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语言 Star 名称 描述
JavaScript61 victorqribeiro/budget A simply budget app that predicts where the expenses are being made
Python39 s0md3v/Zen Find emails of Github users
JavaScript20 dariusk/rss-to-activitypub An RSS to ActivityPub converter.
Python19 llSourcell/SQL_Database_Optimization This is the code for "SQL Database Optimization" By Siraj Raval on Youtube
PHP18 makasim/php-fpm-queue Use php-fpm as a simple built-in async queue
JavaScript16 mxstbr/ The source for my personal website
Python13 Hultner/safemd Safety first markdown rendering
Go11 kelseyhightower/functions Google Cloud Functions Helpers
Go10 kataras/muxie Muxie is a simple, fast and light but also fully-featured HTTP multiplexer for Go. A router for 2019
Python10 tinyfpga/TinyUSB USB Full-Speed core written in migen/LiteX
Python9 benmaier/netwulf Interactive network visualization of networks based on Ulf Aslak's d3 web app.
Java8 songxiaoliang/react-native-baidu-face 基于百度人脸识别封装的react-native模块,支持Android、iOS平台设备
Python8 a-p-z/gitstats simple statistical analysis tool for git repositories
Python7 codertimo/han2jamo 한글을 자모로 바꿔주는 가장 빠른 라이브러리
JavaScript7 fengyuanchen/compressorjs JavaScript image compressor.
Java6 david-serrano/locationprovider A tiny library that abstracts getting a users location using resources on the phone, without the need for API calls, and provides a configurable and scalable implementation
Go6 jiweil/news_rank 中债新闻排序
Swift6 manijshrestha/kotlin-multi-platform-logging Kotlin Multiplatform sample project
TeX6 mjskay/uncertainty-vis-book Uncertainty Visualization book
Go5 lotuc/6.824
JavaScript5 jsmini/pubsub 小而美的pubsub库,发布订阅者模式
Python5 google/python-temescal Python control for LG speaker systems
C++5 TurningWheel/Spacepunk New game engine
Java5 fairytale110/BezierSeekBar Beautiful custom View, SeekBar selector, easy to use, and rich in customization.漂亮的区间选择器,贝塞尔曲线优雅实现
Go4 ash2k/kubegodep2dep Kubernetes godep to dep converter
Java4 DaLongPJ/BottomNavigationView-master 基于官方的BottomNavigationView, with ViewPager
Ruby4 FidMe/active_mappers The cleanest way to declare your Rails API view layer. Period.
JavaScript4 slothking-online/graphql-blog Official GraphQLBlog repository. Add your blog posts as pull request!
Elixir4 ConnorRigby/ex_fwup WIP fwup wrapper for Elixir
Shell4 ziishaned/wifi-password Get your wifi password using its ssid.
Python3 lxiaokai/team-learning-python 这个是各位大表锅大表姐们要求建立~我是无辜的
Shell3 leapv6/checkouteripv6 检测访问外网IPv6是否是通的
HTML3 impactbyte-fang/git-advanced Git Advanced
Java3 TrekkiesUnite118/GrandiaTranslation Collection of Tools and Info for Translating Grandia for the Sega Saturn.
C++3 FramugaZbigniew/GEIG Invoice Generator
Shell3 leapv6/pinger 通过配置,检测IPv4或IPv6 地址或域名 是否是通的
Shell3 leapv6/monitorproc 运用crontab检测程序是否在运行,可通过检测进程或检测端口,如果程序没在运行,可调用指定的命令
C3 ryukinix/pic-tetris Tetris Implementation for PIC18F4550
JavaScript3 pacifio/node-rocket-api A custom api backend written in node for a mobile app
Objective-C3 sany620/DMRouter iOS路由模块
Java3 moyokoo/YoutubeVideoSample YoutubeVideoSample
C3 9176324/Shark Turn off PatchGuard in real time for win7 (7600) ~ win10 (17763).
Python3 liuhuanyong/MusicLyricChatbot chatbot based on music region using method including es and music kb.基于14W歌曲知识库的问答尝试,功能包括歌词接龙,已知歌词找歌曲以及歌曲歌手歌词三角关系的问答。
Shell3 jhipster/jhipster-registry-buildpack A buildpack for the JHipster Registry
Objective-C3 AppleBetas/UnixTime An entirely useless 'watchface'.
Shell3 dell/openshift-container-architecture Scripts and Ansible playbooks to deploy OpenShift Container Platform on bare metal
CSS3 hanami/guides Hanami Guides
CSS3 oxenTI-PE/site Repositório do site
Go3 Factom-Asset-Tokens/fatd Factom Asset Token Daemon and FAT reference implementation.
Java3 Crowch/PhotoFinder Photo crawler?
C3 pjreddie/dl-hw1 Deep Learning Homework 1
Haskell2 TaiPrev/calendario-Haskell Projecto Calendario Haskell PF
HTML2 puikinsh/notika Free Bootstrap admin dashboard
Python2 hari-sikchi/HCOPE High-Confidence Off-Policy Evaluation.
Vim script2 SirCmpwn/vimspeak Plugin to make vim talk to you
JavaScript2 mhawksey/UrlShortener A replacement for the Google Apps Script UrlShortener advanced service that uses
C++2 dgl6789/ShaderGallery IGME540 (Game Graphics Programming) Final Project
Python2 Fuhrmann/keypirinha-phpdocsearch Search for functions, classes and everything else related to the PHP documentation directly from Keypirinha launcher
CSS2 yujiangshui/harryyu-knowledge-tree Harry Yu's knowledge tree.
C++2 WalesExcitedMei/brainfuck-interpreter A interpreter for brainfuck
JavaScript2 dtboy1995/wslogcli :open_file_folder: a websocket client cli tools
Java2 kavins14/Voting-System This Java application is a voting system that helps manage elections.
HTML2 andela-sjames/andelaPortal A chrome extension for ( A list of Andela resources)
HTML2 Godostra/ Repository for the godostra website, located at:
Go2 Loowootoo/lopoker a classic poker game for fun
HTML2 ManzDev/javagotchi Javagotchi: Javascript tamagotchi clone
Python2 noxouille/deepbench Device Agnostic Deep Learning Benchmark to compare the performance framework-wise, layer-wise, and model-wise.
HTML2 puikinsh/adminpro Free Bootstrap admin dashboard template
C++2 Kavawuvi/Invader Open source tag compiler for Halo Custom Edition
Matlab2 JasonHhhhh/rotor_generator Surrogate based high-fidelity rapid design optimization of rotor blades used in a small unmanned aerial vehicle
Java2 vvb2060/MagiskChecker Magisk check demo
C++2 ericherman/ndb-rolling-restart utility to restart nodes in a MySQL NDB cluster
TypeScript2 JamesMilnerUK/esri-dojo An example of using the ArcGIS JavaScript API with Dojo 3+
Swift2 YuAo/ColorLookupTable2Cube Convert color lookup table images to Adobe Cube LUT files (.cube)
Ruby2 sue445/pixela Pixela API client for Ruby
Pascal2 suiyunonghen/DelphiSnowflake Delphi Snowflake 算法
Go2 func/func Build serverless applications with ease
Java2 mstilller/SuperHeroSquad-Fall2018 Text-based adventure game developed at GGC in the Fall 2018 semester of Software Development I class under professor Rahaf Barakat.
Python2 jamieparfet/Apache-OFBiz-XXE XXE injection (file disclosure) exploit for Apache OFBiz < 16.11.04
Python2 zerocod3r/ForestDataAnalytics ForestDataAnalytics
GLSL2 kylegrover/synesthesia-uniforms-display synScene for displaying the various uniforms
Python2 pvcraven/gameshell_template Python Arcade Gameshell Template
Python2 comwrg/for-lossless-music 为了找无损音乐我是找烦了,准备写个自动下载,自动按歌手分类的脚本,还有狗屎QQ,花钱下载的加密格式
Python2 sharvil/tf-explorer A command-line interface tool to explore TensorFlow checkpoints.
Shell2 decaruju/dotfiles My dotfiles for manjaro-i3 with polybar, rofi, urxvt and qutebrowser
JavaScript2 devinlifeng/es6_webpack 使用webpack进行打包,babel对es6代码降级到es5
Go2 go-boostio/boostio Serialization library compatible with C++ Boost Serialization
CSS2 ResiliaDev/planga-styles Repository with example styles to quickly integrate the Planga Chat Service in your application
R2 hrbrmstr/whatamesh ⺵ Tools to Work with ASCII MeSH Files
C#2 cengizhannunal/NetCoreImageResize NetCoreImageResizeWithRedis
C#2 AgendaOfEvil/Gab Gab API Client and Examples
C#2 gabrielkinash/TransformiceCs Código Base para Source de Transformice em C# (Visual Studio)
Lua2 OrfeasZ/tua Lua, but with types
Vue2 starryrbs/orsp_vue 这是orsp的vue项目文件
R2 rsbivand/asdar-book Initial upload of current repo dump
Java2 Qroxyquan/zfbDemo 支付宝官方Demo,沙箱环境调。
Go2 JoshuaDoes/spotigo Single file library for accessing SpotigoWeb (currently not publicly accessible)
Swift2 hungtran118/HTCustomSwitch Simple iOS framework to custom UISwitch.
C2 hanjubae/soscon coverage Path planning
C++2 diogoalmeida/robot_kinematic_services Implements ROS services for computing the forward and inverse kinematics of a robot manipulator
Python2 JasonHhhhh/GUI-QT Surrogate-based multi-disciplinary design optimization software
Go2 zltgo/fileserver A file server with Go and Vue
JavaScript2 meatarian/Promise 封装的promise
Java2 logobs/tedam-core TEDAM Core project
PHP2 1drop/shopware-prometheus Shopware plugin to expose Prometheus metrics as API endpoint
Shell2 andremissaglia/kcompose Utility tool for managing kafka
HTML2 puikinsh/kiaalap Free admin dashboard template
JavaScript2 tsabit12/CodeJS I'm trying to create some website using react. The name is CodeJS
PHP2 DASPRiD/Cbor A PHP implementation of Concise Binary Object Representation (CBOR)
CSS2 dataAt/apresentacao Apresentações - Mini-curso de introdução à análise de dados apresentado no CIMATech 2018
Python2 pedrohbtp/vagalume-python3 Helper to access vagalume's API for getting lyrics.
JavaScript2 purplestar1912/React_Redux_SimpleShow This is a sample code to display list of data and detail via dialog dynamically
JavaScript2 nasser/stop-emailing-me just stop
Java2 wkgcass/f a library to write async vert.x code similar as using java syntax
Python2 codertimo/BERT-pytorch Google AI BERT 2018 pytorch implementation
HTML2 sapanz/Traffic-Signal-Recognization This project recognises the traffic sign based on training data.
Python2 312shan/Subject-and-Sentiment-Analysis 汽车行业用户观点主题及情感识别
Python2 swisskyrepo/SSRFmap Automatic SSRF fuzzer and exploitation tool
Python2 fogstream/fogstream_courses курсы по программированию
JavaScript2 houdong-jia/news NodeJS项目
C++2 gornik2000/safe-morning Repository for university tasks.
C++2 xuan525/HIDMediaController-ArduinoMicroPro
Java2 dtboy1995/android-ws-debugger :open_file_folder: a android websocket debugger to log message to local
Python2 codelilei/pyutils productivity tools
C++2 Kiritow/SlackingKiller 摸鱼终结者: 统计摸鱼程序和运行时间 (滑稽)
C++1 rjq12222/Diabolic-tricks-and-wicked-craft 奇技淫巧
Objective-C1 yyakun/TBLibrary 工作中总结的一些基础组件,网络框架,小工具等,方便快速开发
Java1 Arsylk/Kissanime-Json Make a cool apk for android that lets you download kissanime url's to json file and then watch/download them later^^
Vue1 1293813079/Backstage-system Template
Python1 jianmoumou/maoyan 猫眼电影爬虫
Java1 gmemcc/dubbo_exporter Exposing dubbo statistics via HTTP for Prometheus consumption
C1 L1MeN9Yu/GTR a network library base on curl written in swift
JavaScript1 guonanci/vtooltip Vue Tooltip Component
Java1 lucashu1/kindlr CS 310 Project 2: Kindlr
Java1 hjsjy/shirotest shiro入门练习
JavaScript1 joachimroeleveld/gcloud-switch Switch gcloud accounts and projects via an interactive prompt
JavaScript1 it-dl/node-react-boilerplate A node plus react starter kit
Visual Basic1 zenware/OregonTrail I found a copy of some old source code in BASIC online.
HTML1 chrislatorres/ExoEditor Learn and edit WebXR in real-time.
Python1 onefoursix/control-hub-api-examples Python Examples of using StreamSets Control Hub's REST API
C1 lsy1458845893/minos 一个非抢占式单片机操作系统
C1 leonardo-ono/CppOpenGLPong3DGame Pong 3D game test written in C++ and OpenGL 3. Video:
JavaScript1 seve/whats-playing Find and share music with the world
C#1 ModniteNet/UnrealExplorer View Unreal Engine 4 pak files
PHP1 topnuomi/TOP-CMS CMS
JavaScript1 ConardLi/react-light-barcode Bar code react components, support multiple types, on demand reference (concise! Light weight! Fast!) 条形码react组件,支持多种类型,按需引用(简洁!轻量!快速!)
HTML1 fang19961021/fang- 自己的前端
JavaScript1 imincheol/AirBogoComix Flash client ebook image viewer for AirComix
C++1 yhexie/AxLMICP Separation of LMICP from PCL for better understanding Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm.
Java1 yb801925/dce-test test
C#1 Bisue/Everytime-Cleaner myArticles/myComments Cleaner
C++1 jgagnaire/hnStat hnStat searches a TSV file according to commands and criteria passed on the command line
Python1 guns2410/learning-blockchain-with-python Practical learning blockchain using python
Python1 opconty/pixellink_keras pixellink in keras
JavaScript1 lishuaixingNewBee/BigData 狗蛋实验室推出的智能化数据抓取、处理、分析,挖掘平台。提供美团、大众点评、饿了么、百度地图等数据。
JavaScript1 siven93/vue-shop vue商城 rem布局 vue-router axios less
HTML1 arnavsood/real-estate-using-machine-learning machine learning approach to predict real estate prices
C++1 mrck10/Mouse-Script Mouse Script is a general scripting language that is similar to BASIC.
Python1 vilmarferreira/Criptografia Atividade da máteria de segurança e auditoria de sistemas
Python1 billtrust/iam-starter A CLI which starts your program in the context of an assumed AWS IAM Role
JavaScript1 gotkrypto76/Sharex2IPFS Very cool POC of a nodejs application that bridges sharex uploads to IPFS for free p2p hosting.
TypeScript1 zpyhl/angular-valid-password angular valid password
Java1 necall/OnlineShopping-System A Spring and Hibernate based online shopping system for both clients and admins.
Jupyter Notebook1 juhilsomaiya/Traffic_Sign_Recognition_MachineLearing This repository contains Traffic Sign Recognition using tenserflow.
JavaScript1 yomansk8/git-wc Clean your git local branches as easy as flushing the toilets ;)
JavaScript1 guns2410/boilerplate-api-server A boilerplate for creating api-servers
HCL1 ghostinthewires/terraform-azurerm-ad-create This module quickly creates an Azure Windows VM and creates an Active Directory Forest using a VM Extension
JavaScript1 hongmaoxiao/gulp-glob-watcher learn glob-watcher source
JavaScript1 artdecocode/paddys Pad strings to equalise the length of each line.
C#1 skydeveloperoneoficial/TreinamentoDev-Unity-5 New
JavaScript1 IzaiahSun/SCUCTF_homepage SCU-CTF协会的主页
Ruby1 toru-takahashi/embulk-output-pixela Embulk Output plugin for Pixela
Lua1 a1094174619/crack_web 实现openwrt下的校园网web认证
TypeScript1 node-casbin/typeorm-adapter TypeORM adapter for Casbin
Python1 liwt31/print_tree Python tree printer that works
HTML1 clovispa/ Bienvenido a mi Curriculum digital
Java1 CaptainHaider/android-Store android app using sqllite and picasso library
C++1 wzao1515/R2S A small tool help you succeed in learning relation algebra and SQL.
Java1 hioo520/collectionTool java 通过反射批量处理集合工具 带缓存策略
JavaScript1 teamrit/Javascript-Lab-1 Creates random stories (written in React)
JavaScript1 MartinN3/svg-with-imgbackground Testing cropping and importing image as background mask for svg
C++1 mikearch/Temp-Sensor-DHT21-WemosD1-Active Functioning/Active Temp Sensor for DHT21 on Wemos D1 reporting to website via Ngrok/NodeRed/RaspberryPI
JavaScript1 GetWang/vue-echo A echo-music website by vue.
JavaScript1 Gyumeijie/write-to-file-webpack This is a simple webpack plugin for writing data to file.
Vim script1 idalab-de/macbook-configuration The set up repo for our workstations.
TypeScript1 chasepoirier/react-boilerplate-ts Boilerplate with fractal folder structure, re-ducks redux style, and typescript
Python1 hailin-zhang/Chess-Game A chess game made in python
PowerShell1 mifurm/ARMWorkshop ARMWorkshop1.0
HTML1 joshinrai/codeSnippet 代码片段整理归档
TypeScript1 qinyang1980/candy 一个基于Nest,TypeORM的后台框架
JavaScript1 etony/AlbumShow A web application based on python/flask for image display
Kotlin1 xgouchet/ArchX An android Architecture boilerplate framework
C#1 steveleeCN87/MicroServices.Road Deepening the architecture of ASP.NET Core micro-service and combining with the current mainstream framework, a micro-service system including gateway, message bus, data consistency, fuse and degradation, configuration center and monitoring center is constructed.
C++1 halef/halef-asr ASR server based on KALDI and libwebsockets
Python1 hxtkyne/focal-loss-with-tensorflow focal loss on classification and object detection
PHP1 brotkrueml/extpagetitle TYPO3 extension for setting the browser page title via an extension
C1 billziss-gh/winspd Windows Storage Port Proxy
HTML1 RLadiesNijmegen/RMarkdown Tutorials for learning R Markdown from RLadies Nijmegen
Shell1 devHammed/bash-scripts My personal shell utilities and scripts
Ruby1 inspec/train-habitat Habitat transport plugin for InSpec
Python1 deepakrana47/RNN-attention-network Here a simple implementation of RNN + attention neural network on IMDB movie reviews.
Jupyter Notebook1 whisperingpixel/rhino-example please go on, there is nothing to see here
Swift1 KharismaRizqi/calculator App kalkulator menggunakan Xcode
Python1 VeterinaryChen/Leetcode Leetcode刷题
JavaScript1 mofanggithub/webpack-react-demo This is my webpack-react first demo.
Java1 zqlq4ever/NetDemo mvp框架
HTML1 codiy1992/ this is my blog
C1 webkodes/hacktoberfest2018 Sorting algorithms created for Hacktoberfest 2018
PHP1 15708497647/AlexMC a php MC(moudle controller) with Vue based html template framework
Python1 zhpmatrix/tianchi-ruijin 瑞金医院MMC人工智能辅助构建知识图谱大赛-baseline
PHP1 lottoxbd/frontpage Need front page with css
Python1 PacktPublishing/Data-Science-Algorithms-in-a-Week-Second-Edition Data Science Algorithms in a Week, Second Edition, published by Packt
JavaScript1 sonburn/style-swapper Swap styles from document to library.
C1 akkshaychauhan/MINI-PROJECTS Contains mini projects
Python1 adyckman/quackhouse Managing the quackhouse! (My ducks' home)
Java1 necall/AdsSystem This is a ads web system to present ads in OnlineShop web application
Swift1 fitomad/Desappstre-Factory-Pattern Implementación del patrón de software Factory
Python1 jatinpandey77/Django-Blog-Site A simple blog site
Jupyter Notebook1 prateek27/daviet_workshop Workshop on Machine Learning Basics
C#1 Eric75015/ProductReact webAPI core + React + entity core
Vue1 wilmercampagna/Nxbuilder-Vue-Firebase Proyecto desarrollado con el stack firebase+Vue+Node+Bulma
TypeScript1 taetea/openwaf-ui openwaf ui
C#1 VPKSoft/amp A music player for common audio formats with a simple and intuitive GUI.
Shell1 dbrown409/stinkfist Protocol enumeration
JavaScript1 peakBreaker/firepies Firefox config backup repo
F#1 mrbandler/FsFirestore Functional F# library to access Firestore database via Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Firebase Project.
HTML1 montanaweb/montana-test просто тесты
Java1 bigmanLau/xiamilayout 仿虾米播放界面滑动折叠展开播放头部播放条布局
Java1 anshulkhattar/Beginner-Level-Android-Studio-Apps A repository for Hacktoberfest 2018.
Python1 CTFTraining/westerns_2018_shrine TokyoWesterns CTF 4th 2018 shrine
Java1 adilsachwani/ExcelPdfParsing Excel parsing in Android using Apache POI Library and PDF parsing in Android using iText Library.
HTML1 xiechengbo/ 我的个人博客
Java1 ccx1/EZxing EZxing——zxing的封装,高效.
C++1 MontaEllis/Apriltags Apriltags demo
Java1 fangyuan1994/qingqing as提交
HTML1 liyanhrxy/ Blog
Common Lisp1 Shinmera/leaf Oh man, video games
PHP1 php-casbin/php-casbin An authorization library that supports access control models like ACL, RBAC, ABAC in PHP
HTML1 mhausenblas/boring-is-cool Advocacy site for boring technology
JavaScript1 scottbedard/cube A basic javascript class for modeling Rubik's cubes
Makefile1 System-Glitch/ESGILinter-C C Linter school project
Python1 Patrick233/Machine-Learning This repo contains the python implementation (from scratch) of some popular machine learning Algos, like linear regression, neural network.
Jupyter Notebook1 jrzaurin/neural_cf Comparing keras, pytorch and gluon using neural collaborative filtering
C++1 mareksubocz/TSP-Metaheuristic Travelling Salesman Problem Metaheuristic
Julia1 ornithos/julia-axutil A collection of utilities I've developed while working with Julia
Haxe1 openfl/openfl-samples-haxe OpenFL sample projects (written in Haxe, using NPM)
C#1 justcoding121/JW-Alarm Alarm clock app that plays a hymn followed by a scheduled reading of the Bible using Xamarin for iOS/Android and UWP.
Vue1 1097364388/vue-webgl 基于VUE 2.5.17 的WebGL项目,记录自己学习WebGL的过程
HTML1 puikinsh/jeweler Free Bootstrap admin dashboard template
C#1 polartron/spatialos-gdk-globaltime Synchronizes a time value between workers allowing you to work with a constant time that is the same for all workers.
Java1 Trundicho/warp-reader-android Initial commit. Work in progress.
Groovy1 broadinstitute/orsp-pub Public ORSP Compliance Portal
C++1 xingwudao/dimsum All-pairs similarity via DIMSUM in C++
JavaScript1 jigs1996/react-starter-with-webpack React project initial require file for with webpack4
Objective-C1 designatednerd/KotlinNativeTest Wee sandbox for playing with Kotlin/Native
JavaScript1 ethanstykes/CryptoStock Blockchain for stock trading
Go1 edrans/asgmaster Small go script to set the master flag for an instance in ASG
TypeScript1 inepali/pathshala pathshala app
JavaScript1 mooven-dev/muv Mooven component lib
Java1 g1zinho/Game1 Primeiro projeto em java
Kotlin1 ProfAvery/cpsc411-kotlin-listview-custom-adapter California State University, Fullerton - CPSC 411 - Mobile Device Application Programming - Fall 2018
Lua1 skylovebeauty/luci-app-switch-lan-play LuCI web-interface for Switch Lan Play Client
Kotlin1 Sathish-TM/JuspaySafe Juspay Integration using kotlin language
JavaScript1 MattStypa/sillyapp Silly React Store and Router
PHP1 TeisseireC/PPE_FREDI Site Web Bordereaux
Java1 uzzalcontact/SQLiteDatabase---ListView---03 SQLiteDatabase-03
Python1 Samathy/PostOffice Send some bytes, They get printed on my reciept printer. Its like a one-way Telegram machine!
HTML1 MrXiongWei/PythonHeatmap python调用百度地图API实现经纬度换算、热力地图全流程指南
Shell1 h6899/SuperTuxKart-Updater This is a shell script that downloads the newest Git version of SuperTuxKart
Go1 kg6zvp/go-uint256 Unsigned int 256 in go
R1 annakrystalli/rrtools-repro-research Tutorial on Reproducible Research in R with rrtools
Rust1 magiclen/opencc-rust Open Chinese Convert(OpenCC, 開放中文轉換) binding for the Rust language for conversion between Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.
JavaScript1 Wlisfes/bili 基于node koa事项的B站视频播放
Shell1 private-locker/Net-UP Network-based Startup Module Framework (Network Dropper)
Python1 MinniFlo/curpycode colorcode game written in python (curses)
Jupyter Notebook1 TUOS-COM-4509-6509-2018-19/assignment-5-AvalonKn assignment-5-AvalonKn created by GitHub Classroom
Java1 DavyJones2010/test-core personal code repo just for fun
CSS1 realabbas5/recipe-web-app Recipe web application using React.js and Restful API
HTML1 brianbbsu/utaha-rating Page showing brief info about Utaha's Codeforces accounts
C++1 renaissancenerd/Project_Euler_solutions "Project Euler exists to encourage, challenge, and develop the skills and enjoyment of anyone with an interest in the fascinating world of mathematics."
SAS1 YijieJIN/MA3518 SAS code of MA3518
Java1 NetworkYZU/jsp-reuse-sonallhay jsp-reuse-sonallhay created by GitHub Classroom
Python1 PyASAD/ASAD Run Analyzer of Spectra for Age Determination. see DOI: 10.1093/mnras/stu1874 for details.
PowerShell1 ShivanshuKantPrasad/PoshThemes Collection of cool themes for oh-my-posh in Powershell
Python1 ami-lab/ai-mas-challenges Coding challenges for AI-MAS research topics.
JavaScript1 rt-zhangxuefei/react-ssr-template 基于react,react-router,redux,saga,express搭建的react ssr项目模板
JavaScript1 blindmedia/pify-native Promisify a callback-style function with native util.promisify support
Clojure1 28/imstransport-web-site A interactive Web presentation for the auto-transport firm 'Nikola Josifović'.
Python1 DeepakJangir4/DiscordBot Discord Bot in python with rasa nlu, tensorflow, discord api
JavaScript1 KamilOch/gra2 gra2
Python1 ChrDr95/WeatherApp First Python App
Haxe1 piboistudios/full-haxe The go-to resource for full-stack Haxe web development.
Java1 kavins14/Attendance-Tracker This Java application is a attendance tracker system for teachers to manage student attendance
Python1 MingtaoGuo/Deep-image-analogy-TensorFlow Implementation of the paper : Deep image analogy
Python1 ipfa18-energy-assets/energy_assets Blockchain at Berkeley Internal Project for Energy Asset Management
JavaScript1 77Sera/SimpleRegister homework : p
Python1 kuroneko-hornet/syssei sysytem-design
Rust1 Ralith/masterserve Toolkit for building master servers for multiplayer games
Go1 toxeus/kickbot Telegram bot that kicks users with too long names
JavaScript1 voidowo/cutejs bigbear1
Java1 uzzalcontact/SQLiteDatabaseProject---SignUp-Login---02 SQLiteDatabase-02
Vue1 ghtao666/fingerprint-capture-management-system 小的指纹采集管理系统
HTML1 EchoCN/ShopCZ CodeIgniter Shopcz
Java1 zhengKyles/progressSeekBar 一款进度条控件,可点可滑动
C1 tenevdev/tense Hacks to the Linux kernel
Go1 ikaiguang/go-orm-link go-orm-link, orm-link
Jupyter Notebook1 cforsythe/predict_credit_debt Predicting credit card debt from data repository
TypeScript1 mayrarodriguez1709/ng-menu-example Menu example with Material Design
JavaScript1 OldDriverOVO/ocean for ocean company
JavaScript1 ryanmchenry2/platformpolitics political decision making application based on twitter scraping
HTML1 alexcengler/aws-workshop Materials for an introductory AWS Workshop in Large Scale Data Methods - Fall 2018
Python1 anuragnidhi0830/Solar-Potential-of-rooftop This project aims at making people aware about their roof’s solar potential by predicting the cost saved by them after installing the solar panel taking in consideration the irradiation on the surface and total area exposed to the surface over the year
Swift1 SiriDx/DXScaleFlowLayout Custom collectionView layout that display scaled up/down cells
Java1 xsy2015/XFrame Component-based development of retrofit+okhttp encapsulated network requests(基于组件化开发,用retrofit+okhttp封装网络请求)
Go1 zltgo/reflectx Extension pack of reflect package
Pascal1 eldendo/Mandelbroth mandelbroth fractal in pascal
Kotlin1 imguru/Kotlin_181015 Kotlin_181015
Java1 fuzhaowei/mylibrary 开发框架
Go1 zltgo/values Common interface of From, jsonmap, safemap...
JavaScript1 zluyao/vue-cli3-singlepage vue-cli3配置的单页应用,公众号商城模板
HTML1 openbiyong/merchant-h5-demo biyong merchant h5 demo
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