over LoRa to TTN with AllThingsTalk integration.
HTML1 anwesha999/ Developing Data Product
C++1 MTJailed/dsc_extract Utility for extracting iOS dyld shared caches Thanks @Apple
Shell1 cbettinger/shell-scripts Personal shell script library
Java1 luanquanghuy/ListenSMS Ứng dụng listen các tin nhắn đến và tự động gửi đến số khác.
Matlab1 Kwan-Lab/joy Generates a joyplot movie.
HTML1 hanfengcan/nodemcu-just4fun some example for nodemcu
JavaScript1 lonisy/request-inspect Request Inspect 可用于移动应用API开发调试。服务端需要接入Request Report。让移动开发更迅速、简单。
Vim script1 guanhui07/shell_config shell_config
Makefile1 alinasr/GPU_ANFIS_JETSON_tk1 ANFIS network in cuda for embedded jetson TK1
Python1 bziadeh/python-utils A collection of functions that make simple tasks less tedious.
Java1 shubhamsoni00000/Android-Interpolators This is a simple project used to understand how interpolator affects the animations.
JavaScript1 zly1154367510/H5Game html 小游戏
Java1 Gradherius/LiveDesign Project for PG
C#1 salaros/is-biz-mail-dotnet isBizMail tells you whether a given email address is free (,, etc) or not.
JavaScript1 aruca94/fend-project-memory-game Memory game
Rust1 nyumaya/PorcupineZero Porcupine Hotword detection for the Raspberry Pi Zero
JavaScript1 moaazajlani/k8s-SaaS kubernetes project to deliver SaaS
HTML1 sharnajh/baruch-survival-guide A fun, nonsensical HTML/CSS website
Java1 xPlumpOrange/Trvia-Game-Helper A Trivia Game Helper Made To Find The Best Answer To A Given Question (Multi-Language Support)
Java1 xPlumpOrange/ComboGrabber A Google & Pastebin HTML Scraper Used To Grab Combos (With GUI)
JavaScript1 LeeviKopakkala/Fence Fence - A Discord Bot Framework
Rust1 spacekookie/keybob A cryptographic key utility
Java1 Thoughtscript/x_team_react_reactor Passwordless Java WebFlux API, React Client, Mongo + Redis
JavaScript1 eljefedelrodeodeljefe/express-safe-send Do not send on already sent Express headers.
Swift1 Chris-Perkins/ClingConstraints Yet another library for programmatic constraints in iOS; emphasis on readability
TypeScript1 Yesterday17/ZSlang Yet another Zenscript compiler(parser?stimulator?) written in Typescript.(WIP)
Python1 adam1x/SteamDustman Remove hidden games from your Steam account
JavaScript1 ThePhenom1708/GitHunt A Simple Web application for Github user profile searching using JQuery and AJAX.
Java1 lambo10/video-web-crwaler web crawler written in java and python. this crawler crawls the web for video links and stores it result in a mysql Database useing python
JavaScript1 MaxVinogradov/aws-to-telegram-notifier Serverless app to aggregate info about AWS services availability
HTML1 zhuhanxin0308/sunny_web 一个开源的、前后端分离的、后台管理系统开发框架--基于layui2.x thinkphp5.1 [前端]
Matlab1 hackjutsu/machine-learning-coursera-hw Personal homework repo for Machine Learning course (Coursera)
C1 nimaltd/KeyPad Matrix KeyPad Library for stm32 HAL
D1 BBasile/libfirm-d D bindings to libfirm
C++1 lyx0124/Gabor-Noise Final project for rendering course, implementing Gabor noise
HTML1 pointfour/notavirus this is defiantly certainly not a virus tm
JavaScript1 ryancat/create-ts-library Create your next typescript library
C#1 caisimongit/Framework.Mayiboy.ExcelHelper 蚂蚁男孩.Excel文档帮助类 主要用于导入Excel数据列表和到导出Excel数据列表而诞生
PHP1 jameysharp/wp-fullhistory WordPress plugin for full-history RSS feeds conforming to RFC5005
Python1 jdimpson/syspwm Python Libary for Hardware PWM on Raspberry Pi using Linux kernel driver and /sys interface
ASP1 guozhi666/Press-release-system 主要用于新闻发布以及新闻预览
Dart1 solomon-okolie/Flutter-PinPad A Flutter Pin Pad Widget
Java1 silvasistemas/locadora-filmes-tdd Projeto Agile Java com JUnit 4, Mockito e PowerMock - TDD
Java1 sose1/test_rest test resta
Java1 Meshee/freeChat A chat app based on Meshee SDK
Shell1 pepijndevos/sysenv It's like virtualenv for system packages
JavaScript1 richardshu/SabaiWebApp A web application that helps health practitioners log patient data
JavaScript1 TinyKitten/K-Bot-for-Slack Slack用マルコフ連鎖自動学習会話BOT
Vue1 ycmjason/ A website for sharing chords that I arranged.
Python1 vbty/CTF-Challenge CTF Challenges:heap、stack and other
JavaScript1 MiguelMedeiros/crypto-candies Buy candies using a Raspberry Pi + Bitcoin + NodeJS!
HTML1 davidbody/national-party-affiliation Data analysis of national party affiliation
Ruby1 ffijp/hello-rakuraku2nd AWS CodeStar Ruby on Rails ウェブアプリケーション hello-rakuraku2 用の GitHub レポジトリ。
R1 greta-dev/greta.hmm a greta extension for hidden Markov models
Go1 deependresearch/hoard Historical Observations of Actionable Reputation Data
JavaScript1 12ew/tic-tac-react Tic Tac Toe game made with React
Python1 kitizl/Gravity A simple gravity simulator written in Python utlizing the Euler method for numerical simulation.
Rust1 fdb-hiroshima/rocket_csrf Rocket fairing for automatic csrf protection
Python1 EncoreTechnologies/orchestraconvert Converts Mistral workflows into Orchestra workflows
HTML1 vaginessa/
JavaScript1 ammanvedi/modjulie Server to dynamically build libraries based on parameters in a http request
JavaScript1 rosie-b/CSS-Gradient-Creator Simple CSS gradient generator using HTML, CSS, Javascript.
Python1 brightsparc/containerday AWS container immersion day
Go1 LeechanX/Easy-Config TODO:简单的、高可用、高效的基于共享内存的分布式配置中心,轻松支持C/C++/Java/Python/Golang等语言的服务
Python1 KnightHartX/stack blog&bbs based on Django
Makefile1 fanfareglobal/fan-token Fanfare token contracts
CSS1 lambo10/simple-memory-game-written-in-js simple memory game written in js
Python1 ba-nyar-naing/coding-sprint Coding Sprint with my team
JavaScript1 FedGorunov/Todos node-project for save todo
Dart1 KomoriWu/flutter_app flutter 小记---持续更新
Shell1 Organic-Code/ymph Helper to play youtube music playlist (as a daemon)
Java1 durin93/dumo memo web application
JavaScript1 heyitsjeoff/amazon-font chrome extension to go back to amazon's Ember font
JavaScript1 dhruvangg/codesnag NodeJS API
Lua1 lalawue/app_scheduler process group manager, launch and monitor process in group, start/stop process dynamically.
SQF1 diwako/ACE-punish-unknown-weapon A script that punishes picking up unknown/enemy weapons by degrading their efficiency!
JavaScript1 Kitanga/Mugin A simple dynamic music library built on top of howler.js
Python1 BockSong/Recommendation-System A content based recommendation system for TV program.
Java1 thebitstdsa1/thebits a the bits project
Java1 gaowenhui/spring-cloud-gaowh spring-cloud-gaowh
JavaScript1 MaximilianUE/D3-Playground Demos for Data Visualisations
Ruby1 neoeno/rspec-isolate Enforce isolation in your unit tests.
JavaScript1 fxpio/fxp-satis-serverless Serverless static Composer repository generator built for AWS Lambda, S3 and API Gateway
TypeScript1 12Balu34/AWT-Frontend Angular 6 Project for the 2018 AWT project at Politecnico di Milano
CSS1 kellerkichel/minimal-blog Um blog simples com jekyll
PHP1 SetBased/php-abc-cgi-test ABC-Framework: CGI Unit Tests
Haskell1 rsschoolfp/webinar-examples Course Lecture Source Code
JavaScript1 william-xue/vue-cli-webpack4-base-vue-cli2 vue-cli2升级webpack4脚手架
Clojure1 arctype-co/log4j2-plugins-cache This plugin fixes conflicting Log4j2Plugins.dat files when building an uberjar using leiningen.
JavaScript1 phenax/yaatt Easy tests and documentation for your http api
Lua1 appgurueu/palib Pointing at API for Minetest Mods
CSS1 RuslanUchan/ Making Website with Github-pages and Jekyll
HTML1 tr1plus/ha-aftership Aftership state card for use in HomeAssistant
Python1 LukeAlSaba/B-DayBot A Reddit bot that wishes Reddit users a happy birthday on there Reddit B-Day!
JavaScript1 goto-bus-stop/mini-unassert remove assert calls from a stream of javascript
JavaScript1 Kuttipishaash/react-todo Simple todo list app using firebase and react-redux
JavaScript1 xdgjwbdhvpnmtqzsf/material-ui-manager A full-page multi-page administration panel for react.js + material-ui, independent of the backend platform
Python1 sergey-tikhonov/lexit An open source lexer generator
Shell1 normanjoyner/kubectl-tmux-ssh A kubectl plugin to ssh into Kubernetes nodes within separate tmux panes
C++1 vinniefalco/p1134 An Elegant Coroutine Abstraction
JavaScript1 Kyuubey/Kyubey Kyubey is a multipurpose Discord bot, made for fun.
JavaScript1 jarekb84/gees Galactic Era Enhancement Suite
Java1 undertaker9104/project servlet project
Python1 buptv/Tech_kg 科技知识图谱
JavaScript1 xy2020/lvfanwxs 绿帆文学社
Dart1 NPKompleet/ThermometerWidget A flutter widget with golden file tests
CSS1 lambo10/2d-plane-doge-game-in-js this is a 2D simple plane doge game written in js .it takes touche input for plane direction
JavaScript1 Germey/YesOrNo Yes Or No Based on Gesture
Python1 Breakerz/pypresence Presence detection over Bluetooth scan
Python1 SurenderHarsha/NeuroEvolve Basic
C#1 jaggedSpire/Flags Assorted country flags implemented as WPF windows, for basic WPF practice
Java1 ManWithAndroid/MathR A better way to approximate functions.
JavaScript1 Kyuubey/core Kyubey's core.
Kotlin1 ashwindmk/android_retrofit_caching Project shows how to cache responses using Retrofit 2 and OkHttp3.
Objective-C1 HMLONG/HiFile A software that supports visual viewing of files under MAC
Python1 alephdata/languagecodes A Python helper library to convert between ISO 639 two- and three-letter codes.
HTML1 stoneboy100200/bike_sharing My first neural network
Python1 ayoyu/MapReduce_WordCount_Hadoop WordCount application MapReduce Hadoop
JavaScript1 fszlin/docstrap DocFX theme with boostrap 4
Python1 Cloudmersive/Cloudmersive.APIClient.Python.Barcode Python client for Cloudmersive Barcode API
C++1 alinasr/Fixed-point-ANFIS- Fixed-point ANFIS RMSE calculation for Linux based embedded systems to employ in randomized evolutionary machine learning algorithm
JavaScript1 enlyth/mining-profit GPU and ASIC crypto mining profitability around the world.
Python1 ProjetMultis/pyraneed-project the pyraneed project
JavaScript1 amansahil/tensorflowjs-digitrecognizer A simple digit recognizer made with an HTML 5 canvas and tensorflowjs
Java1 xPlumpOrange/A.I.-Java-API Open Source A.I Api - Semi-Customizable Nodes
C#1 JingFengJi/PrefabViewWindow 预制体全层级预览
Java1 OrangeMc/Orange-Blog Change博客
C#1 shamoyuu/zombie-shoot 僵尸与人类混战的FPS游戏源码
C1 code-disaster/libsdlang A compact C library to parse SDLang ( text.
Python1 bziadeh/python-discord A discord bot developed with Python 3.6.
JavaScript1 bsonntag/react-user-media A react component that wraps `getUserMedia`.
HTML1 Latin1/ blog
Python1 VotiroLabs/Word-Quick-Fuzzer A framework to fuzz Word Quick Fields
Jupyter Notebook1 zangobot/FittingMemes Some nice fit... on a very very dumb problem
PHP1 SieloBrowser/SieloWebsite Files of sielo website
Python1 junwoo93s/Parse-website-to-website Parsing entire website to get the specific data/ Toy project request by MinHee
PHP1 joladubu/laravel-bootstrap4-blog Creating a Blog with Laravel and Bootstrap
Dart1 Kapil706/gdg_sample It is my first flutter application that i have developed for gdg flutter event. It is just simple preloaded code of flutter to get to know how to setup flutter
JavaScript1 OSullivanSean/KMessage KMessage chat service
CSS1 AutumnClove/Winter-Wonderland-BD-Theme A mystical, purple theme with customizable colors & background! Based on Clearvision Amethyst.
Jupyter Notebook1 Aishwarya-96/Assignment3-CDA Botnet Detection for Course Cyber Data Anayltics
Pascal1 MFernstrom/TwilioLib A Freepascal library for sending SMS with Twilio
HTML1 mastertech-aulas/exemplos-js-web Exemplos diversos de javascript web
JavaScript1 anming-john/doc-task-backend doc-task server side
TeX1 pdasigi/thesis My PhD thesis
CSS1 toltarisa/Oy-Pusula-Rehberi---Vanilla-Js Basit oy pusulasi rehberi uygulaması.
JavaScript1 MANGO-APP/web The ManGo App website
Java1 aqwsnmgf/gitlib exercise git
Swift1 anismizicse/Test-App-2 Testing the remote Github with Xcode
Python1 Ma-Min-Min/coding-sprint Coding Sprint with my team
HTML1 dollarman2/betalyf-web Health related app
PHP1 SetBased/php-abc-cgi ABC-Framework: CGI
Go1 BlueSimle/BlockChain This is a block chain.
JavaScript1 NextZeus/lordofpomelodocker lordofpomelo docker-compose
HTML1 kcak11/pens Codepen Pens
Objective-C1 bashe21/HorizontalLayout colletionview 水平方向布局
Groovy1 ttymsd/stf-android-test-client STFAndroidTestClient is a Gradle plugin. Run Android instrumental test using STF
Python1 B-C-WANG/VaspStudio An useful tool to submit your VASP job on HPC, manage your jobs and extract eneries...
Python1 chenxi21g/hello-world my first repository test
Python1 strongbugman/sanic_demo Demo project with sanic
HTML1 giorgiy-shepov/ Resume Website for Gio Shepov
Java1 jease/jeasePlus Jease Plus new branch of jease with new efficiency and effectiveness
CSS1 talha-atta/transplantChain Using the blockchain to improve efficiency for the organ donation process.
Ruby1 growthdrivendev/rubyflow clone
C1 hpatel99/GameEngine_Devi Pet Project to explore wilds of Game Engine.Using OpenGL.
JavaScript1 unibitlabs/anon
HTML1 Yangxulei/HappyBirthday the web to my girlfriend
JavaScript1 alppacat/Studio-Ghibli- Practicing DOM, JSON and css styles
Ruby1 ArkusCode/TestGuru TestGuru app
Haskell1 ChrisPenner/flux-monoid A monoid which counts changing values in a sequence
Objective-C1 WrightsCS/WCSDateRange Simple date range class.
Python1 Shwaubh/HackerrankSolutions Contains solutions for many hackerrank questions with each section solution in different organised section hence easy to search..
C++1 GourabIX/core.lang Contains core language files
Scala1 scalaz/scalaz-library.g8 Giter8 template for scalaz 8 library
PHP1 SomeGuyWithoutShoes/yeet Scrap and crap.
Shell1 newtoon22/WSL Linux GUI on Windows 10
Python1 tobegit3hub/auto_imgaug Implementation of AutoAugment system
Java1 Lukas-Ertl/Livetest Iprog Test 3
JavaScript1 sudheermaddukuri/PushNotify PushNotification
Python1 PyaePanSan/coding-sprint Coding sprint with my team
JavaScript1 ydvsailendar/tensorflowjs tutorial section flowup of
JavaScript1 micburks/aquameta-sync Import from and export to filesystem from Aquameta database
Python1 rcanderson23/zabbix_discord_bot Basic discord bot that retrieves information from a zabbix server
JavaScript1 weknowinc/grav-plugin-tui-editor Tui-Editor Grav Plugin
Dart1 nitishk72/flutter_form_validation Form Handling and Validation
Java1 Pikachu920/NBTAddon A NBT Addon that may or may not be maintained.
CoffeeScript1 steveruizok/StateMachine A Framer module for building components driven by state machines.
PHP1 zhuhanxin0308/sunny_admin 一个开源的、前后端分离的、后台管理系统开发框架--基于layui2.x thinkphp5.1【后端】
Kotlin1 qichuan/firebase_ml_snapchat_filter A example of implementing Snapchat like filter with Firebase ML Kit
HTML1 sharnajh/homepage-beta A beta of a possible homepage
Vue1 xuqichuang/djangoAndVueBlog 个人博客
JavaScript1 erIamshivani/ Online Repository
JavaScript1 zxy1131167456/AIWxsmall 基于Koa-wafer2的微信小程序
Python1 netn10/Dominos-Israel-Automated-Delivery A project that automate the process of buying pizza from Dominos Israel
Python1 owenkealey/Splash-Page-Destroyer The source code of the now unworking and deprecated Splash Page Destroyer Adidas Script
JavaScript1 CosignCosine/Ultimate-KA-Bot A bot that uses an oauth grant to securely log people in and connect Khan Academy to Discord in an immersive way.
Java1 peavers/docker-micro-library A very tiny wrapper around a ProcessBuilder for running docker commands.
Python1 Cloudmersive/Cloudmersive.APIClient.Python.ImageRecognition Python client for Cloudmersive Image Recognition API
Swift1 zhanbaocheng/Explorer 实验室,对iOS开发相关技术进行试验
JavaScript1 techhysahil/react-itra-dropdown A very simple react dropdown component.
Python1 peacockethan/BubbleSortPython Python implementation of the bubble sort algorithm
C++1 Alnitak-Antares/VMulator a simple CPU emulator using self-defined ISA, written in C++/Qt.
Java1 Canber/OpenGL-ES-for-android OpenGL ES for android 相关资源 恶心的CSDN下载C币
TypeScript1 clickon45/first-project-angular My First Angular Project
HTML1 daoyuan98/Memi a simple simple website for memorizing words
Objective-C1 yuexygoodman/MVPExample 一个MVP的Demo,展示了在iOS平台上如何实现MVP模式
HTML1 Giltham/ maul
CoffeeScript1 kelp404/angularjs-bootstrap-datepicker A Bootstrap3 datepicker for AngularJS.
C++1 Therena/Therena.NamedPipeUtil Named pipe utilities for Windows
Go1 xor-gate/sshfp Golang implementation of SSHFP for
Java1 GinYM/SimpleDB 186
HTML1 shashank570/myproject ecommerce website
JavaScript1 GaelBSilva/TicTacToe Uma versão online do Jogo da Velha
JavaScript1 evvvritt/the-downer Exhibition website for Berlin project space, The Downer
Dart1 ross-albertson/flutter_go1 An example of Flutter with a MongoDB-driven Go back end
JavaScript1 ascoders/monaco-editor-commonjs commonjs monaco-editor
C++1 rsaz/CppCheck Implementation of three C++ classes to measure the execution time/code performance using Windows C native API and using Chrono Library
C++1 AndreyKrug/Game_2048 Game_2048 with cheat-code :) Console Application with pseudo-graphic
C#1 JingFengJi/FindPrefabByImage 通过图片名反查预制体
C++1 miyako/4d-plugin-tz Perform conversion and arithmetic on dates
Java1 threekilogram/TransitionManager view transition
Jupyter Notebook1 applenob/learning_notebook 各方面零散的学习笔记。
Java1 choss/java-xci-splitter Java tool to split and trim nintendo switch xci files
Java1 Zeru-Tadesse/DejaView GoogleMaps: Timeline data analysis
Python1 benyaminsalimi/CedarAPI-Python [unofficial]simple python class for using CedarMaps RESTful api
Java1 JuKu/island-exploration-rts A new game based on the idea of cultures, anno and the settlers 3 (prototype!).
C#1 Michsky/ultimatehudskins Stylish HUD layouts for Unity engine.
TypeScript1 Philippe-Collignon/ngx-form-validation Angular Template Driven Form Validators
PHP1 VirtualMirai/SalienCheatAdv Saliens Cheat Advanced
CSS1 neecholaus/note_extension A Chrome extension for making quick notes and saving a local copy.
Scala1 japgolly/clear-config Scala FP configuration library with a focus on runtime clarity
C++1 francot514/Doom-Wars Open source rts based on the classic game made with Stratagus engine
HTML1 flashii/ Source of the Flashii web chat
JavaScript1 alexbyk/dummycoin DummyCoin is a simple blockchain client-server implementation written in TypeScript
Java1 phantom-5/CET-Notice-Board Web parsing using JSoup to save me the pain of checking/using Facebook only for CET Notice Board
TypeScript1 yahtnif/smarkdown Markdown parser, simple and powerful.
Java1 charnolds88/charnolds88 otros
Java1 bbossgroups/eshelloword-spring-boot-starter 本实例是一个基于bboss es spring boot starter的demo maven工程,可供spring boot项目集成bboss elasticsearch rest client参考
CSS1 Akira0705/WEB-reptiles WEB可调节爬虫
JavaScript1 theafn/polar-pricer This is the unfinished hobby project that made me learn a great deal about React and its eco-system.
Python1 anubhavs11/Twitter-Streamed-data-analysis This project consists streaming twitter dataset and then analysing its data on hadoop cluster to find the most popular programming language on twitter in that interval.
HTML1 ThePhenom1708/Phenomony A Django Python web application for storing all your music albums on cloud.
HTML1 MathCube3/skewbDrawing This is a drawing of a twisty puzzle called the Skewb.
Java1 Sphiinx/codewars Codewars Solutions
JavaScript1 rflor012/project1 project 1 - game
PHP1 fryntiz/slim-template Plantilla de API con php y el microframework slim
Java1 xPlumpOrange/AdvancedIP An IP Tracker And Logger For Bukkit/Spigot Minecraft Servers [1.8-1.12]
C#1 creatdate/LGDFsys c#项目备忘
C++1 AndreyKrug/Game-Blackjack Game Blackjack. Console application with using pseudo-graphic
JavaScript1 MandarkMetal/plugins Plugins Customizados
Python1 rfyiamcool/pycuid pycuid for 'fix clock callback bug'
PHP1 SetBased/php-abc-cgi-core ABC-Framework: CGI Core
Java1 xPlumpOrange/OrangeBot My Private Discord Bot
Dart1 jbactual/Well-Read-Flutter Well Read is a general template for a flutter application and is a great way to learn how the flutter framework is utilized in order to build both android and ios mobile applications.
JavaScript1 Kyuubey/commands Command handler plugin for Kyubey.
Java1 xushjie1987/flink-demo Flink Turtorial Demo
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