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语言 Star 名称 描述
JavaScript27 yuanzhhh/React-generator React-generator client or ssr for development
Java25 iqiyi/Andromeda Andromeda is a router library for both local and remote(IPC) service on Android platform
Vim script21 mattn/vim-tanakh (´・_・`)
JavaScript21 shoumma/Book-of-Spices An educational app to help you learn about spices, built on top of react-native.
JavaScript20 CodingChaozhang/Blog Html+Css+Mysql+Php的动态博客网站
Java20 flagello/redis-janusgraph-storage-backend Redis Storage Backend for JanusGraph
JavaScript17 yangchaojie456/my-vue-cli vue-cli 基础上新增一些功能
JavaScript16 Faithree/multiple-vue-amazing vue多页面打包优化
Python13 hausfath/scrape_global_temps Quick python code to scrape the latest data from all the global surface temperature datasets and return it on a common baseline period.
C++11 BelBES/mpl.pytorch Pytorch implementation of MaxPoolingLoss.
Java11 stackhou/AndroidTools AndroidTools
Kotlin10 mukeshsolanki/liquidrefreshlayout Liquid Refresh Layout is a simple SwipeToRefresh library that helps you easily integrate SwipeToRefresh and performs simple clean liquid animation
TypeScript10 brainhubeu/hadron Hadron framework
Lua9 saint11/MoonLove-Faststart Some templates and basic engine structure using Lua, Love and Moonscript
Ruby9 rubyhero/hawker The Hawker gem is a web scraper which allows you to pull the basic information for given social media profile URL
Kotlin7 yaraki/CheeseMotion Sample & slides for Transition API
JavaScript7 spicyShrimp/react-navigation-redux react-native项目提取的基础脚手架,react-navigation集成redux
Java7 DjamshidDjurayev/AutoFormatInputWatcher This repository contains input watcher for auto formatting digits in edit text
JavaScript7 apollographql/fullstack-workshop Slides and info for the Fullstack GraphQL workshop
Python7 ahui2016/PyMima GUI Password Manager by PyQt5
JavaScript6 miguelgrinberg/webcast-assistant A little Flask + React application that helps me host live streaming events
JavaScript6 215566435/rectx React + Context -> Rectx , a light-weight state manager.
Python6 minimaxir/subreddit-generator Train a neural network optimized for generating Reddit subreddit posts
Python5 h3ar7dump/CVE-2018-2628 Oracle Weblogic Server (,,, Deserialization Remote Command Execution Vulnerability (CVE-2018-2628)
Pascal5 AmesianX/OpenPacker A public packer project that inserts simple anti-debugging functionality into an executable binary file.
TypeScript5 mattn/vscode-tanakh (´・_・`)
TypeScript5 breakstring/xunfeisdk 科大讯飞 WebAPI JS 版SDK
JavaScript5 kamranahmedse/github-notable-comments Chrome Extension – Navigate through the most reacted comments in github issues and PRs
HTML4 csj/code-royale Code Royale
Python4 fateleak/tensorflow-captcha-practice 用CNN识别验证码的实用教程,从数据标定到搭建服务, tensorflow captcha recognization practical tutorial
Swift4 artrmz/VariousViewsEffects Various view's effects for iOS, written in Swift. Allows you to animate views nicely with easy to use extensions. Currently supported animations: Glass Break
CSS4 reactbkk/3.0.0 React Bangkok 3.0.0 website powered by React Static :D
Rust4 bluejekyll/foundationdb-rs FoundationDB Rust client api
C4 ivanallen/libco-lite a simple coroutine frame
Clojure4 magnars/datomic-type-extensions A Clojure library that wraps Datomic API functions to add type extensions.
JavaScript4 jrainlau/taxi-together-client 一起打车吧微信小程序客户端
Python4 UB-Mannheim/ocromore Process, enhance and evaluate multiple ocr-ouput.
C#4 UnityGuillaume/Gamekit1D The 1D version of Unity Gamekits!
HTML4 digitalsurgeons/auditr Audit your Craft CMS installation
PHP4 digitalsurgeons/matrixfinder A Craft CMS plugin for determining which entries are using which matrix block types
Vue3 bb595700239/admin Books Management System (BMS)
PHP3 IggyBlob/FHHGB.SEv16.4.SCR.UE.Bookshop Bookshop project repository for the SCR.UE class of summer semester 2018
PHP3 heybigname/event-sourcery Event Sourcing / CQRS framework
JavaScript3 zachmandeville/sample-choo-app taking notes on a choo app, make sure I understand how it works!
Swift3 skelpo/APIErrorMiddleware Vapor middleware for converting thrown errors to JSON responses
JavaScript3 zhuxinping/react-init 初始化搭建环境
C++3 gLevaa/overseas-loader A C++ CS:GO Cheat Loader for macOS
C3 TJU-SSE/13-TJU-DanXingHaoShiMoWenQianCheng 同济大学-但行好事莫问前程队微软项目(13)
JavaScript3 communicode/communikey-frontend A simple centralized, cross-platform credential manager using GPG encryption (frontend repository)
C#3 CorsairProhell/ShaderGUI_Ex- 简易的shaderGUI,快捷方便的有点下带来的弊端是功能不够Editor强大
JavaScript3 multiplegeorges/vue-cli-plugin-s3-deploy A vue-cli plugin that uploads your built Vue.js project to an S3 bucket
Java3 communicode/communikey-backend A simple centralized, cross-platform credential manager using GPG encryption (backend repository)
Go3 LaPingvino/e The goal of e is to provide a modern line editor
Java3 xuancao/AnchorsRecycleView 锚点,高仿支付宝锚点功能,由支付宝首页->更多->进入我的应用页面动画效果,城市服务栏目页面滚动切换Tab效果
Jupyter Notebook3 NVlabs/ocrodeg document image degradation
Objective-C3 wolfhous/HSEther ether wallet create
Python3 thuml/DeepHash An Open-Source Package for Deep Learning to Hash (DeepHash)
Swift3 unsignedapps/salon Salon provides conditionally-applied, composible, and type-safe UIView styles using functions.
Rust3 immunant/c2rust C to Rust translation, refactoring, and cross-checking
JavaScript3 ssshooter/mongoose-doc-cn mongoose-doc-cn
Python3 shijungg/progress_bar A simple python progress bar tool to help show your job's progress
JavaScript3 completed-actions/bemponent Обертка над React компонентом для создания className по методологии bemponent
JavaScript2 siwilizhao/parcel-vue-quickstart parcel-vue-quickstart
Smarty2 sandeep-sarpe/elasticsearch-6.2.4 Rancher template for elasticsearch 6.2.4
PHP2 DelbertD/tg project
JavaScript2 bpmn-io/bpmn-to-image Convert BPMN 2.0 diagrams to PDF documents or PNG files.
JavaScript2 ecomfe/eslint-config eslint shareable config for efe
Ruby2 rmosolgo/cancanpreload Test app with graphql-preload and CanCan auth
C++2 sadomi/sadomi Sadomi CryptoNote Currency
TypeScript2 GnaphronG/kinematoscope Web video player in TypeScript/React
HLSL2 MaxwellGengYF/Unity-Async-Loader A custom async map loader in Unity3D
Java2 samlss/ActivityManager 两种方法管理应用内Activity
HTML2 kavinlo/Group_Six 6组项目
Go2 mfdii/falco-nats Publish Falco Alerts to A NATS messaging server with a simple Go NATS client.
Java2 GleisonMv/Game-Engine Game Engine brasileira
JavaScript2 skeithtan/falcon An innovation project for Philippine Normal University's Faculty of Arts and Languages that schedules faculty, stores faculty profiles, and visualizes tracer study results
TypeScript2 acid-chicken/vscode-tanakh (´・_・`)
Python2 cuvalski/wang_tiles Wang Tiles Problem
Shell2 horazont/xmpp-echo-bot XMPP/Jabber echo bot (written in sed)
Dart2 iampawan/FlutKart An Upcoming E-Commerce App Built With Flutter
TypeScript2 120925502/ng-heroes NG.5.X + @ngrx/store
PHP2 emugabi/azure-blob-cli Azure Blob CLI is a tool that makes managing Azure Blobs and Containers on the fly easy.
Python2 hwallann/PoetAndHeartbeatParser A repository for interperting and operating on POET and Heartbeat logs.
JavaScript2 taniarascia/ebook-wp Ebook WordPress
PHP2 efrontsa/postmark postmark driver for Laravel
PHP2 austinhuang0131/disboard-i18n Translation files for Disboard
JavaScript2 herlon214/slack-nodejs-bot A NodeJS Slack BOT boilerplate using BotKit
C++2 fedorcomander/video_switcher 4 channel FPV video switcher
C++2 chenjie3323/CMake-tutorial A brief introduction to CMake. CMake入门, CMake简要教程。
Rust2 RazrFalcon/svgtypes SVG types parser and writer.
Clojure2 magnars/java-time-dte Datomic type extensions for java.time classes
Ruby2 cr0wst/bitbar-sync Sync directories using rsync and BitBar!
Java2 DickyQie/android-socket android socket 客服端与服务器进行数据通信
Python2 Arnie97/lucky The "I'm feeling lucky" powered URL shortener
Java2 boanergepro/pago-movil-banco-venezuela-unofficial Aplicacion no oficial del banco de venezuela.
Lua2 WithLin0510/kong-plugin-http-anti-replay-attack http-anti-replay-attack [放重放攻击]
Objective-C2 Bruce-7/HDCinema HDCinema,支持各大视频网站vip视频解析观看。
Python2 elprincipe47/sentiment_analysis_graph a sentiment analysis of comments in a facebook page using python 3.5 facebook graph api and NLTK
JavaScript2 breakfastEgg/BetaCatQianDuan 贝塔猫是无敌的,山哥是最辣鸡的
Java2 JourWon/httpclientutil HttpClient工具类,简单轻松的实现get,post,put和delete请求
PHP2 Manfredik/ClicksCloud-API PHP Script for ClicksCloud API
Python2 paruby/DIP-VAE An implementation of DIP-VAE from the paper "Variational Inference of Disentangled Latent Concepts from Unlabelled Observations" by Kumar et al. (Published at ICLR 2018)
Vue2 dillonchanis/vue-error-boundary A reusable error boundary component for catching JavaScript errors and displaying fallback UIs.
Objective-C2 RITL/RITLNetAddressPickerView 使用网络请求进行地址选择的,支持省,市,区(县)的层次选择
JavaScript2 l0ptruong/react-native-firebase-firestore Cloud Firestore [BETA]: Store and sync app data at global scale
Go2 improbable-eng/vault-kv-extract A script for migrating hidden Vault secrets out of an etcd storage backend
JavaScript2 wangzianan/EventEmitter 一个发布订阅的小轮子
Java2 dsyer/spring-boot-legacy-agent Provides a Java agent that allows an app that was compiled with Spring Boot 2.0 to run with earlier versions.
Nix2 angerman/haskell.nix alt haskell infra
PHP2 jourdon/slug 整合了百度翻译与有道翻译,如出错或不可翻译时可转换成拼音。
Objective-C2 623637646/YNMVVMCollectionViewKit A collection view kit with MVVM
JavaScript2 breakfastEgg/betaCat GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Swift2 colincat/iOSCodeReView Do some demo exercise
Rust2 overdrivenpotato/stasis WebAssembly runtime
Rust2 vitiral/jrpc ultra simple crate for types from the jsonrpc specification, for rust
C++2 Red-Rebels/ProjectBytes Survival horror game developed using Epic's Unreal Engine 4 (4.19)
Python2 brettcannon/modutil A library for working with Python modules
Python2 lyy8510a/knocks 一个Python脚手架,用于自动生成带 restAPI和excel导入功能的表格页面、线图页面(待完成)、柱状图页面(待完成)等。只需简单操作,就可以得到一个页面。
C#2 doylexxx/library-management-system database system concept project of spring
JavaScript2 Yonet/WebVRSlides WebVR slides
Kotlin2 mohanrajsambath/AndroidWhiteLabel Initial Commit
Shell2 txlab/ovpn-scripts OpenVPN scripts and deployment scenarios
Python2 RavinduHasithanjana/Throtale---Expert-System-for-Automating-API-Throttling Throtale is a Automated API throttling system (Rate-limiting) open source project it will predict dynamically the rate limit at particular time periods.
Java2 XNYu/TextMiningMP3 TextMiningMP3
JavaScript2 evbogue/mvd Minimum Viable Decent
JavaScript2 harmankang/regret-minimizer A web app to note down daily regrets.
Java2 will-xlz/spring-boot-web 整合spring-boot,mybatis,Swagger等,迅速开发一个网站应用,或者API微服务
JavaScript2 pokerwars/ A starter bot written in javascript for the platform. To play: pull this code, register on, get your API token and play!
Python2 SUNCAT-Center/CatLearn An atomistic machine learning environment for catalysis
PHP2 namvisoft/laravel-basic-plate This is an open source template based on Laravel 5.5 created by Namvisoft Studio Development Team
Java2 YzyCoding/RtMap 室内导航 智慧图 自定义视图 组件开发
Shell2 GameServerManagers/LinuxGSM-Vagrant Vagrant File for LinuxGSM
HTML2 hadeyici/ İnsan Bilgisayar Etkileşimi Dijital Proje Prototipi
C#2 dtejada2/PlugableApp c# .Net PlugableApp with package management
Python1 hameerabbasi/arrayish A library for downstream compatibility of Numpy-compatible arrays.
C#1 FalconEye36/ProcessTracker A .NET Core class library offering many ways to log and track processes
Python1 lzantal/bsmsg Bootstrap Messages using the builtin Django messages framework
Swift1 tanmayb123/Hello-Swift-Code Code for Hello Swift!
Java1 DwarfThief/Battleship Small game to play in the console
Jupyter Notebook1 nathalyAlarconT/sandboxNotebooks Multiple Test notebooks
Ruby1 leather-s/my-hd An open-source production ready Ruby/Rails video publishing app with VAST ad support
Java1 ryankwteo/MP7 Final project for CS125 SP18
Swift1 tomsemi/RxTableViewDemo RxTableViewDemo
C++1 alonexie/Study C/C++
CSS1 Brightmene/kebbiproject The kebbi project
C1 zhangzhensong/HomographyPropagation A implementation of the following paper.
CoffeeScript1 SegmentFault/slimo 用于跨数据中心数据同步,基于mysql binlog的服务
Python1 aldslvda/crawler news crawler, using Python
Java1 Moosphan/CommentWithReplyView-master 基于ExpandableListView实现评论和回复的功能。
Vue1 li94770222/vue-sell 饿了么
C#1 SFLAQiu/GraphQLDemo 基于GraphQL的ASP.NET WebAPI Demo
Python1 farces/acme-f5-deploy Python script to deploy & renew certificates and profiles using F5 API
JavaScript1 lyutkin/jackinthebox Project scaffolding powered with gulp, pug, scss and webpack
C#1 remix-me/identity-api Identity REST API
PHP1 raffaell95/SistemaCadastroPHP Sistema de cadastro com log
JavaScript1 masui/Lexierra Japanese text input system for ChromeOS
JavaScript1 jacycode/supercache A demo project which build by HTTP Caching Stategy (ETag) and Progressive Web App (PWA).
C#1 ArthurKyleEstuar/Capstone2-SHIT Repository for Hyper Intense Team Studios Capstone2 Project
JavaScript1 oolivero45/Turtle-Mania Turtle Mania - 2D Browser-Based Game
Jupyter Notebook1 fbagirov/day1repo Data Science Ukraine Day 1
Objective-C1 ZZgeleY/ZZAngle IOS通过两个经纬度计算angle
Java1 ZhangQingDong/MySimplePro Simple Packaging->MVP+Dagger2+RxJava+Glide+BaseRecyclerViewAdapterHelper+Retrofit+ButterKnife (PS:Continuous improvement)
Jupyter Notebook1 Ashwin-Dhakal/Visualization-and-XGBoost-for-question-duplication All the feature visualizations and comparative supervised learning models
JavaScript1 Xgraf/react-timer Timer (React, Redux) - Simple React Project. Demo -
HTML1 schahnaz/FSWD40-CodeReview-02 website to compare travel prices
PHP1 wonlon/Design-patterns php设计模式
PHP1 uflixdesign/sms-api-sdk PHP SDK for UFLIX DESIGN's SMS Gateway API
Objective-C1 baZaheiweixin/LogDemo 记录日志,待完善
HTML1 danlaceyltd/old-cca-prototype Old CCA Prototype
HTML1 mahister/ Mahister web page
Jupyter Notebook1 ermolushka/nlp-notes Some experiments with NLP
JavaScript1 maple3142/ytdl Get youtube video download url
Vue1 dyweejackee/vue-qq-music 基于vue的音乐播放器——搜索、播放、推荐、列表
PHP1 DivineOmega/php-cli-progress-bar ⏱️ Progress bar for command line PHP scripts
Shell1 Tchoupinax/bash-script Repo with awesome bash scripts
1C Enterprise1 goodwinvu/RREM_3 Аренда и управление недвижимостью 3.0
R1 nuest/reproducible-research-and-giscience Ready to use R Markdown notebook for the paper "Reproducible research and GIScience: an evaluation using AGILE conference papers "
CoffeeScript1 RobGoelz/gwgnanohubot Repo controlling Hubot for Grow with Google Nanodegree Slack
JavaScript1 danburzo/rollup-plugin-css-bundle Rollup plugin to extract CSS into a single external file.
C#1 Menkir/Chronstructor Mixed reality hololens project
Lua1 PlanetStargazer/ultimalike An old-school computer roleplaying game inspired by the early Ultima games written with LÖVE; The tileset used was created by Josh Steele aka Wiltshire Dragon (
Python1 scanlime/robot-odyssey-rewired Work in progress binary port of a classic adventure game
Shell1 urbanware-org/qadssh Quick-and-dirty script to shorten SSH commands
TypeScript1 matiu/opcodes-playground Bitcoin Cash opcodes playground
HTML1 CelesteDodge/EML Ecological Metadata Language - a catalog of structured metadata for ecological datasets
C++1 amzn/amazon-template-library A collection of general purpose C++ utilities that play well with the Standard Library and Boost.
Python1 mzsawicki/sorting-hat Tiara Przydziału - system ekspercki, który przydzieli Cię do odpowiadającego Ci domu Hogwartu!
JavaScript1 Velikss/FoMEBot Discord bot for the Fellowships of Middle Earth server
JavaScript1 scotchsoda/tiddle React tiddle
Rust1 kolybasov/fm_tree Like tree but without actual FS
JavaScript1 scotchsoda/gruncy React gruncy
Python1 TecProg-20181/T--neverlatebot T--neverlatebot created by GitHub Classroom
PHP1 ServerPress/gutenberg-blueprint A DesktopServer blueprint that dynamically creates a Gutenburg test site
JavaScript1 bradtraversy/jest_testing_basics Some basic Jest unit testing examples
Java1 310369677/jarEncrypt 可以针对jar包单个class进行加密
Java1 crawler-plus/storm-learning some sample codes and tutorials for storm
Objective-C1 XFNicar/XFCyclicAnnularFlowLayout CollectionView 实现扇形(环形)布局
Shell1 svenXY/timewarrior zsh plugin for timewarrior
Python1 1147279/ELEN4020Project Data Intensive Computing Group Project
HTML1 Jaysom/MassiveDarknessReact An application to help this amazing tabletop game :-)
Python1 mer163/mock 公司内部测试管理平台
PHP1 Atrvit/project test project
Java1 chenzhuming/studentManager 使用maven搭建的structs2+Hibernate项目
Matlab1 gs0mani/Image_Processing_Denoising Image-Denoising-Using-Directed-Diffusion-Equation
Python1 om-mahato/scrapping_xkcd A simple python script which uses BeautifulSoup todownload all the comic images from
PHP1 Ayush-Hate/hotel-management-webpage A simple hotel management front end tool to aid managers/front desk staff
Java1 asores/desafioZapVivaReal Desafio ZapVivaReal
HTML1 TatevG/ Simple members list
HTML1 sehgalayush1/movie_revenue This program predicts the range of the revenue generated by movies by analysing their economic data
Python1 mpw07458/K8S-Deploy-Shell Repository for framework to merge to TOSCA based shell driver
HTML1 conceptant/hapi-fhir This docker image is probably your fastest and simplest way to get your own implementation of FHIR server and client running in 10 minutes or less.
Java1 153437803/ContactBar 高仿苹果微信联系人+通讯录索引+联动效果+轻量实现+滑动监听
Python1 a8262589/2018spa qq2018spa
JavaScript1 ekirked/pomadorable productivity timer offering a modern implementation of Francesco Cirillo's classic Pomodoro method
CSS1 evictionclan/site Eviction Clan Site
Visual Basic1 TheBarret/GA-Equation-Generator Genetic Algorithm based generator that produces equations for a constant number
CSS1 iamukasa/fastdemo style transfer deployed
Jupyter Notebook1 dta0502/DeepLearning-Framework-TensorFlow-Learning-and-Application 炼数成金 深度学习框架TensorFlow学习与应用 笔记 TensorFlow
Python1 pykiki/music_flask WEB application is what you need to make downloading youtube music easier !
Java1 zhusheng/Jiaxing_ICT_Academy 嘉兴学院
PHP1 PatrickD26/projet-web web project for class
JavaScript1 Izzur/alberstin Data scraper + chatbot
JavaScript1 Bigalan09/es6-babel-boilerplate A boilerplate repository for using ES6, babel and webpack with NodeJS.
JavaScript1 lison16/doc-builder 一个只需要关注编写markdown就可以轻松生成文档的工具
TypeScript1 edgardovbak/sn_avatar_editor React component for base picture editing
Java1 developerCHITU/EasySports-master this is android project
Python1 clearwaterboy666/mini_c_in_python mini C written in python, <600 LOC
Shell1 M1RR0RC01N/Altcoin-Generator A simple way to create your own cryptocurrency.
Perl1 Shura0/MastaJ Mastodon to Jabber gateway
Java1 hz-tdso/springboot-redis-mysql springboot中配置redis缓存
Rust1 tickbh/ShareMemory This is share memory impl multi process for rust
HTML1 mjfarden/ My personal website
Batchfile1 TheGeekman/rakshasa.bat A basic Batchfile hacker for Windows 7 and up.
Objective-C1 xzx951753/ZXSegmentController 使用oc编写,一个自由化布局的分段控制器
Python1 tianyuax/NanoHat-OLED-Plus based on friendlyarm/NanoHatOLED
HTML1 teamdigitale/italia-utils Utilities and tools used in the Digital Citizenship project
Python1 Itinte/natural_language_generation Natural Language Generation (from Meaning Representation) with seq2seq model and lexicalization method
JavaScript1 anywhichway/kvvs 100% JavaScript high speed server side key value store with versioning.
ActionScript1 ryujimiya/WinPcapExtension ActionScript Native Extension for WinPcap
JavaScript1 mamadaliev/io-game Experimental basic platformer for the io games with use nodejs and javascript.
JavaScript1 jakemadness/animate-numbers Animate numbers from 0 to X with Javascript
Java1 PundoJnr/NTW_Hackathon Just but an app that solves a huge problem
Python1 ojuba-org/thawab-lite Shamela BOK reader
Shell1 hardyoyo/vagrant-spotlight A simple Vagrant-managed VM, provisioned with Ansible, to make a base box for further Vagrant-based Spotlight development and experimentation.
Python1 purpose50/tic-tac-toe A command line Tic Tac Toe game
C1 mjosaarinen/sm4ni Demonstration that AES-NI instructions can be used to implement the Chinese Encryption Standard SM4
JavaScript1 OshinVillegas/PreLaboratoria Trabajo grupal
PHP1 kartik-v/yii2-report Create reports out of MS Word templates using PHP-Reports api.
JavaScript1 robertoachar/docker-express-gateway :whale: A playground for Docker with Express (Gateway) and MongoDB.
Objective-C1 paperclouds/Accordion 手风琴效果(单选)
Python1 Francisco-Figueroa/pruebas-git Ejercicio 3 de Francisco Figueroa
Java1 jak-jksol/SMS-Organizer SMS Organize base on message body content
Swift1 bianzhifeng/WCDBDemo wcdb test demo
JavaScript1 wkl007/multiple-vue-spa vue多页面模板
PHP1 sjzlai/laravel-code laravel 验证码
C#1 mshandle/Terraced-Terrain Unity中实现等高线地形
HTML1 jdaq/PowerPlay The first group who reaches the jackpot amount wins all the buy ins.
JavaScript1 NimitzDEV/vscode-extension-backup Backup & Restore VSCode extensions
Emacs Lisp1 dustinlacewell/hera Stack-based elisp API for Hydra
PHP1 hiqdev/hifile-sql DataBase for HiFile file server
Emacs Lisp1 montag451/helm-lxc Helm interface to manage LXC containers
JavaScript1 amr258144/basic-mean-app Basic MEAN App with login, register and CRUD
JavaScript1 axa-ch/integration-test-runner This repo is here to help to run your Cucumber tests on a Selenium Runner
Java1 YenyuLoong/My2048 A simple implementation of 2048 in Java
Java1 justinpro/SinaCopied 仿新浪新闻,非mvp结构。
Java1 chengyiqingqing/MyCustomView 自定义控件的详细过程,不要错过。组件化的自定义过程让你看清实现自定义的每一步
HTML1 delvelabs/openwebvulndb-tools Collection of tools to maintain a vulnerability database
Go1 DroidsOnRoids/bitrise-step-flutter Bitrise step for Flutter
JavaScript1 OpenLabsHackerspace/oscal-webapp OSCAL webapp based on Sojourner
Batchfile1 Wenzel/packer-flare Packer templates to build your FLARE VM from scratch
JavaScript1 scotchsoda/prockery React notes
Python1 pcjl/mattermost-coffeebot ☕ Mattermost bot that pairs coworkers to get to know each other
Julia1 simulkade/calciteSCM Surface complexation models (CD-MUSIC) for artificial and natural calcites
Go1 census-ecosystem/opencensus-go-exporter-stackdriver OpenCensus Go exporter for Stackdriver Monitoring and Trace
Python1 polyledger/chainbridge Python client for accessing crypto exchange/trade data
JavaScript1 sunshinenny/shopCar-JSP 使用了jQuery&JSTL标签&EL表达式完成
JavaScript1 saki1010/sakiStudy good good study, day day up!
Python1 yao0912/Kaggle-Rental-Listing-Inquireies Kaggle demo
Java1 AqeelMirza/MS-SparesClassified Private Application
Java1 zhangxiangfeng/database-structure-export database-structure-export 一款提供JDBC基本连接信息,导出数据字典为网页,便于浏览的小工具
Java1 sparkfengbo/SortAlgorithmTestProject 十大排序算法(Java实现代码+笔记)
Ruby1 ThinkSalat/aA-homeworks aA-homeworks
JavaScript1 websroc/xiaoapp 茶叶商城
Java1 yunsongzh/EllioAndroid 实现一个小型的跑步避障游戏,可以通过跳跃和蹲下来避障,可以显示最高分!
TeX1 scadhSong/MITx-6.00.1x-FAQ FAQ and Troubleshooting
Java1 fiveplus/springmvc-multidb springMVC mybatis的多数据源,多线程操作版本
Python1 Daniel1586/Initiative_deep_learning Deep learning tutorials and examples
JavaScript1 sureshthite/node.js- This is about - how to create server using node.js.
Go1 strongo/gamp Golang buffered client for Google Analytics (GA) Measurement Protocol
HTML1 P-TE/Homer-Honeypots Homer - Déploiement automatisé d'Honeypots
JavaScript1 gerlocian/icon-generator small prototype for generating icons
Go1 seatgeek/graceful_listener net.Listener implementation for graceful shutdown
C++1 mfosse/streamr A tool for streaming your desktop with almost no latency
JavaScript1 wyysgithub/Vue-Translate vue-cli 制作在线翻译小demo
JavaScript1 rxc-wujianhua/app Ionic 3 的app测试
Java1 Minnull/MontyHall 三门问题(Monty Hall problem)
C1 zhengqilin/test1 This is a test!
JavaScript1 aossama/labs Labs provisioning
Elm1 renanpvaz/ascii-canvas Create ASCII art with ease!
JavaScript1 ayrolabs/jsonwebtoken-redis JWT with token expiration managed by Redis.
Ruby1 luongvietdung/SALES_TAXES Solution for sales taxes
Python1 bitesizecox/507_final_project Final SI 507 Project
JavaScript1 PanosThodos/emaily ReactFullstackProject reactjs,passportjs,heroku,google-oauth,mongodb,mongoose,payments
JavaScript1 abelosorio/chai-express Chai's assertions for Express
C++1 ericfischer/midi-key-guesser Guess the key of a piece of music from its MIDI file
Java1 birfincankafein/permission-util Permission-Util is a utility that simplifies Android runtime permission management.
Java1 LitProductions/Govermovement Columbus Downtown Hackathon 2018 ©Lit Productions ©Comfort Technology
Python1 0x4148/Drupalgeddon2_scanner Multithreaded drupalgeddon2 scanner
C1 ararslan/termcolor-c A header-only ANSI C library for writing colored text to the terminal
C#1 BoubakrEchieb/XmlReaderExampleCSharp XmlReader Example CSharp
Java1 idylnlp/idylnlp-nifi Apache NiFi processors for NLP.
JavaScript1 listingslab/listingslab-node Listingslab's main npm package
PHP1 vueadmin/LaravelAdmin laravel5.6 + element ui + webpack 最近版的后台模版 完善中
Objective-C1 jojotov/DebuggableContext-OC The Objective-C version of
Java1 Howie1995/miniSpring 阅读Spring源码的过程中遇到了巨大的困难,繁杂的设计对读者的阅读流畅和理解极不友好,所以尝试着将其中核心的部分抽离出来,集成一个小型的Spring框架
Makefile1 jlepere/nodejs_docker Dockerizing a Node.js app
Python1 laofuzi2017/Cat-recognition 猫图片识别NN模型
TypeScript1 mraible/jhipster-ionic-images Example repo with image upload/view/delete working
Shell1 Jereviendrai/thejoke generator for "you - the joke" memes
Swift1 bianzhifeng/BIMChatDemo A IM Demo
Python1 wanggrun/Learning-Feature-Pyramids Code of "Learning Feature Pyramids for Human Pose Estimation "
C++1 esperanzazwj/earthInfo Cross Platform Earth Information Presentation System
C1 nec-postgres/tdeforpg_psqlodbc Postgresql ODBC Driver for Transparent Data Encryption for PostgreSQL
Java1 liujiyi/OnEnventDemo 事件分发demo
Python1 Vwake04/DataStructures Data structures using Python
Shell1 alwaystogo/AutomatedPackaging iOS持续集成,自动化编译打包上传
C++1 Sphinxxx1984/Shopping-arrangement-system GUI/Qt 5.10.1/c/c++
Java1 Justinlinvilletalent/test-repo just for testing
GDScript1 CALEBPENTECOST/godotlobbytest Test godot multiplayer lobby scene
JavaScript1 ktopolski/wakeup-agh-2018 Slides for wakeup agh 2018 Ruby talk
Coq1 imdea-software/fcsl-pcm Partial Commutative Monoids
JavaScript1 idxbroker/idx-gutenberg Adds Gutenberg support to IMPress for IDX Broker WordPress plugin
JavaScript1 hellkat1911/bunny-demo Fork from codepen to mess with Three.js animation
Go1 indeedsecurity/carbonbeat event shipper for Carbon Black Defense notifications
HTML1 ShinoharaTa/TipSensuWithTwitter TIP Crypto coin with tweet, web embedded link.
Python1 csixteen/Interview_Questions My solutions to some offline and online challenges from different companies.
Python1 ahmedfgad/NumPyCNN Convolutional neural network implementation using NumPy
C1 ConnorRigby/3dbot Eventually control Farmbot with a hacked 3ds
JavaScript1 chrisinajar/stream-selector A stream which lets you choose where to send the data based on the first chunk received
HTML1 Mathieu2301/Claymonitor Tool for claymore's eth miner
Python1 Sghet/Space-invader Hi! Its my first project, an space invade theme game!
Python1 normanjw/VMI_Simulator simulator to run VMI project
Elixir1 polyfox/castile A SOAP client for Elixir. Based on Detergent.
JavaScript1 applefreak/simple-vlc-control Uses VLC's LUA HTTP API to do simple controls, with a twist
JavaScript1 pjo336/vue-s3-deploy Automatic deploy script for Vue Js applications on S3
Vue1 moonnnn/xcb 新创板
JavaScript1 tuohuang/vue-uploader vue图片上传
C#1 yanjinhuagood/WeEditor C# Editor Wpf
HTML1 allinwind3344/learn 学习实操
TypeScript1 BYicon/ng2-scroll-fixed scroll-fixed-nav
Java1 DickyQie/android-ndk android ndk 在java中用 JNI调用C中的方法
C#1 nxrighthere/NX.Buffers Resource pooling of any type for performance-critical applications that allocate and deallocate objects frequently in Unity
Objective-C1 Gavin-ldh/GLLanguageTool 最好用的多语言工具、一个方法获取多语言、应用内部切换多语言
Swift1 yichahucha/LTViewControllerTransition 自定义转场动画,手势返回,使用简单,需自己实现动画部分。
Python1 JamesBond096/Task-Server Python: Simple Client-Server app for adding and removing tasks.
Shell1 huyudong1991/sspchecknode Restart node when heartbeat of a node stop
Objective-C1 yichahucha/LTWKWebView wkwebview的简单封装,进度条,返回关闭,OC相互调用..
Python1 marsmarcin/Grab_Images Grab images from website
HTML1 hepanshan/test My first creation project。stimulate!!
JavaScript1 vsanna/offlinepage service-workerでcacheAPIを使うテスト
Python1 Macr0phag3/Zero-Width-Spaces-Hiden Hide information using Unicode(Zero-Width-Spaces).
C++1 dariazgrv/Barcute Proiect openGL
C1 2-men-team/wav-resizer Wave format resizer implementation
JavaScript1 GilbertCortez/CVOSystem A Capstone Project
JavaScript1 crane0/React_start React入门教程
HTML1 isaacsc/polymer Curso de Polymer
JavaScript1 Gherciu/gatsby-setup Gatsby setup with redux and sass styles compiler.
HTML1 DjentlemanZA/darthvaper Vape Lounge
TypeScript1 lostintime/node-path-dsl Path parsing and matching DSL for TypeScript
Rust1 mathetake/nestake NES emulator written in Rust.
JavaScript1 indico/eslint-config-indico ESLint config/preset used by the Indico team
Java1 ankitk3/MyDataStructure My Data structure Implementation
C++1 Rawkush/Line_Following_robot Line following robot code for array of 5 Ir sensor used with arduino
HTML1 KoroLion/template-simple Light and simple HTML template
Java1 NKlug/computer-graphics Exercises for our computer graphics lesson
Ruby1 kressh/rkn_ip_lookup Find IP in ip and cidr block lists
JavaScript1 scotchsoda/expano Graphql with goodreads
HTML1 hellounicorns2/Test Just testing github out.
C#1 rishabhmehta11/FOR-LOOP-explanation-through-Augmented-Reality This application explains about the working of FOR-LOOP using 3D models
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