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语言 Star 名称 描述
JavaScript51 majikarp/node-desktop-app-template Simple Template for Creating a Desktop Application powered by Node.js, Electron and Bootstrap
JavaScript37 adamyordan/cve-2019-1003000-jenkins-rce-poc Jenkins RCE Proof-of-Concept: SECURITY-1266 / CVE-2019-1003000 (Script Security), CVE-2019-1003001 (Pipeline: Groovy), CVE-2019-1003002 (Pipeline: Declarative)
Swift33 Flight-School/RegularExpressionDecoder A decoder that decodes objects from regular expression matches (experimental).
C#18 EquiFox/KsDumper Dumping processes using the power of kernel space !
Jupyter Notebook15 LeeDoYup/RobustSTL Implementation of RobustSTL: A Robust Seasonal-Trend Decomposition Algorithm for Long Time Series (AAAI 2019)
Python14 pathak22/modular-assemblies Code for the paper "Learning to Control Self-Assembling Morphologies: A Study of Generalization via Modularity"
C#9 Alprog/DarkLine Command line with autocomplete for C# or Unity projects
PHP9 spatie/laravel-queueable-action Queueable actions in Laravel
TypeScript8 tychota/fp-ts-playground A playground to test a super article about FP-TS
JavaScript8 jemise111/MarvelGestures React Native Animation Challenge
JavaScript8 fastify/env-schema Validate your env variable using Ajv and dotenv
JavaScript7 lucasconstantino/procsy A proxy building helper with subdomain support
HTML7 FixterGeek/lab-firebase-intro-2019 Telmex Hub workshop Feb 2019
Python7 2311596178/nhentai-master Easily download all the photos from 下载nhentai中的本子
TypeScript7 illinois/react-use-local-storage React hook that persists and syncs state with local storage
Dart6 guahunyo/FLIR flutter 福利软件
Java6 gojekfarm/beast Tool to push messages from kafka to bigquery
JavaScript6 leeluolee/path-to-tree A tiny foundation for building fast router via Radix Tree strategy , high performance alternative for famous path-to-regexp。
Rust6 spacejam/tx software transactional memory in rust
C#5 Kermalis/NDSMusicStudio A tool that lets you listen to and edit the music within a SDAT file.
Python5 XIVN1987/JSVDView read Cortex-M Core MCU's peripheral memory through J-Link, and then parse it based-on SVD File
JavaScript4 sxfad/react-admin 基于 Ant Design React 的管理系统架构
JavaScript4 Cogoport/react-hooks-typeahead-demo A demo showcasing an async typeahead using React Hooks, in just under 70 lines.
Python4 lhwcv/cloud_german_rank10 Alibaba Cloud German rank10 baseline
C#4 stevejgordon/ElasticSearchClient A work in progress playground for a low alloc, high performance, low-level ElasticSearch client. Not intended for production!!
Go4 TheTannerRyan/buff Package buff provides a thread safe Go implementation of a circular buffer.
Go4 micnncim/github-sprinter CLI managing GitHub milestones as sprints
JavaScript4 victorqribeiro/MLP A multilayer perceptron in JavaScript
PHP4 LiliomLab/laravel-unifonic Laravel Unifonic - A wrapper around the PHP SDK of Unifonic. Sending SMS, making Voice and VOIP calls, TTS calls, and 2FA
Python4 aerosoul94/tilutil IDA Pro TIL utilities
JavaScript3 ricardocanelas/challenge-entria Challenge for Entria
Shell3 tsuru/hostcert Add root CAs to docker nodes
Python3 GeekTan/AndroidSandboxLite Android沙箱
JavaScript3 guochen1321/poseidon poseidon moblie
Python3 fastai/fastec2 AWS EC2 computer management for regular folks
Python3 CaptainEven/RepNet-VehicleReID Vehicle re-identification implementing RepNet with PyTorch 车辆再识别,车辆匹配,车辆检索,RepNet/MDNet的一种PyTorch实现
Jupyter Notebook3 rezabojnordi/mlpclassification-hand-written-digits mlp classification Recognizing hand-written digits
JavaScript3 pinjollist/pinjollist A database of P2P lending services approved by the Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK)
JavaScript3 MariusHull/facteur-de-reussite Git de développement du prototype de projet "facteur de réussite" en collaboration avec le MESRI
Emacs Lisp3 jeeger/twauctex Tweaks for AUCtex
CSS3 ch957869975/md-editor
Rust3 mightykho/rascii Rust ascii image renderer
Python3 PatrickZH/End-to-End-Incremental-Learning Pytorch implementation of End-to-End Incremental Learning [2018 ECCV Castro]
Objective-C3 birdmichael/BMPinTu 一个拼图demo,多边形拼图~
JavaScript3 netceteragroup/react-message-source A lightweight library which aids internationalization of React applications
JavaScript3 phtmlorg/phtml-css Transform inline CSS in HTML
JavaScript3 LuRenJiasWorld/Baijiahao-Fucker 删除百度搜索结果中关于百家号与百度视频的内容
PHP3 wzy-wangge/code_verify PHP破解滑动拼图验证码 选字验证码 点按式 行为验证识别
Python3 Athesdrake/aiotfm An asynchronous event based client for Transformice.
Python3 gonzalohooh/complejos cálculo de numeros complejos
Jupyter Notebook3 DenisVorotyntsev/QuoraInsincereQuestionsClassification Public solutions for Quora Insincere Questions Classification on Kaggle
JavaScript3 leadhomesa/carbon Super simple React boilerplate
JavaScript2 hcl2020/mobile-view A plugin for previewing mobile webpage on a large screen.
Ruby2 pachacamac/jing A tiny static site generator packing a punch - 静态网页生成器
Python2 Light-City/AutoDownloadWhl (python库)自助下载whl包
JavaScript2 eggjs/egg-serializer serializer any data to response
CSS2 MinGRn/GitBook GitBook 的安装与使用
JavaScript2 RangerMauve/dat-js-example An example of how you can use dat in the browser
C#2 ajensenwaud/openbankau Implementation of Australian Open Banking API on .NET Core
C#2 ardalis/Specification.EFCore Some utilities for EF Core to use Specifications
TypeScript2 cuappdev/acai-backend An open-sourced backend service for Acai iOS.
CSS2 Only1Ryu/Access-Camera-Using-Cordova-HTML This plugin defines a global object, which provides an API for taking pictures and for choosing images from the system's image library.
Python2 anbergem/cvhelper A helper/wrapper library for OpenCV python
Python2 bennosski/extensible A function decorator providing the flexibility to generalize functions to iterable arguments
Python2 RyanAragao2/GoogleHackingAutomatico Script para automatizar o uso do Google Hacking.
C2 abadonna/defold-glinfo Defold native extension for getting some OpenGL params.
JavaScript2 lvwxx/egg-vue-template A template of egg and vue project
C2 Fugoes/libctx A minimum user space context switching header-only library in C.
Java2 NastyGamer/DashnRun A fast-paced jump'n'run
Python2 sdhzdmzzl/bj-unicom-iptv-scanner iptv channel scanner
C2 nxrighthere/BitBuffer C implementation of efficient serializer based on VLQ and ZigZag
C2 noxabellus/plugin-example C example of how to use dynamic/shared libraries
Go2 OrzzzLi/orzconfiger .ini go configer
TypeScript2 sosukesuzuki/reducer-context-hook A function that provides hooks to manage state with useReducer and useContext.
C#2 Scubaboy/ZenfolioNetCoreClient .Net core c# client to test accessing the Zenfolio API
Python2 jsbueno/cpbr12 Python 2D Game developed during Campus Party Brazil 12
C#2 StartHua/-tp-unity 区块链eos :钱包tp插件unity (只做参考)
Shell2 danieldevofficial/Discord-Cached-Images Save all cached Discord images to a directory on your desktop.
Java2 AdaptiveParticles/APR-ImageJ APR in ImageJ/Fiji
Python2 laurisag/contador ejercicio 2
CSS2 olien/minibam Gulp Frontend Workflow
C++2 albertonl/babyshark Baby Shark in different languages
PHP2 ViecNgay/PhoneNumber Chuẩn hóa số điện thoại
C2 zlgopen/awtk-examples AWTK 演示例子
Java2 YiJiuSmile/kkFileViewOfficeEdit 文件在线预览及OFFICE(word,excel,ppt)的在线编辑
JavaScript2 caiohsfar/WhatsAppClone Simple clone of WhatsApp using React Native + Redux + Firebase + React-Navigation + React-Elements
Python2 PerryXDeng/6k_plus_minus_1_primes a single thread numpy implementation that calculates all the prime numbers in first n integers
JavaScript2 button-tech/hackathon-eth-denver BUTTON Team project for ETH.Denver
Objective-C2 iOS-fei/ReactiveCocoa RACDynamicSignal、RACSubject和RACReplaySubject实现逻辑
PHP2 trideepdasmodak/Blogging-Website This is a Blogging Website with multiple functionalities
Java2 ligerbots/MapWidget Displays robot position in real time in shuffleboard
Java2 youlookwhat/RichEditorView 基于WebView的富文本编辑器 - Android
Java2 gitHAMP/CursoJavaWeb Curso de Java de Cero a Web para MitoCode
C2 martin-ger/MQTT_VPN MQTT_VPN
OpenEdge ABL2 PeterQiu0516/MIT-Race-Car An MIT workshop on the application of computer vision and machine learning to self-driving cars.
Python2 miesi/dell-firmware-downloader Download all Firmware files for a set of Server Types and OSes.
Python2 Skyscimitar/iavampiregarou IA pour jouer au jeu des loup-garous contre les vampires
C++2 AlinGeorgescu/Optical-Character-Recognition OCR on hand-written digits
Swift2 jnwagstaff/Coordinators-Factories Example app architecture using factories and coordinators
Go2 bettercap/nrf24 This package allows interaction with nRF24LU1+ based dongles and the RFStorm firmware.
Python2 Ridter/get_ip_by_ico 从shodan获取使用了相同favicon.ico的网站
Swift2 yscode001/YSString 字符串常用扩展
JavaScript2 yongarykim/hyperledger-test hyperledger fabcar example : Frontend(react) + Backend(express)
Python2 khicks/vault-dump A Python script for exporting all of your secrets data in Hashicorp Vault.
JavaScript2 simonsteer/rn-animated-progress-circle A React Native animated progress circle component with no dependencies (aside from react-native)
Lua2 schroederapps/corona-magnifier A module for Corona ( that creates a virtual "magnifying glass" object that magnifies all objects beneath it on the canvas
TypeScript2 Only1Ryu/Access-Camera-Using-Capacitor The Camera API allows a user to pick a photo from their photo album or take a picture.
Java2 higgsup-solutions/ecommerce-backend This is repo for backend of ecommerce
Objective-C2 HYAdonisCoding/Adonis_20190215_Timer 常见NSTimer的消毁方法。
PHP2 rra-am1c-2018/inlogregistratiesysteem Dit is een tutorial voor een inlogregistratiesysteem
C++2 Shelwien/mod_CM mix(o0..o5) submodel for paq
CSS2 marciaibanez/devdicas Blog de dicas e tutoriais dev.
Python2 zzh1996/ustc-yjs-course USTC 研究生课程信息和选课名单爬虫
Dart2 hathibelagal-dev/path_morph_for_flutter This is a Flutter package that lets you smoothly morph one path into another.
JavaScript2 ethanbennett/dai-react-template create-react-app with dai.js configured for metamask
TypeScript2 annikahanna/johnyDeere Kids App from the Hackdays Challenge John Deere
Elixir2 se-apc/sshd This Elixir Wrapper for Erlang SSH Module
PHP2 Tomorrowxxy/App-Store-Connect-ITC-Report-Api 获取ios应用在App Store Connect中的ITC Report
CSS2 Only1Ryu/Access-Camera-Using-Cordova-HTML-JS This plugin defines a global object, which provides an API for taking pictures and for choosing images from the system's image library. The Camera API allows a user to pick a photo from their photo album or take a picture.
Go2 vingofe/gotty A dotty getter for golang
Haskell2 iu-haskell-spring-2019/project-template Template for a Haskell project.
HTML2 codepo8/html-only-image Sure, CSS-only images are cool, but this works in all (visual) browsers.
Java2 qiurunze123/miaosha-order dubbo + zk 项目分离
Jupyter Notebook2 hanbin973/snu2019 snu2019 simulation
CSS2 divi255/cloud-fancyindex static fancy indexes for your cloud buckets. compatible with NGINX fancyindex themes
Java2 apiosource/YSocialApi 三方登录,和分享
Python2 bladesero/bake2vmd Bake physics to MMD armature animation
Python2 albertomartinezcaballero/ejercicios-oop ejercicios de programacion orientada a objetos
JavaScript2 spite/speech-jammer Speech Jammer using getUserMedia and Web Audio API
TypeScript2 luckyboykg/ionic4-pwa-ngxs Ionic 4 + PWA + NGXS
JavaScript2 r-webdev/podcast GitHub Pages site for the /r/webdev podcast
C++1 kernkonzept/cons Console multiplexer for the L4Re operating system
HTML1 LulzsecHackz/Phlexish Advanced Spear Phishing tool for Facebook with 2 factor authentication bypass!
JavaScript1 kurone-kito/jsdom-problem Demonstration and experimentation for problem of JSDOM.
Python1 Oussama-Developer/DVWA-Bruteforce-high-security-solutions Contains scripts or DVWA write ups for high security mode
Mathematica1 searke/InteractiveUtils A set of utilities for interactive computation in Mathematica notebooks
Java1 countervector/Cyclic-Calendar-1.0-by-Alunts Cyclic Calendar 1.0 NetBeans 8 java ;
C++1 bjohnsonfl/Overhead-Chess-Engine- A stockfish inspired chess engine
Java1 easyakowe/AndroidProject Android Complaint Management System using Java for Android development
JavaScript1 holochain/holochain-basic-chat A holochain example chat app
PHP1 HighLev-PM/StickEffect Effect with items
JavaScript1 Silvanite/vuepress-plugin-tailwind Tailwind CSS plugin for VuePress
JavaScript1 AgnesK/DungeonCrawler Mini project for Girls' Day 2019 @codecentric MUC
JavaScript1 heggy231/hacker-jedi Hacker Jedi app helps non-traditional software engineers get their foot in the door.
HTML1 cncf/site-boilerplate Basic website and documentation starter for CNCF projects
PHP1 aternosorg/codex PHP library to read, parse, print and analyse log files.
JavaScript1 AntonStrand/hackathon-spiik-2019 Our project for SPIIK hackathon 2019
Vue1 aivvinna/wise-mole An easy way for blind people to listen to news
JavaScript1 smiger/xlsx2json 通过开源项目(koalaylj/xlsx2json)改写,实现sheet多层级嵌套
Ruby1 jbox-web/foreman Manage Procfile-based applications
Objective-C1 maowenhao123/SegementViewController tableView左右切换
Swift1 Soldoros/Htcm_Swift 初识swift,中医大健康的swift版本,未提供接口
JavaScript1 pangff/hwpush 华为推送服务端node sdk。hwpush
C++1 JonasLeu/AndroidAutoUI- A graphical user interface for the OpenAuto software by f1xpl
Swift1 wywei/AYFadeLoadImage 渐变加载图片
Java1 leonHk/battleship battleship
Python1 NLPxiaoxu/Easy_Seq2Seq_Attention_Beamsearch Seq2Seq_Attention_Beamsearch chatbot
Shell1 sphantix/1keyss One Key to install shadowsocks
C1 ausaki/CSAPP CSAPP notes
Jupyter Notebook1 BeiXiao/CoreMLStyleTransferDemo CoreMLStyleTransferDemo
C1 JoseFilipeFerreira/SO-UM Files from the course PO(operating systems) in UM.
Jupyter Notebook1 MartinTschendel/jupyter-notebook-road-fatalities data analysis project with jupyter notebook and python
C1 jesusdf/grub-msr grub2 msr module to read or write model-specific registers.
Go1 dvictor/travis-play Simple integration test with Travis CI and golang
JavaScript1 yWorks/yfiles-for-html-salesforce-lwc-sample Contains sample code that shows how to use yFiles for HTML in a Lightning Web Component on the Salesforce platform
C#1 vishwast/Three-Level-Password-Authentication-System This project is to provide Three levels of authentication system to windows folders, for giving security to windows folders. Which is developed in c#.
HTML1 reedmegan/hotelify Website
Python1 carlbordum/virtualex @christoffer har i tid til at holde møde nu?
JavaScript1 scottrepreneur/dockar docker container for aragon app boilerplate
Kotlin1 WindSekirun/UploadFileBoot Application that serving file powered by Spring Boot 2.x and Kotlin
Nix1 kisonecat/nixos-linux-ck linux-ck packaged for NixOS
Dart1 lizubing1992/flutter_app flutter learn
Jupyter Notebook1 arcursino/bighackathon-cpbr12 Projeto desenvolvido pelas NewbsLadies na CPBr 12 para a BigHackathon - Tema Saúde
HTML1 bxjw/r2b_analysis For R2B
PHP1 cahueya/community_store_accounting A package to enable submission of electronic accounting
Java1 StealthyDev/icedtea-web IcedTea-Web-1.7.1 fixes
JavaScript1 sangheili868/empowered website for my homebrew rpg system
JavaScript1 Ankit199/linqdemo using linqts.js with angular 6
JavaScript1 NeoAren/Milestone-ComSci-Society MCSS - Code and presentations from our sessions
Ruby1 microlith57/ruby_wildcard_lisp A spinoff of the WildcardLISP language from
Python1 SDJohnnyAlpha/hospital-assistant-skill An automated hospital assistant (aha).
Go1 txn2/txeh WIP /etc/hosts management golang library
Java1 Dneel004/PSMTester Software Testing project
Go1 nats-io/not.go A reference for distributed tracing with the NATS Go client.
Java1 Team2682/Robot2019 Team 2682's 2019 Robot Code
CSS1 Hamzeh75/ My personal website
PowerShell1 jd580/Compare-Text PowerShell text comparison
JavaScript1 candcc/JavaProject Консоль бағдарламалар жинағы, мұнда джавамен таныстым өте керемет тіл. Джавада жазу ушин бағдарлама оте-оте терең білім керек.
Java1 Gannalyo/gi-jdbc gi-jdbc (gannalyo intercept jdbc) is a light weight framework that enables database data to be seamlessly intercepted with no code changes to existing application.
C1 mh0fmann/eco32-gcc ECO32 GCC Port by Jens Mehler now maintained by Hellwig Geisse
Python1 laurisag/complejo ejercicio 5
Python1 waliidd/story learning git
Python1 Youdu/cyh operate cai you hui website with selenium.
Rust1 Reeywhaar/nut Port of Bolt DB in Rust
HTML1 nitishkankal/PreRegesreation_FrontEnd_WebPage Pre registeration website with AJAX call to backEnd API to OTP and insert DB
HTML1 nitishkankal/PreRegistration_backEnd_OTP_DB register user by OTP in email confirm, add User details to DB--Promises, Async
JavaScript1 anup007np/react-redux-skype Chapter 4: Building Skypey: A More Advanced Example (React + Redux)
Java1 JoeyJubb/WorkingTitle Minimum viable product for MVP architecture in Android with presenters that survive rotation changes
Java1 friday777/MyDouYinXposed 进入抖音后自动关注,查看粉丝量插件
Python1 pengfexue2/excelRelated 读取文件夹内所有xls和xlsx格式文件,获取目标数据,生成新的xlsx文件
Ruby1 XPBytes/http_headers-utils :nut_and_bolt: Utility belt for the HttpHeader libraries
Rust1 helloproclub/logql A time-based categorical Logging Query Language
HTML1 livarakotoarinia/cours-git Ceci est un test
Python1 marcanuy/django-slugs-example-app A basic app to show how to add slugs to models
Python1 bison--/diskWriter Writes dummy file with defined bytes
TypeScript1 JakobSegerslatt/papilion Common utils i use.
TypeScript1 Ankit199/whatsappchatanalyzer analize whatsapp chat from text file using linqts and sqlitedb
JavaScript1 Ankit199/themeandlanguage apply dynamic theme and languages in ionic 3 app for multi language
Java1 FMCampana/CochraneLibraryCrawler a simple java web crawler using Jsoup
Ruby1 dkanejs/homebrew-aws-session-manager-plugin Install the AWS session manager plugin with Hombrew
C++1 1voud/ESPDiscovery Discover ESP8266 in local network using UDP
Shell1 conda-forge/pymor-feedstock A conda-smithy repository for pymor.
C#1 GenShadow/CodeJam simple 24hour code jam project
Dart1 ruan65/af_weather Flutter training app for weather using bloc
JavaScript1 akojif/the-naira-converter This is a Simple Progressive Web Application that converts from other currencies to Naira
JavaScript1 loteoo/mtl-svg-anim Manipulating svg properties with Hyperapp
Go1 autopogo/issuebot issuebot is a github slackbot
Python1 tianmingyangeric/boat_rec pattern recognization for boat type
PHP1 imacme/baidu-shorturl 百度短网址
Dockerfile1 tenatek/node-wine A Docker image with Node.js & Wine.
Java1 InspiringGiggly/pong-classic-game The classic 1972 Pong Game remade in java.
Python1 zhangboshen/Alibaba-Cloud-German-AI-Challenge-2018-Rank-17th-Solution Alibaba Cloud German AI Challenge 2018, 17th place solution.
HTML1 cjesper/postom Det är postom, mina bekanta.
Go1 kaynenotkanye/s3-artifact-store-through-pre-signed-urls S3 artifact store through pre-signed URLs powered by Elastic Beanstalk Golang web application
Java1 dwatherton/Fundamentals-Of-Software-Engineering A collection of Java programs written for Fundamentals Of Software Engineering class at UALR.
Objective-C1 fakerda/qiniuload 七牛云上传文件
HTML1 vidhipapne/Yrus---Retech2.0 Appointment Scheduling Systems
CSS1 Kcko/bootstrap4-font-size-helper Font size utility helper with breakpoints
LLVM1 zslwyuan/LLVM-9.0-Learner-Tutorial A blog for LLVM(v9.0.0) beginner, step by step, with detailed documents and comments. Record the way I learn LLVM and accomplish a complete project with it.
Python1 degordian/cobalt-file-generator Python script for generating test files that can be used in testing.
JavaScript1 jiankafei/Male 微信小程序的封装,开箱即用
Java1 JudyWang88/springboot-sell springboot-订餐系统
HTML1 caiheping/blog blog
JavaScript1 Ayvods-Yun/Markdown-demo 一个简单的Markdown文档管理工具demo
Dockerfile1 m0dikan/docker-fabric Docker fabric
Go1 threeq/goassert A fluent test assertion library
Python1 0xthbz/Sekuurytron Sekuurytron Discord bot
Java1 sagordj07/PopUpWindow addNote
Python1 glassesdirect/cachecontrol-django A cache provider for CacheControl using Django's caching mechanism.
Vue1 WsmDyj/study-iview iview源码深入学习--组件精讲
Go1 fgmiracle/skynet-goproxy go实现skynet内部消息的序列化!
Java1 songxiaoliang/flutter-android-hybrid flutter-android-hybrid
HTML1 vmedina05/MemeMill PSD to HTML with Bootstrap
JavaScript1 johnayeni/csv-reader-electron-app A CSV reader built with electron
C++1 yangzhaojason/Transform_based_Tensor_Decomposition_FHE-master Transform_based_Tensor_Decomposition with Fully Homomorphic Encryption
Jupyter Notebook1 CharanNs/IPL-Data-Analysis The result of this analysis will surely help in understanding the stats of Teams and many plyers. Results will help to analyze the performance of the teams over the years. If the numbers are in down fall then efforts are required to increase the profits of the owners. If the team performance is high then other teams whose stats are low, can learn and use efforts to increase their performance.
Python1 SL-prog/HeatMap Evolution of the temperature of a square plate over time.
Java1 555Shubhanjali/KrishiMart It is a online platform for for farmer. It includes various kind of function for farmer that help them in various function like knowing about weather condition, which crop is better to sown, which pesticide to use and all, that.
PHP1 DBombay/wkout-supply-store PHP api with React.js front-end
C++1 fire9886/Medicine_Record_System This mini-project was developed using the C++ and its concepts of File handling. This project is equipped with some basic CRUD (Create,Read,Update,Delete) operations and some pretty good features like login management, Data Management using file handling, Billing System. Some additional special features are also their like Expiry Management System, Sys-Account settings that includes modification of current password, creating backup of system data to external USB drive and reseting the current data in system.
Java1 nmcmahon3027/ApartmentProgram COMP 373 Project 1
Python1 zhihanyang2022/cnn-experiments Code for experiments on Convolutional Neural Networks. Under Construction.
Python1 ritsec/ISTS17-Store Store Site for ISTS
Swift1 lupeng123/LPTranstionDelegate 控制器转场特效,手动滑动缩放返回
Jupyter Notebook1 shyamjalan/Object-Localization-with-Tensorflow This project was completed under the Flipkart Grid Challenge Round 2 on Our team was able to gain 87% accuracy and an All India Rank 97 and Rank 1 in our college, BIT Mesra
JavaScript1 creativesoftwaregun/fcc-api-projects Freecodecamp API projects
JavaScript1 Neo-Oli/attach-fairphone2-to-x220 A 3d printable holder for for a fairphone2 to attach it to a thinkpad x220 made using
Cuda1 lw396285v/face_detect_recognize Face detection & Alignment & Recognition
Hack1 bianzhifengshaoye/test hello world
Ruby1 newdark/plex_the_ripper Plex The MKVMaker Ripper, This is a tool to make MKVMaker help support Plex a bit. This makes ripping a movie keep more to the Plex format.
Java1 JohnZhaowen/spring-framework spring-framework source code, all dependencies are download
JavaScript1 Ge-Ge/site mysql redis nginx docker镜像配置
C++1 Sunshine334419520/ThreadPool a c++11 thread pool.
JavaScript1 Loren110/monet_capital Rip a page of staging-frontend.monetcap
Python1 kerol/async-orm Async orm for async web framework.
Shell1 h3copen/h3copenr OpenR running on H3C device
Swift1 dkalaitzidis/CustomUISwitch A custom UIControl class to use as UISwitch from Storyboards or Code.
TypeScript1 acoss22/Angular-Voting-Turtle-Race-App An app that bundles, Angular 7 and Bootstrap 4.
HTML1 Valentjno/Pinfluencer This is a POC project about a Pinterest Manager.
JavaScript1 DevUpAcademy/webminhaserieapi Pagina simples para teste da API Minha Serie
C#1 RadiumByte/Logging-Microservice RESTful microservice, which provides data logging into MongoDB
HTML1 poshtarboba/fe Курс лекцій по фронтенду: верстка, JS, веб-графіка
CSS1 wiskow/Novo-projeto GiovaneGalvan
CSS1 TiagoSantosDeveloper/DDD-Example Design for DDD architecture example.
R1 callmeanto/co3321 Laboratorios de Estadistica para Ingenieros
R1 henriksoder24/SF2930-Regression-Analysis Regression Model Evaluation and Insurance Pricing Modelling
R1 henriksoder24/SF2943-Time-Series-Analysis Projects from Time Series Analysis
Java1 KnightOfHonour12/Card-Game Card Game Project
Groovy1 darcyabjones/mitoflow A small pipeline for assembling mitochondrial genomes and filtering reads prior to assembly.
PHP1 Leon69XD/LibreriaNTL transforma cantidades de nuemero a letra
C#1 SurrealProducts/SansarScriptingStuff Open Source Stuff for Learning to Build in Sansar
MATLAB1 proudot/u-track-PMMS Piecewise Stationary Motion Model Smoother
Vue1 schlunsen/vue-fitty A vue fit text component using fitty
TypeScript1 smapiot/piral Frontend for next generation portal applications.
JavaScript1 dpck/render Renders JSX To String.
HTML1 MellonFive/Feliz-Ano-Novo Código do ano novo! :)
JavaScript1 TencentCloudBase/sms-node-sdk 腾讯云短信服务 Node SDK
PHP1 bingxinranhuo/swagger-php-to-yapi 根据swagger-php-3.x注释风格,接口文档,导入到yapi
Ruby1 VincePimentel/friendster [Ruby on Rails] Facebook-inspired social networking app (work in progress)
JavaScript1 andyballer/Upload-Gmail-CSV-Attachments-to-Google-Drive Uses Google Apps Scripts to automate uploading gmail attachments to Google Drive
C1 Lvlynn/aliyun_iot_sdk fork from aliyun iot c sdk 2.3.0, change makefile mode
C#1 jas3542/PokeApi Api for poke
HTML1 liwenxaing/todo 使用原生JS实现的简单todo应用
PHP1 pfinalclub/pfinal-encryption encryption加密组件
TeX1 AnastasiiaMurzina/CT_2019_TCVF Tasks for M3238-39
Python1 vohrakunal/hashbuster A Hash Decoder
HTML1 barryzhang123/MyResume 欢迎访问我的博客主页!(Welcome to my blog website !)
Java1 apiosource/EZxing EZxing——zxing的封装,高效.
C#1 nirzaf/Course.LibraryManagement Hi, in this video series, I'll be building a library management system from scratch using the ASP .NET Core 2 framework with MVC and Entity framework core with repository pattern.
HTML1 sundigital-net/ygsmywpt 阳光数码运维平台
Java1 memant/spring-cloud-microservice-demo-2.0 spring cloud micro service example
C++1 KulichCode/PlanetLab The original PlanetLab educational application in C++ WindowsForms
CSS1 victor-lava/ The personal website of Victor Lava
C1 zhuqiang00099/arg_option_reader args options reader,参数、配置文件读取
Python1 yafeunteun/not-so-slow-set-cover Solver for the set cover problem.
C#1 Selive/dolbyFIX Dolby digital plus fix
Python1 AidenGourley/Lifeguard-Management A web application built in Django with various employee management capabilities such as automatic scheduling. [NOT DEPLOYED]
JavaScript1 ZhyMC/Zhy-Proxy-Over-DNS 基于 Zhy 的从协议和工程开始全部原创的 Zhy's TCP over DNS 封装类实现
MATLAB1 AzmHmd/Deep-Plant-Fitness-Phenotyping-DPFP- A pipeline based on a deep convolutional network to classify plant parts into 4 classes and detect and count fruits of the Arabidopsis thaliana plant.
TypeScript1 luca-moser/sigma SPA multi wallet using the account package for IOTA.
Lua1 stijnwop/scriptCollection Collection of all small Farming Simulator scripts.
Processing1 alexander-hamme/Computational-Image-Projects A collection of computer vision projects developed for my CMSC 317 Computational Image class at Bard College
PHP1 krstivoja/Oxygens-Swiss-Knife Wordpress plugin that will help optimize Wordpress and Oxygen builder
C1 h5n1xp/Omega Bare metal Amiga Emulator
JavaScript1 TGRstack/typescript-module TS module that outputs declarations | TGRstack
Python1 jlachniet/Unscientific-Snow-Day-Calculator Unscientific Snow Day Calculator by Julian Lachniet, for Python 3.7.2
Jupyter Notebook1 kiangtengl/shoppee_challenge .ipynb for shopee challenge
CSS1 Powershell-du-Zero/jekyll-theme-pdz Blog / Jekyll Themes / PWA
PHP1 hliblack/ansible-auto 用于云服务器自动化部署软件
JavaScript1 davidgf/serverless-cognito Example of how you can integrate Cognito User Pools in your Serverless service
Python1 VXallset/Contrast_enhancement_Shearlet Medical Image contrast enhancement using Shearlet Transformation.
JavaScript1 colin3dmax/idev365_learn_webpack4 跟山地人学Webpack4.x系列教程
Python1 410-Ventures/BCI Brain Computer Interface data handling
JavaScript1 Yueruiying/mojing-server 魔镜后端服务
Java1 moviebat/StudyJavaAllInOne Study java in a project!
Python1 PalmLand/play_plane Pygame
R1 henriksoder24/SF2935-Statistical-Learning Modelling of SVMs and KNN Machine Learning Algorithms
HTML1 SpyroL7/Website-lol CSS + HTML + a whole lotta love in the effort to create something cool
Python1 lukaz247/wikiPy A Wikipedia reader module for Python
Python1 plures/rbc Remote Backend Compiler
PHP1 juniorcintra/crudPHP meu primeiro crud em PHP
C1 yinhui1129754/playfj 一个基于C++为主语言,lua为脚本语言的打飞机小游戏
JavaScript1 helpscout/colorway-sketch Generates a JSON color scheme from a Sketch file
Jupyter Notebook1 mollytsai98/UDA_Studying Heinz College 95-865 compiled material. Refer to:
JavaScript1 Usheninte/nodejs-refresher-learning actively coding to refresh Node.js knowledge
HTML1 pschfr/harp-heroku-boilerplate A boilerplate for setting up Harp web server with Heroku!
C++1 TanvirBhuiyan19/Programming_Problems University common programming problem solutions.
Vue1 parallax/nova-masked-field A simple addon for Laravel Nova that lets you add toggable masked fields
Objective-C1 polichan/TapticEngineFeedback An category for UIImpactFeedbackGenerator.
Elixir1 farhadi/global_supervisor A supervisor that dynamically distributes children across the cluster.
CSS1 juneate/gbc-w19-imm-student-app A demo application (student record storage) used to learn Javascript for GBC students in Winter 2019.
Python1 frnsys/site2epub convert a site to epub
Vue1 pedrojgomezd/my-movies Pequeña aplicacionde practica con vuejs y la api de Que ademas utilizare para un curso de VueJS que comenzare pronto.
HTML1 simiadebowale/restful-blog Blog
C#1 TheMaximum/GBXMapParser.NET ManiaPlanet GBX map parser written in C# for .NET Core.
C#1 PauAB/UnityProject M17-UF1 Unity Project (Fer)
JavaScript1 MalonSkin/pinyougou 品优购商城项目
C1 russelltao/diveintonginx 深入理解Nginx:模块开发与架构解析示例代码
C#1 twokids/NetCore-Mongo-Demo Use Net Core 2 , Use MongoDB ,Use Swagger
Java1 FJHcc/commodity-ssm 基于ssm的练手项目
Java1 nirzaf/mywordfiles
Python1 luqwert/GUI 图形化
HTML1 rollins-eats/the-sandbox This will be our test platform to commit changes to :)
JavaScript1 deneb0618/GraphQL-Server GraphQL server for Github API
HTML1 wuyuting96/ wuyuting96的简历/Ada Wu'resume
PHP1 AsidikAlJr/Basic-OOP-In-PHP OOP PHP From Zero To Hero
Vue1 hmyxl/promanageApp2 新版项目管理系统移动端
Python1 doom2020/doom the doom is coming!
Python1 LewisCoder/biaoqing_spider 使用 Python3 Scrapy 框架爬取发表情网站热门表情中的所有表情包,总共有将近20万张,存到本地硬盘
Java1 sujyoth/SurveillanceCar App to control Arduino-based bluetooth-controlled car and the IP Camera on it.
Swift1 nielubowicz/Frog-Watch Get to know your local amphibians
C++1 JZM19260817/shadiaomotherc- 崩崩崩圈著名的家长闹群事件
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